Internet Giants Continue To Destroy Their Businesses Via Censorship Of Patriots

The Meme Wars continues as the left coast internet overlords strangle their own business by destroying anyone to the right of Mad Madame Mao.  A military hero vet who lost literally an arm and two legs to our wars was censored and removed forever by Facebook’s cowardly boss, Zuck the Burger.  Facebook continues to fall as people leave due to political hamfisted censorship.  On Monday, Zuck defended his cooperation with the communist Chinese saying it is a good way to run the internet from now on.


The constantly outraged left has taken revenge on Roseanne: last night, they ran the silly new ‘comedy’ show by having the leftist characters make fun of her by killing her character off via heroin overdose.  This is ‘left wing’ humor these days.


These hysterical leftists think nothing of insulting and abusing their friends and neighbors and business associates if they cross any of the hundreds of PC political lines while they, themselves, are rude, crude, nasty, vindictive and stupid in public and no one is fired or punished.


Examples crop up every day without fail.  Here is yesterday’s new example: USA Gymnastics CEO Mary Bono resigned her position Tuesday, after meeting criticism over her opposition to Nike and its “Just Do It” ads featuring anthem protester Colin Kaepernick.

The poor woman wrote a comment before being selected and it was dredged up as proof she is a ‘racist’ and ‘evil’ and is hurting Nike, an advertiser who has chased out millions of sports fans from watching any sports now.  The left is doubling down on the Nike catastrophe.


Anyone warning Nike and the sports organizations about glorifying that goon, Kap the Nick, is punished.  Nike and the leftists refuse to connect the sudden plunge in TV viewers and fans at games.  The mainstream fake news goes out of their way to lie about all this and pretend the huge boycotts aren’t causing a collapse in revenues.


Now, as I figured for some time, the last bastions of Olympic sports watched by the most people, gymnastics and figure skating, are going to be deserted and the Olympic committee which already bankrupts entire nations lately, will be bankrupt, too and good riddance to bad trash, I say.


My own daughter did training with an Olympic coach in first, gymnastics and then figure skating.  I know the sports very, very well, being one of the activist mothers assisting these coaches (fundraising, assisting the training centers, etc.).  Watching this die is infuriating but no surprise, all systems are rotting at the core.


Kap is killing football and his copycat buddies are killing the Olympics.  Already, women’s sports is being systematically killed by transgender men who don’t even have, like my own real daughter, the full fixes.  These fake females only take temporary hormone pills while retaining all male equipment and then smash the real women who are struggling to win.


Interest in watching full males defeat weaker females will kill the Olympics and good riddance.  But then, this brings up the obvious: women are NOT identical with men.  They have this agenda that women and men are the same when this is utterly false.  It has to stop.


And it will stop, eventually, but only after many things are utterly wrecked.  My grandmother in the end of the 19th century, was one of the very first women to swim a lake and it made international news back then.  She also climbed mountains!  It was very brave of her but then, she was a product of a hard childhood and developed this skills to survive.



Race/religion/ethnic divisions and chaos continues to plague all of Europe.


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12 responses to “Internet Giants Continue To Destroy Their Businesses Via Censorship Of Patriots

  1. Melponeme_k

    “My own daughter did training with an Olympic coach in first, gymnastics and then figure skating.”

    I trained for awhile at a sports facility with an Olympic coach level Bulgarian couple, years and years ago. They thought I was wonderful and at times displayed favoritism. I think this was more due to my body type than actual talent (I was only 5). I was small, a bit stocky and had tiny feet. The tiny feet were what really impressed them. The male coach told me that I would never have a problem on the balance beam because it would always be wider than my feet. The uneven bars were my terror. After class they would make me practice extra on the uneven. I remember myself crying in fear but they wouldn’t let me give up. Eventually I would complete the exercises (in hysterical tears). Only now can I admire their incredible patience, foresight into the requirements of the sport and pride in their abilities.

    It is a shame the sport will be destroyed by transgenderism. Just as will happen in all sports and arts that celebrate female bodies. The elites are determined in pushing women to the side in any way possible.

    It doesn’t matter if no one watches. It only matters that they make it clear that genders are verboten.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The elite like to push the alien stories as a mind control narrative because they don’t consider themselves a part of us. As far as they are concerned they are fairies, aliens, blue bloods…the only beings that matter. We are golems. I wouldn’t be surprised if they held the erroneous belief that they made us.

    They will continue to do what they do because of their reasons. Some of these reasons we can deduce and some we cannot. Because we are not of their religious sect and creed.

    They always tells us the truth and what they really think. This is straight from the mouth of a Skull and Bones man and with conviction. He is one of the blood.

  3. Saint Mike

    Democrats announced they will fight to protect illegals, expand immigration, pass gun control, investigate Justice Kavanaugh and launch several Russia probes when they take Congress in November.

    I guess if you get all your info from Googie, FB, Twitter, etc. you would think this is what the American voter wants.

    White genocide is real.

  4. Moe

    @3 Mike

    I don’t buy the ‘Blue Wave’ propaganda at all. This is reminiscent of previous polls’ failures to accurately predict elections, especially the last election: they are used as a tool to shape voter attitudes.

    Here’s Moe’s prediction: the GOP will retain both House and Senate.

  5. lou

    Off topic. I cannot find older posts about ‘The Economist’ predictions for past years.

    Black cover? For real?

  6. DM

    Time for some Tarot cards, Elaine?

  7. lou


  8. Jim R

    I’ll just leave this here …


  9. Moe

    Not just Internet companies, NBC continues to eat its own with turfing of Megyn Kelly.

    Politically Correct to the nth degree. 🙂

  10. Yes, I just wrote about that firing. A classic example of deliberate hysteria whipped up by liberals who are really Maoists.

  11. Moe

    Here’s an excellent analysis of Google filtering methods for their search engine, and their obviation of organic search results.

    irony: the author posts his video on a Google owned platform. Also references the Google browser Chrome without clearly identifying its origin. Still, a revealing video.

    My position: don’t assume any search engine is unbiased, cross check them occasionally.

    Alternate search engines: AltaVista, Yandex

  12. They absolutely STINK now. They show nearly nothing useful many times.

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