Hollywood Prostitutes And Rapists Are Very Fearful Of Conservative Supreme Court

Black Magic Fanatic Taylor Swift, Sex Dancer, Demands We Give Her And Her Deranged Female Screamers More Power So They Can Rule Us:  Hollywood, one of the most corrupt places on earth, home way back during WWII of black magic activities which directly hit ME as a child, this haven for Satanic child rapists…is having a major fit of rage due to Kavanaugh making it to the Supreme Court.  Let’s see: ‘child rapists’, ‘black magic’, ‘terrorist threats’…’political corruption/bribes’?  Yes…Hollywood is terrified of Kavanaugh.  So they turned on all their might and main on him showing him very clearly how dangerous these people really are and how they want to win the Kultur Kampf.  To do this, they must destroy families.  In this regard, the black community is a near victory for them: nearly no one gets married anymore.  Now, on to destroy it in all ethnic groups (funny how Chinese who knew of Madame Mao are happily getting married still!).


She added, “I think this cultural shift that we’re feeling, this collective pain that we’re feeling from survivors coming forward, is going to be able to be translated into a collective power, to say that we’re not going to be silenced any longer.”


This just amazes me.  The army of females who did sex junk in order to rise in Hollywood are now whining about how they got to the top: sex.  Sex is what they are selling, too.  These female prostitutes dance dirtier than when I was a legal stripper many years ago.  We had very strict rules.  No touching of anyone or anything off the stage was one rule.  Very serious rule, you could be arrested if you broke this rule.


Now, everything is open.  Dancers flop all over customers.  Everything is very up close and very dirty.  I remember the rules because I was a hippie chick with some brains.  Other hippie chicks, seeing the very easy money made this way (two month’s work paid for a year of school) and tried it but always broke all the rules pretty quickly to my boss’s disgust.


Now, everything is porn.  At the same time, these very same porn females are screaming rape!  This is highly annoying to me.  If they fear rape, they should stop egging on men deliberately and with as much ‘get your sex here, now’ motions and noises.  Like female cats yeowling for sex on back fences, these females howl and yell and then scream that men are sexually attacking them.  Modesty?


Nope, they want to dress like whores, talk like whores and have sex for money like whores and then demand to be treated like ‘ladies’.  Worse, when men do treat these harridans like ‘ladies’ these females blow up and accuse the men of being ‘sexist’.  This is taught to them by our schools which are now infested at the college level with bitter, angry, deep in debt ‘professors’ like the one who attacked Kavanaugh with false rape charges.  These angry, hateful females are working tirelessly to destroy the lives of young ladies who end up old ladies with no men to care for them.


Good grief!  Not too long ago, I nearly died.  I am very highly allergic to poison ivy and got exposed to some and ended up in the hospital for nearly a month.  My husband, even disabled, was important for my survival!  I care for him, he cares for me.  I am not alone.  It is literally life and death for us to mate and care for each other.  Broken families or no families is, in the long run, literal cultural suicide.


Hollywood still has marriages but for the last 70 years, it has been a sham.  They marry and divorce in a rapid rate and Trump was a Hollywood/TV star himself and…frequently married and divorced repeated.  He is one of them…and knows what is going on here.  This is another reason they hate him.  He is one of them.  And is chopping down their treehouse.


Another Sex Fiend Female, Alyssa Milano claims ‘We are winning the Cultural Battles’ meaning, they intend to be as obscene as possible in public and private and no one dares stop them.



Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” actress Alyssa Milano said while the left lost its fight against the confirmation of Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, they were”winning the cultural battle.”


See how this Satanic prostitute is now attacking her customers?  Many, many men are looking at female movie stars and pop singers with an increasingly jaundiced eye.  Suddenly, they see these raging, violent women for what they really are: prostitutes who hate their customers!  Smart prostitutes become ‘mistresses’ and throughout history, gain vast powers this way.  Dirty prostitutes jump from man to man and love nobody.


This is a terrible hell for a woman, designed to pick out a good man to protect herself and her children!  Now, these women, many of them, depend on the State to be their husbands.  This is why there is all this hysteria: the husband, the State, is now 100% in the control of…MEN!!!


Yes, MEN hold the keys and control the purse.  The designer purse prostitutes are furious.  The lower class ladies who depend on the State to be their ‘mark’ are scared.  Will the State keep them fed and housed while they pop out children who are dysfunctional and anti-social?  The answer is obvious: No.

The gay Google lead designer spews obscenities and threats and then has to retract this but it is now all over the internet: Google, of course, isn’t punishing him or firing him or censoring him. Only conservatives who don’t cuss or make threats are being eliminated or persecuted by Google which is now an operational arm of the Chinese rulers. Treason, this is infecting all of the leftists now.


David M. Hogue, Ph.D. – UX Design Lead – Google | LinkedIn



View David M. Hogue, Ph.D.’s full profile. … Extensive experience speaking at professional conferences and seminars, teaching UX and interaction design, and consulting on organizational and professional development for design teams and design processes. … Specialties: UX design, UX …


I figured this man is gay.  Gay men are scared now.  I support gay rights 100%.  But over the last five years, I have increasingly warned gay men in particular, don’t push the envelope.  The very big no-no is one that is highly important to me.  In the business of ‘who do you support/protect’ children are #1, #2 and #3.  They are vulnerable to the extreme!  Straight men and women rape children.  Gay men and women rape children.


And how do you know someone has few morals?  They talk like this:

This deranged gay man who is angry because Christians claim he will burn in hell…wants others to burn in hell. This is insane, stupid and self-defeating.  Obviously, this deranged gay man believes in hell and is very scared but thinks, being a demon fixes his fears.

Unfortunately for Dave, many gays in his community have openly come out in support of sex with innocent children and other horrors.  Hollywood’s demonic evil monsters dream of openly raping children.  Already, famous film directors made movies which are essentially about child seduction and rape and even rape by demons!  I haven’t gone to the movies for 35 years due to this. My boycott of Hollywood started long, long ago.

The ‘gaydar’ seems utterly unable to detect where this danger zone lies.  He, like many gay men, thinks the sky is the limit and ‘freedom’ means ‘doing as we please’ which happens to be the motto of…Satanism.  Warnings of where this ends up falls on deaf ears.  They hope they can force everyone to live in this hellish world where children can be basically raped at will in the name of ‘love’.


HORROR STORY: when I tracked down my own child rapist in Wisconsin 22 years ago, he confessed to me that he wanted to marry me…and I said in shock, ‘I was only five years old!’ and he said, ‘I thought you were an adult!’  This is how deranged Satanic (he was a Skull and Bones man) lovers are.  They literally can’t see reality.


Conservatives are winning in many more countries, Italy turned conservative and now Brazil is seeing a huge surge there, too.  In general, conservatives are rising across the entire planet.  The wreckage caused by liberals is increasingly obvious.  Open borders are wrecking many countries now.  This force will continue to rise.  The Muslim invasion and infestation is part of that: they are extremely conservative!  To think that the wild sex/chaos people are allied with Muslims is one of history’s jokes: talk about insanely suicidal!  And frankly, funny in a horrible way.


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9 responses to “Hollywood Prostitutes And Rapists Are Very Fearful Of Conservative Supreme Court

  1. Here is Mark Dice talking about the same actress in my story today, who practices black magic and accused Trump yesterday of..black magic!

  2. Moe

    LOL! Gotta love Dice. My favorite line of the video at 2:08:

    “Now that the Kavanaugh confirmation is behind us , the liberal media can get back to their regularly scheduled programming of paranoid delusions ‘bout the Russians.” Ha, Ha, ha.

    But the best moment was Trump’s comment about ‘Pocahontas’ at 4:07.

  3. The problem with black magic is simple: it boomerangs. Always. So if you want a nice life, wish well of people you don’t like. Wishing for justice for those who are committing crimes is OK, too.

  4. Melponeme_k

    “The army of females who did sex junk in order to rise in Hollywood are now whining about how they got to the top: sex.”

    These people are NOT in control of their own lives nor their own minds. The Satanic families they come from gave them up to the system to be Psychopomps to conduct Apotheosis in the ritual mass media events. They are used for literal prostitution, spying and drug running.

    Read Cathy O’Brien’s book “Trance-formation of America”, she wrote how the Country music circuit was turned into a big drug running ring. She even claimed that the Mandrill sisters and Loretta Lynn were MK Ultra slaves (Presidential Models) like herself. She wrote of one event where Lynn and herself were able to discuss what was happening to them and using one another to remember trigger codes in their programming. They were separated and were never allowed to speak to one another again.

    Believe me, no one is going to get into any top tier echelon of the entertainment fields without being programmed. Not going to happen.

  5. KHS71

    Taylor who? Like I give a rats damn about her. If her daddy did not own a big trucking company she would be cleaning toilets at the local office building.

  6. Petruchio

    “Will the State keep them fed and housed while they pop out children who are dysfunctional and anti-social? The answer is obvious: No.” The Government–State, Federal, City County, doesn’t matter–WILL attach strings to the money/benefits they give Single Mommies. They always do to people who receive money. They just haven’t laid down alot of intrusive rules on Single Mommies. Not yet, but they will.

  7. Lou

    5– I dont like her music, but she is popular..and yes, she had stage parents.

  8. Lou

    Do you know who Larry Birkin is?
    Dave Hogue??? who??

    meanwhile, this is so funny,


    For instance, one paper claimed to analyze rape culture in dog parks. Ridiculously entitled Human Reactions to Rape Culture and Queer Performativity in Urban Dog Parks in Portland, Oregon the study was published in Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, a highly ranked journal that leads the field of feminist geography. Not only that, the piece “gained special recognition for excellence”.

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