Southern California Only Place With Global Warming, SNOW In Texas!

Intellicast maps.

California is warm, has drought and fires while other half of nation freezes, very wet: We are having a very cold fall.  It is more like winter where I live.  I used to live in California during the previous cold cycle of the 1970’s.  It was cold and wet back then.  This time around, California is still hot and dry but that won’t last much longer.  But due to the fires and hysteria, the DNC is screaming that we have to make the world much colder to keep Southern California happy.  I have many disputes with ‘climate scientists’ (sic) and one of them is ‘how to interpret weather patterns.’


The count of lost structures in both Southern California fires climbed to nearly 180, authorities said, and that number seemed certain to rise. The large mobile home community of Seminole Springs, in the rugged Santa Monica Mountains north of Malibu, appeared devastated.


Back when vast forests blanketed the Great Lakes states, there were epic, huge forest fires during dry cycles like the 1890’s.  This was fixed by cutting down large sections of forest and replacing this with farms.


About 300,000 people statewide were under evacuation orders, most of them in Southern California.


There are only three sources of fires: volcanoes, lightning…and humans.  Humans changed the earth’s ecosystems greatly back when humans discovered how to build fires many thousands and thousands of years ago.  This ability utterly changed how humans ate, lived, our territory suddenly could expand during Ice Ages and we lived longer.


Gov. Jerry Brown said he is requesting a major-disaster declaration from President Donald Trump that would make victims eligible for crisis counseling, housing and unemployment help, and legal aid.


So, in between screaming that California is going to impeach Trump based on zero charges, they also want Trump to save them.


Drought, warmer weather attributed to climate change, and the building of homes deeper into forests have led to longer and more destructive wildfire seasons in California. While California officially emerged from a five-year drought last year, much of the northern two-thirds of the state is abnormally dry.


Democrats totally run California.  They have policies that make forest fires worse.  They don’t care.  It used to be, people were put into work to create ‘fire breaks’.  I remember fire breaks.  I knew people who worked to create fire breaks.  Fire breaks were of greatest importance especially in dry places like Southern Arizona.


All this was wrecked by ecologists who want raw nature.  Well, welcome to Mother Nature: she is very dangerous and powerful!  Many humans decided to move deep into the hillsides in California.  This is utterly insane!  When it rains a lot, these hills turn into massive mudslides.  When it is dry, they are infernos.


“Things are not the way they were 10 years ago. … The rate of spread is exponentially more than it used to be,” said Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen, urging residents to evacuate rather than stay behind to try to defend their homes.


All California cities expanded into the steep hillsides.  I forgot to mention, the other destroyer in California are earthquakes.  The most vulnerable in an earthquake are buildings built on basically mud foundations and steep hillsides.  Both are very dangerous and the poor live in the flat mud areas and the rich live as high on the hills as possible.  Both are building in fatal areas.


This morning, most of the USA is below freezing.  Only Florida is warm, even California is cool.  The temperatures are deep winter temperatures, not early November.  This is ‘global warming’ at its stupidest: it is cold.  Very cold.

Here is a map showing temperature departures for today: it is cold, very cold.  Spots in Florida and along the West Coast are warmer than usual but only a few places.  The super cold band across the entire Midwest all the way down to Mexico City, are very, very below normal.

This map shows that severe and early cold covers the entire North Pole except for Alaska and deep into Siberia, too.

Alaska never had any Ice Ages, technically speaking.  It was never glaciated except for the mountains.

Chumpsky is a linguist, not a climate scientist.  Climate Scientists are mostly trained seals who can’t see reality anymore, the few who do see that the wolf is in sheep’s clothing point out the painfully obvious that global warming isn’t global, it is confined mainly to equatorial places that never, ever froze in any Ice Age.  The ability to figure out obvious things vanishes when indoctrination is the goal of ‘education’.


No Ice Ages began in South America or Africa.  Antarctica always has been in an Ice Age for the last three million years.  The places where Ice Ages wax and wane are North America and Europe.  Period.  So, to determine if we are going into an Ice Age, we look at the epicenter of all Ice Ages: Hudson Bay.


Normal Interglacial ice is over the North Pole and Greenland.  Greenland has melting during Interglacials to the point, things grow seasonally there though the massive glacier covering most of Greenland has endured nearly as long as Antarctica’s glaciers.


The DNC is, via offering freebies to lots of people, is determined to impose ‘global warming’ laws on us that will literally kill millions of citizens in colder climate areas like where I live.  The phobia that we are roasting to death will be the ax that will chop off millions of lives on the chopping block of ideology just like Mad Madame Mao killed many millions of Chinese.



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29 responses to “Southern California Only Place With Global Warming, SNOW In Texas!

  1. Jim R

    Yup, it’s kinda chilly. Texas was supposed to be hot, like Mexico.

  2. Jim R

    And Chomsky seems to have taken to shilling for the deep state (Bilderbergers). I studied his linguistics work decades ago, in computer science. PIt was pretty good stuff, but not useful in predicting the weather…

  3. Aurelius

    ‘Chumpsky’ LOL. Great to see EMS doing climate and weather again.

    Our weather has turned increasingly strange the last several years. (Southeastern PA). Elaine I wonder if you have any read on it, because I’ve not been able to find any explanation. (Other than geoengineering…)

    I’m talking about far more overcast weather and fewer fully sunny days, and fewer strings of clear days. Much less sunshine, in a nutshell.

    Also, much wetter weather — not only rainy days, but since August it has been relentlessly more humid than normal. There has been a lot of mold everywhere this fall. And when it rains, we more frequently get these “heavy downpours” — almost monsoon-tier showers.

    Also, the weather has become highly UN-predictable. The forecast even given in the morning is often way off the mark. Like the high could be 8-9 degrees different than the forecast, or what was predicted as “sunny all day” could see showers by afternoon, or vice versa. And it seems to ‘turn on a dime’ more easily from sunny to overcast.

    I’ve noticed this over several years. Is it my imagination?

  4. lou

    Chumpsky !!!! Yes, I have used that term to name him.
    One more elitist bagel who published 10,000 pages on corporations but didnt mentioned that the bagels owned the corporations.

  5. Aurelius

    Oy vey! We’re hitting dangerous levels of goyim knowing here……

  6. Christian W

    It’s been snowing in Saudi Arabia 2016, 2017 and now again 2018. The previous time snow was recorded there was some 80 years ago.

  7. AT

    Methane levels are steadily rising near north slope villages, much more than areas to the south. Far, far north from any putative melting permafrost which the global warming folks like to conflate with . . . DRILLING. Given that methane breaks down after a few years, that would seem to indicate more and more uncontrolled and continuous releases from exploratory drilling, fracking, or whatever else. Granted the companies try to be careful but when push comes to shove there is apparently only so much they’ll do to try and seal a gusher that they start but can’t capture.

    I have never heard one of these fake environmentalists mention drilling and methane.

  8. Tim E.

    Aurelius, look at the precp trends for your area I bet that they are slowly rising. They are here in Nebraska.

    Have to thank Tony Heller for giving me the heads up to one of the few pages that NOAA doesn’t alter.

  9. KHS71

    Snowing here again today. Second snow of the year. Single digit cold tonight. Looks like a long cold winter ahead.

  10. I have written over and over again that it is now snowing each winter across all of the Sahara. The DNC is freaking out over ‘global warming’ and in two years, if this continues to chill, it will bring down the DNC back out of the government again.

  11. AT

    The environmentalists have been almost completely neutered by global warming theology. Folks who used to save the whales are now silent on virtually every real environmental concern: deforestation, soil erosion, fracking contaminated groundwater, chemical and radiological pollution,acid rain, air contamination due to poor countries burning plastic for warmth, etc, etc.

    Nothing but carbon dioxide hysterics. . .

  12. Aurelius

    @Tim E — thanks for the link. One graph shows that the five states that in the past year that have had the highest precipitation relative to their *average* since 1895, have been WVA, PA, OH, VA, and MD. Talk about climate change — much of the time now it seems like we have someone else’s climate. No one ever explains this shift.

    Climate hysteria is one of the areas in which the “NPC” meme is so illustrative. It keeps getting colder and none of the warmist predictions have come to pass — but the warmies never change their message.

  13. lou

    Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby on Monday appeared to blame climate change for the deadly Woolsey fire in Southern California and pushed back against President Donald Trump’s criticism of state officials, who he claimed were responsible for the fast-spreading blaze.

    [I guess he is an AA hire].

  14. I have said many times that the plan is to freeze most people in order to make California colder.

  15. Aurelius

    @#15 – That’s an interesting comment. I have also sensed the hidden hand of our controller class behind the increasingly bizarre & unnatural weather. But there’s no apparent ‘smoking gun.’

    Here’s a short film from Disney extolling the virtues of the coming ability to modify weather; it’s from *1959*:

  16. lou

    16–I have mentioned Chemtrails, many times, and been mocked here.

    I live in California. I see the spraying.

  17. Petruchio

    While watching Monday Night Football last night–the game was in San Francisco–it was reported that the current CA fires are now the deadliest fire in CA history. 29 people dead so far.

  18. ‘Chem trails’ are no big deal if they exist. Mother Nature is ten billion times more efficient and powerful. I remember attempts at ‘changing the weather’ by spraying metals in the very dry, hot 1950’s. Then in the 1960’s the weather became colder and colder and voila: it rained more in Tucson and LA. Duh.

  19. Jim R

    Elaine, how are they planning to freeze people, then? To tell the truth, I don’t think ‘Chem Trails’ and ‘HAARP’ can possibly have much effect. The energy levels of those things are many many orders of magnitude smaller than the sun and the climate.

    We humans clearly HAVE affected the atmosphere over the last half century or so, however, as we continue to bulldoze the world’s tropical forests (ironically in some cases, to grow ‘biofuel’) and burning mountains of coal to keep the ‘grid’ going … it probably actually has some small effect, although there are many other variable inputs to climate and weather.

    But how are they planning to change any of that, nor even slow the orgy of coal burning? The ‘liberals’ only seem to want a global government and some cockamamie tax/financial fraud scheme, which will not have any effect at all on either the coal-burning or the weather.

    How, pray tell?

  20. Aurelius

    Even setting aside chemtrails, look into geoengineering or climate engineering, and particularly ‘solar radiation management.’ There are university programs of study (Harvard’s is a big one), conferences, symposia, university research, and military R&D and documents where they boast about “owning the weather.”….Fifty years ago the military’s Operation Popeye created excessive rain over Vietnam and Laos for 5 years during the American war there. Think the technology has advanced in half a century? Has the US government ever NOT employed technologies that have become available to it, even using the US populace as guinea pigs?

    I have not heard an explanation for the bizarre weather; this fuels my suspicions.

  21. Pete

    Woolsey Fire started at Nuke Waste site:

  22. The weather is NOT ‘bizarre’ it is ‘normal’. California, for example, and Arizona, had a 100 year DROUGHT that destroyed the flourishing native farming civilization that built towns and farmed the land all of which was abandoned during that hideous drought.

    That happened 500 years ago! This malarky about the weather pisses me off, the earth has had much greater heat and cold periods, namely, Ice Ages punctuated by sudden and very dramatic but much shorter interglacials.

    This is NEVER MENTIONED by global warming fanatics.

  23. Aurelius

    Elaine, I have a lot of respect for your knowledge (which is why I’m asking) as well as your prodigious blog-writing talents. I’m not talking about whether it’s getting colder or warmer. (For us it’s obviously getting colder.) I’m talking especially about the high changeability and UNpredictability of the weather, and the reduced amount of sunny or partly sunny days. And the fact, for instance, that we can now have thunder and lightning at any time of year. That’s new, also.

    That kind of stuff. Maybe there is a natural explanation, but I just haven’t found it yet.

  24. I am almost 70 years old, believe it or not. My hair is only just this year turning silver. I watched the weather closely all my life. We are having NORMAL weather so far, based on my own direct experience and historical records that aren’t tampered with by the SJW global warming freaks.

    We are in a colder cycle, the sun is no sun spots=colder. More sun spots=much warmer. Period.

  25. lou

    28–Cold cycle, but how cold?
    News will continue to report on weather where it is hot. Or normal things like hurricanes etc.

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