Google Treason With Chinese Rulers Plot To Censor Entire Planet Earth Revealed!

Breitbart gets leaked document showing how Google is conspiring with Communist China and the DNC to censor and control all conversations on the internet so they can have a political coup in Europe and North America.

We now have, thanks to some anonymous, very brave person inside Google’s concentration campus, a leaked document detailing the new communist censorship of the entire internet across the entire planet earth.  The unease we all have with Google working with the Dragonfly project in China is now utter fury as we now have proof, Google is a communist agency set up to destroy our civil rights especially the First Amendment.  Time to haul Google into court and see what other TREASONS they are plotting with foreign entities.


Despite leaked video footage showing top executives declaring their intention to ensure that the rise of Trump and the populist movement is just a “blip” in history, Google has repeatedly denied that the political bias of its employees filter into its products.


The GOP Congress has questioned Google about all this for the new regime there has been openly censoring us all for two and a half years and I noticed it immediately back then and have been complaining about this nonstop.  I have been virtually ‘disappeared’ on Google searches, only if I include all the information about my site, does it show up.


It used to be, when news broke, I was often on the front pages of Google searches.  Now, I and all others like me have vanished.  All we get now are ‘mainstream’ Bilderberg news. Fox barely shows at all, all of us online commentators don’t show up.


But the 85-page briefing, titled “The Good Censor,” admits that Google and other tech platforms now “control the majority of online conversations” and have undertaken a “shift towards censorship” in response to unwelcome political events around the world.


Political parties across the globe should now sue Google.  Voters across the globe who are being abused by Google communist sympathizers should be very angry about all this.  There are a lot of people who will now sue Google and I wish I had the money to do this, too.  The political blowback about this leak will be monumental.  And I am betting that mainstream Bilderberg news will hide this information from captive populations.


Twice in the document, Google juxtaposes a factoid about “Russian interference” in American elections with pictures of Donald Trump. At one point, the document admits that tech platforms are changing their policies to pre-empt congressional action on foreign interference.


Breitbart is nicer than me.  THIS IS TREASON.  Google is using Chinese censorship systems they set up in collusion with the Chinese government to control CONGRESS.  I believe that Congress, the half that isn’t treasonous, will have a huge row about this for Google lied to Congress about all this and now we have proof.  Here are Breitbart’s list of salient points:


  • P2 – The briefing states that “users are asking if the openness of the internet should be celebrated after all” and that “free speech has become a social, economic, and political weapon.”
  • P11 – The briefing identifies Breitbart News as the media publication most interested in the topic of free speech.
  • P12 – The briefing says the early free-speech ideals of the internet were “utopian.”
  • P14 – The briefing admits that Google, along with Twitter and Facebook, now “control the majority of online conversations.”
  • P15 – Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is linked to Google’s position as a platform for free expression. Elsewhere in the document (p68), Google and other platforms’ move towards moderation and censorship is associated with the role of “publisher” – which would not be subject to Section 230’s legal protections.
  • PP19-21 – The briefing identifies several factors that allegedly eroded faith in free speech. The election of Donald Trump and alleged Russian involvement is identified as one such factor. The rise of the populist Alternative fur Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) party in Germany – which the briefing falsely smears as “alt-right” – is another.
  • PP26-34 – The briefing explains how “users behaving badly” undermines free speech on the internet and allows “crummy politicians to expand their influence.” The briefing bemoans that “racists, misogynists, and oppressors” are allowed a voice alongside “revolutionaries, whistleblowers, and campaigners.” It warns that users are “keener to transgress moral norms” behind the protection of anonymity.
  • P37 – The briefing acknowledges that China – for which Google has developed a censored search engine – has the worst track record on internet freedom.
  • P45 – After warning about the rise of online hate speech, the briefing approvingly cites Sarah Jeong, infamous for her hate speech against white males (Google is currently facing a lawsuit alleging it discriminates against white males, among other categories).
  • P45 – The briefing bemoans the fact that the internet has until recently been a level playing field, warning that “rational debate is damaged when authoritative voices and ‘have a go’ commentators receive equal weighting.”
  • P49 – The document accuses President Trump of spreading the “conspiracy theory” that Google autocomplete suggestions unfairly favored Hillary Clinton in 2016. (Trump’s suspicions were actually correct – independent research has shown that Google did favor Clinton in 2016).
  • P53 – Free speech platform Gab is identified as a major destination for users who are dissatisfied with censorship on other platforms.
  • P54 – After warning about “harassment” earlier in the document, the briefing approvingly describes a 27,000-strong left-wing social media campaign as a “digital flash mob” engaged in “friendly counter-commenting.”
  • P57 – The document juxtaposes a factoid about Russian election interference with a picture of Donald Trump.
  • P63 – The briefing admits that when Google, GoDaddy and CloudFlare simultaneously withdrew service from website The Daily Stormer, they were “effectively booting it off the internet,” a point also made by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the FCC in their subsequent warnings about online censorship.
  • P66-68 – The briefing argues that Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are caught between two incompatible positions, the “unmediated marketplace of ideas” vs. “well-ordered spaces for safety and civility.” The first is described as a product of the “American tradition” which “prioritizes free speech for democracy, not civility.” The second is described as a product of the “European tradition,” which “favors dignity over liberty and civility over freedom.” The briefing claims that all tech platforms are now moving toward the European tradition.
  • P70 – The briefing sums up the reasons for big tech’s “shift towards censorship,” including the need to respond to regulatory demands and “expand globally,” to “monetize content through its organization,” and to “protect advertisers from controversial content, [and] increase revenues.”
  • P74-76 – The briefing warns that concerns about censorship from major tech platforms have spread beyond the right-wing media into the mainstream.


Amazing and zero surprise to me, I have documented for quite a while now, how Google has deteriorated badly.  I use Google searches mainly to attack it and its Bilderberg buddies.  I have mentioned repeatedly that Google is a huge part, an arm of the Bilderberg gang now and it utterly and totally evil.


Google even agreed with me and removed its ‘do no evil’ motto.  They know they are evil.  The EU style internet is also something that enrages me no end.  No one can say anything on a million topics due to the police showing up and literally beating up or arresting internet users.  People go to prison like Tommy Robinson, for posting the wrong stuff online according to the dictators who rule Europe.


The people are now revolting and non-Bilderberg leaders are taking over more and more countries via voters being angry and fed up with the Muslim invasion and the censorship online.  People are seriously angry and rightfully scared!  I will note here, though, Breitbart doesn’t mention the Bilderberg gang nearly at all online whereas I talk endlessly about this gang.  Here is this morning’s Google News search which shows no one else has carried this story aside from Breitbart…SO FAR.

See?  Only Breitbart news has this breaking news story 11 hours later.  Even more important, it shows that Trump is aware that China is colluding with Google to sneak around, censoring and manipulating the flow of news so they can have a coup.  This news won’t remain hidden for long because Trump probably will know all the details by this morning and will begin to make moves to haul Google into Congress to discuss all the lies they told Congress last month.  Google could see its top staff arrested and charged with treason.

We will be setting fire to the internet.  In Götterdämmerung, Brunhilda sings about all the ‘sins’ of the Gods and human rulers and how they screwed up everything, lying, cheating and being murderous.


We are in such a position right now only one thing: the voters in Europe and America are voting out the communist censors and abusers who want to turn the world into Madame Mao’s Mad House.

Note how  Google’s ‘white families’ brings up anti-white websites/pro black-white marriage sites.  Most of the links on the entire first page are how black/white marriages are superior or good.  Most pictures feature mixed race/black children with white parents!



This will not show up at Bilderberg news sites today, it isn’t in the New York Times, for example.



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9 responses to “Google Treason With Chinese Rulers Plot To Censor Entire Planet Earth Revealed!

  1. When I searched for news of this breaking story, the Gateway Pundit didn’t show up at all. But they did carry the story:

    “They go on to acknowledge that free speech allows individuals to hold ‘the powerful’ to account and that censorship can give governments and companies the power to limit individuals. They state that the internet was founded on “utopian” ideas of free speech — and that the idea was instilled in companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google when they were founded.

    “An important US Federal statute from 1996 supports this position of neutrality,” the document says of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This statute essentially gives platforms a waiver from liability over user posted content as it differentiates a “platform” from a “publisher.” ”

    Yes, this is an attempted coup against ALL democracies on earth.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The Ring Cycle. I had a ticket in a no view seat this year to listen to it live at the MET. But I had to give it up due to family circumstances. The tickets are probably scalped through the yin yang and will go for ridiculous prices. I was lucky enough to get the no view seat. Oh well. Its bound to come back to the MET right? If not, I’ll have to travel to Bayreuth sometime.

    This is Gotterdammerung…LITERALLY.

    JUSTICE is coming!

  3. Petruchio

    “Note how Google’s ‘white families’ brings up anti-white websites/pro black-white marriage sites. Most of the links on the entire first page are how black/white marriages are superior or good. Most pictures feature mixed race/black children with white parents!” That’s just part of it! They way they are portrayed is disgusting as well. In the media, whether it Is TV or movies, the White males are portrayed as simpletons. Idiots. Or they are devious liars. Then the Black Males are portrayed as being loving, committed Family Men. They are also portrayed as being highly intelligent. In other words, the Black Males portrayed in the MSM are a completely FALSE portrayal of reality. Black Fathers–by a HUGE margin are deadbeat Daddies. Over 90% of Black Children are born to Single Mommies. Blacks CONSISTENTLY score at the bottom of education levels testing. The putrid propaganda (try saying “putrid propaganda” three times fast!) by the MS never stops.

  4. #2 – Although nothing is like attending the performance, videos have a lot going for them – much less expense, the comfort of being at home including the chance to pause whenever you want to go to the bathroom, and so on – as prices keep going up I am doing a lot more “vicarious” spectatoring

    Elaine – Speaking of censorship, one of the most stringent ways of dealing with speech which offends the powers-that-be is killing the offending speaker and then cutting them up into pieces small enough to smuggle out of the country – this is what is alleged to have been done to Washington Post writer and Saudi dissident Kashoggi – do you have views on the topic?

  5. #3 – Of course we know that our most recent ex-president had parents of two different races, and his half-sister had yet another variety of father

    and Senator Kamala Harris of California, nationally seen at the Kavanaugh hearings, has the following info at Wikipedia:

    Harris was born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California, to a Tamil Indian mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris (1938–2009), and a Jamaican father, Donald Harris. Her mother was a breast cancer researcher, who emigrated from Chennai (then Madras), Tamil Nadu, India, in 1960, and her father a Stanford University economics professor who emigrated from Jamaica in 1961 for graduate study in economics at University of California, Berkeley. Her name, Kamala, comes from the Sanskrit word for lotus.

  6. Saint Mike

    Google – promoting white genocide all day/every day

  7. Zeke

    I ‘sense’ that some of the super big tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google, like the TBTF (Too Big To Fail) banks are just plain too big. I also ‘sense’ that nothing will or can be done about it.

  8. Mewswithaview

    Both Google and Facebook and probably others actively work with ALL governments to censor local populations on behalf of the political class. In Europe they are very actively suppressing both supporters and opposer’s of Muslim immigration. In Ireland the national government is terrified of loss of reputation that could damage money spinners such as the tourist industry and any investment as a result of Brexit and has for several years had Google and facebook remove content that would spoil that illusion. They have also formed a security task force to deal with a new class of criminal activity developing from the offspring of the first wave of welfare migrants in the early 2000s. Also in Ireland there is a call out for more social housing funded by borrowing and ultimately the taxpayer, what they are not saying though is the low income workers who need the housing are being imported, plus they are undercutting the native low income workers. So the political class parrots the “diversity is our strength” mantra while at the same time suppressing any debate on immigration and burdening the native population with the costs.

  9. Good summary of what is going on!

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