The SJW Bilderberg Purge Of Internet Roars Onwards Eliminating Opposition

Google has bought Congress via bribes so they aren’t worried about leading the Chinese-style censorship of the entire internet. Last night was a classic fascist move by the fake liberals led by the Bilderberg gang which is in hysterics that they are losing control of the US and Europe.  Many, many news sites run by conservatives were suddenly destroyed across all platforms all at once in a coordinated attack.  The claim: these were foreign ‘bots’ not run by citizens!  All false: the elimination Alex Jones across all systems is now being carried out across the board against anyone not a SJW supporter.


The elimination of Alex Jones was a test case.  Nothing happened to the gang who eliminated him from most platforms.  It took three weeks to convince all the systems to do that coordinated attack.  Then, the Bilderberg gang gave a long, very long list of other people to eliminate and these were done all at once, at night, to several HUNDRED accounts of various sorts.


It was 100% a political attack on the successful opposition to SJW gang goals.  The temper tantrum of the extreme left in DC this last week was the opening shot in an all out war.  The left has no power in Congress except via bribes, they are openly hostile to the President and now the Supreme Court will go after their favorite causes and desire for undoing the Constitution which they now openly talk about destroying.

Facebook will now die of internal bleeding.  50% of the population can no longer use it safely.  Look at all systems now run by SJW lunatics: these are all becoming less and less profitable and more and more into bankruptcy.


Hollywood has declared war on 50% of the nation, comic books hates its customers, Disney has decided it wants nothing to do with anyone who isn’t a sexual deviant, football hates patriotism, auto racing is racing off the cliff.  The list grows longer and longer and the people who are being targeted by the SJW gang are getting more and more pissed off.

Above is a sample of mainstream fake news attacking US citizens, calling patriots ‘Russian bots’ which is total McCarthy smears.  The push for calling conservatives who want stronger borders and control of foreign trade, ‘communist Russians’ is insane, stupid, insipid and deceptive.


The stupid leftists are the ones who should love Russian Commies!  They are the commies here, after all!  The lunacy of the left is so clear now and the entire DNC up to Clintons and Obamas are pushing this stupid ‘the conservatives are Russian agents’ agenda.


I want all these traitors arrested…the leftists pretending they are conservatives.  Google has ‘bought congress’ via BRIBES and for my entire life, I have yelled about bribes.  Especially foreign bribes which have poured into our political systems ever since Reagan flew off to Japan to collect his $2 million bribe.


I yelled about it back then, I talk about it every year since.  Nearly no one connects that treason with present treasons which are running wild in DC due to foreign money.  I used to have a sign in my office in NY City: ‘Why is no one bribing ME?’  It was a joke.  They muscled me, not bribed me and a number of them went to prison for this crime.


 Google (now part of parent company Alphabet) spent over $18 million lobbying politicians in 2017, according to federal disclosure records. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, this is the first time a technology company has spent the most on lobbying costs in at least two decades. Google did not return TIME’s request for comment about its lobbying activities.


Europe is now on total lockdown of citizen use of the internet.  We have free speech here so the tech giants have done a sneaky elimination of many people’s sites based on fake charges that they were all ‘foreign bots’ working for Russia which is insanely stupid.


Everyone will probably have a lawsuit about all this but the Night of the Long SJW Knives will  have stopped information for the election and this is all a coup hoping to stop people from discussing politics so the SJW gang can take over Congress and then destroy our democracy by openly attacking the Supreme Court and the President.


AKA: this is a coup attempt.


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21 responses to “The SJW Bilderberg Purge Of Internet Roars Onwards Eliminating Opposition

  1. Speaking of auto racing, there is going to be an all-female car racing league – what are your views on that?

  2. macdundas

    well, it probably means they very soon will want the same money as the guys for working half the time – as in tennis, and now surfing where as far as I can tell the fem finals have half the number of competitors but winner receives same prizemoney. oi vey.

  3. Lisa

    Have you looked at F.ace B.ook stock lately? Eliminating half your customers isn’t good for business:

  4. Lou

    4–let it die, please. Zuck is so anti White. Such a jew.

  5. Petruchio

    I read elsewhere that Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are joining together to do Attack Ads on Trump. Really??!! The TWO most detestable Democrats, the people who lost the last Election for Prez actually think they have some influence?? Well they do, but the point here is that their influence is all BAD. Who do Clinton and Pelosi think they are? Did they learn nothing from the last election? And to add further flavor, the DNC crowd wants Michelle Obama to run for President!! Well Michael, er, “Michelle wouldn’t be the first First Lady to become Prez. These folks have lost ALL touch with reality.

  6. Melponeme_k

    There are so few families at the top and they control everything. It doesn’t matter if all these businesses burn to the ground. They will still control the printing presses, banking and trade of every 1st world country.

    Little Zucky was given a company to play with for awhile. That is it. The same with all the rest of the tech companies. These people are just figureheads, giving the masses false Horatio Alger stories. Meanwhile they are part of the families and will have money whether or not there is a company in existence.

    It is the same with the sports teams, entertainment companies etc. It doesn’t matter what company it is, having it burn will not hurt the owners. It will hurt the many no names who work for the company though.

    I see it in NYC all the time. Companies and industries are traded around. One person is given a “success” and it grows for awhile. They blow it out (kind of like the mob charging credit on a restaurant in Goodfellas), then they close it out. End of company. It doesn’t even matter if the business is still a success. They will end it. To make room for the next controlled company “success”. This is why you see various chains of different sorts suddenly explode on to the scene and then just as quickly burn out. Its all planned. All of it.

  7. The above video is from the far left ‘We are Change’. This purge is hitting everyone Hillary and her DNC gang hates, remember, the Bernie people nearly pulled down Hillary!

  8. Seems all the pot/hemp sites have been removed, the attack on the liberal leftists is now huge, both left and right has been attacked and I expect You Tube to join in these attacks and it still isn’t much news in mainstream media.

    The EU rules as I predicted in the past, is being imposed on everyone.

  9. Black Pigeon Speaks talks about the implosion that will probably end up bankrupting the Silicon Valley dictators who are now removing people on both the left and the right from the internet.

  10. Stocks for the censors is falling like a rock now. This is why the stock market is down, these ‘growth/leader’ prime stocks in Silicon Valley are now dead meat like so many other SJW operations run by the crazy Bilderberg gang.

    The gang is insane. They are willing to go bankrupt to stop us? HAHAHA. Silly Silicon Valley girlies.

  11. Lou

    Stocks for the censors is falling like a rock now–still wayyyyyy over valued.

  12. Their true value is around zero.

  13. Lou

    14–I recall reading something about how these big corporations are not making money. Debt grows,

  14. Moe

    A 7 Mel

    I’m with Mel on this. My perspective is, what is the ultimate goal of our true ‘rulers’? What are they willing to sacrifice to achieve it? The downfall of the entire world economic edifice would mean nothing to them, as long as they reign supreme.

  15. Christian W

    SJW + Bilderberg purge of the internet is not the full equation. Reality is that it is the NEOCONS, ie the TRUMP Administration, are also behind the censorship. The real equation is much more like:

    SJW -> Bilderberg -> Pentagon -> Neocons -> NED (the US government, CIA) -> Saudi Arabia and so on.

    The censorship is executed by Establishment tools such as the Antlantic Council. Now who is the Atlantic Council, let’s take a look at it’s board, and what do we find? A Who’s Who over the US Establishment:

    We find US Establishment luminaries (including GOP heavy weights) such as:

    Henry A. Kissinger (Trump supporter)
    R. James Woolsey (CIA director)
    Brent Scowcroft (GOP)
    William H. Taft, IV (GOP)
    Stephen J. Hadley (GOP)
    Michael Chertoff (Neocon 9/11 insider -> established “Homeland Security”)
    Dov S. Zakheim (Neocon Rabbi, 9/11 insider)
    H.R. McMaster (ex-Trump admin)



    Elliot Abrams (Neocon, father of ISIS)
    Anne Applebaum (WaPo warmonger)
    Victoria Nuland (Neocon of Ukraine infamy)


  16. Christian W

    As you can see there is no “FAR LEFT”. The censorship is the Neocon Establishment at work. The “Left” you are attacking is a Sock Puppet Strawman put up for that purpose, which is why there is so much pro-SJW propaganda from the Establishment.

    Why are they doing this? Simply to preempt any real challenge to their power from the Real Left, now completely outside the US political landscape. It’s working very smoothly as we can see. The “Right” is tamed and marching to orders supporting the Neocon Trump White House.

    The truth is there hasn’t been any kind of “Left” in US politics since the “Left” sold out to “Free Market voodoo economics” in the 1980’s. It was CLINTON who gave up the Glass-Steagall act in 1999. Both the DNC and the GOP Congress critters work for Wall Street and the highest bidders (Adelson, Saudi Arabia, UAE etc.)

  17. Christian W

    Now, obviously, as is the case everywhere else, there are factions against factions within the US Establishment, BUT essentially they all agree on Empire. The internal fight is over execution of policies, the loot and the political limelight.

    If you think this represents the FAR LEFT vs. the Right, your political landscape is minimal in scope. Full Spectrum Dominance marches on regardless of DNC or GOP at the helm.

  18. I talk constantly about the ‘real left’ they have a name: MAOISTS. Duh.

    They want to destroy everything, not just democracy but culture. Remember ‘The Cultural Revolution’ run by mad Madame Mao?

    Christian, as per usual, won’t look at what is written here due to a huge blind spot. The cynical Bilderberg gang uses the far, far Maoist left to TERRORIZE CITIZENS. They are the ‘storm troopers’ for the Real Rulers who are all very, very rich. Trump irritates them no end which is why they and their minions attack him all the time!

    I hope this is easy to understand only Christian can’t figure out this obvious business. Why are they attacking Trump nonstop? Eh? Why? They wouldn’t be doing this if he was one of them! Duh.

  19. Lou

    As you can see there is no “FAR LEFT”. The censorship is the Neocon Establishment at work……signed, Ima Fool.

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