USA Today Reporter Brady Claims Kavanaugh Is Child Molester!

This reporter is a clown.  He doesn’t have Alzheimer’s Disease, he has ‘evil/stupid liar’ disease.  That is, he works for the Bilderberg gang.  They hire clowns to do the dirty work because clowns are stupid.  He then defamed Kavanaugh to such a degree, he can be sued.  So can USA Today.  This is a classic case.  I have been against all the howls of rage that a teen boy and a teen girl are adults.  They are foolish kids who have to learn life’s lessons due to lack of any adult supervision which is the fault of the adults, not the kids.

This man’s own website shows him being stupid.  Sports are being rapidly destroyed due to stupid stuff these days.  Everything is about sex, race and ideology which is driving away most of the audience, mainly adult males, who used to enjoy sports in order to not have to be freaking out about the news all the time.


The SJW scams are aimed directly at destroying sports men enjoy.  They already are destroying movies that men enjoy.  Boycotts of mainstream news and sports is rising rapidly now in the last year due to the unhinged way of doing business.


All attempts to inform the owners of media systems that they are driving away customers falls on deaf ears.  Suing clowns like this USA Today reporter might get some attention.


Here is the Code of Conduct for USA Today which they totally ignore every day in every way:


USA TODAY Network’s Principles of Ethical Conduct for Newsrooms includes concepts and language developed by the Radio and Television Digital News Association, other Gannett documents and a group of Gannett executives and journalists. These principles are designed to guide journalists working with any news platform, including newspapers, websites, mobile devices, video, social media channels and live story events.


I. Seeking and reporting the truth in a truthful way
We will be honest in the way we gather, report and present news – with relevancy, persistence, context, thoroughness, balance, and fairness in mind.


For most of my long life, they violated this.  If I wanted something in the news, it was like pulling teeth from a tiger using pliers.  For a short time, Ted Turner had me on the news until he sold stock in CNN and then was kicked off the board of directors there.


Just this week, he issued a warning to them to cease being CNN and to start doing ‘fair news’ again!  Of course, this was ignored.

We will seek to gain understanding of the communities, individuals and issues we cover to provide an informed account of activities.


Anyone looking at the election map from two years ago can easily see that 80% of the landscape is ‘red’ and the only places voting ‘blue’ were the big cities and a few other places.  The vast interior of the US is totally ignored by USA Today except to attack the citizens there for one thing or another.

We will hold factual information in editorials and other opinion pieces to the same standards of accuracy as news stories.


That is, no standards.  Just one sided lies.

We will treat information from unofficial sources, which may include social media, with skepticism and will seek to corroborate information.



When considering news content created outside of the Network, we will factor the credibility of the source and weigh the value and accuracy of information provided.


That is obviously ignored.  They just did it again today with the above article and its libelous content.  Are there no editors to stop lunatics like this ‘reporter’?


III. Exercising fair play

We will treat people with respect and compassion.


Except if they are white males or Republicans especially both.

We will correct errors promptly.


Only when forced.

We will strive to include all sides relevant to a story. When news develops and we can’t include important perspectives immediately, we will share updates, including additional sources, when possible. We also will share attempts to reach sources who add value to the story.


They really want me to die laughing.  This is utterly false.  They never do this.

We will explain to audiences our journalistic processes to promote transparency and engagement.


I am all ears.  How do these lunatics collect information?  I suspect, in bathroom stalls at the local pub.

We will give particular attention to fairness in relations with people unaccustomed to dealing with the news media.


I have played with the media all my long life.  Usually, they cut out my head and show only my hands.  They did this to my mom in Saudi Arabia, too.  HAHAHA.  Yes, they even would stand on a street corner, arguing with me in Manhattan after pretending they didn’t know me.

We will use confidential sources as the sole basis for published information only as a last resort and under specific procedures that best serve the public’s right to know.


‘Last resort’???  HAHAHA.  How about ‘every day in every way’?  Ridiculous.   Below are comments from this reporter’s Twitter account:

Other Twitter users are now demanding that Erik Brady and USA Today be taken to court for defamation of character and harassment, etc.

Someone posted online this image:

Yes, both lied.  The confused woman who also has other legal problems looming, has the same smirk.


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8 responses to “USA Today Reporter Brady Claims Kavanaugh Is Child Molester!

  1. Melponeme_k

    This is a dirty tactic used in court.

    Someone lets something drop that is inadmissible in some way. The Judge strikes it from the records. However he can not strike it from the jurors minds. Whoever let it drop hopes to sway the jurors in a subconscious fashion.

    That is the intent here. It doesn’t matter if the “journalist” is sued and the newspaper makes a retraction. They want to lodge the idea in the heads of people that Kavanaugh abuses children.

  2. Petruchio

    We should have laws in this country like they do in the UK where you are accountable for what is attributed to you in the Media. Libel laws. Slander laws. Whatever you want to call them. These guys trying to smear Kavanaugh are a little too obvious; as soon as one of them is finished trying to destroy Kavanaugh another one pops up, almost as if on queue. Which is what it is. And notice how it is always a Republican who is the target? There was Anthony Weiner, but he had dirt on Hillary Clinton so he had to go.

  3. Ken

    If the Democrats can get Kavanaugh to withdraw in disgust, then the whole process starts over again. No confirmation will happen until after the mid-term elections. At which point the Democrats feel confident that they will have the votes to prevent Trump from appointing a justice of his choice.

    It is all so obvious.

    And Trump is playing into their hands by having the FBI do another investigation. Has he forgotten that the FBI is full of “deep state” people who want to frustrate his agenda. The report will come back with just enough innuendo that Kavanaugh will not get the votes he needs in the senate.

    The deep state and the Democrats win. Period.

  4. Trump forgets nothing. He is an elephant in this regard.

    He also knows he is walking a very, very narrow path: the Bilderberg gang controls much of the media still even though citizens hate the media giants more and more.

    THEY are running out of time now! This hatred of the media is deadly for them, the SJW game is killing movies, cartoons, sports, news, TV comedy shows, everything it touches decays and becomes rapidly unpopular.

    Soon, they will see a new media system grow out of the collapse and it won’t be SJW friendly, either.

  5. Tom W Harris

    Yeah, we need THIS on our Supreme Court:

  6. Yes, and he will hammer the left from his seat. He was fairly liberal for a conservative until this month. Remember: one makes people into monsters, they will devour you!

  7. In fact, I am baffled as to why people can’t figure out basic psychology and how social forces work. I write about this endlessly and yet, people still insist that we can do as we please with no consequence. The fake liberals who are really Bilderberg gangsters want to stop Trump because he is stopping ‘free trade’ which is code for ‘looting the US taxpayers.’

    They will do anything use any smear, attack and spy, and plant false evidence and make outright DEATH THREATS in this push to stop Trump from stopping their looting of the USA.

    They are very serious about this and at the same time, are more and more exposed. Isn’t this the funniest thing on earth? I find it very funny because I have raged against them for 50 years. And they hate me.

  8. Petruchio

    @#6 Elaine. It’s kind of amazing to me that these DNC/ Bilderbergers slaves/lackeys don’t figure just ONE thing out. IF you try to smear someone like Kavanaugh–or Clarence Thomas, do they REALLY think Kavanaugh and Thomas are gonna let bygones be bygones and forget the vicious smear they had to endure. LOL!!! Kavanaugh and Thomas–and alot of other men–not just Republicans–are going to have a full on hard on grudge against the DNC and people like Blasey Ford. The lust for REVENGE is a VERY powerful Force.

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