Trump And FBI And Local Police Work Swiftly To Locate And Arrest Fake Bomber

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Trump announced this last few minutes the arrest of the fake bomb terrorist and he was arrested and the FBI and others are well into the case and Trump is very happy announcing this arrest for he pushed hard for it to be investigated thoroughly.  The swift end to this terror is due to the President and the System working together now that more and more people are put in place to replace all the SJW-supporting DNC staff who were sabotaging Trump at the beginning.

Below is a typical example of fake news.  Pretending Trump is doing poorly because of the possibility that a pro-Trump supporter did the terror mailings, the Daily Mail makes up stories out of nothing.  More news: it turns out that the bomb mailer was a DEMOCRAT until very recently:

The above story is typical of the ‘liberals’: wishful thinking, always thinking ill of Trump.  Watch the black leadership response: everyone is happy, Trump is very satisfied and quite happy.  This will not set back Trump at all but I expect all the mainstream Bilderberg media to beat this dead horse story, pretending Trump is responsible for whatever people he doesn’t control, do.


They will claim he talks nasty and this is why these things happen but then, mirror mirror on the wall: the DNC is on videos openly calling for their supporters to break the laws, harass Republicans at home and with their families in public, they openly talk about killing Trump, raping his wife and raping his children.


This open hostility began the first hour Trump won the previous election so we are all used to this.  What really bends reality here is, the fake bombs were sent out by a native American Indian!  A Seminole tribal member in Florida.


DNC candidate Jennifer Wexton used staffers as fake cops to pretend she has police support.  This won’t be mentioned by mainstream Bilderberg news.

HAHAHA.  This is so pathetic.  She has an iron-clad contract, the TV bosses are firing her due to her talking like a normal person instead of being nonstop PC perfect.  She simple noted that children did ‘blackface’ at Halloween when she was young.  Duh.  And she even explained it was due to them wanting to be black performers who were very famous back then.


The PC hysteria aimed at her was huge, ridiculous and after she apologized, it turned very evil.  Big TV companies are being hammered by their embrace of SJW lunacies.  I hope they all go bankrupt.


More fake news:

All over the internet, I see people complaining about being called ‘Russian bots’ which is no surprise, the ‘data’ being produced by California SJW internet services call anyone using ‘anonymous’ ID ‘bots’.  This is ridiculous.  False flagging everyone is the latest game the SJW crew has cooked up.


It is very easy for them: they work for You Tube, Google, Facebook, Twitter and can label anyone with the ‘fake/Russian’ smear.  Lots of people are complaining about this for this excuse is used to ban thousands of sites and millions of users.  The SJW gang wants to shut down the internet.

Mark Waid and Mark Zaid False Flagged My Video – YouTube






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20 responses to “Trump And FBI And Local Police Work Swiftly To Locate And Arrest Fake Bomber


    ‘Despite his vehicle being festooned with pro-Trump stickers and him attending Trump rallies, so-called ‘MAGA bomber’ Cesar Sayoc doesn’t follow any Republicans or conservatives on Twitter, choosing instead to follow left-wing personalities like Lena Dunham, Jimmy Kimmel and Barack Obama.’

    He followed NO Republicans, not even Trump. I bet this information won’t show up in mainstream articles.

    Yup, a false flag terrorist trying to pretend to be a Republican.

  2. ziff

    He is going to be whatever each side wants him to be in short order OR lets grab that guy with all the trump signs on his truck and criminal record. We will see maybe.

  3. KHS71

    I’m glad they caught him. Remember he is innocent until proven guilty. Has a long criminal record including terrorism and bomb threats. The left is portraying him as a white person and the right says he is Native American.

  4. KHS71

    The suspect is a career criminal. From another site.

    Here’s the partial rap sheet:

    1991- Grand Theft in the 3rd Degree
    1994- Domestic Violence
    2004- Possession of illegal ID (unclear if this is suspended license or fake ID)
    2004- Possession of controlled substance without prescription
    2004- Tampering with evidence
    2009- Property foreclosure
    2009- operating without drivers license
    2013- 3rd degree grand theft
    2013- Battery
    2014- Theft
    2015- Violation of probation

    So we have 3 felony charges
    Dozens of traffic infractions too
    And several drug-related charges as well, not to mention bomb threats.

  5. Aurelius

    Filipino, stripper and male dancer, homeless steroid and crack-using bodybuilder, long rap sheet and history of threatening violence. The symbol of pro-Trump ‘white supremacy.’

    Sigh. This is your country now, aka clown-world. So tedious.

  6. timothy carroll


    Yep. The Fake News Media is portraying him as a “white male”. Your sigh is echoed here. All out war on white males by the Jew media. They want nothing less than our ultimate destruction. Tragically, most if not all white SJWs are on board with this meme.

  7. Melponeme_k

    I bet the powers that be were disappointed the “bomber” was not a blond aryan man.

    Instead he looks more like a dupe of a larger group who took advantage of his criminal and poor mentality.

  8. Aurelius

    Yup, a classic dupe right of of Central casting. The Flips are not sending their best. Nice fresh stickers on that van, tho’.

    @#6 re SJWs: Check out the relatively recent meme “NPC,” for non-player character. This meme is a big help in understanding why so many people around us seem incapable of rationally processing information or ideas.

  9. Melponeme_k


    The NPC story is a mind control narrative. It is related to a think people are calling “The EVENT”. Others tie it to Reptile Aliens (another MK narrative) and Ascension/End Times (MK Narrative).

    What the story does is to dehumanize the people you feel are not acting in a way that YOU think is correct.

    But ask yourself how do you KNOW who is acting rightly or wrongly in any situation. I’m not talking about people in the news or entertainment. I’m talking every day people.

    What it comes down to, if you are honest, is that you are using TV Shows and FILMS to judge human behavior. And these “standards of behavior markers” have been inculcated into you since childhood. Say hello to Sesame Street and various other shows.

    Know this, you don’t know what human behavior is and how it is harnessed by the powers that be. If you don’t know, how can you know if someone is off? Many, many people think violent criminals are perfectly pleasant people when they don’t know the full details of their life.

    Know yourself then you’ll know others.

    As far as MK narratives go, this is how they control groups. We self select these narratives both individually and in large groups. They have crafted these narratives to embody certain elements that our imaginations can hook into. Then they build whole FAKE information sources and worlds around it.

    In a hard programmed person (someone who is an intelligence asset), there are various MK narratives that control their behavior. A handler gives the trigger, it sends the person into a trance that is following a chosen narrative. This person will not remember what, how or why. But they will remember a crazy dream they had about Alice in Wonderland, Oz, The Matrix films etc.

    So here is a teaching moment. Ask yourself why you were attracted to the human NPC idea. Keep on it, find the source. Find the source and you’ll find a lost piece of yourself.

  10. KHS71

    He is not Native American. His father is a legal Filipino immigrant who came here in the 1950’s and received his citizenship and his mother is southern Italian. He is multiracial. His cousin commented that his brain has been affected by all the steroids he has taken. Has a violent past. Decent article on his family.

  11. Melponeme_k


    The man is from a military family. Col. Baltazar Zook Sayoc is listed as his Grandfather and he was involved with Communism.

    The CIA was heavily involved in the Communist circles in the Philippines.

    I seriously doubt the family of a foreign Colonel was allowed to get the US without a little help or, at the very least, surveillance by the CIA.

    This man, Caesar Sayoc is looking more and more like an intelligence asset. Considering the bodybuilding etc, he was a high level MONARCH asset.

  12. Christian W

    @ 5 Aurelius

    Yep. The level of insanity in the US atm is just astounding. I don’t care if you wear a Pussy hat or a MAG, read MIG hat, the crazy is on another level across the board.

    I know there are some sane Americans left able to empathize and reason, but dang, are they outmatched.

    @ 9 Mel

    Yep. The recent epidemic of kids with confused sexuality identity, for example, is not a coincidence – it’s decades long programming. The US Corporate System is the most toxic and malignant system on the planet atm. Maybe China is as bad, but we are not yet under their cultural influence so that is not relevant at this point.

    It’s so bad I’ve given up on America. I dont think Americans will deprogram themselves/wake up to reality before WWIII goes nuclear. Russia is right now arming and preparing their nukes and new hypersonic missiles. Lavrov just said they have six months to get fully prepared in response to the US cancellation of the INF treaty. Putin is saying outright that the fact Russia has shown forbearance with US attacks should not be mistaken for weakness or taken for granted. Putin is giving the US every chance he can for it to return to sanity but it won’t happen will it – it’s just getting worse and more absurd by the day.

    The situation now is far worse than the Cuban crisis, which was child’s play in comparison. In 1983 nuclear war was almost triggered by a false alarm, but the one Russian soldier, truly a hero, had time to analyze the data and see it was erroneous. Now with the flight time of American missiles 2 or 3 minutes away from Russian targets the Russians will have to fire the instant they think they are under attack.

    Simply the fact that America is prepared to, needlessly, gamble with WWIII kicking off shows the level of utter insanity within the Trump regime and the Pentagon etc.

  13. AT

    As the national and the world order model reach a culmination of unsustainability, the former oligarchy that was half a cleptocrscy becomes a full cleptocrscy supported by a kakistocrscy of politicians and other useful idiots. Accordingly, all the smart people leave and are crowded out by the idiots.

    Let me suggest these comments were a business decision.

  14. Petruchio

    Fake Bombers. That’s how juvenile our elites are. Pulling stunts that would be childish at the Collegiate level. But then again, our brainwashed, idiotic, overly pampered Elites think they are Special. It reminds me of the Republican political candidates in the South who would hire a black man to go around neighborhoods passing out pictures of himself and the quote, “I support (insert Democrat name here).” Maybe there would be a picture of the black Democrat supporter with his White wife. This Country is a laughingstock because we are so foolish looking .

  15. I see, while I was sleeping, everyone here was doing a fantastic job bringing up information.

    What is most disturbing is how the mainstream media is AVOIDING giving out information! This is disgusting and is the main point of my story today: media manipulation of reality.

    And yes, the bomber (sic) was raised a leftist and consumed only leftist propaganda and so I surmise the bomber (sic) was playing ‘undercover’ game hoping to cause chaos.

  16. Moe

    Below is a purported photos of the pseudo-bomber’s van. Nice, new GOP decals.

    Would these decals even survive the Florida sun for any length of time? I posit this question since I am not familiar with effect Florida climate would have.

  17. lou

    16–is the back window covered? I read that it is. That is illegal.
    I sense fakery.

  18. lou

    10–His cousin commented that his brain has been affected by all the steroids he has taken.–Nonsense.
    I took plenty of testosterone, pills, shots, as did many college and pro athletes.

  19. Zeke

    Wondering if someone was ‘behind’ him and he was just an easily led, susceptible and influenced ‘tool’ or as Oswald would say “patsy.”
    A lot of disjoints: Native American or Filipino “white supremacist”, huh? Delivering pizzas, living in his van yet gathered info and material to construct the ‘mailings.’ Huh?
    Speaking of Oswald: noticed that on the “perp walk” he was the only one without bullet resistant vest. What’s up with dat?

  20. Aurelius

    @Melponeme_k #9

    “The NPC story is a mind control narrative.”

    Citation needed.
    if other people misunderstand or misrepresent it, that does not invalidate it.

    “What it comes down to, if you are honest, is that you are using TV Shows and FILMS to judge human behavior….Know this, you don’t know what human behavior is and how it is harnessed by the powers that be…Find the source and you’ll find a lost piece of yourself.”

    With all due respect, you seem to assert things about me that you could not possibly know. I know exactly why the NPC meme *fits* what I have been observing and musing over for many years. I have been intimately among these kind of people for a long time. It fits. I don’t know where you get your information about the meme, so I can’t know why you reject it.

    Also, I am a big boy and thus capable of deciding whether or not and to what degree “dehumanizing” of someone is warranted. It’s time to stop having all the dehumanization go in one direction only. The Saxon must begin to hate again, to paraphrase Kipling. It’s already happening in the younger generations.

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