CBS Hates Citizens, Supports Foreign Invaders Marching On Our Borders

CBS is an anti-patriotic SJW media giant who hates citizens of the US and mocks us regularly.  This video accidentally shows us that many of the people on this invading alien mass are actually intending, just like in Europe, to loot the taxpayers and wave foreign flags.  This invasion is a classic one straight out of the history of the Fall of Rome and should be taken seriously.  Already, we have a huge burden on taxpayers from illegal aliens who also cause a great deal of crime, too.  But for elites, they are cheap labor and can’t complain to police if abused.


The mainstream media hopes that this will lead to a huge DNC victory in the elections.  Since they live in this bubble in two DNC-run and rapidly being destroyed cities on the East and West coasts, they can’t imagine how regular voters really think about all this.

Like in previous elections, the mainstream Bilderberg news relies on fake polls to convince people that victory is inevitable.  This is utterly insane, it reminds me of the last days of Hitler with the Russians closing in and the Nazis convinced that they were still going to win.

Here is a foreign funny man, Cobert, who now infests US TV ‘comedy’ making ‘jokes’ about how stupid we are to have ‘nationalism’.  In Britain, the home of this noxious unfunny man, the people are revolting and demanding an end to EU powers there with the Brexit movement and Tommy Robinson’s status is soaring despite the media giants there attacking him and lying about him deliberately, nonstop.


In England, at yesterday’s Tommy Robinson rally at the courts when he wasn’t put in prison again, the representatives recording the news for the major news feeds there were recorded conspiring to openly lie about how many people were there and other lies.  Mainstream media run by members of the Bilderberg gang all lie about nearly everything, all the time.


There was a lot of hostility towards the media at the rally. One man, thinking I was a mainstream media reporter, dumped a bottle of water on me (and my laptop bag) while calling me “scum.” There’s no excuse for that conduct, regardless of intended target.


The media has to figure out pretty quickly that lying about citizens is a dangerous path to take.  The citizens can’t arrest these gangsters for lying but lying doesn’t work after a while when it is reflexive and obvious.


When I was filming the rally after the court appearance, one of the speakers (with whom I had shared my Press Association story) handed me the microphone and asked me to share it with the crowd.


The open hostility towards the media is very understandable.  The reporter who was brave enough to tell the crowd that fellow reporters were openly conspiring to lie about the Tommy rally, this news didn’t surprise the crowd.


Having never turned down a microphone in my life, I read the quotes to the attendees, who chanted about their disgust with the media. Some were downright nasty. While I understand the frustration, I don’t like painting an industry with one brush. Those who are letting their agendas get in the way of their coverage need to do better.


Well, since 90% of ‘mainstream’ media in England lies about and attacks Tommy Robinson for being patriotic, yes, they earned the hate and contempt of the crowd!  All they have to do is STOP LYING ALL THE TIME.  Duh.


This is obvious when they lie about election information.  It is all ‘disinformation’ designed to make people do things or to not participate in elections.  It is very much a conspiracy to have basically a coup that overrides true sentiments of the voters.

The London Daily Mail has a real story.  Yesterday, Infowars and others in the US dug up the past speeches of Obama and Hillary Clinton both of whom and a number of other top DNC clowns, denounced illegal aliens invading our country and all said this should not happen and will be stopped.  Now, a mere two years later, all of these craven lunatics are screaming at Trump for trying to stop invaders!  This bait and switch routine is for all areas like say, wars in the Middle East.


Whatever Trump does is ‘bad’ even if it is identical to what the DNC gang did in the recent past.

Criminals and terrorists are rapidly joining this invading force!  It has grown greatly in size in the last 48 hours.  Yes, this is how they come into countries, they saw this in Europe.  This is also, incidentally, how Rome fell.  The Romans used to disarm any populations that entered and moved them around so they couldn’t gather in one place.  Then, they couldn’t stop the entry and eventually armed barbarians moved in and totally wrecked the place.

So, in DNC cities we have a ‘homeless crisis’ while DNC leaders demand we take in armies of ‘homeless’ people show will make things infinitely worse.  And yes, this invasion is being funded by DNC supporters who want to overturn elections here.  San Francisco, for example will openly allow illegal aliens and anyone else to vote.  This is a plan to destroy citizen’s rights and powers.  Citizens should be very angry about this.


But then, we are called names by mainly foreign actors and TV comedians and foreigners brought over to write our newspaper stories and dual citizens who swear fealty to foreign countries like Israel.  They all hate patriotism with a passion.



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12 responses to “CBS Hates Citizens, Supports Foreign Invaders Marching On Our Borders

  1. Melponeme_k

    The caravan is not an act of desperation on the part of the elites. In fact, it is their moment of triumph. It was written in the stars that they follow. This was always their goal. Aligning with the Chinese government and their censorship was also their goal. And everyone who went to China with Nixon, held that philosophy of the NWO. Whether they admitted to it or not.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The elites ALWAYS tell the truth.

    The Caravan in light of NWO supporter Jonas Salk (& Jonathan Salk).
    “A New Reality” pg 140

    “….the reality of Epoch B, behaving in a more generous, community-oriented manner will better serve the interest of both individuals and groups than behaving in an exclusively self-oriented, competitive way. Therefore collaboration, awareness of others, and balance will not be regarded as personal sacrifice; instead they will be personally and collectively beneficial.”

    The caravan is an Epoch B moment, y’all! Because all of us Epoch A devils (those who are not millennials) must come to their light!

    Pg. 142

    “In the context of Epoch A, the generous or humane attitudes appropriate in Epoch B were not perceived as pragmatic. However in the different reality of Epoch B, such attitudes will be both pragmatic and humane.

    Thus, the shift will come about simply because Epoch B values are MORALLY AND SPIRITUALLY BETTER (my emphasis) than those of Epoch A.”

  3. Jim R

    This is Nelly Jerez… Honduras’ sub-secretary of international relations. She is in charge of and oversees migrant issues in Honduras. I don’t know why CBS does not interview her in her office, it might be an interesting story.

  4. Petruchio

    “This video accidentally shows us that many of the people on this invading alien mass are actually intending, just like in Europe, to loot the taxpayers and wave foreign flags.” Wait until the Rape Epidemic starts. Also, just like in Europe.

  5. Petruchio

    “But then, we are called names by mainly foreign actors and TV comedians and foreigners brought over to write our newspaper stories and dual citizens who swear fealty to foreign countries like Israel. They all hate patriotism with a passion.” It’s amazing how fiercely anti American the folks in the TV/Acting Biz are. They really do seem to have a bitter hatred towards hiring American Actors, especially white male ones. Very strange indeed. And: these folks don’t hate patriotism per se. They actually hate the idea of American sovereignty. At the bottom line, this is all about the Destruction of the White American Middle Class. They just don’t dare to put it in those words.

  6. ziff

    Colbert is from Georgia USA [ he said when he was a comedian ] . US border already has dealt with over 40,000 invaders [ not sure of time period , number is from Molyneux ]

  7. lou

    Always look to the Tribe, when Christians are attacked;

    Re: Honduras invasion of America’s borders.

    Just one month after Dr Eduardo Stein, the Jewish former Vice President of Guatemala, was appointed by the UN to take charge of Latin American migration issues, a massive caravan leaves Guatemala etc. for the US.

  8. jason

    Colbert is American of Irish descen and used to be funny bsck when he worked with John Daly. The unfunny virtue signalling English comedian is John Oliver you may be confusing him with Colbert.

  9. My mistake, I don’t watch any mainstream TV junk.

  10. Moe

    From Lonsberry Dot Com, straight sh*t on the Honduran march…

    Excerpt: How have 7,000 people been fed and watered? And how have they gone to the bathroom? If the average person across the world produces about a pound of solid waste a day, that means that these folks are somehow disposing of more than three tons of feces each day.

  11. Moe

    The ‘caravan’ is obviously being financed, no way is this spontaneous. Below is a link to a potential funding agency, Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders).

    One must always be mindful that PSF could just be a front group for the real monetary and organizational sources. What is not in doubt is that there exists agents/agencies that support these activities.

    What is not in doubt is that there exists

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