Lower Working Class Blokes Arrested By UK Cops For Grenville Joke Video

Six citizens in England arrested for making a joke video about the Grenfell Tower fire which was a building full of aliens that caught fire several months ago.   The video shows a cardboard illustration of the tower and then the working class blokes who live in a worn-out neighborhood set it on fire and laughed.  Noting sets of the ire of ‘liberals’ and ‘we love the poor people’ than poor people using rough humor and not being PC ‘we love all the people destroying us’ tears of sorrow.  The lower working class of Britain is being hammered by alien labor undercutting wages.  This is why the elites universally love illegal aliens who side with their masters, the super rich.


What the State did to these working class chaps was very obnoxious.  The group was arrested, hauled in to be intimidated and pushed around and an army of police including the Muslim cop in the picture below, searched the homes and garbage of these working men and young teens in order to discover some reason, any excuse to put them in prison exactly like TOMMY ROBINSON.

Tommy Robinson, by the way, was attacked by the Bilderberg gang yesterday:

Pay Pal is conspiring with others to eliminate anyone who irritates the Bilderberg gang.  They are now at war with us, that evil organization.  The Big Shots will eliminate all possibility to do business internationally if one is opposing the Real Rulers.  This is a police state move with the elites hoping to keep the proles under control and lock and key and flood all first world nations except for Japan which is the last holdout, with foreigners who hate the natives and want them eliminated, too.


Police have released six men under investigation in connection with the sick bonfire party at which a Grenfell Tower effigy was burned.  The men, two aged 19, two aged 49 plus a 46-year-old and a 55-year-old were all arrested under section 4a of the Public Order Act after attending a police station in Croydon, South London.


Under this act, new rules were added to prevent UK natives from discussing or doing anything against foreign invaders.  Now, if one even mentions something is wrong, they are arrested, even tortured like the elderly lady who insisted the cops should stop Muslims from illegal prayers in a public park on a public sidewalk, forcing people to walk around them in the street.


The cops waited until the elderly lady came home, then broke down the door and manhandled her and hauled her before a judge.  I was horrified when this happened and the mainstream Bilderberg news chose to ignore this event.  Meanwhile, they publish lies about Tommy Robinson, for example, claiming he was going to be paid a million dollars to visit the US which was fake news.


It is thought the group were driven out of the back of the police station custody suite in two unmarked vans that went in different directions to a secret location.


YIKES.  This is exactly how the East German government operated!  It is pure Soviet Union tactics.  On every level, this is despotic and evil.  No one was allowed to know where these men and boys were taken to and none had access to any lawyers.


This evening Scotland Yard has confirmed all have six have been released under investigation.


This is because they didn’t do anything really illegal.  All they did was irritate illegal aliens.


London mayor Sadiq Khan said: ‘I utterly condemn this sickening video. The horrific Grenfell Tower fire was one of the most devastating tragedies our city has ever suffered – and I urge social media companies to do the right thing and remove this content immediately.’


Censorship online is out of control.  And deliberate: the Bilderberg gang wants the internet shut down except for propaganda and for citizens to stay online so that the government can spy on them more easily.  It is just, no one will be allowed to talk about or organize online about political matters.


Labour MP Emma Dent-Coad, whose Kensington constituency contains Grenfell Tower, told MailOnline: ‘To recreate a very recent atrocity where people saw their own families burnt to death is reprehensible and criminal. These people should be subject to the criminal justice system.


So, hurting people’s feelings is now illegal and can result in prison time?  Wow.  Meanwhile, crime roars on especially in cities filled with illegal aliens!  Just like the DNC has high crime and disorder rates.  The law abiding GOP communities no longer control Congress though this control was thin due to GOP Bilderberg gang members voting for civil disorder and more illegal aliens.  Now the parties are seriously lined up on two sides: the pro-illegal alien DNC and the anti-illegal alien on the GOP populous side.

A 100+ musical comedy by Gilbert and Sullivan make fun of police being used to control people in ‘little things on a little list…none of them will be missed.’


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13 responses to “Lower Working Class Blokes Arrested By UK Cops For Grenville Joke Video

  1. Jim R

    Gilbert and Sullivan would be arrested now. They made fun of the ‘important’ people of their day.

    Thankfully they remained free, and their jokes are still funny 100+ years later. Even though the people they made fun of have been largely forgotten.

  2. Jim R

    … meanwhile, still no arrests or prosecution for the people who put cheap plastic siding on the Grenfell building, which turned a small appliance fire into an inferno.

  3. The designers were idiots. Not uncommon. Construction disasters are allowed to roll onwards, relentlessly.

  4. tio

    If it were not for occasional references on US TV shows (90% of broadcast content) I wouldn’t even be aware of Gilbert and Sullivan. Funny old world.

  5. Jim R

    Amateur theater companies still perform G&S in ‘civilized’ parts of the world.

  6. Zeke

    So – people who made tasteless, insensitive comments about the Grenfell Tower inferno immolation go to jail ….
    But – people who designed and installed the flammable cladding with chimney like flume space between cladding and original exterior surface walk free?
    Wondering if they still have licensure to work in architecture or engineering.
    Guess that act replaces the “riot act” as in “read them the Riot Act” of 1715 in Britain to include PC speech and aliens.
    Maybe even a blogger in another country might not be welcome in Britain.

  7. Christian W

    The lower working class of Britain is being hammered by alien labor undercutting wages. This is why the elites universally love illegal aliens who side with their masters, the super rich.

    Thatcher, who brought Neoliberalism aka voodoo economics aka Thatcherism to the UK, dressed up working class soldiers in police uniforms to beat up striking working class miners. Obviously sending in the Army against striking people is illegal even in the UK, so the ruse of dressing them up in police uniforms was necessary.

    Once the miners’ resistance to the rule of the super rich was broken, the elites ruled with free hands supported by patriotic and nationalistic soldiers. We see the results today. Austerity, even death, for the working class and the poor, extreme profits for the super rich.

    As the economic differences grow, it’s only natural that the super rich build up the police surveillance state to protect themselves from the rabble.

    Now, it’s easy to blame ‘illegal aliens’ for the mess, but they are not the root of the problem. The use of cheap foreign labor is used to undercut wages, which means more profit for the super rich.

    We see this in action with the FED today who see proper wages for the working class as a problem. If wages start to go up towards what was payed back in the day (ie proper wages), the FED screams about ‘wage inflation’…

    Undercutting wages is why the super rich offshored the US manufacturing base to China… And last week GOP voters voted Mitt Romney into the US Senate. Romney got super rich assetstripping US workers from their jobs and their social security funds.

    Yep, Romney is definitely be an upstanding citizen promoting law and order (surveillance police state) on behalf of US workers (read the US super rich).

  8. Mewswithaview

    Spiked Magazine editor Brendan O’Neill discusses the slow-motion social collapse of Britain: grievance culture, British identity, Islam and the radical fringes of politics dominating the centre.

  9. Yes, the Fed hates wage hikes for workers. The Bilderberg gang hates this, too. Trump PRAISES raises for workers. See?

  10. Christian W

    Trump also gives huge tax cuts for the super rich and the corporations, wants interest rates at zero, wants the stock market inflated (QE), increased the budget deficits and bloated the military budget.

    What does this mean? Trump just prints dollars like confetti and spreads it around. This is fantasy land economics.

    China and Russia stopped buying US debt, because why build up the foreign military that is going to destroy you? Europe, in decline, does not have the money to support Trump’s enormous dollar printing.

  11. Um, dollar printing has gone on my entire life. And so…are you happy Congress is now run by money printing lunatics in the DNC?

  12. Christian W

    Money printing has taken the US to where it is today, total lunacy across the spectrum, as your blog highlights every day.

    Why do you think I am pro-DNC? I am not. The DNC is the Neocons, Wall Street, SJWs + Corruption. The GOP is the Neocons, Wall Street, evangelical Zionists + Corruption. Both parties are a front for the plutocrats. Then throw in some DNC Antifa agitprop vs. GOP White Nationalist agitprop so people pick a side and keep playing the game…

    I know you know the money printing is not sustainable, so why pretend it is now under Trump? What’s the new take?

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