MSNBC Virtue Signal TV Crew Abuse Disabled Vet Parking Spot, Refuse To Move

Hypocrites are worse than mere sinners: they virtue signal and consider themselves to be superior to mere mortals while acting like fiends, breaking laws.  It is utterly and totally illegal to park in a handicap parking spot.  100% illegal.  So MSNBC, the hyper-liberal whiners on TV who attack Trump nonstop over every little misstep or openly lying about him doing ‘bad things’…did a very bad thing yesterday in Texas, a triple bad thing for they abused a disabled military Air Force vet!  Who wanted to vote!!!


This story illustrates the blind inability to see themselves in mirrors, liberals are vampires.  They yell at everyone else all the time, are very nasty and bitter and obnoxious and work hard to punish people including losing their jobs if they ‘transgress’ in any way, against ‘liberal values’.  Recently, a TV personality who was not a full liberal said the wrong words about Halloween costumes, suggesting that in the past, children would dress up like black heroes and pop stars…because they LIKED them.


For this, she was accused of being ‘racist’ and run out of town and is now suing.  These same delicate flowers who can’t bear to hear real information about the past due to virtue signalling, will become blunt, ugly, open racists and haters of the disabled, etc. when they are doing something very wrong, themselves.


Will this film crew be fired?


His story opened with “Different kind of voter suppression” and included a photo of an MSNBC crew that had their people and equipment splayed all over a clearly marked handicapped parking space.  “The only van accessible spot and they’re filming in it. We asked them to move, pointed out how it was wrong, then went to vote, because it takes time to load up,” he wrote.


MS means he was in a wheelchair.  The sign painted on the ground and elsewhere show people in wheelchairs.  When my elderly family members were increasingly disabled, we got a disabled classification and I had to use these because moving around adults over the age of 90 is especially in winter, very difficult and even dangerous.


However, he said that when he came out of the polling place and they were “still there. Not even packing up, still getting ready for their shoot.”  The crew only moved after someone who was with him “made a big scene and did not back down. They claimed they had a live shot, so Sarah walked into the shot. They cut the feed and got pissed.”


Other people saw what was going on and “joined in,” including “firefighters.”


So, when the disabled man asked them to move, he interfered with their news shoot so they had to redo the entire thing to get a nice shot!  The arrogance is amazing.  And then firefighters showed up to take care of things.  I hope MSNBC donates a huge fund to the victim of this abuse.  He could probably like to have a better wheelchair and van to move around in, right?


After the story went viral, MSNBC’s Mariana Atencio tweeted out an apology. “We made the wrong call today by using a disabled parking spot for our live shot in TX. There’s no excuse. I apologize,” she wrote.


Apology not accepted.  And the bug-eyed losers who run MSNBC won’t carry this story, either.  Worse, all the MSNBC gang are DNC co-conspirators who lie about everything and who feature fake news as Trump loves to point out at every speech this year.  Fake news!  Fake virtue signalling, too!  Fake everything.

And this truthful ad was banned by all the major media giants including Fox TV.  Fox watchers are very pissed off about this betrayal.  The Bilderberg gang doesn’t want illegal aliens to be the topic of discussion during this election.


The mainstream media is hostile to citizens across the board.  They hate us and wish we had no elections, only selections.  They select who we get to follow and we then get to choose who they select.  No one is allowed to discuss real issues.


This is insane, it is treason.  We MUST discuss all issues, not hide these.  We see our major cities being systematically destroyed by liberal DNC  politicians and major media systems.  These all conspire to increase drug deaths, pollution of human waste and dangerous diseased needles, rape, murder, torture and racism against whites is out of control in these DNC-run cities.


In rich cities like Manhattan and San Francisco the liberals live in filth and grave danger but live behind barricades and walls and private transportation so they are not exposed to the monsters they let into their cities.  And they all hire and use cheap illegal alien foreign labor, too.  Because they like cheap workers.

Here, Fox news talks about the caravan.  So why did Fox ban the ad???  Well…the Fox boys who pushed out their daddy over the usual stupid sex scandals…they did this.  By the way, Sara Carter points out what has been true in all the illegal alien invasions in Europe and North America, 90% of the people are military aged males but the media giants who won’t show the Trump election commercial will only show the tiny minority of women and children when broadcasting ‘news’.


This is a conspiracy to control us by lying about the truth.


Just saw this story which is not mainstream news, of course: Stephen Colbert, stupid late night TV joker, commits voter fraud every election!


As a resident of 77 Upper Mountain Avenue, Colbert lives in Montclair’s Ward 2, District 10 and should be voting at Hillside Elementary School on Orange Road.


His mansion is just around the corner of my old mansion which I restored way back in 1982!  Wow.  I know that area like the back of my hand.  So, due most likely to the number of new-rich black families, the voting district is now part of Newark!  Wow.  I am not surprised.


But Colbert is a white dude so he has to vote in a white neighborhood, so he votes as if he is in South Orange proper.


But instead, he says he resides in “Postal Mailbox 156” at 551 Valley Road and has been casting votes at Buzz Aldrin Middle School on Bellevue Avenue.


But Stephen Colbert isn’t the only Colbert to be improperly registered. His wife is also registered at 551 Valley Road and may have been registered there as early as April 4, 2001. She doesn’t list a Postal Mailbox number. And again, her registration preceded the redistricting of the town into two congressional districts in 2011.


However, their son, Peter Colbert registered to vote at 551 Valley Road on June 7, 2016 again not listing a Postal Mailbox number but with full knowledge that the votes he would cast for Ward councilman and for United States Congressman would be improper.


Cheats and liars: that is mainstream media giants.  I hobnobbed with these creeps years ago and they always lied about me!  Now, they lie about everyone especially…themselves!  They are frauds, utter frauds.


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5 responses to “MSNBC Virtue Signal TV Crew Abuse Disabled Vet Parking Spot, Refuse To Move

  1. Saint Mike

    There will be war. It is simply unavoidable at this point in history, us or them will be you’re only choice.

  2. Saint Mike

    “your” and this “America has no independent media. It has a collection of whores known as NPR, Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc.”

  3. KHS71

    I agree, wish we did have a real media in this country. One that would cover stories objectively and evenly. Maybe I am asking for too much. At the moment I do not watch any national news including Fox, entertainment news (Sean Hannity), or local news (Channel 4). To me it is all bought and paid for. Do not believe it anyway. Most “news” is just entertainment. I read the internet. Some I believe and some I do not. Don’t have a cell phone and would get rid of our land line if I had my way.

  4. honeybagder don't care

    What I think is interesting about the caravan ad is that McCain–Feingold in no way requires approval from anyone, let alone Trump who isn’t even a candidate.

  5. It was media censorship at work.

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