Women Can Be Liars, Murderers, Obnoxious And Very Cruel

Finally, they are arresting violent, loud, obnoxious liberal women who are running riot inside the Senate Building.  The sight of females being rough and wild shows us that the fiction these fake feminists are projecting…that women are weak, helpless and not responsible for anything due to being weak and helpless…are screaming that women are strong and so forth.  This schizophrenic philosophy is destroying the women’s movement internally.  Young ladies are being taught by bitter, older females in universities, to be harridans and screaming lunatics.  This is ‘female power’ and note how their new icon, the criminal Blasey-Ford faked a ‘little girl’ act in the Senate in order to defame a candidate for the Supreme Court.  I am utterly disgusted by all this.  The women’s movement is being wrecked by these violent, hysterical, out of control ‘females’.


Women can be killers.  Women certainly lie…a great deal…in and out of court.  Women gossip in order to destroy rivals.  Women are ruthless and very vicious just like men only are not punished nearly as severely as men.

This is why we should have a death penalty.  This female who brutally murdered someone’s little girl (note: a GIRL) just a mere 8 years ago is allowed to hang out in a ‘healing lodge’ with zero controls!  She should have been executed.  Canada is run by liberals right now and note how they enable murderers who are women to get an easy life instead of paying for their depravity.

Facebook’s CEO is a female.  The owner is a crazy male.  Both are nasty and vindictive people.  Facebook is dying.  People are fleeing that honey trap designed to exploit users while offering ‘free’ services.  The dictatorial staff and owners of Facebook are pursuing Madame Mao-style thought control on anyone intersecting with them.  This executive will be fired.  He tried to apologize to these insane gang but they never accept apologies, they want destruction.


So, the ‘woke’ female running Facebook is really destroying it.  Just like the equally ‘woke’ female running the Star Wars franchise inside ‘woke’ Disney is utterly destroying that, it is losing money faster and faster and Disney extended Kennedy’s rule by three more years which should be enough to utterly bankrupt both.

These are real charges with a real person.  And note how the DNC is happy with nothing happening to their vile Congressman.  Ellison is elated that he can be cruel to women and this doesn’t matter at all.


This week, I am very proud of Trump for causing an army of super rich leftists to commit economic suicide.  It is happening everywhere.  Many systems are being boycotted now by disgusted customers and users.  The super rich are blind to this and I find it immensely funny. Here is another West Coast fake liberal operation that is funny:

HAHAHA,  Give with one hand, take away with the other hand.  I am certain the bosses, in between whining about how Hillary should have won, thought they were all geniuses coming up with this scheme.

Since both Apple and Amazon.com support Hillary and have offices on the West Coast and live in that hell hole state, they have been playing footsie with the Chinese dictators for years now and think nothing of this, it is how they run their own companies, after all.  Of course, the Chinese who make the electronics are planting spy devices.

This happened in my old stomping grounds when I was the Housewife from Hell.  I put plenty of juveniles into detention.  The DNC mayor, DiBlasio, is utterly incompetent and every day, things deteriorate and I expect next summer that the roaming gangs of thugs he unleashed on the city will cause massive destruction especially in nearby liberal communities like Park Slope which was hammered in 1977 during that blackout when blacks rioted in the dark.


Nearly everyone living there now were not living there back then!  They get to discover how charming their hood neighbors can be when the DNC runs things into the ground.


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49 responses to “Women Can Be Liars, Murderers, Obnoxious And Very Cruel

  1. Melponeme_k

    Every person in each of these stories are mind controlled to various extents. The Celebrities are hard programmed as in regular sessions to shape their behaviors. These programs are horrific and when you notice that their eyes are a bit crooked sometimes…it is most likely because they just came out of the Agency’s basement. These celebrities are used to “handle” the soft programmed i.e. the hapless women who have been sucked into this sub culture. Feminism HAS NEVER been about female empowerment. It was controlled from almost the first day by the CIA and various other intelligence agencies.

    The CIA controls a large part of the child trafficking “business” along with the related pornography angle. This is used to control the people in power who are pedophiles. If Mclintic and Rafferty are not spook plants they are more than likely former child victims of the business and were turned into predators as a result.

    The black population were the guinea pigs of mass mind control tactics of welfare and divisional psychology. You want to know about splitting personalities and creating alters without hard programming? All you have to do is watch how welfare people behave (this includes black, white and South American Mestizos).

    ” As Lt. Col. Roberts said when he testified before a special joint committee of the Wisconsin State Legislature, “The most secret knowledge, a science which outdates history, is the science of control over people, governments and civilizations. The foundation of this ultimate discipline is the control of wealth. Through the control of wealth comes the control of public information. Through the control of news media comes thought control. A significant portion of the American public is yet to become aware of the Invisible Government of Monetary Power.”
    Carol Rutz, A Nation Betrayed

    You are attacking the RESULTS not the PROBLEMS. Nothing will change until we all start to DE-Program


  2. Petruchio

    “Women can be killers.” Very true, but when it comes to physical violence, men FAR outpace women. In any War Between the Sexes, women are going to lose that war. BIG time. This is something groups like the #MeToo movement might want to consider.

  3. Lou

    2–If one ignores the violence of abortion, yes.
    And as you know, race factors into the scale.
    Check Paul Kerseys site about Black Americans.

  4. Melponeme_k


    How do you really know how many women display murderous behavior? How many do you know that even display Feminist behavior?
    How do you know how many go for Abortions?

    WHERE are you getting your information?

    Remember the intelligence agencies control the TV, Film, News and Book/Magazine publishing.

    We already know they LIE whenever they get the chance. Just on principle.

    So how do you know your suppositions, based on THEIR INFO, is Legit?

    You don’t.

    Personally I like to fall on the precept that humans have good natures. Because it is the elites trying to instill the idea that everyone is horrible. Everyone is abusive. Well, in their circles, it is true. They are a venal, psychopathic lot.

    But we are not them.

    But back to mind control.

    The fact that you base your opinions on their research alone is pure evidence of Mind Control. And no, your one to two really bad relationships do not support their fallacies.

    Right now legions of men are being taught that ALL women are awful. ALL women are looking for money. ALL women are screeching feminists. That isn’t true. If you stop looking at the world through their lens, things are a lot better then they seem.

    Personally, I was in the generation at the forefront of the new 3rd wave feminism and was taken in. But then I noticed the guys around me were far from what the media portrays men to be. When I noticed that, a whole load of fear and anger disappeared in a matter of second. SECONDS. And my relationships with men have been better ever since.

  5. Melponeme_k

    Basic Outline of their Mind Control Method.

    They use our imaginations to control us. They do this by creating NARRATIVES.

    In hard programming it is said they create programs that follow children’s books and movies such as The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Disney films etc.

    The narrative, whatever it may be, creates the underlying logical framework that the Alter (disassociated personality) bases it’s behavior upon.

    The behavior could be anything a programmer would want from sex, murder …anything.

    Alters are walled off from one another. So that a person is never aware that they exist or that they are divided inside against the self.

    What works for an individual person works for masses.

    Look upon the US as a whole person. At one point in time, the populace acted as a whole body.

    What they have done is used narratives such as created war enemies, disease, racists, anarchists even alien reptiles to divide the public.

    Think of Feminists, MGTOW, Occultists, Religious movements as ALTERS WITHIN the public body of the US.

    Do you see where I’m going? The Alters are divided against the self. The mass movements are like different disparate behaviors displayed as Alters in a single person.

    All the Elites need to do is trigger a movement/mass behavior with signals that have all been ingrained in us through their mass media machine. Usually movements are led by Hard Programmed people.

  6. shawntoh


    Peace upon you and your loved ones and all who read this…

    The “women” you speak of are humans who are not living their life but are BEING LIVED by LIFE. They are under some evil influence but who knows exactly what?

    I do not know but, like you, I certainly care and I disagree with capital punishment as a solution and instead, the person should be put in some place more appropriate to the extent of her crime to serve her time as that would be more just since they may “repent” in expressing remorse for their criminal actions.

    At this time, I’m very ashamed to be so-called human with the displays of behavior more appropriate to less “conscioused” life forms.

    Note that I say “conscious-ed” because I believe we DO NOT have consciousness but that consciousness HAS us when we are in the appropriate state to attract it to our BEING.

    If my being manifests outwardly as one of mostly acting like a crazed animal who rightly or wrongly feels it is caught in a trap and wants to react violently based on the triggers of its “fight or flight” mechanism, have I not lost the most important gift of all, to be endowed with the ability to reason?

    Would not all agree with me on that?

    Certainly I will NOT attract a consciousness that is going to be compassionate, caring, and tolerate of others and instead, violence will happen through the Law of Accident manifesting outwardly.

    The Lakota shaman Black Elk said it best, IMHO, he said–

    “The first peace, which is the most important,
    is that which comes within the souls of people
    when they realize their relationship,
    their oneness with the universe and all its powers,
    and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells
    the Great Spirit,
    and that this center is really everywhere,
    it is within each of us.”*

    Further, he points out–

    “There can never be peace between nations until there is first known that true peace which is within the souls of [hu]men[s].”**

    We, as a species, need to get to practical work on the issues of overpopulation and overconsumption and solve these issues within a few generations or we will for sure become extinct as a species!

    I will close with this–

    My deepest apologies to all who I have directly or indirectly offended with my objectively evil remarks here in writing in this blog from the past.

    I am sorry I hurt you and I hope you have and will heal from my objective evil manifested on this sorry planet we all call “Earth”.

    Now, if you will please excuse me, I must go back and struggle within myself to tame some evil demons within me and will hopefully transform them into warriors who will protect for the greater Good of All Concerned.

    If you are so inclined, please pray for me, but only that the results be GOOD for all, and that is all there is to it!

    Peace be upon those who have read this far.

    Best wishes to you, too.




    **https://www.azquotes.com/quote/88469 –Please note that the “[hu]” and the “[s]” was added by me to be inclusive of all genders.

  7. Christian W

    On the topic of “bitter old females in universities teaching women to be harridans and screaming lunatics”

    The above is a very interesting discussion from two university insiders on what went wrong with American universities to create this situation.

  8. Melponeme_k

    THERE is NO Feminist Movement! You just have actors creating the appearance of the movement and they have attracted a bevy of broken individuals trying to create a foundation because the elites destroyed the old tried, true method. Feminism Narrative is the same as any other MK narrative built on The Wizard of Oz, Bluebird, Island of Blue Dolphins and the Roald Dahl books.



    They tell it to us outright in their propaganda they call films.

    What we should be talking about is why they are using “Feminism” to destroy people and society. Not rail about women who wear crazy hats and scream without end. That is playing their game.

    And Paglia and Peterson? Controlled Opposition. They will discuss the problem but not the REAL problem. Because, believe me, if they did discuss the problem they would be thrown out of their jobs and BURIED. Probably literally.

  9. Christian W

    Camille Paglia. This lady is a very interesting feminist.


    “Over the last 25 years… what has happened is that the most talented and independently thinking individuals have dropped out [of Universities]. What we have left is the compliant [now in charge]”.

    “What will happen is the MEN will go out and fix this situation, while the WOMEN cover in their houses. They [the Women] will have the MEN go out and do all the dirty work… Only MEN will bring civilization back again.”

    These quotes are from around the 59:00 point of the discussion.

  10. Christian W

    @ Mel

    The CIA destroyed Western university education with the post-modernism nonsense. I noticed personally how fucked up that was way back in the 1980s. I saw how it was impossible to get out of the post-modernist dead end, which in it’s essence is a trap to destroy all genuine creativity. Of course it was only much later I saw it was set up on purpose for this exact end. The lack of creativity insulates the Elites from change. Things will continue within the frames acceptable to the Elites which equals perpetual control and perpetual slavery for the populace.

    To be fair to Mr. Peterson and Ms. Paglia, even if they are controlled opposition, at least they are pointing at fundamental problems and wanting to change things. But as you say, there is no change without taking out the corrupt Elite controlled system and building something on a much more stable and sane foundation.

  11. KHS71

    Aileen Wuornos could not be reached for comment.

  12. Petruchio

    @#4 Mel: I’m not sure what you took from my comment @#3. What I meant to say is that the Kavanaugh hearings were shameful. A decent man was smeared based on unproven and untrue allegations. no evidence necessary for the destruction to happen. When this situation DOES happen, the victim can feel helpless. What happens next? Depends on the person, but one option is physical violence. I do NOT endorse violence, but if someone is ruined by a System of smears like what Kavanaugh had to endure Vigilantism is a REAL possibility. Then the REAL War is on. As far as men being Superior to women in terms of violence, ther is NO dispute whatsoever as to which gender is more physically violent: MEN. note ALL of the Wars throughout History. Note how many MEN have murdered millions of innocents in Wars. Note how many MEN commit murders in the US versus women. So ANY War between Men and Women, the Women will lose BIG Time, Every Time.

  13. Melponeme_k

    Most of the big cases are fakes. Did you investigate the case? How do we know what was real? What I found on Geni was that the mother married a Pratt. No further info which indicates probably THAT Pratt family. The same family that actor Chris Pratt hails from. The elites LOVE doing this and then playing dead.

    You did not read or understand anything I wrote. You are already thinking about a shooting war with those EBIL feminist women. THERE ARE NO BIG GROUPS OF FEMINISTS! It is manufactured by the CIA to induce male anger against women. The stories are even revealing now that the screamers we see are actors paid by Soros.

    The fact that they have you imbalanced over Soros actors should get you thinking. STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME!

  14. ziff

    Mel , whether or not there are big groups, there are real consquences and motivations for men , see


  15. Melponeme_k


    Read what you wrote. You are actually writing that the truth does not matter to you. The Narrative that the cia fed to you and financed by Soros validates your opinion. This what they want. It means you dont focus on them but their made up story and actors. It isnt only Feminism that is fake either. It gets scarier realizing that elites have built candyland (common mk ultra narrative) all around us.

  16. tio

    “You are attacking the RESULTS not the PROBLEMS.”


  17. chuck farley

    in the bible king herod’s daughter asked for the head of john the baptist as a present from her father

  18. About violence: I am a violent person. When I moved to NYC, I VIOLENTLY fought crime. It was hand to hand combat. When I fought crime in Arizona, we were VERY violent and used guns, too!

    You do not fight by being nice. Nice happens when people surrender and then cooperate and behave themselves.

    I am baffled as to why people think violent criminals will cease being that when you are nice to them. Instead, they double down.

  19. Petruchio

    @#13 Mel: I hope you are right about it being small groups of women, but I can tell you this: things like the #MeToo Movement DO exist and they do ACTUAL damage to Males. Men can and DO lost their jobs over some claimed harassment complaint Men can and DO get fired for making a COMMENT. Men are getting fired from employment just on the basis of a woman’s CLAIM that she was uncomfortable with the comment. This happens in REAL Life. Yes, the Feminist Movement is a CIA inspired Front, but they get real World consequences. The fact that these accusers do not need proof is what makes it so unfair. I do NOT advocate violence, but in a System where decent men lose their jobs/careers/reputations over a comment that may or may not have been said, Vigilantism WIL be the End Result. Women who think they can pull off this kind of a smear and get away with it are in for a BIG surprise.

  20. Melponeme_k


    The only thing I have seen of the metoo movement is that it is composed of questionable female celebrities. You see it splashed around their mass media and your brain is tricked into thinking it is real.

    Look around you. Look at the women. Listen to how they speak. In fact listen to everyone, you’ll soon see people in various states of trance induced by media. That is key. Don’t look at people as enemies look at them as fellow victims under a method of psychological control.

    As far as men being fired. Yes that is happening but only at companies furthering the elite agenda.

    Again just look around with compassion.

  21. Christian W

    @ 18

    This dynamic of Doubling Down is exactly what the US/Israeli Empire is doing against Russia, China, Syria, Iran and increasingly, everybody else, including Europe. This process of America upping the ante is what will eventually trigger WWIII.

    Since the US and Israel is run by criminally insane people who will ALWAYS double down, the only way to prevent WWIII is for the American people to regain control of their government and remove these violent lunatics from power.

    Note that Putin’s and China’s approach is the complete opposite to doubling down, they invite nations to cooperate based on mutual interest.

    Of course nobody sane can willingly submit to violent criminally insane lunatics so these nations have have to respond to the US constantly doubling down on them with sanctions and military aggressiveness on their very borders, this feeds the vicious cycle.

  22. All Empires seek to undermine all other empires. History is a bloody bitch! Pay no attention to Her, a Medusa female of great powers, and you are doomed to repeat endlessly Her bloody mandates.

  23. Nane

    When Bush Jr. and Obama were presidents, this blogger used to write long posts where she strongly criticized America’s warmongering foreign policy. She wrote geopolitical and historical analysis that was interesting and fun to read. No more.

    Since Mr. marvelous “make america great again” took charge she seems to be perfectly fine with these very same warmongering policies that she once opposed. Because “history is a bitch”, and Mr. trump and his gang of thugs can do no wrong.

    What a disgraceful turnaround this has been.

    Now this blog is completely devoted to defending Mr. Trump and all of his short sighted policies, which by the way will not make America great again. Instead they will undermine America in the long run, and consolidate the decline that America is already in. Sorry to disappoint you.


  24. Lou

    23–you have valid points. I think Elaine is focusing too much on Mr K and the fake feminists.

  25. chuck farley

    speaking of violence there is a british documentary series available on netflix “world war ii in colour” – they have taken newsreel and battlefield footage and colorized it – it is well done and explains some of the reasons why things happened that way

  26. honeybagder don't care

    @ #23

    Some commenters here seem to be under the impression that Elaine is on the side of “Good” and is waging a battle against “Evil”. My impression, however, is that this is not the case. Keep in mind Elaine is supposedly one of the so-called “bloodline elites” herself. That is how we sometimes get “insider information” here. But Elaine is on the side of “Elaine’s Agenda” and will take up the side of “Good” or “Evil” as needed to advance that agenda. My understanding is that Elaine “worships” Nature, and subscribes to the concept of Yin and Yang.

    It seems that many readers get triggered when the “Yang” aspect appears. Obviously, many of the subjects attacked here are indeed “Evil” but that does not mean the purpose of this site is to fight “Evil” per se. So keeping this in mind may help some readers avoid becoming emotionally triggered when this seeming conflict arises. And although I do sometimes point out when the Yang aspect appears, from a purely personal standpoint I obviously don’t care one way or another. Why? Because honeybadger don’t care, that’s why.

  27. Melponeme_k


    HAHAHAHAHA! What are you writing about? What Yin and Yang? There is only truth and lies.

    And the feminist movement is LIES. LIES since the beginning. LIES.

  28. Hello! Trump STOPPED WWIII.

    Do recall who wanted it? And I talk endlessly how the Bilderberg gang has done everything to prevent basic diplomacy with Putin? I am puzzled about this. Trump has earned the Nobel Peace Prize over and over. Remember nuclear missile North Korea?

    DIPLOMACY fixed it! Iran knows this, too. I was NEVER A PACIFIST. I am a fighter. I believe in fighting! My family was warriors forever. At no time, pacifist. How on earth did we come to the New World?

    On the wings of war! One ancestor was a pirate! We moved across the continent always on the wild frontier! History is written by fighters. We create culture. We are tamed by peaceful people but only after we conquer.

    I am baffled as to why this obvious fact is so impossible for people to see. I have written repeatedly ‘History is a bitch who writes with human blood on her feather pen.’

    I didn’t hide this at any time here at Culture of LIFE News because out of strife, struggle and war comes life. Ask all the plants and animals around us: we wreck nature and then create nature and protect nature.

    It is a double edge sword. Passionate people are dangerous and necessary. Love and hate come from the same place in the brain and the heart.

    Pretending there is some magic time when there is no strife is INSANE…or rather, it has a name: extinction.

  29. By the way, WWIII won’t destroy the planet or kill all humans. It will start the New New Dark Ages which always come after empires fall. And frequently in history, all empires fall at the same time and then we have chaos and new things are birthed and created! We are renewed.

    WWIII will eliminate all the major cities of all the industrialized nations. In our case, it will be less destructive believe this or not due to the DNC actively destroying our manufacturing cities so bombs will eliminate the excess population that are destroying these cities internally, already.

    Worthless places that are a danger to our society! It would be doing a favor, destroying the mess that our rulers created in our once-great cities! How is that for irony?

  30. I have, in the past, been called ‘evil’ because I coldly examine reality. I grew up watching my father advise several Presidents and topic was always ‘will we have WWIII?” I spied on my dad and played the game of ‘tell everyone about how WWIII will happen’.

    Few people really think it through but I assure everyone, the people at the top do this. But they are not telling anyone the truth: the US rulers have zero need for any of our cities, not even San Francisco or NY City. Both are disposable, they just want a six hour warning to exit to their bolt holes when they start WWIII.

    Even Ms. Ford did this: before doing the Deep State attack on Kavanaugh, she checked out where to hide if this starts WWIII. New Zealand.

  31. Their stupidity is, and I have said this many times…if they survive WWIII, they will regret this. They will be annihilated by this event, not by bombs but by people who want to take away whatever they have stashed. We are still digging up valuables buried by Roman citizens who tried to hide this from the barbarians who overran everything, everywhere.

  32. honeybagder don't care

    Most normal people with modern moral sensibilities consider it “evil” to swoop in on “the wings war” and kill people and take their stuff. E.g., piracy is “evil”. It has nothing to do with “coldly examining reality”, unless that reality is celebrating one’s Evil ancestors, a la Abe visiting a WWII Shrine.

    So, humanity is going to buck the 99.9% trend after a nuclear war. Yeeeeaaaaah, right: not that clever, I’m afraid.
    Civilization will never fully recover from nuclear war. For one thing, eventually another ice age will come along, but this time there won’t be enough large mammals. But there will be all kinds of insidious damage that is not properly understood even now. There will be no “renewal”. Just a long, bitter ultimately futile struggle for survival before finally falling into the permanent oblivion of extinction.

    History will collect all the blood on her pen and retire. There will be no “fighters” left.

  33. An Italian Catholic queen mother killed my ancestor’s wife and children because he was a Huguenot. So he picked up the gun and had a ship with cannons and returned fire.

    Far from being ‘evil’ he was NORMAL. If you want morals, this is for ‘food’ and not ‘eaters’. Ask our ape ancestors about eating stuff. Gorillas are vegetarians, for the most part. We came from meat eating apes.

  34. And…the first animals we humans tamed were wolves. Hunting together, sharing the meals: the team of dog/human hunters was extremely powerful, won against even the biggest animals. Since we evolved from hunter/fighters guess what?

    We are hunters and fighters to this day!

  35. Petruchio

    @#20 Mel: I get your point and it’s a totally legitimate one. I get it. But here’s my point. It isn’t how many of them there are, what’s important is the amount of damage they can do. Believe me, if you were a male and got fired because of a #MeToo witch hunt, you wouldn’t be too sympathetic to women who go around spouting #MeToo agit prop. Real men are losing REAL jobs because of the Sexual harassment hysteria. Yes, women are fellow victims. Lose your job because of one of them and THEN let’s see how much of a sympathy factor you have.

  36. honeybagder don't care

    If you want morals, this is for ‘food’ and not ‘eaters’.

    Got it!

    Do what thy wilt shall be the whole of the law.

  37. Christian W

    Elaine just confirmed every single point Nane made in post #23. Thank you for making that crystal clear.

    Don Quixote was a fighter too, remember? Too bad you have forgotten that the Pen (the Human Mind, Heart and Soul) is mightier than the Sword (Knuckledraggers).

    Just a question I’ve been wondering about. Do you have a financial motive (food on the plate) to push the Trump narrative? If you do I think it would be fair to your readers to disclose it. But I guess “fairness” is for losers, might makes right after all.

    I can no longer trust a word that you write, sadly. If you don’t have any morals it follows you don’t have any integrity. The lights are going out in America.

  38. Christian W

    American “culture”

  39. You continue to be deranged, Christian. I keep telling you to kick yourself to the curb and you keep returning to howl like those crazy Yale University females assailing Congress this week: STUPID.

    Morals? Are you moral? You sound bitter, weak and helpless. That isn’t moral. Moral is making choices including the choice to fight.

    Oh, you don’t fight at all!!! HAHAHA. Right, you have to be NICE to everyone ALL THE TIME. Cute.

  40. Melponeme_k


    “Lose your job because of one of them and THEN let’s see how much of a sympathy factor you have.”

    I did lose a job due to an SJW. She was black and stated that I was wasting money when buying traveling tickets. Meanwhile she was finagling her travel so that she could travel first class in any way she could. She had a doctorate in Education, no time in the classroom and was advising schools around the country on how to educate children. PS, she had a white guy in the company who helped her accuse me.

    She then proceeded to try to get me blacklisted from my job agency.

    Yes, so I do know what it is to be in the target sights of these people DO YOU!

    However I know where to place blame. Not with the SJW who was a mere guard dog of the Bush Family and other elites who funded this “Education” company. All with the design to destroy education.

    This is just one area of the false reality they built around us. I didn’t realize it at the time. But I do now.

  41. In ‘liberal’ cities and states run by the DNC, everyone is spying on everyone else in order to accuse them of various violations of the very long list of verboten topics or ‘protected minorities’ including women who are the majority: one is rewarded for ‘outing’ anyone for ‘wrongthink’.

    So we have a 1984-style culture in DNC run states and cities.

  42. honeybagder don't care

    The fighters’ credo:

  43. Petruchio

    @#40 Mel: Yes I have lost a job due to the #MeToo/SJW crowd. You don’t have a monopoly on experience. The people who make these false accusations are despicable. I don’t care if they are mere tools or not. Any way you look at it, they do REAL damage. If they end up being victims themselves, well WHO is to blame? Themselves!!!

  44. Petruchio

    #37 made a reference to Don Quixote. I read the book. I always laugh at the scene in that book where Don Quixote has a moment of clarity. The Noble Don looks to his Manservant Sancho Panza and says to Sancho: “You’re crazier than I am!” LOL!! Not part of the discussion, but I thought I would throw this one in.

  45. Christian W

    @ 28

  46. Mow

    Apparently, some women (i.e, senator Heidi Heitkamp) can also be stupid and insensitive. One can only hope this dummkopf will lose her midterm race.

    North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) issued an apology Tuesday after wrongly publishing women’s names in an open letter to her GOP challenger, Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.).


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