Tangled Web Of Moralism And Political Backstabbing Surrounding Saudi Murder Of Washington Post bin Laden Buddy Reporter

Why is Turkey fighting Saudi Arabia?  This is most interesting.  The US always covers up Saudi crimes due to the oil and heavy financial involvement issues.  So does the EU, too.  Turkey, on the other hand, defies NATO, defies the EU and defies the US and is a huge rival for power inside the Sunni world.  Of course, the Bilderberg gang which tries desperately to run the EU and US, is oddly siding with Erdogan who they tried to remove via a military coup last year.  Since then, Turkey has grown much closer to Putin.  Putin tried diplomacy with Trump only for the US mainstream media, the GOP leaders and the entire DNC machine, thwarted Trump’s attempts at detente and now Putin warns about WWIII.  Power politics are rarely discussed by mainstream media for obvious reasons: they don’t want the populations know what the hell is going on.


For example, the elites now want to crash the US economy.  Raising interest rates and causing the price of oil to jump will certainly lead to a recession which is their goal at this point.  These people are willing to import terrorists and criminals as well as crash economic systems if this gets them more political power.  On the other hand, these naked moves to destroy empires is rousing citizens in Europe and the US into action, turning them to conservatives to save themselves from destruction.


The screenshot above is today’s New York Times.  Note how they are in hysteria over Saudi Arabia killing a ‘journalist’ who appeared on the pages of the Washington Post which hates Trump, hates citizens, hates America and wants us to ape California which is being utterly overrun by drug addicts, criminals, illegal aliens and other fun populations.  They want this across the nation.


The hysteria over the Saudi ‘reporter’ being killed is darkly amusing to me because all parties involved in this sordid murder tale are faking it.  Namely, no one gave a hoot for generations, no politicians said a peep whenever the Saudis did this in the past.  They do this all the time!  It is normal for them.  It nearly never makes any news.  Even after 9/11 when we were supposed to ‘never forget’ and go after the people who attacked us most of whom were Saudi, within months that vanished and we attacked innocent bystanders like the ravaged Iraqi people who still live in some degree of suffering and chaos thanks to this illegal attack on their homeland.


I knew this headline: Oil To Go Up As Iran Plays Turkey-U.S.-Saudi Split would appear if I searched for other sources of information. Of course, Iran is going to exploit this!


Saudi Arabia relies on its American-made military hardware to assert its military power in the Middle East and its main opponent in the region is Iran. The rivalry between these two large, well-armed, petroleum producing nations takes roots in religious conflict. This rivalry is manifested across the Middle East as each nation often backs different armed groups, from Yemen to Syria.


At the core of the rivalry is the Sunni-Shia split, dating to the time that a successor to Mohammed had to be chosen following his death. Two factions emerged backing different successors. The details are out of the scope of this article, but suffice to know that revenge has fuelled most of the strife between the two main branches of Islam since the murder of Ali by the ruling caliph in 680AD.


The New York Times is run by a very Jewish family and nearly all their reporters and commentators are Jewish.  They are very, very focused on getting rid of Trump even though some of Trump’s family is also Jewish.  Trump is pro-Israel, too as is the New York Times.  But getting rid of Trump trumps all these Jewish connections.  Israel is very anti-Iran and is openly fighting Iranian supported forces in southern Syria right now as Palestinians storm the border wall erected by the Jews in Israel.


Trump supports Israel in all this but still, the New York Times Jews hate him enough due to him meddling in US affairs that the NYT has pushed for years and years.  So they are willing to attack him knowing that all of Congress is pro-Israel/pro-war with Iran so who cares if these actions by the NYT weakens the President?  They are so very focused on removing Trump no matter what, they are willing to destroy NATO, destroy the USA, destroy the planet earth in a world war.


What is even crazier is, one reason these lunatics at the New York Times want to get rid of Trump is their insane and utterly childish fear of ‘global warming’.  Right now, we are freezing our asses here in New York and not a peep about this very cold fall.  Instead, they have a major front page story about how we are all roasting to death but will be saved by SJW young people who grew up mainly during a 30 year warm cycle.  Born at the end of the New Ice Age cycle of the 1960’s to 1980’s, these youths think they are very smart and know better than us older adults who have gone through more than two 30 year weather cycles.

I will note that the photo above was not taken in the last 24 hours. She would be very cold indeed.

Last time I looked, the North American continent (most of Canada is also below freezing right now) was a big portion of the earth’s landmasses.  It may be warm somewhere else but not here!  And we didn’t have any record breaking heat except one tiny corner of California.

Arctic sea ice continues to thicken as the North Pole cools.

At home, I and my friends have been working hard to get ready for this harsh winter we all expect.  The New York Times hates Trump, hates voters who won’t listen to them and they want us to suffer and be unhappy and then die of starvation or the cold while the NYT yells at us that we are really roasting to death.  I see a flaw in this plan. Namely, it is getting harder and harder to convince people that they are roasting to death when their feet are frozen and they can see their breath.


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10 responses to “Tangled Web Of Moralism And Political Backstabbing Surrounding Saudi Murder Of Washington Post bin Laden Buddy Reporter

  1. Petruchio

    “These people are willing to import terrorists and criminals as well as crash economic systems if this gets them more political power.” That’s just what a spoiled rotten, overindulged, overinsulated group of uber spoiled rotten rich kids who are now of adult age would think. These “Elites” have no clue and they will never get one. The Political Wh#res of the Elites are getting heckled when they go out in public, like Mitch McConnell. Apparently an explosive device was found where George Soros was staying. These Elites are coming closer and closer to their wake up call.

  2. Jim R

    The Turkish police supposedly found the pieces of the murder victim buried in the garden of a Saudi ‘diplomat’ there in Istanbul. And he had been cut up into pieces, like the early stories said.

  3. Jim R

    And once again, those rent-a-mobs making their way across Mexico are all made of young men. There were almost no women or children.

    Which means it is really an army. Not a well-equipped army, but an army none the less.

  4. Yes, the Saudi secret police murdered him. They do this all the time! In the past, it was utterly ignored by mainstream media, the Bilderberg gang and everyone. This is why my mother protested one such murder very loudly and was ignored when she exited Saudi Arabia nearly 40 years ago.

  5. Tim E.

    Having a little debate with this guy on twitter about “climate change” http://www.6esm.com/ after he posted disparaging comments about Dr Tim Ball, Then I seen where he is located and that says pretty much explains his beliefs.

  6. Hello Elaine,

    “Israel is very anti-Iran and is openly fighting Iranian supported forces in southern Syria right now as Palestinians storm the border wall erected by the Jews in Israel.”

    Some Palestinians are trying to get to peace by other means:


    Kindest regards,
    Paul Ford O’Neil
    Washington City
    District of Columbia
    United states of America

  7. Thank you for posting here, Paul.

    The ‘Holy Land’ is one of the least holy places on earth. It is a key geological point that people are desperate to control so this has spawned many things that are very scary.

    Whoever occupies this place is in the crosshairs of mental hysteria. I would never want to live there, myself.

  8. AT

    A year to the day, no, a year to within several hours (accounting for time zones) after the “ISIS” recruit paddock killed scores of Americans in Las Vegas and MBS got embarrassingly rescued from the Tropicana by the Nevada State Police SWAT team and the FBI, a year later Khashoggi gets killed in a particularly grizzly way, perhaps in order to send a message. Khashoggi, who self exiled himself from SA a week before the Vegas shooting, was later bankrolled by alwaleed, the same Saudi billionaire who owned the Four Seasons floors above Paddock’s room. MBS returned to SA to face a simmering coup with running gun battles and instituted a crackdown on “corruption.” Maybe he had a special hate for this guy Khashoggi?

    The end state is the goal.

    Connecting the dots the most likely answer is the CIA approved the hit, because of the dead Americans, the Saudi quislings got awesome brutality publicity with which to keep their rebels in check, globalists howled because he was their man, Turkey chuckled because they thought they were driving the train, morality got a plus because this behavior was tarnished on the world stage, and MAGA got a dollar as the Saudis tried to buy their way out of the screw up of getting caught, if not the murder.

    Looks like a win for all but the truth.

  9. AT

    Correction: khashoggi self-exiled from Saudi Arabia a MONTH before the paddock shooting, not a week (he quit his job in Saudi Intel a WEEK before 9/11.)

  10. I have first hand experience with the Saudi Royals via my parents. The young princes, back in the 1970’s, came to visit us and my father ordered me to stay away during these visits due to obvious reasons, I wasn’t old and wrinkled back then.

    They were all very spoiled and had rather nasty habits.

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