May Backs Down, Tommy Robinson Not Sent To Prison Again

Tommy Robinson: British government backs down on putting him in prison for covering news about Muslim rapists.  Tommy just won a huge victory over the Real Rulers of Britain.  They hoped to shove him back into prison after a hearing with zero lawyers so Tommy went forth to visit…soldiers…who were attacked and punished by May’s government and that proved extremely unpopular so now the government is backing down lest there be open revolt in the military.


Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League, told supporters he is the victim of a “political witch hunt” as hundreds gathered outside the Old Bailey ahead of his retrial.


And many angry Brits showed up for this show trial so carrying out threats against Tommy backfired badly.  But worse was the soldiers thing: this could end the government.


Amid raucous scenes in which demonstrators drank from cans of strong lager and waved banners praising Donald Trump, the far right activist took to a stage and insisted he was being charged with contempt of court “because of who I am, rather than what I did”.


He is also 100% correct.  This was a show trial to intimidate citizens and force them to be silent as the government let many Muslim males invade and rape British girls.


But the case against Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was sent back to the Attorney General over a legal technicality.




Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC, the Recorder of London, said that the “nature and extent of controversies” in a new statement the defendant filed a day earlier required cross-examination, which could not be achieved legally at that hearing.


Too funny.  No, Tommy refused to stay quiet when released, I remember back then, the government made it clear, he better not appear in public and raise problems.  But he finally decided he couldn’t run, he had to take the Minotaur by the horns and fight back so he went to the military guys, the raw recruits and started this website: Tommy Robinson on Facebook:


HAHAHA.  They told the military kids, if they appeared in photos with Tommy, they would be punished.  So after one of them was punished, Tommy held rallies and everyone yelled about that punishment and…the government then said it was OK to have a picture be taken with an UK citizen.  Whoo.


The troops then complained about…the food!  Yes, the rich rulers who live in huge palaces and send royals all over the planet to whine about poor people needing food, didn’t bother to feed their own troops at home!


So Tommy talked about this several days ago online and now there is ie in the faces of Parliament and the British brass due to feeding pig swill to young soldiers!  A great tactical move by Tommy.


Just last week, Tommy looked harassed and worried and very unhappy.  But in the last 48 hours since his visit to the soldiers across England, he is a very happy camper.  This infuriates the Real Rulers no end, he is definitely a big thorn in their asses.

Of course, the judge can’t be a jury!  And be the lawyers, too.  This ridiculous situation is obvious to see and I am glad Tommy is exploiting it to the full.  And hurray for the masses of angry citizens who showed up and raised a row, too.


Here is the petition concerning protecting and feeding Britain’s soldiers properly and giving them legal aid if attacked by bureaucrats in Westminster.


Brilliant political moves by Tommy who had to learn how to do things via the school of Hard Knocks.  Very admirable.


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3 responses to “May Backs Down, Tommy Robinson Not Sent To Prison Again

  1. Melponeme_k

    They are making this all about Robinson which is not a mistake. There are still loads of illegal aliens in UK and nothing is being done about them. Not only that, they are supported by an underground network that gives them false documents.

    In a few short years, these people will be the majority voting block and the UK will be gone and perhaps exist in name only.

    All pre-planned by the elites. This is what they want.

  2. Moe

    From John Derbyshire: Street Fighting In America

    Excerpt (re: Robinson interaction with troops):

    The Army’s Top Brass are where the rest of the Establishment are: terrified of doing anything that might upset the Religion of Peace; painfully eager to give the Army some kind of post-conflict-era relevance as an agency for diversity and gender outreach and mindfulness. And the squaddies are all thinking: sod this for a game of soldiers—I didn’t join the Army for this bollocks.

  3. tio

    It appears all is not as it seems .. is it ever?

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