What Is Real News? It Certainly Isn’t Mainstream News!


Real news is often faker than ‘fake news’.  Britain fixes this by forbidding entities to use the magic words, ‘fake news’.  Doublespeak is liberalspeak.  This is how liberals deal with reality: they ban or ignore it.  What is missing now nearly entirely from mainstream fake news is basic honesty.  They simply refuse to report facts and openly lie about salient facts.  The public is moved in various directions, dictated in the past by the rich and powerful members of the Bilderberg gang but that hold on the public has collapsed thanks to the internet.  Now, lies by the Real Rulers has to fight for attention with everyone else’s ‘news’.


More insidious is how news doesn’t even show up.  Again, the internet breaks the grip of our rulers by allowing people to post news stories all over the place and there are no gatekeepers to keep out pesky news.  Here is today’s example courtesy of Fox News which didn’t exist 30 years ago and is a result of first, cable TV and then the internet especially You Tube:

Far from stopping the invaders, the Mexican police are enabling them.  The Mexican government is doing this underhandedly because Trump warned the news President of Mexico, if he did help this invasion, all business with Mexico will be forfeit.  It has been pretty obvious that this ‘march’ northwards is actually a mechanized invasion.


The DNC actively is encouraging this and DNC-friendly media is trying their best to ignore this story.  Another story which has strange coverage is the Florida bomber.  The bomber arrested yesterday is half Filipino, half Italian:


 Sayoc had worked in recent years as a pizza delivery driver. He claimed in a 2014 deposition that he had been a manager at a strip club called “Stir Crazy,” owner of a dry-cleaning store, a pro wrestler, a Chippendales dancer, a professional soccer player in Milan, and an arena football player in Arizona.


That work history, though, seems to have been inflated. Chippendales denied he was ever affiliated with the company. He also told co-workers that he was an American Indian from the Seminole tribe, that he lived on the reservation, and that he had done work for the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla. But the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Seminole Gaming and Hard Rock International said they could find no evidence to support that. His cousin said Sayoc’s father is Filipino and his mother is Italian.


So, the Seminole tribe never heard of him and his own relatives tell the true story which should be headlines but isn’t.  It is odd how this story is unfolding.  Conservative media noted that not one soul this terrorist followed online was ‘conservative’.  All, without exception, were radical leftists.


I suspect his recent sudden switch was to penetrate the ‘enemy’ as he was taught by liberal news people and then pull this stunt knowing full well, the ‘bombs’ were fakes.  He didn’t fight the police when they closed in, either.  Indeed, he seemed perfectly fine when they showed up.  I figure he thinks he will be pardoned by the DNC people and that they would understand the bombs were fakes in the first place.


But they won’t forgive him for giving them a huge scare nor should they forgive him.


Lowy, a Miami attorney, said he is representing Sayoc’s mother, Madeline Giardiello, and sisters Sabrina and Tina. Giardiello, 76, has been active in Democratic politics and was an officer on her condominium board in Aventura for many years, Lowy said. She has not spoken to her son in three years, and he never showed an interest in politics when he and his family were last in touch, Lowy said.


So, he was raised a Democrat, his mom has a Filipino last name and the family was politically active on behalf of open borders, more Hispanics.  Sounds very Trump-friendly!  HAHAHA.  Now on to another story, the most persecuted man in England:  Tommy Robinson has been invited give an address in Washington by members of US Congress.


The 35-year-old English Defence League founder has been asked to visit the US by American think tank the Middle East Forum (MEF) and the right-wing David Horowitz Freedom Center.


The MEF said on its website that Republican Paul Gosar and six other members of Congress have invited Robinson to speak to the Conservative Opportunity Society in a closed-door event.


And…the British government will move heaven and earth to prevent this speech.  I suspect it will fail.  I think the government will claim that Tommy will run away from their decrepit and unfair legal system.  It is now illegal to talk about Muslims in any way, shape or form if it irritates Muslim leaders and everything irritates them.  This is Sharia Law time in Europe.

This news is amusing to me.  Russia has the right to play this sort of political gamesmanship. All diplomats do this.  What is ‘real’ depends on ‘real politics’ the cynical game of moving events along.  Honesty isn’t required, it is actually a handicap.  Meanwhile, once again, Trump attempts to start diplomatic relations with Putin and this will be squashed by mainstream media screaming like banshees and the DNC screaming that Russia runs our alternate media systems and the GOP.

This childish storyline straight out of the McCarthy playbook is a key part of DNC plans to take over the US again with the help of millions of illegal aliens, criminals, terrorists and foreign money.  While screaming that we are being invaded, no less!


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10 responses to “What Is Real News? It Certainly Isn’t Mainstream News!

  1. Duski

    “The Bomber” should use the classic line: “It’s a prank!” Maybe that will help.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The UK is as good as gone.


    It is now near the time when the only thing that will help will be an actual war and liberation by either Russia or the US. AGAIN.

    However since the Bilderbergs are in the process of having the US invaded, it may be that only Russia will be left standing against the new Globalist Caliphate.

  3. lou

    Far from stopping the invaders, the Mexican police are enabling them
    / Read Pat Buchanans books. This ‘war’ [it is a war] has been going on for decades. The plan is continued destabilization of the nation.

  4. Saint Mike

    Thanks to fake news we now know for certain that-

    “Government by the people, for the people” is a lie.

    “Equal justice for all” is a lie.

    Etc., etc., etc., it’s all fake.

  5. Christian W

    It is now illegal to talk about Muslims in any way, shape or form if it irritates Muslim leaders and everything irritates them.

    Yet Trump’s and Jared Kushner’s HAND PICKED choice, Muhammed bin Salman, the Splatter Prince, is being protected by Trump personally so he can sell US weapons and profit from the slaughter of children in Yemen. Trump’s MAGA = war profiteering.

    Stop pretending it is only the “left” or “liberals” that are corrupt. Trump is just as amoral and venal as Obama and Hillary and the DNC and the UK Conservatives.

    In the UK Theresa May’s husband Philip May’s Capital Group (another right wingers) is the largest shareholder in BAE systems, the British arms manufacturer that is also profiteering off the slaughter in Yemen. Capital Group also owns a large part of Lockheed Martin.

    Trump, MbS and the Conservatives are all in bed together when it comes to drinking the blood of Yemen.

  6. Christian W

    Again, the internet breaks the grip of our rulers by allowing people to post news stories all over the place and there are no gatekeepers to keep out pesky news.

    Don’t worry. The gallant US Cavalry will come to the rescue:

    The US military’s vision for state censorship
    5 October 2018


    In March, the United States Special Operations Command, the section of the Defense Department supervising the US Special Forces, held a conference on the theme of “Sovereignty in the Information Age.” The conference brought together Special Forces officers with domestic police forces, including officials from the New York Police Department, and representatives from technology companies such as Microsoft.

    This meeting of top military, police and corporate representatives went unreported and unpublicized at the time. However, the Atlantic Council recently published a 21-page document summarizing the orientation of the proceedings. It is authored by John T. Watts, a former Australian Army officer and consultant to the US Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.

    The central theme of the report is “sovereignty,” or the state’s ability to impose its will upon the population. This “sovereignty,” Watts writes, faces “greater challenges now than it ever has in the past,” due to the confluence between growing political opposition to the state and the internet’s ability to quickly spread political dissent.


    Do notice that this information warning about US government censorship comes from an outright SOCIALIST website, ie the Left which is NOT the Capitalist bootlicking DNC.

  7. tio


    The remarks by Fly — “we are just starting to push back” — seemed to confirm the worst fears of the alternative online media community. If he was to be believed, the latest purge was motivated by politics, not spam prevention, and was driven by powerful interests hostile to dissident views, particularly where American state violence is concerned.

    Jamie Fly is an influential foreign policy hardliner who has spent the last year lobbying for the censorship of “fringe views” on social media. Over the years, he has advocated for a military assault on Iran, a regime change war on Syria, and hiking military spending to unprecedented levels. He is the embodiment of a neoconservative cadre.

    It is impossible to tolerate information dissemination aka ‘news’ when your politics, especially foreign policy, is determined by those who do not have the best interests of the nation at heart.

    “Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.” – Emperor Ming, the Merciless.

    So fat fucking chance.

  8. No NATO nation leaders except Trump allow the population any say in how they run things diplomatically. They lie about everything all the time and mainstream news is their tool to lie to populations.

    And the internet is killing this power! They are freaking out, big time!!! I enjoy watching them freak out, the silly geese.

  9. Jim R


    That article is a good catch. The WSWS is the real political left, and has nothing to do with the Capitalist DNC.

    And it looks like the deep state intends to stifle all dissent, even if they have to completely shut down the internet. If things go as far downhill as they did in China during the 1950s, even Elaine’s WordPress site could be killed off. Everything could be gone, except CNN, Fox, ABC, etc.

  10. I have been on the internet way back when it was only for the CIA, the State Department, big military industrial giants and NASA. This was due to using my FATHER’S computers at the research center in Arizona.

    We have always been in a running war against the State on using these systems. I used to plan anti-war demonstrations to various campuses that used the early internet systems to communicate..for free unlike using phones that cost a fortune back then.

    The governments all over the planet are freaking out because everyone can use this system to communicate so yes, they will shut it down again.

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