Liberal Racist And Sexist Meltdown Continues, Grows Worse

Some of the most racist commentary in the last 70 years poured out of ‘liberal’ news corporations which support Hillary and the DNC gang.  The inability to see themselves in the mirror reminds me of vampires who can’t do this, either.  The DNC rage over Trump poaching former black ‘slaves’ who only supported DNC gang members, is Titanic and very funny.  Meanwhile, Hollywood stars continue to plunge off the social cliff by openly and repeatedly attacking President Trump and ALL men, demanding Weinstein be put in prison for having consensual sex with prostitute actresses who thought this would…and it did…work to give them a jump on women who were not prostitutes.

These insane females all support Hillary.  And they hate their audience.  Men watch these prostitutes in movies because they want to be sexually excited, seeing ‘hot chicks.’  This is now a dead horse that can’t be whipped into action anymore.  Men now see these women correctly as ‘man haters’.  This often happens to prostitutes.  There is no love in their deals and this hardens women so they become cold blooded and miserable.  Deep inside, they wish they could be loved but this door is forever locked since this means facing the fact that they view ‘love’ as a business transaction.


This army of prostitutes are now working hard to destroy young ladies and render them, too, hostile and unhappy.  Teaching them to hate men has a gigantic side effect: already, most black women have children out of wedlock because no man can or want to marry them and it is increasingly worse with all other populations being tracked.  Asian women still are holding out the most.  But the push is to eliminate marriage.


The London Daily Mail continues to parrot the official ‘liberal’ news feeds that are editorials against Trump. Describing Kayne’s White House visit as ‘bizarre’ is editorial.  It was a massive plus for both men.  I watched Trump’s latest barnstorm visit to a small city in Ohio last night and he was having the time of his life, laughing with the crowd, making jokes, rousing them with chants and in general, telling them all about Kayne’s visit and thanking him and talking about how he wants support from the black community and didn’t say one thing nasty about black people.


The flood of racist comments and open racial hostility against blacks poured out of the mouths of ‘mainstream media’ giant stars.  They covered themselves with verbal filth including cussing and using racist words as if they lived on some plantation in 1860.

In desperation, a bunch of racist liberals are filing a complaint that Sanders posed with the guest of the White House, Kayne!  This is incredibly silly.  She isn’t a ‘government employee’ she is the representative to the press for the President and works for him, not the ‘government’.  Federal agents, for example, can’t do this.  White House staff can.  This is her JOB.  Her job is to do appearances that helps the President!

Now, the fake liberals still pissed that a slave escaped their plantation, are furious that Trump talked about a Civil War leader for the South who was born in Ohio.  He was a ‘great general’, one of the finest and hard to defeat.  Eisenhower Explains About General Lee (1957) – YouTube




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12 responses to “Liberal Racist And Sexist Meltdown Continues, Grows Worse

  1. Jim R

    I also noticed that the liberals have rehabilitated the word “Negro”. Now it is OK to use the word in a non-ironic remark.

    So: negro, negro, negro.

  2. Saint Mike

    Ya: negro, negro, negro …….dumb negros

  3. shawntoh


    I’m sorry to report that the Politically correct Womyn or how ever they spell it and the gender activists have really been bad here to me another neighbor who’s a old white guy like me as of late…

    He’s retreated to his apartment again and it’s weird because he “surfaces” every once and a while and I attempt to explain that it’s NOT him. He’s okay and I’m okay. Ahhhh– I just wanna throw up my hands and sometime just want to plain “throw-up” over the whole thing.

    At least, Elaine, you keep sounding the alarm– but who want’s to listen? Those folks who should/could listen to you are “hearing impaled” and am fed up!!!!!

    My other neighbors are cool and it’s like you said to us once–

    “If you want better neighbors, be a better neighbor!”

    Now, I know and I’m sure someone can point out I haven’t been PERFECT but can’t we have some more “due process”? I thought that’s what the issue was but the narrative keeps getting more hostile and irrational and I give up. Oh well…

    Thanks again, Elaine. At least you are literally a “voice in the wilderness” that talks sense instead of this overdose of nonsense. I tried meditating this morning but couldn’t stay still– ekkkk! Hope everyone else is doing better!


  4. honeybagder don't care

    Politics aside, I agree with David Crosby’s assessment of Kanye West as far as music goes. As you may surmise, Crosby’s opinion isn’t flattering, to put it mildly.

    Back to politics, of course Crosby’s opinion of Trump isn’t flattering either.

    But who cares? Not me, of course.

  5. tio

    shawntoh, take it easy mate. There was a recent survey that found that 80% + of Americans (of all creeds) are fed up to their back teeth with political correctness. The problem, of course, is the consequence of (perhaps inadvertently) triggering a SJW with wrong speak. Something about an organised minority always prevailing over a disorganised majority who then fund all manner of mischief. The long con always ends when the conmen start to believe there own crap, one can only hope. Brgds, from another old codger.

  6. tio

    -1 for spelling.

  7. MothersChooseTheFathers

    “most black women have children out of wedlock because no man can or want to marry them”

    I think that it is rather the opposite: they don’t want to have sons whose father would marry them. Their instinct is to want sons who are pump-and-dump smooth cads, not dutiful and loyal husbands. Sons who play the field and maximize the number of grandchildren they have, to outbreed other women.

    And they know quite well that “like father like son” on average, so in general women are turned on by potential fathers who look like the sons that they would like to have. Sorry men, but for many or even most women your main role is as template for their sons.

    “Asian women still are holding out the most.”

    Because they want sons who are good pension assets, dutiful, loyal and hard working, not playing the field and maximizing the number of children they have and there. Instead of maximizing the number of their grandchildren Asian women are trying to maximize the wealth and power they will have in older age, and they don’t trust pension accounts.

    A previous commenter pointed out that one possible reason why black women are not doing the same is that they realize that since their black sons would be discriminated against, aiming to maximize their earning potential is futile, so they might as well maximize their reproductive potential.

    “But the push is to eliminate marriage.”

    Widespread formal marriage is a relatively recent invention, most ordinary people just lived together, and marriages happened only among the nobility. It became more popular when ordinary dutiful, loyal, hard working men had incomes capable of leaving savings, and their widows wanted to be assured of their right to inherit them.

  8. shawntoh


    Here we go again. I guess we can queue up in the background for the soundtrack, “White Riot” by The CLASH…

  9. In England, by 1500, the rising ‘middle class’ who were merchants and property owners rose up higher and higher in power as the nobility whittled away their own wealth via fighting each other and being careless and stupid.

  10. Zeke

    Interesting Pathé newsreel clip of Eisenhower.
    Strange assortment of portraits in his Oval Office.
    Especially regarding fourth portrait while saying it’s awfully difficult to quarrel with victory .

  11. Petruchio

    @#7: “Sorry men, but for many or even most women your main role is as template for their sons.” HAHAHAHAHA!!!! What utter baloney!! Women nowadays have babies because of the Social welfare benefits. As far as black Mommies go, they do NOT care who the Daddy is!! The Black birthrate of 90+% to Single mommies proves this beyond any debate. As far as marriage goes, women do NOT have the sole power to choose their mate. What utter feminist garbage!! Men have choices too. And they make them. Marriage is going out of style because of a number of other factors. One, women do not insist on sex only after marriage. If a guy can get it for free, he aint gonna pay for it. Another factor working against marriage is the cost to Men when/if they get Divorced. The Family Court System has a Deep, bitter, almost savage HATRED of Men. This is a very, VERY strong incentive to NOT get married. It’s working! The folks who want to destroy the Institution of Marriage have designed things to be this way.

  12. Melponeme_k


    Action follows mind. As the occultists say…”all is mind”.

    If you go into a relationship thinking a man or woman will cheat on you. Your action (whether obvious or not), will be to find someone who will verify your interpretation of reality. If you go into marriage thinking you or the partner will cheat, you will make that a reality.

    It is that simple.

    So how could it hurt if you see the best in people. Start with yourself. See yourself as a person deserving of respect, friendship and love. KNOW that you deserve to experience the love of a lifetime. I know it sounds silly. But by changing that simple mindset will change the journey of your life and you will seek the best outcomes in situations and people actively.

    This is a basic message but it has been twisted and turned by the Satanists into something like THE SECRET. They give you the change of thought but they don’t tell you that you need to take action.

    The hatred of men for women and women for men has been a long running psy-op by the elite for many centuries. You see united couples with strong families are very hard to influence. The love united families generate creates a safety net around them that even extends its protection of others in their vicinity. This was why popular culture of the elite first started pushing the awfulness of small town or suburban living. That we couldn’t trust our neighbors. They slowly turned into hatred of the family unit itself. That was the last real bulwark against them.

    Our job is to rebuild.

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