Now Kavanaugh Yale Teen Drinking Is Infuriating Wild Crazy Leftists Who Use Drink And Drugs as Adults

Fox news headlines today:

Trump and the GOP are going to push tomorrow for a vote on Kavanaugh and the Bilderberg gang is freaking out, major hysteria.  Good!  Every time I think I may not like Trump, he stomps on the Bilderberg gang and I love this.  The Kulture Kampf going on right now that we are witnessing is the collapse of feminism/liberalism/statism.  The women’s movement is rapidly turning into a new Puritanical religious movement with no gods.  They want Madame Mao’s China where men and women had to look the same and sex was verboten to the extent that double beds were ILLEGAL there as my father discovered when he demanded a double bed and Madame Mao said, ‘No.’


Any replacement for Kavanaugh will be someone who is anti-wild sex/drinking, etc.  The last attempts this week to smear the adult Kavanaugh with his teen drinking is going to backfire on all the DNC supporters who imagine if only we vote DNC then wild sex in the streets, open drug abuse and crazy stuff will reign supreme again.


Watching the party that supports drinking, drugs and sex going after a conservative who drank and perhaps did sex when young and heavily influenced by DNC support of these activities…is illuminating because I find suicide always interesting.


Why do organizations, countries and individuals do dumb things?  It is a marvel indeed.  The last tool the DNC gang should pick up and use is sex and party life styles.  Hollywood picked up this tool and look at the results.  First, a glance at the dementia of the elites: here is the Bilderberg gang’s New York Times front page:

A thousand law professors should be fired.  They are supporting a witch hunt based on zero facts.  They are persecuting a man for being a typical 1980’s teenager.  They are attacking a man who did what these clowns did at the same age!  Worse, these clownish ‘law professors’ teach their students to ignore facts or evidence and go for condemning people based on rumors only!


Worse, to have a double standard.  None of these fake professors ever demanded the DNC remove say, the Kennedy who killed an innocent woman, lied about what happened and used his political powers to cover up the true crimes he committed with the help of the mainstream Bilderberg media giants.  Now on to dance:

Some top male dancers who are rare indeed, and who were all heterosexual, were kicked out of the ballet troop for posting stuff about female dancers and chatting about sexual things concerning these dancers.


So the New Puritans now control ballet.  HAHAHA.  Ballet was all about sex from day one, in France where it was born.  Dancers were also sex kittens and the invention of the Romantic Ballet celebrated females as dying or enchanted victims who were alluring, sexy and above all, not really human.


The invention of the modern ballet skirt was simple: all the gentlemen sat in the lower seats while all the ladies sat in the balconies.  So the skirts were make to stick out stiffly so the men sitting in the orchestra level could see the legs and even the crotch while the women saw a circle of cloth that hid everything totally.


Ballet has been and should be all about sex!  That’s the entire point.  Communist Maoist China had ‘ballet’ but it was brutal ballet still, the only famous dance was…about a young lady who is sexually assaulted!  HAHAHA.

Comrades: the new American ballet will be about how men touch ballet dancers and they faint then they stand up on their tiny toes and stab the offending men with the hard toe-shoes.  The men cry and beg for forgiveness.  Funny times ahead for ballet.


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6 responses to “Now Kavanaugh Yale Teen Drinking Is Infuriating Wild Crazy Leftists Who Use Drink And Drugs as Adults

  1. Melponeme_k

    Ballet is one of the last Arts that the CIA and Elites have not totally destroyed yet. But that is not for lack of trying.

    Balanchine was part of the assault but he was far too trained in Petipas classical training to totally fall into total debauchery. But today’s “choreographers” are not Petipas trained and their work is derivative, aggressively and purposefully ugly. Just like the CIA loves it. Oh and of course all the new works must embody the MESSAGE that our mind control handlers have announced from on high. The reason why ballet has not devolved yet is because Russia and France still hold up the standards of their training schools.

    Another fail safe that was harder to work around is that Ballet is exceedingly and mercilessly merit based. Not to say that other arts are not, it is just easier to hide it. Painting only required the CIA to bury contemporary realists and hide the masters. This can’t be done with ballet. Talent is talent and it shows. This means the elite’s little trogs can’t make like ballerinas if they feel like it. Currently ABT’s roster is filled with less than sterling dancers and they keep pushing them even though it is destroying ticket sales. I suppose the elite will happily destroy the art then rebuild it anew in their own ugly image. However, Russia will always show up their lies. Thankfully.

  2. Moe

    Fred Reed on Kavanaugh:

    Excerpt: “Is there no surcease? I know, silly question. Squalling protesters: Half of the country seems fifteen years younger than its chronological age. Staged ire. Sordid passion of the herd. Hysteria. Irrationality. Werid accusations. Savage feminists. As per custom, it is all about how horrible men are.”

  3. Moe

    The Tyranny of the Collective

    Note: not sure where this belongs, so much Kavanaugh stuff this week.

    Excerpt: “If the U.S. Constitution was set-up to facilitate political, economic, and religious freedom – then wouldn’t an ideal system designed to control the masses, tear down these same conceptions? And how would such a system take hold? Perhaps by combining opposites through a twisted sort of immoral ecumenicalism: law plus corruption, androgyny, race and gender divisions by means of political correctness, slander, accusations, and lies – and all for the purposes of a new global singularity.”

  4. Moe

    And a comment from the above article, somewhat hyperbolic: some components of this comment can be argued, others strike me as being right-on.

    Feminists are the new weapon of mass destruction of Christian Western Civilization. They have been weaponized and have become mentally deranged due to the effects of birth control which causes large hormonal changes (not to mention cancer), the mass murder of unborn children which causes remorse and depression, and infection by STDs that has negatively affected their health, rendering many incapable of ever becoming pregnant. All of these factors plus being sent into the workplace to do mostly soul-numbering jobs has made them unattractive to normal heterosexual males. The rejection of these screwed-up women by men has only driven many to a state of sexual frustration, bitterness and depression all treated by drugs which only makes matters worse. The more they are rejected by men, the more desperate they become which now includes hysterical outbursts, fabricated charges of rape and dressing as sluts in a failing attempt to attract the interests of men as sexual partners, except for one night stands which only make women more angry. In the process, natural femininity, womanhood and motherhood is replaced by cold, hard, bitter and miserable cult of feminists.

  5. Click here to see the bitter, nasty faces of feminists at the Kavanaugh hearings. Ugliest mugs on earth.

  6. Zeke

    Does anyone else find it at least troubling that the report on the FBI supplemental investigation, even in a redacted form, is being kept secret? Withheld from the American public. Not entered into the public record.
    My question is why? Why is it being held secret? What are they trying to hide?

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