Muslim Officers Attack British Protesters In London: The Tommy Robinson Riots

This news is part of the Bilderberg No News: we hear of things they want us to see and hear otherwise, things are kept secret.  Tommy Robinson demonstrators marched in London this weekend.  They were ‘dispersed’ by mostly Muslim police who happily slugged away at the protesters.  Invaders now run London and the Rule of Law is being destroyed after citizens were totally disarmed, you can’t even carry a sharp knife anymore.  The intimidation of the people is continuing in Europe, the Rulers don’t want anyone to be alarmed at the army of invaders who hate civilization and hate ‘Christian’ Europe.  This alliance of Muslim radicals/Bilderberg gang is going to blow up in the future, it is already causing many countries to withdraw from Bilderberg’s grip like Poland, Hungary, Austria, etc.


Tommy Robinson posted this today:


Protest yesterday against extremism in London. Similar to the policing on the demonstrations to free me, the Met Police tried to provoke trouble. Yesterday this THUG in uniform crossed the line. I have witnessed Far Left and Muslim demonstrations that are violent or where they set fire to poppies with lighter fuel screaming obscenities through the minutes silence and in all instances the Met police did nothing. For some reason the police feel that working-class protests can be met with unprovoked police violence. Did anyone get his number? He should be sacked and prosecuted. #TwoTierPolicing Support my work:


He should be sacked and prosecuted. His number is OFFICER CN 1105 and you can complain on this link –>


So, the international ‘battle for free speech’ is not allowed at home.  Anyone doing ‘free speech’ will be punished.  Here is the Guardian which is a communist newspaper that allows no comments, attacking the citizens being abused by cops.


One man has been charged with possession of an offensive weapon and eight others bailed for a range of offences at a mass protest march in support of the jailed anti-Islam figurehead Tommy Robinson.


There is zero mention of obvious police brutality in the Guardian’s ‘news’.  The second class citizens of England are denied real information lest they understand how the new dictators are operating.  Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s new baby business is huge news while this is no news there.


Five police officers were injured during clashes between protesters and police at the demonstration in central London on Saturday, which observers estimated drew as many as 15,000 people. Protesters hurled bottles, metal barriers and other objects at police, Scotland Yard said.


This was after the police attacked them.


One 46-year-old man was charged on suspicion of carrying a knuckleduster; a 50-year-old man was released under investigation for explosives offences after being found with a flare; six were arrested and bailed for public order offences; and one was arrested for possession of cannabis and breach of the peace.


Secret recording of bullying and shutting down free speech in the Army – YouTube

In the above video, an anonymous army recruit records his sargent’s obscenity laced chewing out the recruits for listening to Tommy Robinson and talks about ‘freedom of speech’ while telling the recruits, THEY have no freedom of speech!  Talk about Orwellian thinking here.


Angry military recruits are putting online rants by superior officers who are ordering them to not listen to conservatives but to obey all dictates of the new rulers, the Muslims who run London.  This is rapidly turning into an open revolt against the Muslim invasion of England.  The minute they get enough power, they begin imposing Sharia laws and the crushing of all other religions.


In a reflection of the growing international nature of the far-right movement, Robinson’s case was also raised by a protest in Melbourne, Australia. A rally organiser, Ani Yemini, told Australian media: “Tommy resonates with a lot of people. He’s a working class man, he’s like a typical Aussie. They [Australian supporters] feel like what he says is our future here too.”


A petition on support of Robinson has received more than 600,000 signatures.


At least the Guardian admits there is rising opposition to the destruction of England and the invasion of England by hostile forces!  Meanwhile, in Muslim countries which have zero real civil rights for anyone, the kidnapping and possible murder of a Saudi reporter lured into the Saudi Turkish embassy continues to cause global problems as Saudi Arabia cuts back oil production in order to muscle everyone else on earth:

And in No News in the USA, I learn from the British press via the London Daily Mail, this story:

The New York Times is at least 50% Jewish reporters and here is part of their front page today which has nothing even lower down, this story isn’t a story for them right now, they reverted to their daily dose of ‘Trump is stupid/evil’ top story, that is, Trump isn’t punishing Saudi Arabia enough over the missing Saudi reporter!

Why is an assault on a citizen by a recent Muslim immigrant brought over by Obama, not the top story?  This has a lot to do with living in New York but then, the NY Times rarely talks about New York events that are a concern by citizens.  The conservative New York Post is carrying this story on their front page.


 Afzal Farrukh, 37, was driving at 46th Street and 13th Avenue in Borough Park at around 7:30 a.m. when he slammed on the brakes, jumped out of his vehicle and started pummeling Lipa Schwartz, 62, who was wearing traditional Hasidic attire, cops said.  Prosecutors said the incident began as Schwartz was crossing at the intersection. Farrukh honked at him as he thought the man was going too slowly. This led to the two men yelling at each other and Schwartz allegedly punching the car’s window and, finally, Farrukh getting out and allegedly committing assault.


The point here is, the NYT doesn’t consider this news one way or another.  It is ignored.  A Tennessee DNC official calls all Trump voters ‘idiots’ and ‘racists’ and lots of cussing, too.


In a July 31, 2017 post, Brown allegedly wrote, “Exactly, f— “reaching out” to Trump voters. The idiots aren’t listening.”  In other posts, he has referred to President Trump as “Putin’s b—h,” “racist,” a “f—stik,” an “insane f—,” and a “F—ing moron.”

A final word from the very brave Tommy Robinson about standing with British soldiers who are being punished for being patriotic.  This is happening more and more in anything run by ‘liberals’ who are actually Stalinists.



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7 responses to “Muslim Officers Attack British Protesters In London: The Tommy Robinson Riots

  1. timothy carroll

    The Jews will get their just deserts once the Muslim population hits a zenith. I’ll enjoy seeing them get their a@@es kicked, bloody and beaten, along with all the SJWs and man hating lesbians who worship the ground muzzies walk on. Stupid f*cks!

  2. Melponeme_k

    “The New York Times is at least 50% Jewish reporters and here is part of their front page today which has nothing even lower down, this story isn’t a story for them right now, they reverted to their daily dose of ‘Trump is stupid/evil’ top story, that is, Trump isn’t punishing Saudi Arabia enough over the missing Saudi reporter!”

    It is true that they are not reporting it because it doesn’t fit their propaganda.

    But it is also true they don’t report it because he is not of their sect. There is a deep schism within the Jewish community. The ruling class are Satanists following ancient laws they learned in Babylon. The Talmud is their overlay over Torah. They seek to silence real Jewish people who do not recognize Talmud.

    From what I have gathered from various sources, the break in our world is due to this schism. It is a fight for control of the creation of this world. They want the tools of the creator. They think by becoming Two in One, it will give them power over this world.

    They seek to spoof the biblical revelation of the New Testament and the Jewish concept of Mashiach in order to get us all to support them 100 percent. They are quite willing to burn it all down for this goal.

    We are all playing for high stakes. The pity is, most of our side doesn’t know HOW BIG the war really is and it goes far beyond soul level.

    This seems overwhelming and impossible to fight because the elites have such a large start ahead of us. But it isn’t. Merely by waking up every day and living life is creation. The decision is up to us if we want to reinforce the elite creations or make the world we want. If you want a world of kindness, happiness, families, friends and everything else good…you have to create it around you. It is that simple. But it requires you to know yourself inside and out with no self deception. Trust yourself. Each one of us already knows good from bad. Trust in that we will all make the best decisions is the key.

  3. Saint Mike

    White Genocide is real.

    Google, Facebook, PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, your local news,all of cable,Twitter, Snapchat , etc. All day every day white genocide.

  4. timothy carroll



  5. honeybagder don't care

    This is more or less “off topic” (OK I detest “off topic” as an excuse for censorship) but it might be sufficiently relevant; I’ll leave that to others to decide. In any case it involves Muslim terrorists so maybe it is tangentially related to the topic? (Oh who am I kidding, I don’t care, but y’all already knew that).

    Secret Service Saved Trump From Attempted Assassination

  6. You brought in a real news item which is good. The ‘off topic’ people were ranters who attack me for no reason or lying about my stuff while posting long, utterly ridiculous stuff that has nothing to do with the news or the topics. Spammers, in short.

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