Leftists And Foreign Invaders Encouraged To Attack By Democratic Leaders In Senate


Once again, after top DNC leaders like Schumer the Doomer and his female sidekick, Maximum Waste which is New York and California leaders flying off the cliff, the followers of these rebels continue to attack elected representatives, physically assailing them in public and invading their homes to attack them like Rand Paul’s experience.  I want the leaders who demanded these attacks be arrested for harboring and encouraging criminals but this won’t happen…so far.  Also, these same criminal Senators are demanding open borders and openly encouraging illegal aliens to deliberately invade our country and loot it.  This is treason.  I want these Senators arrested.


But they won’t be arrested.  It is OK to demand aliens invade our country.  Look at NY and California: both have been invaded by people seeking free needles for their drug addictions that are killing them, for example.  The streets in New York and California are littered with dangerous medical trash thanks to the DNC enabling drug addicts.  The war on drugs has turned into a war against sanitation!



The infamous video of Maximum Destruction who doesn’t live in her own district, calling for total physical warfare against political opponents is all over the place and yet no one arrests her for inciting violence.  This isn’t ‘name calling’ she is doing.  That is legal.  What she did was call for people to break the laws and do physical attacks on political opponents.  That is very illegal.

Demands that we not stop or protect ourselves from foreign mobs invading out country and demanding we have no protection from invading criminals and gangs is also treason.  The mob of freeloaders, many of whom are fat, who are demanding we service them after arrival is a Federal issue of great importance.  This mob waves foreign flags while invading.  This is not ‘patriotic’ foreigners who will love America, they are aliens demanding we be taken over and looted by them.

The chaos being caused by Bilderberg gangsters grows greater and greater.  I suspect they are all suicidal now.  They just want to terrorize voters in democracies to just give up and surrender to foreign invaders.  This is why they are letting in millions of angry Muslims who hate Christians and want total control over time.  This lunacy amazes me but then, the gang wants power, not sanity.


Note how the Hispanic lady in New York City calls citizens who are patriotic, ‘Nazis’: ALL the DNC clowns are doing this.  And note how this woman who lives in a very cold city in winter is whining about ‘global warming’ and when she talked about this yesterday, it was getting really cold here in NY and today, we will barely be above freezing during the day and well below freezing at night and it isn’t even Halloween.  Talk about ‘global warming’.  Why don’t we have some of that here, too?  Hello!


It already was snowing in Arizona and New Mexico this last week!  In mid-October, no less.  The last time this happened was during the cold cycle of the 1960s-1970s.  This is the coldest global warming, ever.


About the killing of a political rival by Saudis: the only reason this is ‘big news’ is because the mainstream media can pretend that we always are moral and upright with Saudi Arabia.  This is insane.  At no point in the last 80 years, has the US rulers and leaders been honest about Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia is one of the nastiest countries on earth.  It is a nightmare place where there is zero human rights and no freedoms at all.  None…what…so…ever.  And the present ruler has released a tiny bit of this despotic power and look at who is attacking him ferociously: the ‘liberal’ media and ‘liberal’ leaders all of whom kissed Saudi ass for generations.


When my mom flew out of Saudi Arabia in a rage after these same killer security teams murdered an European lady because she didn’t wear a veil, the news media ignored this, the European leaders ignored this, the State Department ignored this, everyone ignored this!  Now, suddenly, it is a crisis.  How ridiculous.


Every event now is a ‘crisis’ due to the media giants conspiring with foreign leaders to destroy a patriotic President.  No matter what he does or anyone does, it is always wrong.  We have to do things the way the Bilderberg gang wants and they obviously want to destroy all democracies and turn them into dictatorships!  Duh!


Like North Korea or…SAUDI ARABIA.


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17 responses to “Leftists And Foreign Invaders Encouraged To Attack By Democratic Leaders In Senate

  1. Saint Mike

    IKR “This is the coldest global warming, ever.”

  2. Jim R

    If they want to use the “Allied Victory Against Nazis” as a guide, does this mean the Neoliberals will be aligning with Russia?

  3. Ryan

    i used to read your blog all the time. Unfortunately, you seemed to have lost your mind over Hillary. You have to take things in perspective. But in the meantime, you have been supporting issues that you would never have done before. That the pig Kavanaugh supports torture? The old Elaine would have been incensed! That the pig in the white house want to punish women for having abortions (even though he paid for a certain maid to have such) would have set you on fire.What has happened to you? Please be aware that repubicans hate the Chinese. Are you willing to sacrifice your grandson to this idiocy? Seriously, think about this – what has happened to your mind??

  4. shawntoh


    Couldn’t we just call it–


    Yep. I feel, think and sense this is more accurate. Expect the unexpected is in the weather forecast and it’s going to take FIVE MILLION years* to probably fix the problem by Mother Nature, at least that’s what they tell us now (see Sources Cited at the end for more details).

    Look, Elaine is simply pointing out that H. Clinton is uncomfortably close to Madame Mao in serious drag and that is a drag, man. Whether you like drag shows or not and that includes funny cars, or men in make-up, dresses, and high heels–

    Obama NEVER kept his promise to close that illegal torture center called “Gitmo”, dontcha know? NONE in the media seem to remember this fact and few mention it! So what about that?

    Speaking of dragged, I’m beginning to resemble something that several circus-sized cats dragged in during the night, so I will depart with–


    SOURCE: * https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/mass-extinctions-five-million-years-nature-mammals-crisis-animal-plants-pnas-aarhus-a8585066.html

    P.S. Here for the soundtrack of this “circus” is this timeless gem, oh the devil, never mind–

  5. Ryan, up until now, you never commented here.

    About torture: ALL PRESIDENTS during the last two dozen years, since Carter was defeated, do this!!! ALL candidates even the ‘alternative’ ones support this.

    You have nearly zero political support for ‘be kind to terrorists and other terrible people.’ The black community wants to be ‘nice’ right now in this regard…so they can continue being extremely violent and cruel to their victims!

    They don’t want this done to them but wish it on the rest of us! This is a cultural/historical war going on and trust me, NO WAR IS NICE. War is, by its very nature, violent and cruel.

    I have talked about this all my life. I was never a ‘peacenik’ even in the Vietnam war, I am a realist and believe in fighting. I used to put on medieval armor for years and years and fight historical battles with friends because I actually love fighting.

    At no time on my blog have I been anti-fighting. All people fight and the losers who give up or are defeated, vanish from history unless we dig up their remains.

    Many mighty empires vanished nearly completely only to be dug up thousands of years later by explorers. Why does this always happen? This question always bothered me all the way back when I first read about Troy and the Trojan horse when I was still a child.

    Most peaceniks have a very childish view of humanity and history that always bothers me. It is delusional and above all, suicidal. I have written often these fatal words:

    The goddess of history writes with a pen dipped in human blood.

  6. Petruchio

    “The infamous video of Maximum Destruction who doesn’t live in her own district, calling for total physical warfare against political opponents is all over the place and yet no one arrests her for inciting violence.” Minnesota Democrats actually want to guillotine their Republican opponents. All it’s gonna take is ONE incident by the Dems to unleash violence. And it won’t end well for the Dems and their followers. They are easy to identify for one thing. Example is Muslim women. They wear their native outfits. Most of them don’t speak English very well if at all. And they are outnumbered. I don’t advocate physical violence, but that is where this alien invasion is going.

  7. honeybagder don't care


    One person’s “terrorist” is another person’s “freedom fighter”. It’s all about “who controls what”, you see. And the “goddess of history” is about to dole out a major lesson in the true meaning of “suicidal”.

  8. honeybagder don't care

    For example, the people that founded the USA were “terrorists”; and if your claims are true, that includes your ancestors.

    So, there is no “Good” and “Evil”, just scads of killer apes fighting over limited resources. The true fighter must purge the soul of compassion and mercy; ruthlessly kill without remorse; and gleefully fertilize the Earth with the blood of the vanquished.

    Thus, “Do what thy wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

  9. honeybagder don't care

    And “fighting historical battles with friends” is not fighting. That is “play fighting”. Real fighting is when you have a conscious objective to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible (and if all goes well, death) on the opponent. Nuclear weapons are absolutely fantastic here.

  10. I fought REAL opponents trying to KILL me. I have been shot at by people with GUNS. Good lord, I did ‘fun wars’ for fun but real fights in disintegrating cities…my god, those were violent. Extremely violent. People near me were literally killed.

  11. honeybagder don't care

    And your point is? That you enjoyed it?

  12. I am realistic about fighting. Many people, sheltered by the State, think they can sail through life, never fighting. I, on the other hand, lived in a place called ‘SLUMS’.

    In all our slums, poor people fight ferociously and frequently. Lots of people die in these slums. Sometimes, slum people go into ‘nice’ neighborhoods and kill people.

    Where do you live, Honeybadger? In Australia? England and its colonies all disarmed people but this doesn’t stop the slum people from killing other people even in gunless places.

  13. honeybagder don't care

    No one is completely sheltered by the State. We all take our chances. Sane people, however, avoid real violence if at all possible.

  14. Not when you have to fight. Most people flee. I fight.

  15. honeybagder don't care

    I am not criticizing performing law enforcement duties to clean up a neighborhood or justifiable self-defense, for example. I am criticizing people who get off on real violence (not play or sport fighting).

    My honest assessment is that you are a psychopathic bloodline “elite” who happens to be at war with other psychopathic bloodline “elites”, hence this blog. (Imagine that, elites at war with each other, who’d have thought?).
    To any peasants that may be reading this, they use your own negative emotions to control you. You will never be free until they throw a war and no one shows up.

  16. shawntoh


    May I please sum it up this way?–

    “Respect is a two-way street.”

    No one is perfect in this regard, especially myself. I will note this, what I think and feel Elaine wishes to convey is that if we show respect to ourselves then we can respect others. Then from there–

    If we show respect to others, generally, most will return that respect. But if I don’t respect you, then why should you return my respect?

    Thus, I call on people to avoid “name calling”– or a fancy way of saying it is an Ad hominem attack, a device of propaganda that involves attacking the character, attributes and motivations of a person rather than focus on the substance of what they are arguing about and addressing the details of the construction of the fallacy in the argument– the lack of verifiable evidence, for example, which I have pointed recently in my arguments when someone was just relying on rhetorical effect to make their points in reaction to my statements without offering any substance to their arguments.

    Another point I would make is pick your battles carefully in this life.

    If you want to be like Elaine, you’d better be willing to make a lot of sacrifices and endure lots of hardship if you want to be like her and take on some of these power influences on life on earth.

    She has played the role of Cassandra, a very sacred, ancient and classic role, which requires conscious labors and intentional suffering personally for individual for the greater good of all.

    Not many have the substance to pull this off and Elaine certainly has it, she has the battle scars to prove it, regardless of what you may believe in your beloved fallacies about REALITY!

    Thank you, Elaine, and peace be with you. Peace be with all who read this. So be it and may it be done.

  17. Moe

    On a related front, John Brennen (of CIA Director (in)fame(y)) lambasts Trump for “…encouragement of physical violence”.

    LOL! In your face chutzpah. Pot. Kettle. Black.


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