Unable To Fix DNC-run Schools: A Nation Divided, Unable To Stop Social Collapse

Chicago is Obama’s home base.  Halloween night, black teens rioted all over the ‘upperclass’ neighborhood, smashing cars, breaking windows, screaming.  The black man in the video is whining about how these rampaging teens might get shot and like all DNC supporters, he wants everyone disarmed.  Hyde Park is one of the last ‘white’ enclaves in Chicago.  This riot didn’t make the news in mainstream liberal media. No one yelled about how terrible it was and how the mayor of Chicago, a top DNC clown, should be held responsible.


In this video, the few remaining whites living in Chicago complain about how they tried and tried to have ‘happy Halloween events’ for black teenagers…yet every year, yes, every year now, the teens riot instead with this year being the worst.  But wait: it can get much worse.


I lived through this in New York City during the 1977 blackout: these same teen populations can suddenly literally set the entire community to the torch and loot absolutely everything and burn everything in their path!  It is most terrifying to witness.


All DNC run cities end up looking like Detroit.  Even the richest cities like New York City or Los Angeles can end up a mess in just one night.  The smallest thing can trigger mass destruction mainly from the class of people who are supported by taxpayers.


The Halloween rampage in Chicago made barely a ripple in the news and now we have the DNC in control of the House in Congress and they are determined to continue destroying the USA by hook or crook.  Look at what happened last night in DC which is run by Democrats: Activists ring doorbell, hold protest at the Washington DC area home of @TuckerCarlson, racist, sexist, bigoted FOX News personality.


No borders! No walls! No USA at all!”

This is what we think of your racist rhetoric and fearmongering toward immigrants, @TuckerCarlson.#KnockKnockTucker pic.twitter.com/2KHHPzQGkx

— Smash Racism DC (@SmashRacismDC) November 8, 2018


They screamed abuse at his private home, at night. Did the police come and arrest them?  Nope.  One reason I became the Housewife from Hell in NYC was due to the cops standing down on orders of Mayor Beame.  I was so enraged about this, I said to the mayor, ‘Looks like I will have to have my own police now.’  And we did this, the neighborhood banded together and formed activist street patrols that made arrests.


Unlike patrols today, we took down criminals, regularly, often until we took over the Precinct and had a Police Chief who was on our side and gradually, the police responded and then heroically responded and crime was suppressed and Park Slope became the #1 neighborhood in NYC when we cleaned out the criminal class. Talking about crime:

Sessions was out of his depth when he was chosen as AG.  He passively let the DNC attempt at framing the President based on ridiculous Russia charges that screwed up basic diplomacy.  This was done in order to revive McCarthyism in a sick trick to change an election via accusations of treason for doing basic diplomacy.


What really angers me is that the DNC is all out for trade deficits and shipping US jobs overseas as well as their desire to create a New Ice Age while forcing us to freeze to death.  A lot of voters vote for the DNC due to them promising goodies of various sorts.


Want to know the fate of all the women who are taking jobs from men and hoping to run things?  If they also succeed in pushing for expensive energy systems coupled with making everyone freeze to death while blizzards blow and only men are outside, battling the weather while women who normally sit behind desks whine…this will end badly for women.


About Gowdy, right wing partisans whine about him all the time.  He is sane and both poles of the political strip club hate anyone in the middle.  The right has the same tendency as the leftists: they want to go whole hog, all the time.  No nuance.


Trump talks up a storm but he is generally in the middle…when the middle was where Eisenhower operated, for example.  Both the far left and far right have messed things up greatly.  One key issue is integration: this has utterly disintegrated over time due to the far left wanting no real schools or civil society and the right wanting law and order but not fixing social problems.


I have been for discipline in schools even as I defied authority when I was young.  I went to the most deadly high school in the USA back in the early 1960’s.  It was a mess.  Now, children regularly kill or beat each other and beat up teachers and run riot all across the USA.  The DNC wants to re-integrate schools while at the same time, not lifting a finger to stop black kids from rioting and running wild and male students of all races now visit schools in order to shoot their fellow students dead.


Our schools are in a crisis and it is cultural and moral.  There are no morals, frankly.  The left wants to teach various sex stuff in schools even to kindergarten kiddies while the right is fleeing the public schools run by leftists.  The disappearance of white families from DNC cities is entirely and totally due to the lousy and violent schools.  This is why I moved out of NYC many years ago.


This is a key battle and one that neither party is entirely focused on, they seem to benefit from the dual mess it is creating, it is entirely why we have a very divided nation now and which I often talk about schools, which is connected to crimes since students raised in DNC schools often end up being the criminal class!  What a mess!  Fixing this is important and ignored.


One last thing: my little village is a model for America.  Here is how we voted in the election:

We are basically civil with each other.  We are one of the very few basically classic conservative but with some liberalism communities that enjoy this sense of unity.


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3 responses to “Unable To Fix DNC-run Schools: A Nation Divided, Unable To Stop Social Collapse

  1. jfr

    Hi Elaine,
    I love your blog. I stop by everyday. Have you heard about the WALKAWAY movement? If not, please do a search for WALKAWAY and Brandon Straka. I’m hoping you could help spread the word.

  2. Jim R

    “… their desire to create a New Ice Age while forcing us to freeze to death. ”

    How do you think they are going to accomplish this?

    And, they will be wheeling RBG into court on a gurney, robes draped over it, tubes and oxygen going in and out, and give her a shot of adrenalin just before each big decision. Wake ‘er up and tell ‘er how she would have voted, she can make a mark on the decision and go back to sleep…

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