Justice Ginsberg Falling Apart Old Age, CNN Kicked Out of West Wing

Ginsberg is falling to pieces.  Several years ago she broke two ribs and now she broke three ribs.  I have watched her at various events the last six years and she claims ‘I drank a fine wine and fell asleep’ to explain away her always appearing slouched over with her head down.  I cared for very elderly relatives recently and her physical decline is very obvious to me.  She and her supporters are lying about her functionality in order to styme Trump.  She shouldn’t be sitting in any court, she is incapable of functioning fully.


There should be medical tests to see if someone is still functional when they are judges.  Even Judge Judy has thrown in the towel this month!  Ruth should do likewise.


Then there is the news about CNN’s Jim Acosta the Young Lady Accoster,  being chucked out the door and no longer allowed into the West Wing because he shoved around a young aide who was working for Trump and trying to give the mike to another reporter.  CNN’s Jim Acosta chucked out of the West Wing LAST JANUARY:

So here is Acosta again, yesterday:

He claimed that the photo showing him giving the young aide a karate chop was fake.  He claimed it was photoshopped.  Too bad, this turned out to be yet another CNN fake story.

Above is another photo showing the exact same chop taken by another photographer.

And a third photo from yet another person, same karate chop.  The Karate Kid was Kicked Out.

And Sessions was kicked out, too.  Ginsberg should be kicked to the curb but won’t, she will die in her judge’s chair.


Then there is the story of the other lunatic, the gunman who was nuts.  Like the shooter in California who tried to kill me back in my misspent youth, this guy was nuts, he was to be put in a mental institution and he was let off to do whatever lunatic things he was going to do and so he did it.


Liberals changed the rules for hospitalizing the mentally ill.  These patients were all dumped out of various hospitals and the present killer was trained by our military to be a killer and he went nuts and became a killer…what a surprise.


I suspect brain damage in his case.  People will try to dump their political beliefs on this poor vet.  I feel sorry for him but anger that the Veteran’s Hospitals aren’t taking care of people like him.  This is ridiculous.  War, in general, is very destructive including mentally and emotionally.


My poor dad would go literally nuts on every anniversary of his journey into the bowels of the Nazi rocket caves outside of Jena.  I knew vets who fought on Iwo Jima and all of them but one were very damaged, emotionally.


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9 responses to “Justice Ginsberg Falling Apart Old Age, CNN Kicked Out of West Wing

  1. AT

    They tried to solve the problem of lifetime tenure article III judges by giving them 100% of their salary for retirement so they could decide to leave anytime. Worked ok for getting the drunks out of district courthouses. This seems purely ideological.

  2. Ken

    Ginsberg was appointed for purely political purposes, and she is hanging around for political reasons.

    Too bad the Supreme Court has become a political football due to it constantly overstepping its role as set forth in the Constitution, and becoming a de facto legislative end-run around Congress.

  3. ziff

    i saw that Acosta was being very gentle but i’m glad Trump has thrown the PIA out !

  4. Jim R

    They will be wheeling her into court on a gurney, robes draped over it, tubes and oxygen going in and out, and give her a shot of adrenalin just before each big decision. Wake ‘er up and tell ‘er how she would have voted, she can make a mark on the decision and go back to sleep…

    As for Acosta, you know Obama kicked out ‘reporters’ for a lot less than that. Can’t recall where I saw it, but someone said they hadn’t seen interns grabbed like that since Clinton was in office..

  5. honeybagder don't care

    Regarding anyone who wants to argue that the SCOTUS is “constantly overstepping its role as set forth in the Constitution” I argue such person must accept that that has been the status quo since 1803.

  6. honeybagder don't care

    And while I am not directly expressing an opinion on that issue at this time, I don’t see how “We The People” have any recourse against legislative overstepping without judicial review.

    I also think its fair to say that legislatures have been trampling peoples’ constitutional rights for centuries in every jurisdiction where they exist and at every level of government.

  7. honeybagder don't care

    I mean, you can vote people out, but there are many rather obvious reasons why that may not be sufficient.

  8. timothy carroll

    Looks like it’s Weekend at Bernies time at the Supreme Court! We can call it, Weekend at Ruthie’s!


  9. Petruchio

    It makes no sense whatsoever to give Justices on the DC lifetime tenure. No other Branch of Government gets it, why should they? People should serve on the Supreme Court for a set period of time and then they have to leave. Senile, decrepit old hags like Ginsberg should have been off the court YEARS ago.

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