SJW Universities Double Down On PC Police Maoism: Kill Halloween!

Berkeley Christian student Senator Isabella Chow is being attacked for being NEUTRAL about UC FEMALE professor who is being punished by school and students for dressing up as a black male scientist on Halloween:


I lived in Berkeley way back in the late 1960’s and was very politically active and after a cop was shot in front of my home, I was forced to flee for my life due to an editorial I wrote at the Berkeley Barb.  It is an insane, dangerous and very stupid place and is the epicenter of all the craziness that the left is doing now.  A professor’s career has been destroyed by her Halloween costume choice and this is being done to a woman, no less!  And the female student who refused to attack the professor is now being punished, too!  So much for ‘feminism’!


 In his “Open Mike” column (cute), Schill said coverage and commentary about the situation “sensationalized and caricatured what is a very serious incident that deeply affected our students.”


This opening statement is in the official documents churned out by the SJW Student Senate members.  The delicate flowers who voted for DNC activists are all very weak, helpless and feeble and need to have everyone around them walk on eggshells lest we scare or challenge them in any way, shape or form.


This sort of student ‘activism’ is pure Mad Madame Mao: during the Cultural Revolution which nearly annihilated Chinese society, students tormented their teachers and anyone who stood up to the mob and abused them in public, humiliating them, forcing them to recant views of the world that clashed with Maoism, etc.  It was a historic, hideous moment in human society.


Because the message from Shurtz’s costume (a black male scientist) was not self-evident, she violated “the right of students to be free from racial harassment,” Schill claims.


It took a while for me to dig out what this ‘self-evident’ business was about.  More about that later.


Yet he claims to have been “torn” by the finding that Shurtz’s conduct is not protected by academic freedom: On Wednesday, ASUC Senator Isabella Chow made transphobic and homophobic statements during an ASUC meeting, publicly dismissing the identities of individuals on campus. In doing so, Chow reminded students of a reality that many often disregard — that UC Berkeley continues to be a toxic space for LGBTQ+ communities.


What did this student do?  She stood up to the SJW gang and begged them to not censor a professor who wore a ‘black face’ costume on Halloween!  She told them, the professor apologized (NEVER apologize!) and that should be enough.  No, the gang wanted blood and snarled at her and then decided she, too, was a PC bad person and should also be punished.


Chow made these comments during a discussion concerning an ASUC resolution to oppose the Trump administration’s proposed Title IX changes and to stand in solidarity with transgender, intersex, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming students. She chose to abstain from voting on the resolution — and then went beyond simply removing herself from the conversation. Chow, a former member of the Student Action party, also chose to voice her personal — and highly problematic — interpretation of Christian scripture, stating that any “lifestyle” outside of male and female and heterosexual identities was not “right or safe.”


The discussion about Halloween costumes joined at the hip over the sex/gender activists wanting more power.  What I find troubling and I hope all ‘alternative sex’ people figure this out before it is too late, Maoists HATE SEX.  Yes, they hate sex!  And they will attack the gay and trans community in due time.  No one listens to my warnings.  I know Maoism very, very well, these are the same gangsters who chased me out of Berkeley in 1970.


This abject dismissal and non-acceptance of gender identities goes far beyond personal opinion. Chow’s language erased and dehumanized individuals who already experience marginalization and violence at a significant rate. She perpetuated the stigma that individuals who identify outside of the gender binary face on a daily basis. Chow must stop framing these remarks as personal opinions or views. These statements are offensive and disturbing invalidations of human beings.


This hyper ‘how dare anyone hurt our feelings’ junk is exactly the emotional explosives the SJW women are cooking up and which will in the end, explode in their own faces.  Remember: Chairman Mao was a monster but his evil wife was ten times worse than he!


But while what Chow said was undoubtedly appalling, it wasn’t exactly a surprise. During the 2018 ASUC election, Chow received support from the Berkeley College Republicans, a campus group whose values are in line with those of the California College Republicans. Last month, the California College Republicans released a platform that included explicitly transphobic and homophobic statements.


What is really brewing on campuses is how bitter female teachers are teaching young ladies to be bitter and angry and hostile to nearly everyone who is ‘marriage material’.  This, in turn, is connected to student debt that makes many women getting useless degrees toxic to any man wishing to marry.  Marry the girl, marry her school debts!  This, in turn, is killing legal marriages. Already, black women nearly never marry due to the State being their husbands now.


Now on to the Halloween costume issue: another professor is being punished for ‘black face’ attempt at humor.


A private university has apparently blacklisted a professor after a photo of him in blackface went viral last week.  James Madison University said the adjunct professor of cycling, Tim Richardson, was not currently employed by the Virginia school and would not be invited back.


President James Madison once owned slaves in the distant past as did Washington and Jefferson.  The SJW Maoists want to wipe out all people who once owned slaves as a great excuse to destroy the Constitution and our history and our past just like they tried to destroy all of China’s civilized past, too.


Anyone who does any Halloween stuff that irritates the SJW gang and at this point, nearly anything and everything irritates them, will be punished until Halloween disappears entirely.  Even if, like the cycling teacher, it is a private party, you will be punished.


Here is another example of this insanity: a FEMALE professor is punished for wearing a ‘black’ costume at a private party, not even a school event.  The author of this article is as horrified as I am about the PC police tormenting professors, even female professors who are raging leftists!


I’ve made no secret of my contempt for the University of Oregon, my father’s alma mater, for its punishment of a law professor who wore an offensive Halloween costume at her own party.


The poor professor was pilloried mercilessly.  She thought her female sex would protect her but by now, all women should figure out, if they are not Mad Madame Maoists, they are the Enemy to be annihilated in particular.  The Maoists hate traitors to their religion of zero sex.  I kid you not!


Madame Mao hated private sex so much, she forbade anyone sleeping together in all of China!  She even dictated that all beds must be bolted to the floor so they can’t be shoved together.  My father was the very first human to defy this decree, in her face and this led to her losing power which is why, when she was arrested, the Chinese asked my father to return and deliver a speech about this very matter!


But I have fresh new contempt for UO President Michael Schill, himself a lawyer, for his utterly appalling defense of the finding that Prof. Nancy Shurtz committed “discriminatory harassment” against students who showed up voluntarily to her house.


The trick here is pure Maoism: the professor invited students to her home.  They all wore costumes. One or two or maybe more were Maoists in disguise and they watched with hawk like gaze, the professor and then trotted off to launch an attack on her for not being PC.


I believe that freedom of speech is the core value of any university. When faculty members pursue their avocation—teaching students and conducting research—they must be able to say or write what they think without fear of retribution, even if their views are controversial, and even if their research and their views risk causing offense to others. …


The President of this Maoist school says some mighty fine words here only the next paragraph utterly destroys the first sentence:


For me, stating that principle in the abstract is easy and uncomplicated. But here is the problem—figuring out when and whether there are legitimate limits on freedom of expression actually is complicated. In general, it is not acceptable for someone to use her rights to deprive another of her rights. I should not be able to use my speech to deny others of their right to be free from racial or sexual harassment. I can hold—and share—controversial views. But that does not give me the right to harass specific individuals or to speak in any way I wish to, in any place, or any point in time.


Hurting feelings is now illegal.  If anyone in a protected group has hurt feelings, the person who hurt them is then severely punished.  Either they lose their jobs or they lose their jobs and in Europe, are put in prison, too!


Wow.  What is a million times worse is, everyone and anyone can attack, mock and abuse white males and that is OK so long as the people being mocked are not Maoists, too.  It is open season on white males in particular and enough white females have joined with other groups who hate white males to attack them, too.


This alliance is also with invading populations from Catholic South and Central American countries where men kill women a great deal or Africa which is the same way.  The Muslim population being imported to support leftists are very, very conservative and hate women’s rights but have a temporary alliance with the feminist man haters in order to gain power via having many children.


Maoist females have few or no children.  They can’t get married due to hating men so much.  They can, when desperate, attract black males and then work to support them but this doesn’t save these feminists because black men love cheating on feminist, powerful females because they were raised by black women who are ‘strong’ and can’t seem to get married to anyone at this point.


That is, this social mess will get much, much worse and I knew and interacted with black Muslims in the past, some worked for me!  We discussed the marriage issue a great deal for one of the rules for them all was to get married.  Outside of the black Muslim community, marriages have nearly totally vanished.


Back to the evil female professor who invited students to her ill-fated Halloween fest: the poor professor claimed she was honoring a black author!


We determined that she was inspired by this book and by the author, that she greatly admires Damon Tweedy and wanted to honor him, and that she dressed as the book because she finds it reprehensible that there is a shortage of racial diversity, and particularly of black men, in higher education. Shurtz was further inspired to this costume by virtue of the fact that her daughter attends medical school and her incoming class also had very few people of color; her daughter inquired with school administration about the class demographics and this apparently led to the medical school assigning reading assignments from Damon Tweedy’s book.


HAHAHA.  Even though this professor who is totally a Maoist PC agent of change, fell into the trap she set, herself.  How very ironic.


Investigators recommended that Shurtz be charged with “discriminatory harassment” because she “unreasonably discriminate[d]” against black people in a way that was sufficiently severe or pervasive that it interferes with work or participation in any university program or activity, including academic activities because it creates an intimidating, hostile, or degrading working or university environment for the individual who is the subject of such conduct, and where the conduct would have such an effect on a reasonable person who is similarly situated.


White females who created this ugly mess and who are systematically destroying the universities and eventually, civilization itself, think they are safe from their own madness but they created these Maoist hellions and will be annihilated by these Maoist female gangs and good riddance.


Many a professor is discovering that his or her own PC perfection is going to destroy them because at some point in time, the students they are training will turn on them and why not?  How else will graduates get these jobs!  Yes, getting rid of your professors means someone has to be hired and why not hire the ones who are tormenting the professors who are old, anyways!


HAHAHA.  I am not joking.  Back to the author who is astonished about how PC politics is destroying universities:


How in the world can wearing a confusing costume create “an intimidating, hostile, or degrading” environment for people who voluntarily attended Shurtz’s party?  It didn’t feel voluntary, students told investigators: Half of the students personally felt, or understood that other students felt, that attendance at Shurtz’s party, and remaining for a longer duration of time even despite feeling uncomfortable, was important in relation to the teacher-student relationship. Half of the students felt at ease to attend or not attend at their own discretion.


What I find most frightful is, the students who attended and felt crummy stayed because supposedly they were too scared of the professor to leave.  The other half of the students were just fine and didn’t see any problems in the first place.  The ones who felt intimidated by the professor were the same Maoists who ran off instantly to tell the school to punish their professor!  They were not ‘scared’ they were ‘elated/happy’.


There is not the least suggestion from any student that Shurtz had ever conveyed, even subtly, that not attending her party would be viewed as a personal snub. It’s frickin’ Halloween – she knows you’re young and hip, and she’s old and lame, and you have other places to be.


Students wholly invented this paranoia, and it probably ruined Shurtz’s career.


Of course, the outrage and fake fear were all manufactured in order to terrorize all the staff at these SJW training centers!  DUH!  90% of all professors and teachers in these insane schools are leftists!  But since they are training students to be Maoist tools, since they teach zero real history, the students and the teachers have no idea that they are reproducing exactly Mad Madame Mao’s China disaster.


Since my own family directly tangled with Mao and I directly worked with dissident Chinese repeatedly to defy and challenge the Chinese dictators in the past, I have first hand knowledge of how Maoists think and operate and what happens next when they take over any systems.  Already, they are killing off male/female normal sex.


BINGO.  I fear for transgender people like my own child, I fear for gays…the Maoists hated all sex especially this sort of sex!  I can see what will happen next and for some horrible reason, young people can’t see this at all thanks to mainstream media run by hostile people fooling them into ignoring obvious history.


The Goddess of History is a horrible bitch, she is Medusa. She dips her quill in blood to write our fates.


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11 responses to “SJW Universities Double Down On PC Police Maoism: Kill Halloween!

  1. Moe

    Excerpt: “…ASUC resolution to oppose the Trump administration’s proposed Title IX changes and to stand in solidarity with transgender, intersex, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming students.”

    I’m conflicted whether to respond in disgust at the concept of “transgender, intersex, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming…” or to simply regard it as the modern equivalent of Alice In Wonderland’s mad world. (I don’t share Elaine’s acceptance of transgenderism and homosexuality: tolerance yes, for those who have no control over their biological and sometime psychological predisposition but no endorsement of elective sexuality).

    Elaine’s categorization of these activities as Maoist is perfect IMO. What I don’t understand is the nature of the psychological disorder that engenders this behavior.

  2. Melponeme_k

    It is all about UN Sustainable Goals and how they are moving us inch by inch to whatever religion that they (the elite) worship.

    It sure isn’t Christianity. And despite the fact that many of them claim to be Jewish is a huge joke on their part. This was the reason Soros sold people to the Nazis in WWII. They weren’t part of his SECT.

    We are watching an epic fight for the control of Judaism, their bloodlines and the religion itself.

    Whatever religion they are, they are moving us to extreme choices in order to swoop in and insert their plans.

    I wouldn’t worry about the Transgenders. Transgenders are the Sacred Priestesses and Prostitutes of their Goddess (Ishtar, Isis, Ceres). We see many statues dedicated to this entity under various names (Diana, Athena). There are even jokes about it called Anasyrma which consist of beautiful female statues lifting up their skirts to reveal male genitalia.

    The equality for women in which they push for is really the ancient custom of Sacred Prostitution of their Goddess.

  3. Petruchio

    “Already, black women nearly never marry due to the State being their husbands now.” And look at what they do when they are coddled by the Gubmint: they keep on makin’ babies out of wedlock. Why not? They don’t face any consequences, so why should they change? Solution? Throw them out onto the street. Make them pay their own way. Wanna have 4 kids from three different men? Go ahead. It’s all on you. SAME thing with these SJW jackasses on Campus. STRIP them of ALL of their funding sources. Make them pay their own way. Have whatever Radical, White Male hating thoughts you like; you just have to pay for it out of your own funds.

  4. Aurelius

    @#1 Moe: Homosexuality caused by a pathogen? I don’t claim to know but there is this hypothesis:

  5. AT

    How could a law professor not have seen this coming. Maybe she has a case up her sleeve and was trying to draw the foul in order to sue?

  6. She thought that she was one of the SJW females so she could do anything she thought. This is due to none of these people being able to see themselves in the mirror and who think everything they do is OK.

  7. Moe

    @5 Aurelius

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  8. Ken

    Aurelius @ 5 and Moe @8,

    Homosexuality clearly isn’t a purely genetic condition. There are many studies using identical twins where one is ‘gay” and the other is “straight.” My own extended family has in-laws where one identical twin is gay and the other straight.

    So something besides genetics is at work here. I have been presuming that the deciding factor was some form of environmental, prenatal affront to just one of the twins when they were in the womb. Such as the mother having the flu while pregnant and only one child being affected. The “germ” theory could explain this too, and fits nicely with the data.

  9. Aurelius


    Thanks. There is also the huge amount of estrogen-mimicking compounds (xenoestrogens) in processed food and many consumer product that people come in contact with every day — and the subsequent alterations in men’s hormonal balance.

    There is also perhaps the psycho-social effect, for lack of a better word. Society now gives advantages to people who identify as homosexuals, and corresponding disadvantage to “cisgender” males. (a term of abuse) This may influence some males to take the road of more tangible benefit, at least in the short term.

  10. AT

    If a black professor had gone to a Halloween party in drag I wonder if the University would have fired him?

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