Trump Draws In Rosenstein And Embraces Him…Change Is In The Air

Trump is playing 4D chess again. To everyone’s shock, he hauled Rosenstein to a police chief convention!  I think Rosenstein who nearly got into very serious trouble, has decided to switch sides and since he knows where all the bodies are buried, so to speak. getting him on Trump’s good graces is quite possible.  The shock of the Supreme Court now being run by the GOP and not the DNC may have caused Rosenstein to rethink his loyalties.


This is becoming very interesting.  Trump, being a leader and not someone at the bottom, has many, many years being The Boss and thus knows how to use corporate powers.


The sight of leftist females running riot in Congress, physically and verbally attacking Senators and Congress people, this may have also caused him to rethink his position as a person in charge of law and order.


Siding with chaos is a stupid choice.  I suspect Rosenstein will now throw under the bus all his buddies who are still conspiring to stop Trump.  I would suspect that Rosenstein may even be recording his buddies now for Trump!  Trump knows he has this man by the balls.


The Russian ‘investigation’ is dead in the water, a dead duck issue.  True, a few Bilderberg media are still howling about this which is why Trump is now smiling, this makes it better, not worse: it shows that the NY Times and others are stupid and insane.


Keeping dogs like Rosenstein on a short leash is best in this case. I seriously believe that the Kavanaugh crisis and how the DNC egged on radical leftists to invade DC and physically attacked everyone there…this scared a number of people and seeing how this hurt the DNC itself because they created this mess…HAHAHA.


Backfire time!


Above is the speech Trump gave to the cops.  Cementing his base while tweaking the tails of the entire DNC leadership (sic), all of this is how the hopes of the DNC to take over Congress has vanished and may even turn into a rout.


Anyone else notice that Trump is travelling every day?  He is all over the place!  And this is in service of the upcoming election just like in 2016, he ran and ran hard.  Hillary goofed off.


Here is how utterly deranged the liberals have become:

This lunatic is going to UNITE us by attacking 50% of the citizens as ‘deplorables’?  HAHAHA.  She is insane.  And how, pray tell, can someone ‘unite’ if one is being very partisan?  Hollywood and Miz McCain is Hollywood, is very sick, very vile and very destructive.  And she and her TV buddies are going to ‘fix’ this?


How?  By attacking us, of course!  Note how this female is emotional.  Note that just three days ago, these unholy females on TV were all howling like banshees that Kavanaugh wasn’t a strong man because he cried when he talked about radical leftists calling his family and making death threats!


These females weep and wail and are very loud, emotional and show no logic or sense or dignity or anything noble or smart.  They are in a nutshell, hysterics.


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9 responses to “Trump Draws In Rosenstein And Embraces Him…Change Is In The Air

  1. Moe

    Rosenstein – Trump keeping his enemies closer.

    Now what for Mueller??

  2. honeybagder don't care

    About the crying business: these bitches want to condition males to understand that violence is the only socially acceptable outlet for males to express negative emotions and then whine when they get brutally beaten by their mates.

  3. Lisa

    For centuries men have said women were too emotional and unstable to participate in government. These shrieking pms-ing lunatics are working as hard as they can to prove the point. What an embarrassment they are to all level headed people. And in between their screams and wails they claim to represent all women. I really don’t want to give up my vote, but maybe it would be for the best if this is the majority of women voters.

  4. KHS71

    “The shock of the Supreme Court now being run by the GOP and not the DNC may have caused Rosenstein to rethink his loyalties”. The same for Mueller? Maybe both realize it is over?

  5. ziff

    Yes ! good one , Dick morris was saying Trump might use him instead of firing hm

  6. Christian W

    Rosenstein is a Swamp creature. Throw him in jail! Drain the Swamp!

    Or was that only one of many slogans to get elected?

  7. Henry

    I am completely amazed that Trump didn’t get rid of Rosenstein months ago. He is obviously completely disloyal and was working against Trump. The only explanation I can think of is that Rosenstein is the Israel Lobby’s man in the Justice Department and Trump was afraid of offending them!

  8. Remember: Trump just can’t do squat…he is yelled at nonstop…so he is now systematically taking apart the machine Hillary’s gang created to frame him. It is FALLING APART and this is pure genius. He simply is amazing now.

    I take my hat off for him. Wow. And remember: I played with him years ago, proving I could get gambling money and never spend it gambling…for months. No temptations here.

    He is like many riverboat gamblers: knows human psychology up the yin yang.

  9. Saint Mike

    Yes , your enemies closer. Send the disruptive student to the corner up in front of the classroom just to keep an eye on him.

    Oh ya, and always troll the media.

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