Battle For True Liberals: They Should Support Kavanaugh, Denounce Fake SJW Puritanism

Once it was totally proven that Ms. Ford has a habit of utterly lying when we discovered she is a frequent flyer and made up the ‘I’m too scared to fly due to someone kissing me 38 years ago’ story.  As I keep saying, once one is revealed to have lied, totally lied about a big point of evidence, all other statements by the liar is now held to be unreliable and perhaps, a lie.  Cases turn on this issue yet the mainstream media run by the Bilderberg gang continues to act as if this serial liar is a truth teller.  This shows a fundamental collapse of morals in the DNC and worse, the self-destructing ‘women’s movement’ with its utterly reckless ‘MeToo’ campaign that demands all allegations by females be believed no matter what.


This political move to destroy the rule of law seeps into everything.  Our ‘universities’ are now churning out students who demand no free speech, just censorship based on race and sex.  In Europe and Canada, these rules now run these countries and using the wrong words when addressing someone who doesn’t want the normal ‘he/she’ pronouns can land one in prison.


People are now removed from the internet by leftist/California SJW online services if they even mention Muslim crimes, for example.  Talking about Muslim rape gangs is illegal in England and Tommy Robinson faces 2 years in prison for reporting the news.


Mainstream media in Europe is attacking Tommy nonstop now hoping to destroy him because he reports the real news.  This is all very much Soviet Union type tyranny.


Here is the final result of all this, the coddling of Muslim terrorists and rapists, the attacks on any white male for any sex issue, the demand that women are fragile creatures who are deeply wounded when merely kissed or touched, the end result is this:

The is inevitable unless Europe and North American citizens wake up and figure out how history works.  Women are inviting into their home states, people who hate women’s rights and wish to destroy this, while at the same time, these same females are also running riot sexually, drinking, taking drugs, flinging themselves into wild mass sex events like in California, home to wild sex since my teen years.


The Catholic Church tried the ‘no sex’ stuff for 1500 years and here is where that is ending up:

The Church ended up for the last 1,000 years as home to all sorts of sex stuff because humans are sexual beings like all of nature.  We can control this to some degree but not eliminate it.  What is being eliminated are children.  People now want sex and no babies…except for women seeking to milk welfare state money.


The money is now being restricted now that millions of Muslim women have flooded into countries and their male counterparts don’t work at regular jobs for the most part.  These ‘refugees’ churn out babies and even in Sweden, welfare money is being now restricted due to fiscal collapse, they will end up like California which is the home base of the worst of the SJW lunacy…it is going bankrupt despite having many businesses that make massive profits there.

The above clip is from the London Daily Mail and it is classic: the paper attacks Trump nonstop on every possible issue, screams about his sex life, screams about Kavanaugh’s sex life, everything is about how EVIL sex is and how men should never touch any female, ever, except if they are married…and this paper like all the others is nonstop celebration of sexy women who get petted, get awards, are said to be fantastic and…they are all whores.


They are whores based on the sex-hysteria from liberals who pretend we should all be very scared of hurting the feelings of men and women who parade about nearly naked, screaming for more sex, we are to respect and protect them while they run riot and then these same sex rioters want to punish anyone who looks at them or touch them while they run riot in sex gear in public.


This is amazing to watch and any historian can see what will happen next.


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12 responses to “Battle For True Liberals: They Should Support Kavanaugh, Denounce Fake SJW Puritanism

  1. Melponeme_k

    None of those people in the DM page are female. Most of the “women” making MeTOO claims are not women.

    What they are, are transgendered males who are pushed on the public as the most beautiful women. This is in keeping with the Elite Luciferian Gnostic religious beliefs. The Catholic church has long since been infiltrated by these people. Many say they infiltrated through the Jesuit order who pushed early MK Ultra slaves through the church hierarchy.

    The transgendered male is thought to be living embodiment of the elite god/ess. They have sneakily included their God/ess into the Catholic religion as Mary. Yes, the Virgin Mary. Their canny hints are calling her “Our lady, Star of the seas” Stella Maris, in reference to Venus…the morning star/evening star which is Lucifer. There are some that say she is represents The Sirius Star which Ascends just before the Summer Solstice and opens the gate of Man. Note the ritual of the “Burning Man” is held at this time.

    We most know the Transgender God/ess in her other form such as Isis, who the Freemorons love.

    These MEN are making ridiculous claims and screaming about rape because they were Mind Controlled into this narrative. This is a MASS CONTROLLED MK ULTRA soft touch brainwashing on ALL OF US. The aim isn’t to get us to believe them but to TRAUMATIZE us. To wear us all down with constant screaming.

    In MKULTRA, it is a tactic used on slaves who are breaking out of their programming. A defensive program builds a scenario in which hundreds of babies or children appear and scream without cause nor can they be soothed. Sound familiar?

    The Transgendered “feMALES” are part of the bloodline Satanic families and have been abused since they were children. The transgenderism is hand in hand with pedophilia.

    If you don’t address this at all, you will never get to the heart of their sick system.

  2. Christian W

    What’s so great about Kavanaugh?

    I haven’t cared much to look into this particular Reality Kabuki farce, but happened across a comment by Paul Craig Roberts that was interesting.

    Kavanaugh was the operative that covered up the White House deputy Vincent Foster’s “suicide” (or not, depending on if you believe the Clinton body trail narrative, or not).

    To me it seems as if this earned him the badge of slime needed to proceed his career as a Swamp Creature, so now he is looking at his reward, the Supreme Court.

    And no wonder his appointment, with that kind of dirt on the Clintons, is so bitterly contested by the DNC.

  3. Sigh. Then explain the utter hysteria about SEX in this matter if it doesn’t matter.

  4. Christian W

    Who said the sex doesn’t matter? The sex is there as part of the depravity, frankly the nonsense is shocking because it highlights how utterly dysfunctional the government is and how unable to deal with issues in a sane manner.

    The nonsense has to be a huge alarm bell, among so many others.

    Frank Zappa said the Government is the Entertainment Department of the MIlitary Industrial Complex.

    Nowadays we can modernize that to the Reality TV Department of the MIC, or the Kabuki Department as I like to call it because it is just such a grotesque tragedy designed to distort discourse and trigger primitive instinctual and base emotional responses, rather than the neocortex where the real human reasoning and empathy is. This sex show is designed to hijack the brains of the viewers, which is why it is toxic.

    This is also the purpose of the SJW- nonsense the DNC/CIA has cooked up to cover it’s lack of an alternative to the economic model of exploitation by the Corporations/Oligarchs/Plutocrats/Billionaires & millionaires.

    More, this nonsense is there to mess with you emotionally. Seriously, how is Kavanaugh going to change anything for the better? This is the Supreme Court that supported the Coup in 2000/2001 and things are not going to improve, they are going to get worse. Kavanuagh will only enforce the Corporate/Plutocratic grip on the Government, just like his predecessors.

    But by triggering a FIGHT against the DNC response in the GOP supporters, because of the sex depravity and overall corruption, all those real considerations are ignored and this crook sails in smoothly supported by the GOP faithful.

    And on the flip side, the DNC supporters genuinely believe the GOP are monsters out to crush them so if these base sex fiend means are a necessary evil to achieve the goal of stopping the GOP and Trump, then let it be so.

    And in the background DNC and GOP heavyweights pull the strings of the whole sordid show.

    This is how both the DNC and GOP faithful are played, depending on the identification with the fake issues presented to them.

    The basic mistake is to identify with the poisonous choice presented by either party DNC/GOP. The only option is sanity and humanity, which does not exist in either party. Which means it has to be imposed on them by clear headed and sane, grown up American citizens. It is your country. Does this depravity on display truly represent you? Not only here, but overall?

  5. Zeke

    Jeff Flake and Trump may have just saved the Supreme Court. They could have won the seat and lost (the integrity of) the Court.
    A one week delay for a lifetime appointment to resolve unresolved issues seems appropriate.

  6. Christian W

    As a foreigner I wonder if there is any sanity whatsoever left in the US political landscape. The Neocon Trump “administration” is cooking up more wars and regime change operations and military build up across the world as it pushes us closer and closer to real war with Russia, Iran and China and WWIII. Right now we are at the “Sitzkrieg” stage but this can/will change at any point. History tells us it will.

    Yet America either takes that for granted, or is utterly oblivious, and instead is fixated on images of drunken sluts and tales of Kavanaugh’s penis on TV. So, yes, the “sex hysteria” matters for a lot of reasons.


    Asked later by Sen. Dianne Feinstein about the second door, Ford told the committee that she still has that second door. She said they use the door to host Google interns at her California home.

    Read more here:

  8. Pete

    Picture of the 2 wack jobs who cornered Flake.

  9. Tom W Harris

    Bummy Bret is a drrunken bum as he proved on nationwide teebee. SCOTUS justice? He ain’t fit to serve as flyswatter much less dogcatcher. Maybe roto rooter, but he’d no doubt much that up as well

  10. Do read my story today: professor Ford is showing clear signs of Alzheimer’s disease. I explain how this disease works, it hit my own family very hard in the past.

    She can’t remember reality because it vanishes. She can only remember stuff her psychiatrist suggested because it is ‘shaped’ by him so it has ‘form’ unlike her real events that vanish, utterly.

    That is, it is ‘words’ and not ‘memory like a video tape playing in the mind’. This is why she remembers nearly zero details like how she got in and out of the make believe house and who exactly was there, etc.

  11. Moe

    Oh, oh.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg praises Brett Kavanaugh and reflects on gender equality

    We knew Kavanaugh was a nominal conservative/closet liberal, selected primarily to appease the Democrats. But with his court decisions and now this, he’s obviously never going to be a reliable conservative SC vote.

    (And what about the claims that RBG was taking the Big Dirt Nap? Is she speaking from the grave? Or is this just a psyop using her (now dead) reputation to bolster the socialist agenda?

  12. Consider the hell the ‘liberals’ created to prevent even him from entering the court: Trump had no choice. The liberals hate America and hate law and order. They want a racist state where one’s skin color gives one privileges.

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