Mainstream Leftists (who barely care) Scream At Trump For Not Mourning Continuously Murdered Jews…

What Trump did was congratulate the winning team that day which is perfectly normal.  Of course, the fake liberals running media systems went totally nuts claiming, I assume, he should have worn rags and put dust on his head for the next week.  Considering that none of his attackers stopped attacking him and mourn, instead, is particularly annoying.  They have no class, no sense, no morals.  The constant attacks makes Trump stronger, not weaker and they cannot understand this.  Then there is the issue of the DNC leaders all supporting Farrakhan, a huge anti-semitic black leader who I knew personally long ago when I was Mrs. Levy in New Jersey.  Nasty man!


The attacks on GOP leaders and candidates by deranged leftists supported by Hillary Clinton and her very cynical gang of super rich globalists, continues.  I will note that not one of these rioters and noisy attackers are mourning the victims of the neo-Nazi mass murderer.  I will also note that not one DNC leader has condemned these riots, either.  Just like they were silent when far leftists murdered or shot at or beat up GOP leaders.


The DNC and the entire left is hopelessly incapable of seeing themselves in the mirror of the soul.  This is a sign of derangement.  They can’t figure out that we can see them violating all the social and political rules they wish to impose on the rest of us.  Why didn’t the entire DNC and their deranged followers mourn the murder of eleven innocent Jewish people in their House of Worship?


Nothing!  Worse, the DNC harbors a large contingent of Muslims who hate the Jews and who are quite happy that a bunch of Jews were murdered!  This toxic relationship is core to the disintegration of the left across the planet. In Brazil today, the conservative right won, hands down.  This, after a near assassination of the candidate, no less.

The Jews who run the odious New York Times spent the entire top tier of their website whining about the mass murder and attacking…Trump!  Whose family is half Jewish!!!  And who supports Israeli fascists that the NYT loves!  The Jews then whine that the very busy Trump who is campaigning for Republicans this fall, flew off to do more work.  I bet not one Jew at the NYT stopped everything and went into total mourning, not leaving the house except to WALK to the Synagogues…right.  I bet they went off to have fun yesterday.


Perhaps they went to the Hamptons and had pre-election parties with their neighbors!  I bet they ate at restaurants and watched sports on TV or whatever these clowns do when not attacking everyone for everything.  This insane demand that the President has to wear sackcloth and ashes when these same clowns won’t do it, too…insanity rages at the NY Times.

The NYT is whining about the election in Brazil.  The voters chose someone who wants to have patriotism.  The entire country nearly went bankrupt thanks to the dying Olympics which wrecks all countries hosting it.  Liberals are busy killing the Olympics, too.  PC culture is a toxin.  Note how the NYT Jews call the victory speech by the winner in Brazil ‘toxic’.


The most toxic speeches these days come from Hillary and Obama.  Both are on the road, neither is mourning the death of a bunch of Jews, they are on the road trying to gain power for the Bilderberg gang.  Isn’t this so lovely?

HAHAHA.  This news isn’t in the NYT front page.  Any DNC clown can be anti-semitic to their heart’s content.  The #2 guy in the House, for example, is a DNC Muslim who hates Jews!  So why is the DNC gang and their media buddies so burnt on Jews being mass murdered when they support Muslims doing this within their own party of choice?  This is pure insanity.  And they want desperately to impose Jew-hating Muslim invaders in Europe, too!  Suicidal!  Very suicidal.

The conservatives know this is fatal and are demanding the DNC denounce their own anti-semite leaders including Obama. When will the fake liberals denounce their Muslim allies who openly push for destroying women’s rights and who hate Jews?  Eh?  How about it?  Dead silence from these clowns.



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6 responses to “Mainstream Leftists (who barely care) Scream At Trump For Not Mourning Continuously Murdered Jews…

  1. Aurelius

    Great post. Although pointing out Leftist hypocrisy and double-standards may be like shooting fish in a barrel, few have better aim than EMS.

    Also, one might begin noticing, as usual, many “cohen-cidences” connected to this shooting.

  2. Saint Mike

    American has now come full circle on civil rights. Where a generation ago it was imperative to compel businesses to accept all customers, regardless of race, now it’s perfectly permissible to dissolve contracts and reject customers on ideological grounds…provided it’s the right ideological grounds.

    “Bake that cake bitches and stop saying bad things online”

  3. Zeke

    “This is what democracy looks like”. Really?
    A posse can morph into a lynch mob before ‘ya notice it.

    Each atrocity eclipses the prior one. It’s like a conveyor belt of mass mayhem.
    And still no identified motive for the Las Vegas massacre. Other than maybe he was crazy insane.

  4. ziff

    market ticker” has a good take on this, ” the FBI found these packages in the post office then delivered them by hand ” as another deep state operation

  5. timothy carroll


    Yeah, I read him, too. Second on my list after Elaine each morning. He’s also got an excellent take on the healthcare disaster our country is facing, along with the decline of the rule of law. Impending U.S. bankruptcy pending.

    The whole “bombs mailed” meme reeks to high heaven. It’s amazing more Americans are too brain-dead to see how they continually get lied to by MSM. I’m scratching my head over the recent shoot up of the Jews in Pittsburgh. Long forgotten is last year’s shoot up of around 60 (mostly white) folks in Vegas. Of course, that a@@hole conveniently got himself offed before FBI could ask any questions..

  6. Using the shooting in Pittsburg to attack Trump has backfired badly. It was too stupid, the attempt to pretend Trump hates Jews when half of his family is Jewish. And Israeli leaders LOVE Trump, too.

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