Another Kavanaugh False Rape Accuser Will Go To Prison

All the deranged females who fantasized of having wild teen sex with teen virgin Kavanaugh are now being investigated and charged with lying and defaming an important public official for political gain.  The ‘MeToo’ movement is moving into ‘MeInPrison’ movement.  The howling army of females from our wretched top universities who invaded Congress to physically assail our representatives so they would vote down Kavanaugh based on baseless charges…many of these shrieking females are law students!  Law students!  This is highly alarming!


They don’t understand the very basic elements of modern laws, every single female student who went to the Senate in order to attack Congress members should be removed from their schools as incapable of understand the most basic part of our law system: you are innocent until PROVEN guilty!


These females obviously failed the most fundamental elements of their training and thus, incapable of being lawyers of any sort.  They are frauds.  I would hope the names of every single female who attacked our Representatives to be removed from their classes and to retake the most elementary legal classes until they understand why we have ‘innocent until proven guilty’ which has to be based on ‘actual proofs’ done the modern, not medieval ways.


Here is our former President talking like a traitor.  He did NOT do this while in office, he did attack the police and I wrote about this with quite a bit of rage.  But now, he is demanding we don’t defend our own borders from alien invaders waving foreign flags:

So, this lunatic who sent troops all over the planet earth to attack distant lands and impose our rule on them all, who tried to destroy Syria, for example, who destroyed Libya, this mass murderer wants our troops to stay home and not travel a short ways inside America to defend our borders?


This is TREASON.  Yes, treason.  Imagine Churchill demanding Britain surrender to the Nazis who wanted to invade while waving their flags?  Eh?  This is an outright invasion.  And it must be stopped by force.  I am all for shooting people dead who try to invade and then attack us here at home.  Many an illegal alien has murdered many an American who was going about their normal business.  I want all of these removed, now.

This is crazy. The Daily Mail ran these two stories, attacking Trump for defending our borders.   England is being invaded by armies of dangerous foreigners screaming ‘Death to Jews/Death to Christians’ and who commit many crimes especially terror crimes while screaming for the death of all non-Muslims.  And then the English elites lecture Trump about shooting illegal aliens flying foreign flags and demanding they enter the country so they can attack citizens at their leisure?  HAHAHA.  Insane!

Just when the leftists got all twisted over the idea that Nazis hate Jews and are willing to murder Jews, we get more proof that aside from the rare Nazi case, the vast majority of Jewish murders/beatings/robberies/rapes are blacks living near Jews.  A rising number of these blacks are not from generations of black citizens but are recent arrivals brought in deliberately by Obama and his gang.


Twitter now censors everything on the right and nothing on the left: Twitter apologized, Friday, after allowing “Kill All Jews” to becoming a top trending topic on the social network.

Once the platforms began censoring people not for obvious pornography issues but politically, they stepped on a landmine.  More and more people are leaving the platforms before being banned, for example.  So the tech giants, many of which are run by a number of Jewish leftist radicals, have declared open warfare against all other political people and are systematically destroying anyone who irritates far leftist ideologues.


This, in turn, is infuriating citizens who find themselves locked out of many online systems now and this is very explosive and it is very stupid of leftist liberals, particularly Jewish liberals, to play with fire this way.  What is even more amazing is, these same people don’t make a peep or ban any MUSLIMS who openly talk about hating Jews and hating liberals and wanting to rule the planet with an iron fist!


Why?  I am so puzzled about this except I am also very cynical.  They want the Muslims to run riot across all platforms so they can then, at the last minute, attack them.  Only the allies the Jewish radicals need to do this trick are…conservatives who are very angry about the ongoing Muslim invasion in Europe, for example!


I see no sane resolution to this tricky business.  I do know it will blow up sooner rather than later.  Warning signs abound: nearly all elections in countries being destroyed by liberals who want no borders is a citizen effort to re-establish sane border controls again.  All of Europe is seeing more and more voters moving to the right due to the collapse of socialist systems when invaders demand equal services or more than citizens, for example, while paying zero taxes for this.


Crime: a gigantic issue as is terror attacks which is immensely important in turning citizens in Europe and other countries like our own against liberal internationalism.  I was, for most of my life, a sane internationalist, I had good relations with a number of countries in the past but since I left NYC many years ago, I have become very nationalist for mere survival. The big cause of this change of heart?


Clinton’s free trade deal killed my farm business and destroyed all my fellow farmers who were making really good money back then.  I used to see sheep, for example, all over the place 30 years ago.  Today: ZERO.  Nothing.  Not one lambie dances on the green grass in spring anymore.  All gone.  Many thousands of sheep: vanished with the stroke of a pen.


Clinton did this treason to us because of inflation: he and the gang wanted to bring down prices and importing cheaper stuff was the trick and lo and behold: we have a raging, gigantic trade deficit now as well as budget deficit and I have raged against both for years now.


These clowns hate our borders and want invaders and deficits!  And this is pure treason.


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19 responses to “Another Kavanaugh False Rape Accuser Will Go To Prison

  1. Fred

    Wasn’t Kavanaugh one of the lawyers backing W’s administration when it began an international program of torturing innocent people at black-sites around the world?

    If liars deserve prison, don’t those who shame, dishonor and ruin our country by torturing people also deserve prison?

  2. Petruchio

    “This, in turn, is infuriating citizens who find themselves locked out of many online systems now and this is very explosive and it is very stupid of leftist liberals, particularly Jewish liberals, to play with fire this way.” It was Henry Ford who said: “Wherever you find dissension or discord within a Society, there you will find the Jews, hard at work.” It’s amazing how consistently that IS the case. The Feminist Movement. The SPLC. The ACLU. All run/dominated b Jewish folks. The Open Borders.

  3. lou

    2–do you have a list of orgs started or powered by Jews?
    from anti defamation league to the black power and commie orgs?

  4. timothy carroll


    Sshhhhhhhh!!! We’re not supposed to notice!!! They’re our “friends”, just like Israel is our greatest “partner” in the Middle East. Geez, Pet, don’t you know ANYTHING? s/ off. Oh, and then there’s this:

    Of course, even Amren likes to dance around the Jewish Question.

  5. Aurelius

    “many of these shrieking females are law students! Law students! This is highly alarming!”

    One of Tucker’s guests last night was a (male) attorney representing some migrant invaders who are *suing* Pres. Trump. Clown world!

    Anyway, this attorney was such a dumbass….didn’t understand basic logic that Tucker was trying to use. NPC programming being applied in the USA’s law schools. This also is highly alarming!

  6. AT

    Perhaps a few useful idiots got carried away and fell on their own swords, but the overarching purpose of the whole Kayfabe Kavanaugh charade was how it was timed to overlap and distract from both houses and the President passing the biggest bloated budget ever. Of course, once Trump signed the budget, they all kissed and made up, and confirmed Kavanaugh.

  7. Zeke

    Respectfully: B. Ford, the main and testifying accuser has not recanted her testimony.
    Often times there are copy cat people who pile on. May also be true in Cosby and Weinstein cases and others. Maybe one of those who piled on peeled off and recanted.
    Kav. appears to have lied under oath. E.g.: “FFFF” was probably not an adolescent “fart joke” as he testified but rather short hand for an idiom of that time: “Find ’em, Feed ’em, F__k ’em, Forget ’em.”
    Other dissembling too. “Devil’s Triangle” reportably something other than a coin toss game, etc.
    So who cares what he did in high school or college? So often, it’s not the underlying scenario from times past but rather the current treatment of the past events – lying, cover-up, obfuscation, etc. that are character revealing.
    Only one of the testifiers was trying to get a lifetime appointment to SCOTUS. So his possible fabrications had more lasting impact than accusers.
    Before his intemperate, lacking judicial temperament performance wafted between “The Crying Game” and peeved pampered aggrieved privileged insolence those aspects should have been explored. That was short circuited in a rush to judgment (opposite of the shameful, unconstitutional, anti-American treatment of SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland).
    Lastly, the proceeding, although the witnesses and parties testified under oath was more in the nature of a job application to determine the suitability of the applicant for the job in terms of temperament, character, honesty, prior dealings, etc. than a criminal or civil proceeding determining guilt or liability.
    Just my opinion – your opinion may differ and that’s ok.

  8. Huff and puff post! HAHAHA. Talk about junk news. Nearly as bad as the NYT and WP.

  9. timothy carroll


    FWIW, he lied about the legal drinking age in the D.C. metro area being 18. I’m two years older than Kavanaugh, and they rose it a year after I graduated. I lived there at the time.

  10. I remember back in the 1960’s. I worked illegally in a strip club, was ‘under age’. Guess what?

    It was and still is very common for kids to drink and take drugs while teens! What an amazing thing! I grew up to be a straight forward, law and order adult, too.

    THIS is what is important! Not ‘what did you do when you were young and stupid?’ it is…’did you LEARN anything?”

    See the difference?

  11. Petruchio

    One thing to note, after the fact: the MSM never ONCE questioned Kavanaugh’s accusers!! Or their stories. They just went with the narrative, never once questioning the stories–or the timing–of these women. The MSM should be raked over the coals for their blatant bias. What should be done? Nationalize the MSM. Break up the Media Monopoly. The extremely poor performance and bias the MSM showed in the Kavanaugh hearings should trigger major reforms of the media. The MSM has shown a complete lack of ANYTHING that even looks like honest journalistic standards. They should pay for that.

  12. KHS71

    Wow, the Puffington Host. It’s right down there with the NY Slimes and other bovine scatology “main stream” rags. The report on the incident was released recently. They could find no one who could corroborate her story. Nobody. Nothing but a big lie. Four hundred and some odd pages.

    Click to access 2018-11-02%20Kavanaugh%20Report.pdf

  13. lou

    11-12–How much vetting did Obama get from the big 6? huh.

  14. Zeke

    In order to avoid dealing with the content of the message – attack the messenger.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  15. Zeke

    For Whatever It’s Worth ll:
    He was also ‘less than candid’ when in sworn testimony he asserted his claim that he had no prior connections to Yale that would have facilitated his admission there and that he earned admission there on his own efforts by “busting his butt.” Subsequent investigation and fact checking supposedly revealed that his paternal grandfather (Everett Edward Kavanaugh, Yale Class of 1928) was an Eli alumnus. As such, that would have granted (entitled) him to “Legacy” (crony-nepo) admission to Yale.
    Maybe he just ‘forgot’ about that. Yeah, that’s it.

  16. KHS71


    You come across rather bitter over the Kavanaugh confirmation. Now you are citing Newsweak. Another stellar publication. Wasn’t that rag sold for a dollar a while back? Probably over priced.

  17. Zeke

    Look, those are just my opinions formed from “consuming” various news media products. HP (I think), like Drudge and others are just news aggregators with little or no original reporting. Of course, what they choose to aggregate reflects their own biases and agenda.
    I could be wrong; I’ve been wrong in the past. Others could be wrong too. I don’t know. I have no insider knowledge.

    Regarding the $1 sale: don’t know but that could be. Wouldn’t be surprised. Hopefully not bitter (again attacking messenger – even the $1 sale) but that info was available on many sources – just linked to Newsweek because it may have been st top of list.

    Maybe no source other than Fox is telling the truth? They’re all ‘in on it’?

    Let’s all hope that the country makes the best decision for the country in the coming election.

  18. Good lord, that Yale story is funny to me. My family is one of the Founding Families of Yale and one ancestor was a founding member of the Skull and Bones.

    Yale and Harvard have a headlock on the Supreme Court. I have talked about that in the past.

    Furthermore: my family is very high intelligence. So is Kavanaugh’s family. So are many Chinese who come here and do very well when tested and I have a Chinese member in my own family, my grandson is half Chinese.

    And extremely smart.

    Yale, like many top schools, has ‘legacy’ stuff because this brings in bequests! Duh!

  19. Petruchio

    @#18 Elaine: I can’t let that one pass. There is NOTHING “elite” about Yale and Harvard. They are exclusive schools for a very closed, inbred group of spoiled rotten rich kids who just so happen to have picked the “right” parents. These kids are an overindulged, ultra protected from reality group of morons who couldn’t get a job as Chief Dog pooper scooper of ANY Small Town, USA. Same goes for that Luciferian clique, The NumbSkulls and Boneheads. Any group that would take in George W. Bush as a Member is thoroughly devoid of any kind of Merit based member reqs. After getting honorary Degrees from both Yale and Harvard, Georgie Boy Bush went on 53 job interviews and ZERO job offers. Even with an extremely powerful, well connected Daddy. The people that own and control these idiots though, now they ARE powerful.

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