Dems Regain House, GOP Stronger In Senate: More Screaming At Each Other

The Great Divide between DNC run major cities and the countryside where there are fewer immigrants and illegal aliens grows even wider.  The DNC recognizes that its power lies in a very shaky alliance between recent arrivals in the US, women’s rights and the votes of young people who are trapped in a net of deceptions and controls of the oddest sort I have ever seen, that is, victims of a school system that is self-destructive.  They are now loaded up with impossible levels of debt and these young people will want to unload this and I don’t blame them, they have been conned.


I have written many stories here about how young people are ground down in this machine set up by the left since 1965.  That is, ‘integration’ has been a total failure due to no one wanting to go to school with black children due to the loss of discipline in schools meaning, schools with large black children populations rapidly deteriorate as students run out of control.  This has led to our major cities emptying out of almost all white parents who moved, over the last half century, to the suburbs.


This, in turn, became a hell hole city/safe, lovely suburbs dichotomy.  Safe in their suburbs, women could do as they please and not worry about being killed, for example.  As women gain power, certain systems begin to collapse.  Why is this?


It is very interesting to me for I was the result of women’s rights being pushed starting way back in the 19th century, my ancestors who were women were pioneers literally out West as well as in the field of fighting for women’s rights.  I did this, too.


So why am I unhappy about the results?  Well, it is the old ‘baby with the bath water’ thing: women won this battle but the victory will be short and unpleasant.  That is, it came as the result of an alliance with others who hate women’s rights in general and or are very destructive about men’s responsibilities and it ends up like the black community: women run everything while men run riot.


I foresee this because I had to deal with the messes in the DNC-run cities in the past.  In these cities, young males run riot.  Literally.  Instead of building society and making it better, they actively destroy it.  The victories of the DNC in Congress last night were, as always, based entirely on urban voters who want more destruction of society so long as they get goodies from the government.


Young white women are given every advantage in the school systems to rise to the top while young ‘white’ males are punished at every level.  The young men are literally shoved to the back of the bus while every concession is granted to young white women who now basically run the entire educational systems and for some deranged reason, want white males out…forever.


This is classic: the ancient curse, ‘May your wish come true’ is operational here.  When very young and in full flower of feminine attraction, young women are flashing their power over young men.  But then they become old and bitter and men are no longer attracted to them.


So we have young ladies now with enough power to finish off their destruction of young men and their own elevation to power and the bitter results: in three generations, there will be no functional safe society.  Young black males, for example, feel nearly zero responsibility for raising or caring for families.  They leech off of the females and run around doing as they please and in this, cause considerable damage to everyone around them while the black females become more and more ‘masculine’ since they have to play mother and father all their lives.


The graph at the top of the page reveals this schizoid mess pretty well.  That is, people are now quite delusional about what is going on with women versus men: Americans see society placing more of a premium on masculinity than on femininity: total psychological confusion reigns!


Views about how society sees feminine women are fairly consistent across demographic and partisan groups, but men and women – as well as Democrats and Republicans – have different perceptions of how society sees masculine men. Women are more likely than men to say society looks up to men who are manly or masculine: 62% of women say this is the case, compared with 43% of men. Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents (58%) are more likely than their Republican and Republican-leaning counterparts (47%) to say society looks up to men who are masculine.


What does this mean?  Men, correctly, see themselves are more unpopular while women think men dominate everything and have to be fought off because ‘society’ wants men to be ‘masculine’.  I have noticed the huge forces at work in colleges to crush males as much as possible.  We now see far fewer men in colleges and a huge number of women going there and this is very important because of student loan debts: this is killing marriages even for white women.


That is, they enter the marriage market deep in debt in many cases.


While Americans tend to think society places more of a premium on masculinity than on femininity, women are more likely to say it’s important to them, personally, to be seen by others as womanly or feminine than men are to say it’s important that others see them as manly or masculine.


This is insanity.  DNC women attack men nearly nonstop now.  This election shows that it works, it attracts many women who are not married and it gets them agitated enough to join forces with illegal aliens who have babies while these white women don’t have babies in order to have temporary power.  The white women with no children are very much like the white women in Europe who are having no children: many of the powerful females in Europe are childless.


This doesn’t last long!  Cultural and political power grows out of the womb.  And this is what feminists are determined to destroy.  It irritates me no end, my warnings about this are ignored.  The above study is particularly shocking in that it details how, the more a population is being destroyed by sex wars, the more delusional the women are about sex.  That is, women think they are more ‘feminine’ and want more ‘masculine’ men whereas men don’t care anymore about being ‘masculine’.


What?  Yes: the confusion about who is male and female is reaching epic stages now.  Women are to sexually hunt down men and men play coy lest they be accused 30 years later of being a sex fiend!  In the black community, the collapse of the male ego and how it has turned into all male gangs running riot and being antisocial: this is the result of generations of state-raised children whose fathers were replaced by welfare money.

The graph above is an eye-opener!  Black women think they are ‘very feminine’?  What?  The second half of the graph is interesting: each generation of females who think they are ‘very feminine’ is dropping like a rock to zero.  The number who think they are masculine is rising rapidly.


This translates into fewer mothers and when they do become mothers, they are less likely to emotionally care for the children.  I encouraged my own daughter to not work while her child was small and she stayed home and I am so happy for this.  But many young ladies today have to hand over the baby to other people who care far less about the child’s mental or physical well being and the mother toils in the markets, instead.


It appears that DNC women want this to expand, not contract.  They want more of this and will get it in spades.  In Europe, white women wanting babies is dropping off a cliff.


Among men, Republicans are more likely than Democrats to describe themselves as very manly or masculine: About four-in-ten Republican and Republican-leaning men (39%) do so, compared with about a quarter of Democratic and Democratic-leaning men (23%). Among Democrats, nearly identical shares describe themselves as not too or not at all masculine (21%) as say they are very masculine (23%). Just 8% of Republican men say they aren’t particularly masculine.


This is the ‘soy boy’ effect.  All our media systems, all our movies and schools focus like a laser on two things: making women appear stronger/better at male things than men and women don’t need men anymore for anything.  I see this all the time now in movies and TV: slender, weak, smaller females tossing around huge, muscular men in hand to hand combat.  It is insanity.


In the West, women are being encouraged to fight like men but they don’t.  Women are a hazard on the battlefield and while patrolling the streets.  Few women are good fighters.  Men are stronger, faster and have better aim and reflexes.  But moving women into ‘masculine’ roles is the goal and it is gravely weakening all systems.

It used to be men went into the military for example, to become more masculine, to ‘toughen up’.  Now, the tough parts are being radically reduced while women are encouraged to replace men and the entire business is leading us to a very dark place indeed.  In England, for example, the government decided this week to import real men as soldiers because British men aren’t interested in being soldiers anymore.


When Tommy Robinson went to the soldiers to talk to them, they were punished.  They told Tommy about how they were being abused by the government and disliked being soldiers because of this and then when May, the female in charge of the government learned this, she punished them for talking openly about their situation.

This is going on in our own backyards as males who talk about how they are being shoved out of our educational systems are silenced by the media giants and the DNC people.  The DNC intends to double down on their war on white males.  They made this clear last night. More insanity:


When it comes to looks, 30% of black men consider themselves very attractive, compared with about one-in-ten white (8%) and Hispanic (10%) men. And while about a third of black women (34%) and a quarter of Hispanic women say they are very attractive, just 12% of white women describe themselves this way.


This is amazing. Black women hate how they look.  They can’t stand having normal hair, they have to all wear wigs now to hide black natural curly hair!  And they confuse ‘attractive’ with ‘sexually available with zero responsibilities’.  That is, men seek them out for quick sex and not marriage and building a mutual family.


That is frightening is how few white men think they are attractive!  Yes, everything devised by our social engineers hammers away at how nasty white males are and that they are weak, stupid and incompetent.  This is depressing white males and they have a high suicide rate due to this.


Black men are also about twice as likely as white men to say they are very nurturing: 36% of black men describe themselves this way, vs. 17% of white men. No such difference is evident between black women and white women. Black women are far more likely than white women to say they are very intelligent, however (62% vs. 43%), while the difference in the shares of black men and white men who describe themselves this way is not significant.


And this election is hammering away at how evil white males are and how we must stop them.  Black men are the least ‘nurturing’ men in America, by a million miles.  The black marriage rate has collapsed into the cellar.  It has nearly disappeared.


Black women think they are smarter than everyone else, too.  This is due to the destruction of black males.  Real statistics show clearly that Asian and Jewish people are smarter than blacks, nearly all populations are smarter than Africans.  But thanks to how our schools operate, black women are taught the opposite.  White women claim there is no race or sex difference in intelligence while black women think they are the smartest people on earth!


This sort of delusion is key to how our elections go in Europe and America: we have vast populations trained to imagine fantasy is reality.  All our entertainment systems now are pretending women are stronger, faster and smarter than men and now is also showing women as the inventors while the men toil away downstairs doing dumb things while the females use their huge brains to make things work better which is why so many systems are now collapsing.


On to the other issue: student debt.  Training our children to be stupid is very, very expensive.  So younger voters are voting for dumping this mess onto the taxpayers in general and then can go to these malfunctioning schools to be indoctrinated in leftist ideology at taxpayer expense.  YIKES.  That certainly will destroy us all like Ancient Rome.


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8 responses to “Dems Regain House, GOP Stronger In Senate: More Screaming At Each Other

  1. By the way, I predicted protecting America would override other considerations and I was wrong: female voters want more POWER over men, not safe borders. Identical to Europe, by the way.

    This is rather odd to me, as a woman. But then, this was mainly younger ladies who are the pussy hat group: they want more Muslims and more female power at the same time. I find this fascinating and horrible at the same time.

  2. shawntoh


    We all have a saying, don’t we? Just for this occasion–

    “A house divided always falls on it’s own sword!”


  3. Aurelius

    I wish I could disagree with something, anything here…

    It’s already a fight and will get more intense, and it’s definitely going to require more ‘masculinity’ from the white males. This election’s results were all about *demographics.* It has suddenly become very obvious.

  4. Melponeme_k


    Slovenia will arm their border guards.

    On the bright side of the election. Trump can use the voting anomalies to begin investigations into the voting system. But he needs to do it before the next big election. We the voting rolls cleared out and for people to re-register along with voter ID.

  5. Aurelius

    Plenty of bright spots. One thing is, many of those Republican House seats that were lost were being held by RINOs, who were really of no help to Trump and in fact a hindrance. The Repub party itself is being remade in Trump’s image and many who decided not to run could see the writing on the wall. And some who lost their election didn’t support Trumpism. So it’s a more right-wing Repub party, leaner and meaner, to face off against the commies.

  6. Correct, Aurelius: the GOP will be stronger, not weaker. On the other hand, I am going to hammer home the issue of student debt: it is driving young people to vote for all of us being deep in debt, too while they go to leftist indoctrination schools at our expense.

  7. Saint Mike

    Democrats have won the House. America has spoken, and people who voted seem to want destructive socialism, ruinous “health care,” and minority “heroes.”

    Enjoy your shithole country. idiots.

  8. Aurelius

    Not all “people” are alike or equal. This election was a stark demonstration of the power of *demographics*. Eventually, the residual or perceived benefits to denying that will fade away for each of us.

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