The DNC Is Very Destructive, Lying, Cheating And Changing Reality, Its Killing Feminism


Operation Veritas has been usually ignored by the fake news mainstream media especially the ones that support a Hillary coup.  But this week’s episodes are being broadcast by Fox News which means it now flows into mainstream media territory via the back door.  McCaskill is like many in Congress or running for office: lies to voters, deliberately planning to deceive voters and hoping to win and then do the opposite of what voters want. Today, I talk about DNA and how liberals are screwing around with us all, pretending to be ‘marginalized people’ and men pretending to be ‘women’ so they can win in ‘women’s sports.’  All this brought to us by ‘liberals’ who want to pretend there are no male/female differences.


Paul Joseph Watson’s Twitter page:

I thought this artwork is funny.  Dancing with DNA is a crazy business now.  Denying the reality of DNA is going to bite real women in the ass, big time.  Women are physically weaker than men in general and the strongest women cannot even begin to compete with the strongest men.


The smartest women chess players who can compete at the level of the top males is extremely rare, too.  This goes on and on, the list of things the top males can do, women can’t do nearly so well, only the most exceptional women can compete whether it is in sports or intellect, women are generally much weaker.  On the other hand, the survival of the species, the rearing of children is our strong point up until this generation where girls were told, raising babies is stupid.


An obvious man with an obvious penis and other organs, wins World Champion Women’s Cycling as more and more fake ‘women’ take over all ‘women’s’ sports.

The other thing that makes this incident particularly interesting is that McKinnon believes that men who identity as women should not be required to take testosterone suppressing hormones (let alone have gender reassignment surgery) in order to participate in women’s athletic competitions.


Next: tennis ‘females’ who will beat the already odd looking ‘females’ at the top of the apex there.  The East German government turned women into ‘men’ to win sports stuff now ‘men’ are pretending to be women and winning and this is due to the Bilderberg gang allowing this at the Olympics already.  Women’s sports is now utterly doomed and will cease to exist in ten more years.

Here is the home page of this faker.  Note the blue wig he pops on his head.  This man is determined to have all Olympic sports featuring males with full male equipment, pretending to be ‘women’ and beating the piss out of all real females, nonstop and forever.  This is not a joke, it is very real and will inflict real damage on real women and younger girls who once dreamed of winning an Olympic medal.

The twitter feed of this freak is full of good information that the Olympic Committee should read but of course, this is a pet project of our Real Rulers who want to put women in their place at the back of the line, the back of the room.  This is why all the mainstream news praises these interlopers pretending to be ‘females’.


Next: all the positions at the top of the pyramid where women get to run corporations off the cliff will soon be run by fake women who will probably do a better job of running things.  Eventually, all women will be pushed off the top of the dog pile.  And this will be thanks to liberal females fighting for their own destruction!


Fallon Fox is a transgender male who easily beat the top genetic female fighter, nearly killing her in just one round of ‘boxing’.


Eric Vilain, the director of the Institute For Society And Genetics at UCLA, worked with the Association of Boxing Commissions when they wrote their policy on transgender athletes. He stated in Time magazine that “Male to female transsexuals have significantly less muscle strength and bone density, and higher fat mass, than males”[13] and was quoted as saying that, to be licensed, transgender female fighters must undergo complete “surgical anatomical changes …, including external genitalia and gonadectomy” (see sex reassignment surgery) and subsequently a minimum of two years of hormone replacement therapy, administered by a board certified specialist. In general concurrence with peer-reviewed scientific literature,[20] he states this to be “the current understanding of the minimum amount of time necessary to obviate male hormone gender related advantages in sports competition”. Vilain reviewed Fox’s medical records and said she has “clearly fulfilled all conditions.”[2] When asked if Fox could, nonetheless, be stronger than her competitors, Vilain replied that it was possible, but noted that “sports is made up of competitors who, by definition, have advantages for all kinds of genetics reasons”.[13] Fox herself responded to the controversy with an analogy in a guest editorial for a UFC and MMA news website:[21]


The question is, are male to female athletes stronger than WOMEN, not other men.  Of course, the director at UCLA, living in crazy California, lies about all this and assumes we are talking about men competing with trans ‘females’.  This is obviously an attempt at evading the real issues here.  Men who ‘change’ after growing up still have stronger bodies, taller bodies, denser bones and bigger lungs, etc.  Thus, they have a very obvious and significant advantage over women who are weaker.


And this is all the fault of young ladies today: they claim they are exactly like men!  They, themselves, say there is no difference between men and women!  This is pure lunacy and I suspect ten years of being shoved around and abused might change their collective hive minds!

This is all about the old curse: may your wish come true.  Young women wanted to be ‘men’ via wishful thinking, demanded ‘equality’ not due to ability but due to sex (so they won’t compete with men) and now men have figured out how to invade this territory and take over and they will: next will be all the boardroom ‘women’ hired to prove ‘equal rights’.  This is ironic in the extreme.

And poor Stormy is down the storm drain.  Flushed away.  Her lawyer and she must pay the price for lying about stuff.  I expect the Kavanaugh faker to be sued, too.  She should because she lied about nearly everything.  I hope she isn’t allowed to escape and sink back into the muck like so many others who attack men that the DNC target.

Crowder’s ‘Change My Mind’ series is amusing and scary.  The propaganda our schools enforce on our youth is setting many of them up for a very unhappy future life.  Instead of making people stronger and more capable, schools are teaching people to be weaker and stupider.




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9 responses to “The DNC Is Very Destructive, Lying, Cheating And Changing Reality, Its Killing Feminism

  1. Melponeme_k

    Yes, the elite want to marginalize women and even pin them as unattractive and unworthy of love. It is unfortunate that real women are participating in this psyop that will destroy women. But it was all written about by Huxley in Brave New World. Which wasn’t a warning it was a Gloat by an elite Trog baby.

    Get ready for your gender fluid future! Real women need not apply. Unless they want to take Testosterone and try to lug this lug around the stage.

  2. Petruchio

    This is just another example of our “Elites” thinking they are superior to the non wealthy masses. Smug, arrogant, overly inbred, sheltered. The Elites feel immune to any negative consequences. This is why they are so angry about their Gurl Hillary losing the Election in 2016. How DARE the masses, the ‘Deplorables’, disobey the Elites??!! Bill Clinton started all this rolling when he sold out the traditional voting base of the Democrat Party. “Where they gonna go?” sneered Billy Boy. Where they gonna go, Billy Boy? Well one place they aren’t gonna go is the voting booth and vote Democrat. Didn’t think of that, did you, Bill?

  3. KHS71

    I feel that eventually sports competition will evolve into XX or XY. If you are XX, compete with the real women. If XY, compete with the men.

  4. shawntoh

    Hey Elaine,

    Wouldn’t you say that Eliz. Warren is as about as Cherokee as Paul Revere and the Raiders…?

    Just listen here and let’s just take a blindfold test– Elaine, I feel that Eliz. Warren should “cover” this song as “President Poke-Ah-Haunt-Us” and she should sing lead but what about the backing group?

    WHat about the rhythm section? Who should back her on drums and bass? Members of ex-bands influenced by Redbone?** A retro sound would work for her, don’t you think?

    Let’s spin back to June 30, 1971, shall we, Elaine…?


  5. Google is down! You Tube has been hacked! I know why! 4Chan rebels have retaliated after You Tube, Twitter and other California creepy online venues attacked and tried to eliminate 4Chan posters making very funny jokes yesterday.

  6. shawntoh


    Looks like you were correct again here. Look at what’s happening to this so-called “Blue” state that is DNC controlled!

    GOP candidates targeted and physically attacked! Yup.

    Having spent time in the Twin Cities, I’m very shocked. Why? As I recall the “Minnesota” nice that everyone speaks of when they travel to that part of the upper mid-west of the USA.

  7. The Washington Post today is claiming only Democrats are being physically attacked by political radicals on the ‘right’. There was one DNC guy who was a REPORTER who was hit by a friend of a GOP candidate which the reporter was harassing.

  8. Jim R

    Of course, all this nonsense in the ‘news’ and popular culture is straight out of the Color Revolution Handbook. They activated it when Trump won the election.

    First thing they do is put out a lot of llies in the ‘news’ about how the political leader is a tyrant and crazy and evil. It has nothing at all to do with the leader’s actual policies. Then they get a bunch of agitators to go wherever people gather, and get them out on the streets shaking their fists and screaming. It doesn’t matter WHAT they are screaming about, it doesn’t even need to make sense.

    And then, at some point, the agitators are instructed to turn to violence. In the Ukraine, they brought in snipers to shoot some people and inflame the mob. Nobody even knew who was doing the shooting, they were killing both police and protesters.

    Of course, the final step is to replace the legitimate government with a pre-selected shadow government, with all positions loyal to the agency that organizes the insurgency.

    It worked in Iran in the 1950s, in Chile in the ’70s, and in various other places since then. It worked in the Ukraine, although the current setup there is a bit shaky. But it doesn’t always work, and sometimes everybody just goes home after the riots, like ‘Electric Yerevan’ a couple years ago. (although Armenia has had a change in leadership since then)..

    Will they be able to replace Trump? To tell the truth, I am surprised to see him still in office now.

  9. The DNC is falling off a cliff here and in Europe, their Bilderberg buddies are sliding off one by one, too. Rapidly as time goes by.

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