Khashoggi Was bin Laden Al Qaeda Friend!

Now we know why the Khashoggi murder happened: Jamal Khashoggi was an old friend of Osama bin Laden.  I was waiting for more news before jumping on the Khashoggi bandwagon.  My parents played the political games in the Middle East years ago and when Saudi State Government authorities murdered a Dutch woman for appearing in public without full veils, they ran her over in the street!  My mother stormed out of the country in a rage and reported it to the State Department…which buried it.  I went to the media in New York City and…they also buried the story!  Geewhiz.  What a shock…not.


In early 1990 Bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia and gave a lecture in which he predicted that Saddam Hussein would invade Kuwait.   Jamal Khashoggi, who had travelled extensively with Bin Laden in Afghanistan, attended the talk and afterwards asked his old friend how he could be so certain of the future.


The Saudi government has given a fairly muted reaction to Bin Laden’s death, saying simply it hoped the killing would help international efforts to combat terrorism.  Interior ministry spokesman General Mansour Sultan al-Turki acknowledged however that his country’s most notorious son would continue to affect Saudi Arabia.


“The impact of Osama Bin Laden on Saudi Arabia was the ideology he has developed, the ideology… which we consider to be the driving force for al-Qaeda-related terrorism.”


So, leaving out the ‘Khashoggi is a bin Laden buddy’ part of the story allows fake liberal politicians to attack Trump for not being swift to retaliate against the Saudis who did this sort of junk ALL THE TIME.  Under Obama, any junk they did like invading and butchering Yemen’s women and children was studiously ignored by most liberal politicians if not all of them.


Certainly Obama was OK with all this!  The irony here is, now the new ruler of Saudi Arabia is ten times more LIBERAL than previous rulers.  It is a very nasty place to live and the rules were very strict and enforced with deadly force.  This is lifting slightly and lo and behold, the liberals attack.


This is all very absurd.  The Turks are mad that Saudi Arabia is breaking THEIR laws inside THEIR country which is obviously a sovereignty issue between Saudi Arabia and Turkey and the US should side with Turkey in this matter due to it being a sovereignty issue.


But the moralists here are all fakes.  They don’t give a fig about all this, it is just another thing to use as a hammer against Trump who has to play this delicate diplomatic game.  Trump’s strange form of diplomacy is interesting to me for he has made things happen that should happen, and it happens amazingly quickly.


It works!  All the things previous ‘Presidents’ (sic: tools of the international gangs) couldn’t do these things, Trump does these in just two years.  Amazing!  Even Mexico is beginning to cooperate now, note how the President there has announced, he will stop the Central American invaders who invaded Mexico and who intend to openly invade and attack the US.


Trump’s diplomacy is amazing.  After years of Obama bowing and scraping and running errands for foreign powers, seeing a real American citizen push our own agenda for survival is just amazing.  Watching mainstream media freak out and try to destroy all this is scary and at the same time, hilarious because they are shooting themselves in the foot.


More breaking news that won’t appear at the Washington Post or New York Times:  Confirmed: Democrat Elissa Slotkin in Michigan Never Voted in MI, Never Owned Property in MI, Owns Home in DC Swamp that is, she is a skallywag carpetbagger! Out to get the black vote, a white woman who never set foot in the state until she wanted to get elected.


This is how they farm out the dependent black populations! Just like 150 years ago when black slaves counted as ‘voters’. The 3/5the rule that gave plantation owners much greater political power.




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12 responses to “Khashoggi Was bin Laden Al Qaeda Friend!

  1. tio

    So the goat fuckers butcher one of their own cockroaches on their own sovereign territory, big whoop. The US knew of the plan, almost certainly gave the green light (knew too much, unstable etc). The day after the Idlib deadline passes the Turks tip their hand about the bugs in the embassy and start to drip feed the episode to the MSM .. hmm. What goes around.

    Two wrongs do not make a right, however three lefts do. Valdai anyone?

  2. Moe

    Hummm. I dunno. If Khashoggi was killed inside the SA embassy, it occurred on Saudi Arabia sovereign territory. That means that SA law prevailed, not Turkish. Sure, Turkey will be upset, most countries would. But sovereignty prevails.

    Khashoggi was probably killed because he was a turncoat promulgating American policy, not SA sovereign policy as now advocated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

  3. Petruchio

    ” Confirmed: Democrat Elissa Slotkin in Michigan Never Voted in MI, Never Owned Property in MI, Owns Home in DC Swamp…” They have been doing this kind of thing for YEARS. My home State, MN was invaded by NY libs years ago. Lots of MN politicians–including some Governors–have New York roots. Infiltration. That’s how they do it.

  4. Jim R

    If the Washington Post had actually sent a few reporters to the middle east in the last twenty years, they could have reported a million atrocities as gruesome as this one. There was that time a bunch of “white helmets” in Syria sawed off the head of a small boy and published their video on social media, for example.

    And as tio said in #1, Valdai. It’s sort of like the Davos meeting of economic/financial movers and shakers, but for the Russians and their friends. The Washington Post ignores it.

  5. Tara McCarty

    President Trump is downplaying the issue despite the growing international scandal. Never mind that the Turks say they have given US officials tapes of the grisly torture and slaughter. Trump continues to minimize the affair with blind support, saying Khashoggi was “not a US citizen.” The affair is far larger than a gross violation of human rights and bedrock legal norms. It has become a test of whether an American president is prepared to tolerate overseas assassinations of political opponents by dictators whom Trump openly admires.

    There is a perfect reason why Trump refuses to criticize Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The royal gave the order for Khashoggi’s murder. MBS is a buddy of first Son-in-law Jared Kushner and is the loose cannon upon which Trump has based his entire Mideast policy along with his bragging about $110 billion worth of arms sales.

    As is often the case, there is a double standard here. The Trump administration is going easy on Saudi Arabia because it is an ally and because it has bought American weapons.

  6. Moe

    From Moon Of Alabama:

    Excerpt: “”Khashoggi started a tussle with the fifteen men we sent to kindly ask him to come home. Unfortunately he stumbled, fell onto the chainsaw and severed his head.”

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! You gotta be kidding, right?

  7. Jim R

    @#6 Moe,
    Note that the MoA commentariat mentions Rachel Corrie. It took me a few minutes to remember.

    She was the US citizen that the Israelis killed in another gruesome atrocity.

    And that was just fine with the US gov and all the newspapers.

  8. ziff

    well if he was just another goat fucker nobody would care but he worked for the WP !!. Still no motive. Trump loves saudis [oil] , what US pres didn’t ???

  9. Saint Mike

    Who cares? Maybe if the WP/ NYT, etc. had cared this much about Bengazi they might be more credible.

    Even then I still wouldn’t care, just like I don’t give a shit about a bunch of filthy beaner invaders on a bridge in Mexico.


  10. Moe

    Eric Margolis: The Khashoggi Murder – Worse Than A Crime, A Mistake

    Excerpt: After watching the Saudis behead and even reportedly crucify critics and opponents for decades, suddenly Washington’s great and good are outraged by a single murder.

  11. See? I am not the only person who still remembers the past. The mainstream media and DNC politicians all bet on people not remembering anything. Remember 9/11? Saudis attacked us openly that day!

    Note how many people conspired to pretend others attacked, instead, letting Saudi Arabia off the hook. Still pisses me off.

  12. Petruchio

    @#11 Elaine: It STILL amazes me that the Bush Administration was able to get away with banning ALL air traffic foe 2 (3?) days after 9-11!! Except of course for Bin Laden’s family and his other Saudi associates!!! Even more amazing, NOBODY called Bush on this. Not anyone in the Political Wh#re Class. Not anyone in the MSM. Not the General Public. I sometimes think–against my wish–that the Elites are right; the ‘masses’ are too stupid to vote or govern anything.

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