Obvious Election Fraud Abuse Of Early Voting, Illegal Aliens Voting Early

My rather angry editorial today: back in 2000 when the vote counting failed, I went to DC with my (I, alone, no one helped me) ‘Uniform Voting Act’ bill.  All the people in Congress I met including the leaders, said it was a great idea.  I told them, when the Supreme Court rules, I will use the ruling to force the politicians to do this uniform voting systems.  Then the Court heard this and ruled that no one could sue using their ruling!  So here we are: an election openly being stolen via early mail in ballots!  Also, today’s news about stupid building codes in California leads to deaths and destruction.  Media giants blame Trump for fires in California.


What is wrong with early voting, we ask?  EVERYTHING!  No one is supervising the voting, witnessing the voters, anyone can order a ballot and anyone else can fill it out and above all, no one sees who is voting at all!  So we have seen this ‘vote early’ system in all DNC run states because they know this is the easiest way to cheat.


So we have a very close election in these ‘vote early’ states and in all of them, the ‘hidden/now found’ ballots are not reflecting the 50-50 split but rather trend to 80/20 or worse votes for DNC candidates.


When the movement to remove voting from people signing documents, being seen by the vote observers, etc. we see many more illegal aliens voting and this is the other side of the scandal.  The DNC relies very heavily on alien voters.  Anyone suggesting that millions of illegal aliens are voting with DNC help is yelled at and the mainstream Bilderberg media hotly denies this is happening.


Of course, it is happening!  This is why California which was pretty much 50/50 voting with alternate GOP/DNC governors and Senators suddenly went to only DNC voting and to make this worse, they passed a voting rule that anyone can vote in primaries and the two top vote getters no matter who they are, can run as ‘opposition’ to each other when both are now the same party!


I see increasing deterioration in how we run elections.  The foreign money pours in, the lobbying by international businesses, the cheating on laws about donations, all this is tied in with the SJW conquest of all our dying universities that are slipping off this cliff, this very expensive system of ‘educating’ children is turning them instead into emotional wrecks who hate our country and wish to destroy it and destroy civilization.


The longer the child is in school, the more they deteriorate, literally.  They start at at grade 5 looking normal and by grade 12, look significantly worse and by age 25 in college, are a total wreck including some terrifically bad, dangerous habits and virtually no ability to do simple school work.


In college in the early 1970’s, I used to work part time with one of my professors, grading and correcting student essays.  It was a sad process.  Many students could barely compose a paragraph.  This is very basic stuff one learns in grade school.  How can it deteriorate so badly by adulthood?

The vast chasm opening at our feet is in this story about who dies while working: MEN.  Women are not flooding into jobs that are dangerous and difficult!  Many a female has been lured into the military and cops and firefighter positions only to discover this is very dangerous and hard so the vast majority quit after a short while or don’t bother.


Men, on the other hand, are desperate for these jobs and frankly, often enjoy this sort of work, too.  But they also pay a price.  Right now, we have a very strong civil rights issue developing: males are a slight majority versus women at age 18 but are less than 40% of college students now.  They do take the ‘crafts and skills’ classes.  But they are not appearing much more in regular college liberal arts classes.


Since their participation rate is dropping drastically now, this is grounds to sue for civil rights due to the hostile atmosphere of nearly all US higher education aimed at shaming, abusing and tormenting European-type male students.  They are covered by the Civil Rights Act, too.  And they are a minority to women by age 50 in numbers.


Now on to the el stupido lunacy of California: the fires are due to human stupidity.  Over and over again, I see obvious proof that the building codes are insane and stupid and no one ever changes anything there.  Here is more proof that fires hit expensive houses and don’t seem to touch any trees or even grass nearby, whole acres are untouched by flames while in the middle, a house is utterly destroyed.  Here is a fine example of a stupid house with a stupid owner who is very rich:

The hillside to the left is a grassy slope.  Next to the house are many trees, some got a tiny bit of heat sear on the needles and leaves but not one tree was burned up.  The house was destroyed.  Behind the trees sheltering the burned out house are green grass areas!  The house burned due to embers from the fire that didn’t hit the house, itself.


Below is a house that survived with the fire the exact same distance from the house, right up to the right hand side of the house:

The key here is, the roof is flat and doesn’t have a huge airspace above that sucks in embers!  My parent’s ranch they built in Arizona had a roof like that: flat.  The gabled roof is for snow areas, flat roofs make more sense in deserts and mild climates!  The vast majority of people in California are newcomers.


They haven’t the faintest idea what works best and it is the government that should forbid the building of houses that are terrible fire hazards and letting people build where they have no access to water to quench fires. That is, California is overpopulated for the resources that matter most: water being one of these.

Trump was 100% correct about poor management of forests: the environmentalists who hate humans decided to stop the maintenance of ‘fire breaks’ which are areas where the underbrush is cleared so fires can’t roar along merrily, burning hotter and hotter.  I learned how to groom firebreaks when only a child due to living at observatories, for example.


The DNC has zero desire to manage forests sanely.  They have a voting base that hates many modern things including systems of various sorts.  They want ‘raw nature’ and I assure everyone here, Nature is more than happy to oblige.

It’s not nice to fool mother nature!



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5 responses to “Obvious Election Fraud Abuse Of Early Voting, Illegal Aliens Voting Early

  1. KHS71

    One issue I must give the Rats credit, they do know how to cheat. I despise early voting because it leads to fraud.

  2. Aurelius

    Right; they play to win, and don’t worry about the rules or fair play. They seem to recognize that they are above the law, too.

    This is what people mean when they say the US is turning into a 3rd world country. This will become the new normal for elections if Mr. Trump and Mr. Whitaker don’t do something pronto. If the demographics don’t start to turn around, well….I don’t have to say what will happen.

    How does a country turn into the third world? Well there are two possible explanations. One is that a hostile elite with racial animus toward the majority demographic take over institutions of society and bring the third world into the country.

    The other explanation is, Orange Man Bad.

  3. timothy carroll


    What is breathtakingly amazing is the huge amount of whites (and no, they’re not all “young”, some being well into their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60;s) who champion the fact that the white race that built this country, its laws, its institutions, its technology, its infrastructure, is being replaced by third world gibs muh dat races of black and brown welfare moochers who have no idea how hard it was to wrest control from the Brits way back in 1776. No, those guys were privileged white supremacists who must be erased from history and their descendants driven from the land.

    This point was driven home to me about twenty five years ago when staying at a luxury resort in Cancun when some friends and I hired a local taxi cab driver to take us to see the hinterlands to see the “real Mexico”. I was aghast at the grinding poverty amid the shanty towns, far removed from the touristy areas. No plumbing to speak of, and one of the chaps who was with us had a bad case of Montezuma’s Revenge. The driver pulled into a gas stop and the poor fellow was amazed that he had to purchase toilet paper by the sheet, as none was provided for the literal hole in the ground in the bano.

    Yes, this is the type of country the elites wish the United States will become. Here is an accurate description of life there, if you have the stomach for it.


  4. timothy carroll

    Sorry the link doesn’t work. Here’s a copy & paste paragraph of vigilante justice without trial by jury for a man accused of murdering his pal during a drunken stupor:

    They placed Vicente’s coffin in the hole, then threw Teofilo in on top, with his arms and legs tied together. He screamed and begged for his life, calling out to his mother, “Please don’t let them do this to me!” She tried to help him, but her neighbors and friends held her back. The law had spoken, and no one would stand in its way.

    Twenty men started throwing dirt into the hole with shovels and sticks. Teofilo, screaming, tried to climb out. His 14-year-old son, Felipe, ran to him and tried to hug him and pull him up. Someone tossed a lasso around Teofilo’s neck and jerked him back into the grave, ripping him from his boy’s embrace. They pulled the crying youth away from his father as the dirt piled higher and higher on top of him, until he disappeared into the ground.

    “When they finished,” said his mother, “you could still hear him screaming under the ground.”

  5. Petruchio

    About the Building codes in CA. Doesn’t anybody in the Insurance industry step up and ask/demand some common sense in home construction? Apparently not, but I would think that some homes–celebrity home or not–in high risk areas would either be uninsurable or the rates are so high it’s too expensive. Then again, the whole State of California is high risk due to Earthquakes.

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