California Is Burning…Again! Stupid Architecture, Building Rules Cause Disasters There

California is burning…again and again!  NO surprise to me.  During the 1960s-1980’s we talked about a New Ice Age and California was rather cold and very, very wet.  I remember how wet it was in winter there!  Now, California is in a drought cycle.  In the past, these could last 100 years or more!  Ditto, southern Arizona.  I will note that nearly all the burning going on is mainly houses, not the trees around the houses, just the brush and the houses.  This is uniform in all California fires where there are houses.  After the flames die down, usually all the ‘greenery’ is still quite untouched.  Why do they build stupid houses that burn in California?  HAHAHA.  Stupidity, that’s why.


My family lived off and on in California since the Gold Rush.  Ditto Tucson since the Gadsden Purchase, too.  We remember the super hot and dry 1890’s and the even hotter 1920-1940s, for example.  Even the 1950s were still so hot, the sun would burn our feet through our sneakers if we didn’t stand with our backs to the sun.  And virtually no one had air conditioners.


And this is what is destroying houses out West: air conditioners.  The ventilation systems suck in burning debris when there are fires.  Since these fires happen when it is hot, not cold, this makes it impossible to stop the fires from destroying homes.  The eaves suck in and force out air which increases the speed of flow by channeling it.


It is easy to see this after fires roar through modern neighborhoods.  If the flames are very, very hot, even the trees will burn but when it is less hot and only the grass burns, the houses go up in flames and the trees are virtually untouched.

See how a building is burning and nothing, absolutely nothing around it, not even the dry grass, is burning?

California has building codes.  These codes are nearly useless or worse, dangerous.  Unlike Tucson Arizona which is geologically stable, California is a wild mish-mash of tectonic plates screeching past or under each other and is like Japan, very, very unstable and highly dangerous.


Lady Gaga has fled her palace and so are other Big Shots who want to freeze the entire planet so California will be colder.  Heck, during the last Ice Age, wooly mammoths lived in Los Angeles!  And Tucson, for that matter.  So what if all of Canada is under a mile thick layer of ice!  California is grossly overbuilt and overpopulated.  Much of the state which was open land when I was a small child with only two highways turned into a heavily populated mess with many millions more than the environment can tolerate.


And so many of these fools living there now are ‘environmentalists’ but they are fakers.  I am a true ‘environmentalist’: I own a small forest and part of a mountain and have wild ducks, wild geese, wild turkeys, wild chickadees (hahaha), wild deer, wild bears (one visited us three days ago and our Italian Mastiff chased it off) and wild bobcats, vultures, etc.  They are thriving.  The forests here are green and thriving.  My oak trees are doing very well.


We were buried under a mountain of ice and snow more than 8 feet deep last spring!  It was very cold until June.  July was finally warm but then it got cold and wet since August and it is snowing/raining now and it is wet every day except a few non-rain days, the mud is deep in places, the rivers running high.  Fall is usually much dryer.


This is good old yin/yang weather: if it is unusually wet in one place, it is at the same time, much drier in other places.  So the East Coast is seeing many summer storms and hurricanes and fall soakers and the midwest has snow in October and California is hot and dry!  Yin/yang weather isn’t ‘global warming’ it is how the weather on our continent is…nearly since forever.


The triumphant Democrats promised to howl about ‘global warming’ nonstop for the next two years and this will be a headache for me.  They seem determined to create another Ice Age.  We are due for another Ice Age, our Interglacial has gone on the usual length of all previous Interglacials, after all.

Yes, many California people moved to Colorado and now want to do the same stupid stuff there as in California.  Only Colorado is much colder than California so that will backfire badly..




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13 responses to “California Is Burning…Again! Stupid Architecture, Building Rules Cause Disasters There

  1. KHS71

    We had our first snow fall yesterday. About 1 1/2 inches. Not a big deal. Record cold tonight. Looks like it is warming up (pun intended) for a long cold winter.

  2. Lisa

    My family moved to Colorado in 1950. Today it is filled with Californians, stoners, and illegal aliens. They all vote to turn CO into CA. I am the only one of my family who still lives here. Nearly all of the old timers have moved away, this is no longer the same place it was just 10 years ago.

  3. jason

    Paradise is lost. All those shady pines in the retirement community there also means pine needles clogging the gutters does not help nor does poor forest management and probably elderly people not managing their properties to control brush means lots of tinder so as Elaine points out is then sucked in the A/C unit.

    Prior to the great rodeo fire in Arizona, the forest management service wanted to do a controlled burn in an area near Tucson, the environmentalists blocked it but the local tribe whose reservation backed on to the forest heeded the advice and did a controlled burn, so when the fire burned on to the reservation they were able to put it out.

    ELAINE: When we lived at Kitt Peak when I was a child, the Papago Indians were renown as fire fighters. I learned how to use a water tank which wer called ‘Indian tanks’ because the Tribe used these so much, and they taught me how to put out fires and make fire breaks. I am not surprised that the Tribe was smart, they lived in Arizona for thousands of years! I have nothing but love and respect for them.

  4. Bern

    feel the Bern!

  5. Tim E.

    I bet they want a year like when Mount Tambora erupted.

  6. Petruchio

    And just wait until The Big One Earthquake hits California. All those illegal aliens in CA will move to Colorado and Oregon–and elsewhere. One thing will stay the same: all the deadbeat freeloaders in CA will want to do the same thing wherever they land.

  7. lou

    I am in California and take offense in the ‘all of them’ type nonsense.

  8. It is never ‘all of them’ but ‘too many to STOP’. And California is very dangerous if one is sane. I can’t set foot in that hell hole. And I live in NY! Which they keep trying to turn into a hell hole, too.

  9. lou

    #2–They all vote to turn CO into CA.

  10. Petruchio

    Lou: Do you live in LA? “Nuff said….You know what I meant by “all of them”. I’m talking about the Alien Invasion. Living in LA, you oughtta know how over run CA is with Illegals, especially LA, SF. And any State with Gerry Brown as Governor is screwed from the start.

  11. ziff

    how many of you have used a leaf blower say , to help a yard fire ? wind is the thing it can turn a normal fire into a blast furnace. i use a blower to that effect to cast aluminium.

  12. lou

    10–Yes, I live in So California. And the chemtrail spraying is insane.

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