Democratic Women And Universities Are Systematically Destroying Rule of Law, Civil Rights

The double standards of the feminist left is finally going to the moon, to Mars, and out of the solar system.  I remember when the movement started, I was a big part of it, I was the first girl in high school to sue for my civil rights when the act was passed. Today, females want a double standard.  After years of demanding that men show emotion, cry, be more ‘female’…they gang up on and attack, mock and howl with rage at a man who cried in public!  They are now saying, he is TOO EMOTIONAL to be on the Supreme Court.  And they win their own case for this by…screaming and throwing very emotional fits, themselves!  This is insane.  This pisses me off no end.  It is cruel, confusing and a sign that females now think they are privileged and can do as they please while the rest of humanity have to walk on eggshells around them lest they become emotional or violent.


This has a very, very bad ending.  Men will band together to counteract this.  So far, enough leftist males fall for this scheme because it isn’t being applied to them…during their misspent youth. But just you all wait, dear little men-boys: these females will attack you all, too, in the end.


Our universities are now mainly female.  And collapsing internally.  Immature adult female professors and administrators are hammering on men while men run away from these ‘schools’ due to them being run by crazy females like Blasey-Ford.  Going to school now may end up putting young males in prison for stuff we did thoughtlessly when I was a student.  Free love!  That was our motto many years ago.


Now, when boys enter schools, even high school, parents must make it very clear, they are walking into a trap and any indiscretion, any attempt at having sex with any female can be used to destroy them…at any time in the future not matter how careful they are about not making this mistake ever again.


A flood of sex allegations are flowing into the systems now. I was raped when a child and this messed me up badly and no one investigated and my parents hid from the rapist who was an associate of my father.  I then had to grow up (GROW UP) and deal with this on my own and guess what?


I became so strong, the Daily News in New York City called me the ‘Housewife from hell’ due to all my arrests of criminals and my anti-crime activities!  I didn’t become a wilting flower, a helpless baby, a scared kitty, I became a lioness!  This is called ‘growing up.’  In the old days, eons ago, men and women ‘grew up’ on the frontier as my ancestors did, facing all sorts of terrible events from weather stuff to fighting for their lives.


My family males fought many battles.  It was their ‘business’ to fight.  They came to the New World ready to fight.  Fighting is ferocious and vicious.  I had an ancestress who was carried off during the French/Indian Wars several hundred years ago.  She didn’t turn into a wilting flower, she married her rescuer and wrote a journal about her captivity whereby she talked about how she persuaded her captors to not kill her!


Women today desperately want to be ‘men’ now.  I say, as someone who did ‘men’s work’ all my life, a trained fighter who fought for fun with men and who fought for real with attackers who were men, I am horrified at how today’s ‘feminists’ can’t punch their way out of a paper bag.  They know how to mob men and squeal at them!  But fight in a war?  Only a brave handful of women do this!


Brave women who have been killed or injured in our many useless wars we run these days. 

Women today want power while not doing the sacrifices.  They want a free ride.  The number of male or female vets in Congress is close to vanishing.  Is there no more warmongering?  Ask Hillary!  The less experience=the greater the warmongering including talking about nuclear war and working nonstop to antagonize Russia into a nuclear confrontation!

Are women nicer than men?  HAHAHA.  Nope.  I remember a lifetime of dealing with females.  In high school, they made fun of me for being athletic, for the way I dressed, for being ‘too smart’.  They attacked me…BRIEFLY…in the girl’s restrooms. That backfired badly even though I was outnumbered, I was by far a superior fighter.  I don’t pull hair, for example.  I simply disable the opponent one way or another including knockout punches.


Here is one of the founders of the present hysteria movement which began with attacking Trump but morphed into attacking powerful men in Hollywood many of whom are definitely taking sexual advantage of the army of young people hoping to be movie stars:

She is a child molester.  There are lots of these in the ‘liberal’ community.  Up until this year, child molestors were working hard to legalize their mental illness.  Look at how violent this child molester is! Her face looks pure evil.  This is the true face of the ‘Me Too’ fraud.


Liberals are dealing with all this by pretending it isn’t happening.  They are clinging to the ‘Me Too’ fraud because they have nothing good to offer us except open borders,  free trade and race riots in major cities that are dying due to a mountain of illegal aliens and native populations leaning on the welfare system thanks to irresponsible sex.


The females fighting Trump want abortions.  I had an abortion due to being an AB negative blood type which is less than 1% of the population and repeated pregnancies caused (years ago) each to be more and more toxic for the mother and so I had to stop trying to have children.


But most abortions, by far, are due to women not bothering with birth controls and men being too stupid to protect themselves.  This is all connected to the ‘free love’ thing: we presumed and I was on birth control pills all the way back to 1964…that responsible use of the pills would mean no more abortions.  Instead, a flood of females not bothering with any protections and men who are stupid has caused social collapse in the minority communities where today, nearly all black children are born out of wedlock now and many never see or know who their fathers are.


This social collapse has led to crime problems, social problems, poor parenting, out of control children running riot and crime.  It is a social disaster which the DNC thinks is perfectly OK and the DNC blames everyone else for this mess, not themselves and their own political beliefs and policies.  This is why I despise the DNC today.  They want chaos.  They want all children paid for by the State instead of parents.


They hate America and want it replaced with foreigners who never learn to be patriotic.  This is eating up Europe, too.  Population replacement there is roaring along with invaders taking over all systems bit by bit and chaos growing and violence rising and the women in Europe are resisting men who want nationalism and the rule of law.


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6 responses to “Democratic Women And Universities Are Systematically Destroying Rule of Law, Civil Rights

  1. Melponeme_k

    Asia Argento is not a woman. And I’m not going to let anyone say that he is nor will I allow HIM to represent women.

    Look at that neck. Are you going to tell me that shaved down Adam’s apples are part of female anatomy now? Look at those shoulders. This is NOT A WOMAN. Just because it was raised in a sick religion that states transgendered people are holy cows, I won’t cater to their delusions whether they be rich or poor.

    Look, He is flashing you his horns along with the White Rose of the Rosy Cross.

    Until this is exposed and the fact that this whole movement is a psy-op CIA movement to brainwash people and to move society in a certain direction… things WILL NEVER CHANGE.

    Women aren’t pushing this agenda. They aren’t. Instead they are being pulled this way and that, trying to starve themselves into looking like Teen Boys and emulating the MK ULTRA TV shows that teach them how to be Lady Boys.

    Don’t worry, no one will be trying to romance anyone soon. We’ll look like that SNL character, Pat because they will force us to dress that way.

  2. ziff

    nope, no womens anywhere any more, Maybe under burkas

  3. honeybagder don't care

    “Business of fighting”; Doesn’t that just mean invading, killing people and taking their stuff; kinda’ like Nazis, for example, right? Or Jews in Palestine? I mean, what’s the difference exactly? Except the Nazis weren’t in “business” long because they lost.

    Well, this may be “how humans operate” but its not something I would personally be proud of, and I doubt most normal people with modern moral sensibilities would either.

    All wars are “useless”, unless you happen to be one of the few reaping a profit at the expense of the many. So for the people reaping profits, the wars run these days aren’t useless at all. Because its all about “who controls what”, you see.

  4. Lou

    via drudge
    C. Christine Fair, an associate professor at Georgetown in the School of Foreign Service, tweeted Saturday, saying white Republican men should die and an added bonus would be if women “castrate their corpses and feed them to swine.”

    Her tweet was in response to South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s comments in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He defended Kavanaugh against an “unethical sham” and slammed Democrats for not releasing sexual assault allegations against the judge for weeks after they first received them.

    In the tweet Fair called Kavanaugh a “serial rapist,” although he has never been convicted or even accused of rape. The FBI is currently investigating the accusations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh and plans to have its investigation finished by Friday.

  5. Lou, I have that story on my screen from before yesterday and was going to write about it today only the California female Senators did even more stupid things so I had to write about THAT. Thanks for posting it instead of your usual junk.

  6. Lou

    your usual junk…yikes

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