Megyan Kelly Fired Over Discussion Children Wearing Halloween Costumes

When Dr. Phil posted this comment, he was praising Megyan Kelly who was to come on his show.  Then a very silly and hypocritical storm of rage on the DNC side of the looney bin hit Megyan in the face and poof!  She is gone.  But she is suing NBC for breach of contract.  Their excuse for defaming and firing her is very flimsy and she has a 100% chance of settling out of court, a very rich woman.  This hysterical virtue signalling going on by liberals in California and New York City is fun to watch, they really think they are very smart and very hip when they are the exact opposite.


Namely, party poopers who annoy anyone intersecting with them because the littlest thing sets them off in a rage and they think nothing about attacking even physically assaulting anyone who differs with them, politically.


Megyan Kelly fell into the ‘racist’ trap the same way as all the others: she remarked about how children used to be allowed to be anything they wanted for Halloween and sometimes they wanted to be someone famous who was also ‘black’ like Michael Jackson who did all he could to wipe out all signs of being ‘negroid’!


The fact is, many, many, very many things this Halloween is verboten by the dictates of the SJW gang.  Sexy Princess Leia outfits last year were annihilated by the SJW gang who twisted arms until stores promised to never, ever sell these cute costumes.


That is just one famous example.  The list of verboten costumes is now at epic lengths to the point that no one can wear a costume for Halloween except a tiny bit…meanwhile, the alphabet gang who now run the SJW machine have marches in all the DNC run cities where they wear outrageous sexual outfits of a wild variety, openly mocking society and morals.


This schizoid activity is in all levels: the DNC/SJW gangs can do as they please and be as obnoxious as they wish while the rest of us must walk on eggshells lest we irritate the fake morals of this gang of show-off lunatics.  Below are samples of comments to the Dr. Phil posting on Twitter:

A white female at the mostly white, Jewish New York Times, with dyed blonde hair like Kelly’s hair, attacks her for being a nasty conservative bigot woman.  This NYT editorial blames only men for ‘sex crimes’ while refusing to understand that women do this, too.  Most of the female sex aggression is covered up or excused by feminists.  The women on the warpath have gone quite mad with rage and enjoy taking down and destroying women.  This gang attack on women is obvious and continuous as we see with Ms. Sanders who is slandered and crude sexual jokes are made about her by top DNC gangsters, laughing as they torment her for being ‘ugly’, for example.


 That’s how I feel when Megyn Kelly goes in on Fox News and Bill O’Reilly. Except, of course, that Kelly, unlike a fictional dinosaur, has been through some truly horrific sexual violations, including vile and gendered comments from a man who is now the president of the United States, as well as an online silencing campaign that will most likely continue for as long as she refuses to capitulate. (Though, by the same token, that T. rex, as far as we know, has never gone on television and insisted that “Santa just is white.”)


The New York Times which has always lied about war issues and is a criminal operation, at least in the past, pretended to be civilized.  The Times today is run by graduates of our university system which dumbs down people and renders them into cookie-cutter ideologes who have only one voice: rage against all who are not identical to themselves.


It’s a long, silly way to express the conflict at the heart of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is still your enemy. Kelly spent more than a dozen years as part of the Fox News machine, churning out the same brand of soft propaganda that helped lead to the Iraq war, the Tea Party and, eventually, “fake news” and President Trump.


Whoa!  I remember all the Iraq wars. I remember who pushed for these wars: the New York Times!


Kelly happily trafficked in racist tropes for profit — black communities have a “thug mentality,” asking repeatedly whether the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown were necessarily related to race — until her own dehumanization at the hands of Roger Ailes, O’Reilly and others became untenable. If you’ve heard the term “white feminism” tossed around your social media feeds, this is a prime example: fighting for freedom and justice as far as the boundaries of your own identity and not beyond.


This battle to see who is the most ‘oppressed’ is pure garbage.  Anyone who joins the conservative side is immediately attacked by DNC gangs who use racist and sexist words and cusses and all sorts of KKK tools to attack them for leaving the gang.  This constant flow of sexist/racist attacks on conservatives is cheered on by the New York Times and other Bilderberg operations.


They cannot see themselves in a mirror, being vampires.  They think the citizens of this country can’t figure out this double face activity.  The fact that the editors at the NY Times allows these sorts of snotty articles with no one allowed to point out the obvious is a sign that brain rot has now reached fatal levels there.


Then there is the fake bomb scare: the story of that event is losing steam as it appears more and more that someone in Florida did this as a pure prank.  Ben Garrison who is my favorite comix artist now:

How very silly this all is.  The whining, the constant attacks on any voicing an opinion, the annihilation of anyone who even slightly differs, the destruction of anyone daring to tell jokes…this is eating the heart out of the liberals today.  They are now viewed as irritable, nasty, vindictive people who will stab you in the back and the chest if you dare discuss anything that irritates them especially if they choose the topic like say, kid’s Halloween costume choices, and then destroy your livelihood and home life!


This is called ‘persecution.’


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8 responses to “Megyan Kelly Fired Over Discussion Children Wearing Halloween Costumes

  1. Melponeme_k

    “The fact is, many, many, very many things this Halloween is verboten by the dictates of the SJW gang.”

    The answer is to give up Halloween totally. Whatever it once was in concept has been totally usurped and turned into a Satanic ritual event. I’m not a religious person but honestly, I don’t want to feed the elites delusions. I’m starting to feel this way about the other major holidays too, Christmas and Easter etc. All our major holidays line up perfectly with their high holy days.

    If we all stopped celebrating that would wipe out one of their large power bases and starve whatever it is they feed.

    This answers my question about why Thanksgiving is now ignored when it used to be such a celebrated holiday when I was a child. It doesn’t fit their calendar, they can’t turn it into a Satanic ritual.

  2. Saint Mike

    On display the true liberal/leftist mentality of “if you’re not of the same group-think as me, then you’re a racist,misogynist,rapist,blah,blah,blah,fascist,etc.”

    Then again SJW’s always project.

  3. lou

    The New York Times which has always lied about war issues-thanks.

    you mentioned their ‘coverage’ of AIPAC.

  4. Zeke

    Public grade schools in Canada used to have Halloween parties/celebrations with the children/pupils participating in costume….along with teachers and volunteer parents.
    Maybe that became problematic in an increasingly “diverse” and hyper sensitive environment so that has been eliminated.
    It’s not even called Halloween anymore. The edict has gone out: it is to be referred to henceforth as “Orange and Black” Day.
    We’re all walking on egg shells and self editing so as not to offend. But something has been lost.
    Remember the assault on Christmas and on “the dead white guy authors and poets”.
    We don’t even know who will emerge from the shadows and self righteously claim offence or victim status.
    ‘Trick or Treat’ – can we still say that?

  5. ziff

    True signs of a moral panic , these levels of stupid are not sustainable

  6. Moe

    @4 Zeke

    One can stop being politically correct. You’ll lose friends (?) and family. but screw ’em. Life is too short to daily kiss a** on asinine pretext.

    The one caveat is on job-site. There, you could lose your position if not PC.

  7. Petruchio

    It’s true. The US of A is becoming more and more Communist and Russia is becoming more and more like the US of A used to be. Tragic, but this is what happens when you let a bunch of ultra spoiled rotten rich kids who all went to the same schools growing up, and all got handed high paying job after high paying job regardless of ability or results. We’ll see how well these overindulged, overinsulated adult age kids hold up when the attacks ON THEM turn FIERCE.

  8. Moe

    From Tabletmag

    Excerpt: …the overwhelming will of the majority can be continually frustrated by wildly unrepresentative, power-seeking elite factions that increasingly occupy critical chokepoints within media, educational, nonprofit, legal, government, and corporate bureaucracies.

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