ABC Executives Might Beg Roseanne Return, Going Woke, Going Broke

ABC executives ready to jump out of windows after killing Roseanne’s popular show…losing money very fast, facing future lawsuits from Roseanne…HAHAHA.  ABC is regretting going ‘woke’ which rhymes with ‘broke’ so they now are thinking of letting Roseanne back onto TV land only they still want her to bow to the SJW gang and beg them to protect her and denounce Trump and 50% of Americans.  She is no longer a scared woman, hurting hard, hoping for mercy.  She tastes blood in the water and I hope she reams them all out now that they are changing their minds.


Barr compared Jarrett to if the ‘Muslim brotherhood & Planet of the Apes had a baby,” comments that were condemned by Dungey as “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.” Yet one insider apparently suggested that ABC should instead have temporarily suspended her before making a final decision.


“They could’ve suspended her from the first few episodes without pay and had her return later on in the season,” the source explained. “I mean the season finale saw Roseanne going to the hospital for knee surgery. While they worked out her fate, her character could have faced serious complications and fought for her life, while simultaneously making Roseanne fight for her career with a national apology tour. “


I actually witnessed exactly this method of firing someone from famous TV shows.  When I was in the hospital way back in 1981, nearly dying a month earlier, I was put in a room in a top tier hospital in Manhattan and my roommate was a black actress, the first one, on ‘Days of Our Lives’.


We had fun together, chatted over lunch, etc.  Then she said, ‘Let’s watch today’s episode, it is about me, my agent said!  In the hospital!’  So…we turned on the tv we shared.  The show as about how the actress DIED.


She screamed.  She totally lost it.  She was basically fired and worse, made dead.  I yelled for the nurses, she had to be sedated.  She didn’t return.  She sued them all for a mountain of money and it was settled out of court.  I was frankly, very horrified by the entire business.  It was very cruel.  She could have died of shock!


One reason they settled quickly was, I was a witness and the staff was the secondary witnesses.  I had the key information and was hoping for a trial.  This is the sort of trashy behavior we see in Hollywood and NY City mass media systems.


“The morning the racist tweet scandal blew up, Roseanne offered to publicly apologize and do the rounds of every show but Ben and Channing weren’t having any of that and wanted her gone,” they continued. “Why not have her front a PSA for the network on racism and cyberbullying?”


The reason she was fired wasn’t due to her silly, meaningless tweet.  It was her support of TRUMP.  That was the only reason she was slammed down and punished severely.  I believe she is now fixing to sue them all.


“The comments on social media tend to skew in favor of Roseanne and slam The Conners and the cast members who came back,” they added. “Even dedicated fans of the Conner family feel conflicted about supporting a show that so swiftly eliminated the show’s matriarch and creator.”

It was HER creation and they ripped it up and threw it in the trash so no one can see back episodes.  This is crazy, nasty.  They owe her a huge apology.  SJW actors and actresses can openly call for fans to murder Trump, attack Trump voters, etc. and not one of them was fired, blacklisted or removed from public appearances.

Right now, they are attacking Mr. West for meeting with Trump.  They are calling him racist insults openly, because he met with Trump.  All the fake news mainstream media giants attacked Mr. West with racist viciousness openly telling him he is literally ‘an Uncle Tom’ and other insults.  They demanded he stop being friendly with our President!


It was unprecedented torrent of hate and racism by ‘liberals’.

Mark Dice, as usual, was very funny.  Fake liberals are dangerous, they are openly calling for the collapse of civility, for riots and for defamation of character, and above all…assassinations of people they disagree with like you and me and everyone to the right of Mad Madame Mao’s politics.


From the London Daily Mail, the fist of the international gangs who run Europe:

And in other news, the end of US putting people into space:


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3 responses to “ABC Executives Might Beg Roseanne Return, Going Woke, Going Broke

  1. Petruchio

    “…assassinations of people they disagree with like you and me and everyone to the right of Mad Madame Mao’s politics.” Here’s a crucial difference between myself and people like myself and the people victimized by Madame Mao: I have “Mr. .357 Magnum” as my “tech support”. As well as other “techies”. If these phony liberals and SJW crowd insist oin violence, violence it will be. And THEY are outnumbered.

  2. Moe

    Barr compared Jarrett to if the ‘Muslim brotherhood & Planet of the Apes had a baby” …

    LOL! Thanks, laugh of the week!

    Roseanne will gut them, or ABC is about to commit seppuku.

  3. Moe

    From ZeroHedge:

    Don’t forget that Roseanne is not a conservative, and that her show does not exhibit most conservative values. Her schtick is that of a loudmouth expressing stark, unexpected opinions that have shock value.

    Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ is scheduled for a new run and that show does express some conservative opinions. Some, but not all. The single greatest attribute of Tim Allen’s various series was a successful nuclear family, though never a perfect representation (whatever that may be). And he worked for Disney, that perfidious portfolio of pedophilic predators.

    Mel, you got a take on the Disney connection?

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