Bezos Sweet Deal With Democrats In DC And NYC Causes DNC Rift

New York leftists freak out after learning their own DNC leaders willing to pay Amazon $3 billion to locate new sweatshop shipping center in NY Long Island suburb.


Amazon is infamous because it is an SJW communist style sweatshop that works the lower classes to death, pushing them very hard to work very fast in horrific conditions inside huge warehouses.  Also, illegal aliens assail Trump’s fences demanding to enter and loot the US.  The left pretends these men are all women with little babies who are…certainly there and demanding to enter and get on welfare.  Trump even enters the fray on both issues, says NY DNC bribes for Bezos is wrong.


I find this very funny.  Bezos owns the Washington Post and uses it for peddling fake news and fake communism.  I am betting that Bezos loves the communist plans to work the plebian class literally to death in ‘re-education camps’. Trump pokes at Bezos:


‘They’re giving up a lot; they’re expensive deals. Only time will tell. Maybe Amazon will have massive competition and they won’t be the same company in five years in which case it would be a big mistake,’ Trump told  The Daily Caller. 


Now note how the fake communists who run the DNC like a Maoist workcamp attacks Trump for mentioning how Bezos uses the Washington Post to lie about economic deals and nearly everything else:


California Rep. Adam Schiff said he will employ committee subpoena powers to conduct a triple-threaded inquiry into Trump’s possible use of the ‘instruments of state power to punish the press,’ as well. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also owns The Washington Post, which the president has repeatedly called fake news.


Schiff will take over as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee when the Democrats officially take control of the House in January.


They will investigate anything and everything and I wonder, will voters who are leftists figure out the obvious?  Will they see they have been snookered?  Of course, eliminating rival news systems, censorship of anyone and everyone who has a different point of view than the rich globalists like Bezos is how these new dictators will operate.


US workers are watching an army of illegal aliens demanding they be allowed across the borders and the DNC super rich California and New York crews who hold power in these two states due to enabling illegal aliens to vote and keep them in power, will let in this army of new workers at the bottom rungs of the economic ladder because this is how they keep wages very low!  DUH.


The president signed an executive order earlier this year mandating a review of what he called the ‘unsustainable financial path’ of the United States Postal Service (USPS).  In an interview with Axios on HBO, Schiff claimed Trump was secretly meeting with the postmaster [general] in an effort to ‘browbeat her into raising postal rates on Amazon’ for shipping.


‘This appears to be an effort by the president to use the instruments of state power to punish Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post,’ Schiff said in the interview. ‘It is very squarely within our responsibility to find out,’ Schiff said.  Trump has also feuded specifically with Amazon throughout the year, saying it is taking advantage of taxpayer-subsidized shipping rates.


In March, he argued in a series of tweets that the online retailer’s ‘scam’ shipping deal with the US Postal Service is costing the agency ‘billions of dollars’.


Bezos abuses our famous and once well functioning mail systems by making sweetheart deals with politicians so they can pay less than us regular consumers of US Mail.  We pay more so he can pay less!  The mainstream media won’t report any of this, I got this story from the London Daily Mail.  The NY Times does come out with an anti-Amazon editorial today as a ‘bad bargain’.


One thing I noticed at the NYT today: not one article allows any comments now.  I am not surprised.  The last thing our Real Rulers who are Bilderberg gangsters want is citizens chatting about anything in public.  What is even odder is how their socialist darling in the Bronx,Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said:


‘Amazon is a billion-dollar company. The idea that it will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks at a time when our subway is crumbling and our communities need MORE investment, not less, is extremely concerning to residents here’.


Displacement is not community development. Investing in luxury condos is not the same thing as investing in people and families. Shuffling working class people out of a community does not improve their quality of life,’ said the Congresswoman-elect, whose district will include parts of Long Island City.


I hope she kills this deal.  HAHAHA.  She will go against the Cuomo gang as well as the top boss himself, Chuck Schumer.  They will squash her somehow, the media love story with her will turn on a dime into character assassination.


The media petted this leftist young lady and now they will smear her nonstop.  It will be amusing to watch.  The rich dragons who run the DNC and use illegal aliens to keep down wages are going to face some consequences for this suicidal political game playing in the long run.


In Britain where the rule of law is collapsing, some citizens have banded together to stop crime by patrolling streets that the police abandoned.  I did this very successfully in NYC many years ago when crime was totally out of control and the city was going bankrupt.  Unlike my group’s patrols, the English ones are not arresting anyone.  We did physical battles with criminals and made serious and sometimes rather violent arrests before we finally took over the 78th Precinct and were able to resume using professional police again.


Seriously, the police ‘stood down’ after the blackout riots in 1977 and getting them out to do their jobs was hard work and I don’t blame the cops, the DNC politicians didn’t want the police to take actions against DNC voting bases in the slums.  This is very true today, too as crime in the slums shoots upwards again with DNC blessings.


Now, on to ANTIFA which is going to be stopped dead in their tracks in all the DNC run cities and states that encouraged them to attack citizens.  They are no longer needed.  The poor kiddies who were lured into doing this garbage will be persecuted mercilessly by the Real Rulers who don’t like them at all.


Lastly, an amusing video by Sargon of Akkad about the difference between a ‘nationalist’ and ‘internationalism’:


One last small item which illustrates how con jobs use the media to steal money from naive people online:

It turns out the entire sob story was cooked up by all three people.  They scammed the public cynically but were exposed to the law due to trying to cheat each other.  No honor amongst thieves, it appears.  Oh, and this stupid story about a very venal man using the DNC and the DNC using him:

Stormy Daniels was a silly story and Avenatti is a crook.  No surprise here.  The DNC loved him until he became useless to them, now they pretend they don’t know him.



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15 responses to “Bezos Sweet Deal With Democrats In DC And NYC Causes DNC Rift

  1. Zeke

    ‘I am going to build new HQs and I am going to get the localities to pay for them’ not said by Bezos but echoes Trump as it were.

    Right wing oligarchs have been doing that for some time now, maybe starting with billionaire owners of corporate mercenary sports franchises getting Jane and Joe Sixpack to pay for their playground venue sports stadiums. How nice for them.

    Now routine for municipalities to compete with one another to pay corps., lure with tax incentives, etc. to locate there.

  2. Melponeme_k

    “Now, on to ANTIFA which is going to be stopped dead in their tracks in all the DNC run cities and states that encouraged them to attack citizens. They are no longer needed.”

    Oh they are still needed. The reason why they didn’t work is that a large mass of citizens are not indoctrinated with communism. We aren’t like Europe or Central America

    The elites have now put all their eggs in the Illegal Alien caravan army basket. Mexico is guarding the caravan against coyotes to the US border. How this is not declared an act of war against the US baffles me.

    The caravan fighting age males know they are in a war against the US and they have come specifically to fight. As in Europe the protestors for the aliens make up largely of menopausal women holding welcome signs. These men they are championing don’t believe in women’s rights. They believe in Machismo and keeping women constantly pregnant because it proves their manhood. This is what they are applauding. Not women’s rights.

  3. Zeke

    No applause please, “jazz hands” is the new de rigueur among pc enthusiasts so as to not intrude on anyone’s ‘safe space’. 😉

    (If jobs are so plentiful why are these munis ‘paying’ to get them?)

    (Aren’t the wage slave sweatshop ‘fulfillment’ centers different from the HQs to be populated by bureaucratic kulaks?)

  4. Aurelius

    “They will investigate anything and everything and I wonder, will voters who are leftists figure out the obvious? Will they see they have been snookered?”

    The 6 million dollar question.

  5. lou

    1–The worst story I recall was that of Huffy Bikes and the town they exited. research that.

  6. Petruchio

    I assume most everybody here has heard about how CNN’s WH Correspondent Jim Acosta has been stripped of his WH Press credentials. Good for Trump!! Acosta was an absolute disgrace. Acosta’s CONSTANT theme with his questions was about the alien caravans. Acosta would hector Trump about this AND he would daily harass Trump’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee about the illegal alien caravan. And he would NEVER politely ask a question and then wait for an answer. Acosta would ask a question, then cut off Huckabee or Trump in mid sentence. And Acosta would do this repeatedly. He didn’t want answers, he was pushing an agenda. It doesn’t seem to register with the MSM that their credibility is at an All Time Low. And the joke is on Acosta. As soon as his boot-licking lackey self is no longer needed by the Rulers, they gonna throw his worthless ass under the bus.

  7. ziff

    they are climbing over Trumps wall

  8. AT

    These days, Amazon’s free shipping generally takes much longer than free shipping from the manufacturers or other boutique online stores.

  9. vengeur

    Amazon is building a HUGE processing center here in Tucson (a monstrous concrete structure). Elaine you probably know the area , Kolb and I-10.

  10. lou

    AMAZON–I read it works out to 55k COST per job? Or was it more?

  11. Petruchio

    This reminds me of how the NFL team owners operate when they want the taxpayer to build them a new, State-of-the-Art stadium. When Billionaire Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf (sp.?) wanted a new stadium, he immediately threatened to move the ballclub if he didn’t get his every desire granted. This is amazing. There isn’t alot of facts to support that the presence of an NFL team boosts the local economy. What’s even more amazing is these same Billionaire NFL owners have ZERO loyalty to their fans. They have proven this again and again. Amazon’s Bezos fits the same mold as these NFL owners. It’s amazing what deadbeat freeloaders these uber wealthy folks are. The Free Market sure is expensive.

  12. And NFL football is increasingly unpopular due to SJW antics.

  13. lou

    and EMS has mentioned the pro football boys, are ‘sacrificial lambs’–so many brain injuries.

  14. Petruchio

    @#12 Elaine: That certainly is part of it, but I think there is more than one ‘driver’ to the declining popularity of the NFL. Note all the NFL teams that have or are going to move in the near future. How obvious does it have to get that NFL owners don’t give a damn about their fans?. And these guys expect fans to shell out $165 for an Official NFL team jersey so they can wear it on Game Day? The sight of Billionaire NFL owners extorting 100’s of millions of Dollars from cities is starting to take its toll. More and more fans are pulling back from being NFL fans. Next is the suspicion that the NFL is., at least for some games–like the super bowl–the games are RIGGED. I believe that. All it takes is for the refs to call a penalty at the perfect time and you get a change in the game. Doesn’t take much. It gets kind of obvious though when one team can play an entire game and not get called for even one penalty. Than the NFL is on all the time. Sunday day. Sunday night. Monday night. Thursday night. I don’t own an NFL jersey. I’m not paying $165-$200 for a jersey. I don’t buy their sponsored products I watch for free on TV. I’m a Sports fan. I watch the NFL ad other sports. I’d miss the local NFL team if they left, but I wouldn’t sweat it.

  15. Football used to be totally connected to patriotism. That is now long gone. Totally gone. The desperate owners of the teams still do bigger and bigger flag waving but they can’t stop the obvious anti-patriotism of the players and media giants.

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