Mainstream Bilderberg News Lies About Everything All The Time

Banksy ‘painting’ self destructs: art experts think this was a fantastic event, the destruction of art has been a cultural nonsense since WWI.

The destruction of civilization is like the hurricane which just passed through Florida, destroying many things in its path.  This hurricane has also been called the worst in 100 years for this region which may be true for the small area hit by the eye of the hurricane but there were far, far worse hurricanes in the last 100 years hitting the Gulf of Mexico coast.  New diseases are entering the US via illegal aliens and we remember how in Victorian times, Ellis Island was used to keep out diseased immigrants.  Mainstream Bilderberg news loves going hysterical over various events so long as these can be blamed on Trump.  They are silent when it is caused by other forces.


Hurricanes, for example, are not caused by CO2 levels.  Complex forces cause hurricanes.  They vary in levels of destruction over the centuries just like blizzards which are basically cold hurricanes.  Blizzards are in many ways worse than hurricanes.  The tropics recover from hurricanes pretty quickly, blizzards can turn into ice sheets covering almost all of Canada, for example.


Hurricane Michael was not ‘worst ever’.


I was watching the storm and the commentary this morning, and long before landfall Michael was officially declared to be a catastrophic category four hurricane (just below category five), the most powerful to ever make landfall “in that region” – and the third most intense in US history after the 1935 Labor Day hurricane and Camille in 1969.  It was a genuine pre-hurricane category four propaganda storm.


The NOAA wind gauge at Panama City didn’t back up any of the claims.  It showed a peak sustained wind speed of  62 knots before the eyewall arrived, and minimum pressure of 937.5 mb. Neither remotely close to the hype.


So far, the only dead person was one of two men who decided to stay on sail boats during the hurricane which is insane.  It was a powerful storm but nowhere near the previous record holders. Due to the need to spook everyone into higher energy taxes which would then be hauled overseas, all storms have to be caused by CO2 problems.


Meanwhile, illegal aliens are importing terrible diseases that are very scary:

The DNC wants no borders and to let in armies of diseased people to enter and then make a mess of things.  California has declared itself as an open borders state and is a total mess now.  Literally, disgustingly dirty: San Francisco is now one of the dirtiest cities outside of Calcutta, India:

This is where I nearly died of the infamous Hong Kong flu.  It came into the US via an American soldier on leave from Vietnam War duty who picked it up in Hong Kong via a prostitute there.  Preventing diseases is one of the functions of a civilization and diseases can wreck civilizations.

More interesting news: a reporter that pissed off the Saudi Royal coup leaders was lured into their embassy in Turkey and was then brutally handled, killed and chopped up!  The New York Times has this story at the very bottom of the page but at least they are including it online, not totally hiding it.  The Kavanaugh victory vote was page 19A at that ridiculous excuse of a newspaper.  This story makes zero news at that paper:


HAHAHA.  So, fans deserting that business aren’t causing it to collapse, it was other things…delusional thinking is a poor choice.  Some football addicts went back to their shows but the anti-Trump protests are popping up again and where it does pop up, fans desert the games.


NASCAR rating drops are explained as being proof there is no connection between footballers hating Trump voters and the severe decline in football attendance and TV ratings.

Like a vampire, the SJW females are draining the blood from all systems males love.  The SJWs hate patriotism, they hate males in general, they are relentless and control huge parts of the media systems now and are grinding down everything.


NASCAR fans explain why they stopped going:


The Williams are just one example. Though the couple’s health insurance has gone from $300 to $800 a month, finances are not the main reason they stopped traveling to events.


“The constant changes NASCAR does, it doesn’t have the same good feeling it used to have,” Lanette Williams told USA TODAY Sports. “We’ve just lost interest in NASCAR. NASCAR has lost interest in us.”


Jim, 65, and Lanette, 63, said they were disgusted by some of NASCAR’s decisions in a five-month period starting in September 2013. They did not agree with how officials handled the aftermath of the Chase for the Sprint Cup manipulation at Richmond International Raceway, which included NASCAR CEO Brian France putting Jeff Gordon into the playoff as an extra driver.


A reporter checking out why people stopped going found out that changes to the rules, changes in the culture of motor sports, the fun was drained from the system and now they no longer go to these particular races.  I will note that here in my own community, the local races in upstate NY are very popular still.

It took me less than five minutes to figure out why people are deserting NASCAR.  I do have friends who do race cars as amateurs and their enthusiasm for NASCAR has collapsed.  NASCAR is being killed by the bosses who thought they could make more money doing this and so it goes: they learn nothing, all systems now run on the concept of ‘the consumer is ALWAYS WRONG.’  This is killing movies, comics, TV shows, racing, sports of all types, on and on it rolls.


Flattening everything, wrecking everything.  It won’t stop until we all give up and have nothing left to lose, I presume.  It is like a category 5 hurricane wrecking everything in its path.


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4 responses to “Mainstream Bilderberg News Lies About Everything All The Time

  1. Melponeme_k

    “…all systems now run on the concept of ‘the consumer is ALWAYS WRONG.’ This is killing movies, comics, TV shows, racing, sports of all types, on and on it rolls.”

    This is on purpose. The elites view themselves as “Engineers” for the
    “Grand Architect” (i.e. Lucifer). Their job is to mold society and people. They look at us as domesticated cattle. They are in the midst of burning down our past society and rebuilding it to fit what they decided to be our future. Look at it this way. A Muslim majority in all nations will not need NASCAR. Comic Books, NFL, Movies, pop music, Showgirls, Showboys etc. That is all Haram to the incoming culture.

    Just because everything looks insane doesn’t mean it is happenstance. This is a deliberate destruction and the elite will then hide the past from us as they have done before…many, many times.

  2. Petruchio

    “HAHAHA. So, fans deserting that business aren’t causing it to collapse, it was other things…delusional thinking is a poor choice. Some football addicts went back to their shows but the anti-Trump protests are popping up again and where it does pop up, fans desert the games.” I think there are multiple factors in the NFL’s ratings decline. Yeah it’s the National Anthem issue, that’s part of it. Then there’s the SJW crowd harping on Cheerleaders. I think a bigger issue is the demonstrated and total lack of loyalty to the fans. Note how many teams have decided to up and leave their beloved fan base. Oakland Raiders, moving to Vegas. And the Raiders left Oakland before, moving to LA. The St. Louis Rams moving to LA as well. Before that, the St. Louis Cardinals NFL team picked up and moved to Arizona. San Diego Chargers. More money in LA so off they go to LA. Fans in other cities are seeing this kind of attitude from NFL team owners and getting fed up. Billionaire owners extorting HUGE amounts of money from Cities with the threat of leaving if they don’t get their way. And they do. Then there’s the increasing suspicion among people–not just NFL fans–that the NFL is, to one degree or another, rigged. Especially with Super Bowls. I think it was 2 years ago when the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. (They lost last year). That had a very suspicious smell to me. I watched the game. The script seemed to be unbelievable imho. The NFL is run and controlled by a bunch of arrogant, greedy owners who don’t give a damn about their fans; these guys will leave a City at the drop of a hat if they can make another dollar somewhere else. My advice? STOP buying their tickets to games. Stop buying the NFL licensed merchandise. I’m still a sports fan. I watch the games, but I don’t buy anything. If my home team leaves, it’ll be “See ya later.” I notice that the NFL is putting more WOMEN in their ads. Seems a little strange to me. Women just haven’t been big fans of NFL football.

  3. The roots of the long decline are due to moving teams all over kingdom come, the anti-white demonstrations was the last push off the cliff.

  4. Petruchio

    @#3 Elaine. Yeah I was gonna mention that. The Black athletes give the impression that they are oblivious to how lucky they are to be making $500,000 (and more) per game!! On the same topic, the NFL is finding out that the “White Boy” football fans have more money to spend than the Black Lives Matter crowd. Hitting them in the wallet is the bullseye target that the Billionaire NFL team owners will feel. So the players AND the owners look like a##holes to the fans. They deserve each other.

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