Nationalism Versus Imperialism: Verboten Debate About Bilderberg Gang Goals

Watching this discussion at Fox about ‘nationalism’ versus ‘internationalism’ shows how both sides of the debate at the top of our society frankly cannot understand basic history.  This is due to how history is taught mostly by Marxist professors.  WWI and WWII were not ‘nationalist’ wars, they were both gigantic imperialist wars.  Germany and Japan made it crystal clear, they were competing with the British, Russian and French empires, for example.


This inability to learn from history extends further, much further.  No one at our universities now teach the horror and ugliness of all communist systems.  For decades, the Left’s prime directive has been to take over the education system in this country to promote positive images of socialism and to laud communist icons such as Karl Marx and Che Guevara as “history heroes”.


Unsuspecting parents are sending their children off to public schools, where radical teachers push the Left’s agenda into impressionable minds.  This is the objective of “The Frankfurt School”, a program employed by the Left to subvert America’s youth and erode our shared American cultural identity.


Our schools are endlessly doing the opposite of patriotic actions.  In one case, a Missouri high school substitute teacher who lost his job last month after thanking students for standing for the Pledge of Allegiance!


“I say, ‘Let’s go.”  The kids get up — 24 kids in class — and 22 got up. I say, ‘Thank you very much, all of you that participated. I appreciate that. I’m sure all of those families that lost loved ones so we could have the freedoms we have today would appreciate that, too.’ That’s what I said.”


The school revealed to him that the student had told them he’d been “hurt” my Furkin’s remark, and according to KTVI, this “hurt” that Furkin allegedly delivered to the boy counted as an act of “bullying.”


Our schools are out of control but only in DNC-run school systems.  Encouraging children to be defiant, to be anti-patriotic is the goal of the administrators and parents of children at many schools now.


By Saturday at least 650 people — presumably local students and parents — had signed an “appreciation” petition on his behalf.


What astonishes me the most is, the school defied both the parents and the bulk of the students on behalf of two students who were taught to hate America and who refused to participate in daily activities due to their contrary desires.


Right now, in Europe and North America, there is a debate about patriotism, nationalism, communism, and internationalism.  And the Bilderberg gang is totally an international super secret conspiracy gang that meets behind closed doors guarded by entire armies, literally.  The truly most important part of this information is, the far left is not protesting the Bilderberg gang nor the billionaires who protect and fund them all.


Yes, they are the army attacking citizens in schools, at home, in stores, at public events, terrorizing everyone else.  Yet the voters still vote for the masters of the far left.  This is simple to understand: the leftists tell them, they will be allowed to loot everyone else.

Handing out goodies is fun.  It is ridiculously easy to do, too.  The super rich expect no one to tax them, of course.  They park their loot outside of the country!  They also can force cities and states to bid for their jobs they create and thus, evade taxes on their infrastructures.  They all do this and it is great fun for them and is why the rich are getting richer.


The fantasy being sold to students who are being relentlessly driven deep into debt is, all this can be fixed via taxing the other people who can’t get sweetheart deals like all small businesses pay full taxes while is subsidized by the government sweetheart deals, for example.


This is from an article by communist leftists about how the government of Argentina prevents them from teaching communist dogma in schools:


In recent years, teachers, students, and parents have faced government cutbacks in the education system as well as attacks on working conditions in schools. Teachers work in unsafe, dilapidated buildings that form a backdrop for the horrible learning conditions faced by low-income students. Teachers fight against government cuts while confronting the union bureaucracy that allow these attacks to be carried out. The struggle against cuts to education is not only a teachers’ struggle but also the struggle of all workers and of the community.


However, in each one of these fights, it became clear that the defense of free, secular public education is not enough. Public education is still in the hands of those who rule the country in service to large corporations. International financial institutions, corporate executives, and associated government ministers determine the curriculum and methods — the what, the how, and the when of public education. There is enormous class inequality which results in huge nutritional deficits and health problems for many of our students. Class differences also mean that many children have no books to read. While these conditions persist, we cannot limit ourselves to proposing a few reforms to correct specific problems in education without questioning the institution of public schooling, including its character and function in society.


We believe that those who take this perspective are deeply mistaken. From our point of view, the contributions of Marx and of other Marxist authors such as Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky are fundamental to an analysis of the problems in education. Yet one cannot seek out their contributions in a superficial way, looking for the words “education,” “school,” or “education system” in the glossary of a book on Marxism. To understand a Marxist perspective on education, one must utilize the roots of Marxist thinking — its conception of mankind and of society, and in synthesis, the materialist conception of history. To understand a Marxist perspective on education, one must understand the material process that forms consciousness and ideology (considering education and schools to be part of that process).


Nowhere do Marxist teachers discuss the many communist disasters and horrors.  There is a 100% rate of destruction when a country goes communist.  The utter destruction of China was literal, the Marxists destroyed Chinese culture, Chinese cities, Chinese intelligence, everything Chinese.  The country was turned into a wasteland and millions and millions starved to death, were worked to death or executed in massive numbers.


Maoist China was aggressively imperialist, attacking on all the borders frequently and luckily, mostly lost these invasions.  Communist countries can turn into imperial powers via military force and this is frequent, not rare.  When several communist countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and China under vicious dictators, invaded each other in order to conquer and control.


Communism does not bring international peace, it brings the same imperialist wars as capitalist countries.  Imperialism is very, very ancient.  The earliest histories of empires coincide with the invention of a thing called ‘city/states’.  Even the ancient Greek city/states were very imperialist.


The Greek democracy was very, very aggressively imperialist which is how it fell into ruin and Sparta invaded and took over Athens.  Then both fell to Alexander the Great whose greatness was entirely connected to his imperial activities.

So why do all our elites hate Trump talking about nationalism?  Well, nationalism needs to have the support of the citizens to exist.  Communist and dictator countries rely on the military and media to keep people scared or in line to service imperial projects.


Whipping up people into illicit wars is all part of this.  At the Nüremberg Trials, the issue of governments whipping up people into illicit invasions was declared a war crime.  Bush Jr. and the US media and both political parties did this after 9/11.  They falsely charged Iraq with engineering this Saudi attack on the US and then invaded, destroyed Iraq and Iraq is now a mess and millions of people died.


It is a total war crime and no one is repentant about all this.  And since the DNC was deeply involved in this and Obama then committed more war crimes against Libya and Syria and there was zero leftist demonstrations against any of this.  The leftists didn’t give a hoot.


Anything and everything Trump does gets howls of rage from the fake liberals who are either outright elitist imperialists or the rank and file who want to loot the Treasury, etc.  They want goodies and they want foreign conquests.  In a typical turn which happens to all empires, invaders like the Hispanic waves of looters who are, right now, demanding to be let in so they can steal stuff including JOBS…this happened to ancient Rome, too, which was an imperial power and which collapsed when it ceased to conquer new lands.


About Trump: he is facing down the Bilderberg gang again, telling them about the new rules:


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30 responses to “Nationalism Versus Imperialism: Verboten Debate About Bilderberg Gang Goals

  1. Aurelius

    This whole “migrant caravan” phenomenon, as well as the general trend of waves of brown invaders penetrating into white countries, is very eerily foretold in Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel “The Camp of the Saints.” The story is set in France as a ‘caravan’ of ships bearing destitute Indians sails toward their shores, and neither the politicians nor the military has the will to stop them, and the leftist people rush to the beaches to “welcome” them. Meanwhile, similar things are happening throughout the developed world as brown people living in those societies rise up.

    I would put this book into the “Horror” genre, although realistic, and a few years ago I found it both hard to read — because of the obvious parallels to the present — and hard to put down. Very prophetic.

  2. Melponeme_k

    “…foretold in Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel “The Camp of the Saints.””

    These people don’t foretell anything. They just tell us outright. Coudenhove-Kalergi started the Pan race idea in the 1920s. This is the result of their occult teachings. That they have to bring about this “new Adam” by mixing the races (not their blood, mind you, only ours).

    Of course this is all clap trap to dress up Feudalism and ensure the elites will always be on top of the pile. By turning us all into low IQ illiterates.

    Do you know where they tell us their plans? ENTERTAINMENT. What a joke. Nothing what we get is entertainment. It is all Brainwave ENTRAINMENT, MK ULTRA style. Respail’s book wasn’t foretelling anything, it was telling us outright what the plan was going to be. He was probably a group of spooks and his name/face was plastered onto the project. They told us AGAIN what they were going to do in that stupid film, “Elysium”. That was in 2013. That was 2 years before the European Migration disaster.

    They are always telling us because their creed requires them to tell the truth. The truth just doesn’t have to be plain spoken, they can hide it in various ways. But it still leaves them free to say that they told us and we agreed.

  3. Jim R

    #2 @Melponeme,

    Ironically, the entertainment people have gone into the ‘journalism’ business. We are regaled with almost daily stories of how Boris and Natasha are plotting to overthrow Moose and Squirrel.

    And Acosta’s incoherent harangue is somehow worthy of ‘news’, while people in Haiti are rioting in the streets, and not a peep from the ‘media’. Apparently they have to figure out how to spin it before they will announce anything.

    And your chocolate ration has been increased from 25 grams to 14 grams, that is all, good day.

  4. Aurelius



    “Foretell” = tell ahead of time.

    ” Respail’s book wasn’t foretelling anything, it was telling us outright what the plan was going to be. He was probably a group of spooks and his name/face was plastered onto the project. ”

    Citation needed.

  5. Melponeme_k

    Citation of WHAT?

    The whole Coudenhove-Kalergi plan?

    Well here it is:

    Click to access 1432679832359.pdf

    More proof this person was one of the ones behind the EU?

    Out in the open since 1923. No one was foretelling, it was already a done deal. It was in print and in motion.

    What the fictionalized versions were…were MOCKERY. For the people who do not READ. Us. The sheep.

  6. Aurelius

    I know all about Coudonhove-Kalergi. Don’t need schooling there.

    Please read my comment again, more carefully. I pasted a quote from your #2 post. Directly below that, I asked for a citation. The requested citation is for the assertion quoted immediately above.

    From Merriam-Webster:

    Definition of foretell

    transitive verb

    : to tell beforehand : predict

    Since you presumably have read “Camp…”, you have no doubt found remarkable parallels in the story with what is happening right now. It’s rather a remarkable belief that “the elites” — and I don’t object to the term — control everything down to this level, more than four decades in advance. It makes them seem omnipotent..(“…: having virtually unlimited authority or influence ” — Merriam Webster again.)

  7. Aurelius

    @#2 Mel

    Out of curiosity, I have a question.

    For me, unless I am shown otherwise, I assume that someone like Raspail could very astutely read the currents of the time, and maybe he had some inside information that others didn’t have — in fact that’s probably true that he did. And he had a mind capable of projecting those trends into the future, and spinning a good yarn with it. And he was using his writing craft, his best abilities, with the vehicle of fictive story, to warn people of what he saw.

    In your view of things, is such a scenario impossible? Again my question is, is my assumed view of Raspail and his book, a priori, impossible or implausible, according to your world view?

  8. honeybagder don't care

    The teacher’s comments were just a snide attack on the kids that exercised their rights not to stand; totally out of place. We don’t need to waste class time on indoctrination thank you very much.

  9. AT

    No dark sarcasm,
    in the classroom,

  10. Christian W

    The utter destruction of China was literal, the Marxists destroyed Chinese culture, Chinese cities, Chinese intelligence, everything Chinese. The country was turned into a wasteland and millions and millions starved to death, were worked to death or executed in massive numbers.

    This is part of the picture. More of the picture is that China had been suffering under the Imperialist invasion of the British et al, whose gunboat “diplomacy”, forced the Chinese to accept British opium from slave plantations in India as payment for tea and other Chinese goods such as porcelain. The British killed millions of Indians (starvation etc) and Chinese to keep this extremely profitable scheme going. It was the Communists who finally managed to stop Opium consumption in China after defeating Chiang Kai-Shek and his “nationalists” in 1949, ending what the Chinese see as the “century of humiliation”. Hong Kong, stolen by the British in 1842 as a result of the “First opium war”, was liberated in 1997.

    This opium, and the foreign enforcement of the opium trade, weakened China to the point of destruction and paved the way for a populist Communist (ie “internationalist”) uprising against the “nationalist” puppet government supported by foreign Imperialist powers (US eg).

    This mess eventually lead to Mao after decades of civil war, with the invasion of the Japanese army in 1937-1945 as an interlude. Mao took over after purging the Communist party of more pragmatic leaders who threatened his grip on power. One of these purged leaders, Deng Xiopeng, was restored after the death of Mao, and began his original plan for modernizing China that had been blocked by Mao. Now China has arisen from the ashes.

    Something tells me the Chinese are not in a mood to give in to US machinations this time around.

  11. Christian W

    It’s worth pointing out that the US elites thought this opium plan for profit was so brilliant they have repeated this exact scheme today in Afghanistan. The US government protected poppy fields in Afghanistan feed the opium epidemic in the US and elsewhere.

  12. Melponeme_k


    “It’s rather a remarkable belief that “the elites” — and I don’t object to the term — control everything down to this level, more than four decades in advance.”

    No, it is not remarkable. Your view of this society is what is remarkable. There is no free market. Never was a free market. The elite are a small group that has managed to get us all to focus on a very small part of reality, the shadow mirror world they create. They have been so successful, they are full of themselves and think their pinky toes are magical. They never faced an educated, motivated and level headed enemy…yet.

    They control all means of communication. They control the governments. They control commerce and money. If you look, everyone at the top is related from business to entertainment to the aristocracy. They have an idea of where they want their little doll house society to go, they meet with each other in little secret meetings (Bilderberg being one), someone writes a white paper or book, the plan then filters through our mass media in news and entertainment, then they start government legislation right down to implementation. And all of us think this is natural not engineered.

    Do you think you can write a book, start a huge business, become an entertainer or enter government. NO YOU CANNOT. All of that is controlled by the big families and they will not allow interlopers. Let me tell you what you can expect.

    You have a book idea? You write it out. It’s a good book. It won’t be published. Never will. Unless they tell you to take a pay out, release the IP, then they give it to one of their little troglodyte children (ALA JK Rowling) to be the face that wrote it. Of course, you can self publish but it won’t make you money and there will be no marketing impetus behind it to reach maximum amount of eyeballs.

    You have a great invention? You won’t be able to get it created, not unless you sell it to one of the big conglomerates. Their name will be on it, not yours. Again you will get a pay out, they will have the IP and the revenue from it from there on out.

    It will be the same story in every way. We don’t live in a free culture. We live in a doll house. The answer? Disconnect in any way you can. Stop TV, Stop with the popular books, magazines. Buy as little as their crap as possible. This doll house has to be starved out of existence.

    In regards to Raspail, who the hell is he? Look up the father and mother and both their information is scrubbed. Meaning there is more there than meets the eye. And I have a hard time believing that the father was just a factory manager. Look where he attended school the privileged Ecole des Roches. Are you going to tell me a factory worker’s kid went there as a charity? BULL. In France? SNOOTY, class encrusted FRANCE? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This school says Prep SPOOK school all over it. And is just what Raspail is, a spook. Did he write the book? Maybe. Or another spook wrote it and he was chosen to be the face.

    Don’t believe a word they tell you. They would steal candy from a baby right in front of you then lie about it even knowing you were a witness. They can’t help themselves.

  13. Aurelius

    @ Mel
    Ok, thank you.
    Questions not answered — but answered.

    “Your view of this society is what is remarkable.”
    What is my view of society? No, don’t answer that.

    You think perhaps that you are telling me about things I don’t already know about. You’re not. You have simply drawn certain conclusions from it, as to what is possible and what is impossible. I do not share those conclusions. I’d like to leave it at that.

  14. Melponeme_k


    Your view of society in which it is not possible for a small group to control everything.

    They do. You see it every day. They even make jokes about it “It’s a Small World”.

    It is easy to control a small world with BIG lies.

  15. Christian W

    The Spider’s Web – Britain’s Second Empire

  16. Christian W

    @ 13 & 14

    Mel is correct. The break down is simple.

    1. A monetary system rigged for the Banks & Corps & insiders at the top (Wall Street & Tax havens etc)

    2. A for profit Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex that requires endless war across the globe (Pentagon & Lockheed Martin/Raytheon/Boeing/Halliburton et al)

    3. For Profit Politicians that are controlled by 1 & 2 (Congress, Presidents)

    4. Corporate Media that is complicit with 1-3 (Disney, Fox News, Comcast etc)

    5. Deep State intelligentsia & Academia that protects 1-4 (CIA, Facebook, Google, Yale/Harvard etc)

    The rest is ‘noise’.

    The solution is Regulation. Put the Corporate monsters back in the box Reagan, and the following Presidents, opened. Regulate the Fed. Anti-trust legislation. Open Source legislation. Glass Seagall the hell out of Wall Street. Dismantle the MIC bloated by zillions in printed money. Blow up the Pentagon xTrillion Dollar Graft Machine. End the Oligarch money control over US politics by legislation.

    But point 3 ensures this will never happen.

  17. honeybagder don't care

    @ #9 Bingo

    Born with insight and a raised fist
    A witness to the slit wrist
    As we, move into ’92
    Still in a room without a view
    Ya got to know, ya got to know
    That when I say go, go, go!
    Amp up and amplify
    Defy, I’m a brother with a furious mind
    Action must be taken
    We don’t need the key, we’ll break in

    Something must be done
    About vengeance, a badge and a gun
    Cause I’ll rip the mike, rip the stage, rip the system
    I was born to Rage Against ’em!
    Fist in ya face in the place and I’ll drop the style clearly…
    Know your enemy!

    Know your enemy!

    Hey yo, and get with this… uggh!

    Word, is, born!
    Fight the war, FUCK the norm!
    Now I got no patience
    So sick of complacence
    With the D, the E, the F, the I, the A, the N, the C, the E
    Mind of a revolutionary, so clear the lane
    The finger to the land of the chains
    WHAT?! The “land of the free?”
    Whoever told you that is your enemy!
    Now something must be done
    About vengeance, a badge and a gun
    Cause I’ll rip the mic, rip the stage, rip the system
    I was born to Rage Against ’em!
    Now action must be taken
    We don’t need the key, we’ll BREAK IN!!

    I’ve got no patience now…
    So sick of complacence, now…
    I’ve got no patience, now…
    So sick of complacence now..
    Sick of, sick of, sick of, sick of…you..
    Know your enemy!

  18. Pete

    @ Christian W

    I was just going to post
    Spider’s Web and you beat me to it!
    Kinda spooked me out.

  19. honeybagder don't care

    @#$%^ video unavailable; one more try:

  20. Pete

    Britain’s Biggest Industry is:
    (drum roll)
    Banking Fraud!

  21. honeybagder don't care

    Oh well, no radical leftist music videos today. Also, somehow the most important lyrics got cut from the end above; to wit:

    Yes, I know my enemies!
    They’re the teachers who taught me to fight me!
    Compromise! Conformity! Assimilation! Submission!
    Ignorance! Hypocrisy! Brutality! The elite!
    All of which are American dreams!

    Anyway, I highly recommend all to click on the titles to listen these tracks on youtube.

    But the point is not that this stuff is necessarily so politically astute; the point is–why does it exist in the first place and why do so many people relate to it? (Hint: see the above quote).

  22. OK: about the elites…they absolutely hate all of us. The would love to have us reduced to serf conditions all over again. Nostalgia is great for this sort of thing. I grew up inside the elite cocoon and know well how its culture operates.

    AND THIS CULTURE IS DYING RAPIDLY inside the ruling elites, themselves!!!! HAHAHA.

    I remember when Jewish youths hoping to be high end quality people, learned to enjoy classical music as I was raised to enjoy this, too. I remember when we were schooled as to how to walk properly with a book on our heads, to play sports in such a way that you show your skills and your decorum, riding horses, etc.

    Yes, I was raised this way: high culture. And it is rapidly dying with the super rich super powerful brats becoming ghetto trash. They love ghetto trash. They want more ghetto trash.

    They want the freedom of ghetto trash! You can slouch, be sloppy, eat stupidly instead of proper table manners, you can do all sorts of junk and no one makes you sit up straight (I cannot even half a century later, slouch due to rigorous training to sit up straight!).

    The entire middle class culture is collapsing rapidly now. We have more money, more wealth, more everything except class. Each generation moves closer to slum morals. That is, dog eat dog, to hell with everyone else, be rude, be crude and be nasty!

    At the same time, the remnants of ‘sit up straight and cover your mouth’ continues in a very warped form: middle and upper class brats want us all to use strange pronouns, to watch what we say about the ghetto classes, and to never, ever talk back to them when these upper crust brats are misbehaving in gross and horrible ways including rioting, murdering people and stealing stuff.

  23. Petruchio

    @3322 Elaine: So that’s what they expect, huh? Well…they are in for a really rude awakening…

  24. Petruchio

    Mel’s comments here remind me. I think they “Entertainment” Industry, The Industry as insiders call it, IS agenda driven, but I notice something else. One, the people in The Industry are EXTREMELY hostile about hiring American actors. If you watch TV/Cable/Movies, you see the same very small group of actors appearing in films/tV over and over and over again. You would think that American Actors/Actresses are the rarest form of being in the Universe. TPTB in The Industry are very hostile to hiring New Faces American actors/actresses. You would think they might want to hire Fresh Faces so as to give them leverage over the Actors, but they don’t do this.That’s a sign of deception and secrecy going on. If you hire outside a VERY tight knit, small group of Actors, the chances of your agenda being exposed increase. Second thing I notice is The Industry’s complete lack of creativity. Jesus H. Christ! they are doing a remake of “Magnum P.I.! That one pairs well with their remake of “Hawaii 5-0”. But here’s the topper that takes the cake. I think these shows are on Wednesday night (Prime Time). First you have the show “Chicago Med”(1 hour). Then you have the show “Chicago Fire” (one hour). Then you can top your night off with the one hour show “Chicago P.D.”! Really!!? This is really pathetic.

  25. Jim R

    When they remake “Ozzie and Harriet”, stick a fork in ’em, they’re done.

    You’d think the declining viewer statistics would be a clue for them, but no..

  26. Christian W

    @ 21 & 22

    Solzhenistyn saw first hand the lack of culture, the decadence and the superficiality that would lead to destruction of the US.

    Here he is giving a speech to US elites at Harvard as a warning. This was 40 years ago…

  27. Ziff

    @26,,, so russian MSM and Jordan Peterson have reached the same place , good stuff , live as though there is a God

  28. This is all about Kultur Kampf a neat German word to describe how one destroys civilizations.

  29. About American actors: they don’t learn manners or how to speak crisply and sharply which is why Brit actors abound. This has been true since day one.

  30. Melponeme_k

    No Elaine.

    They don’t pick American Actors because there is a concerted effort to discourage National Pride in any art form or sport. There are plenty of American actors who speak crisply and sharply. I’ve met them.

    But of course, they weren’t part of the families nor were they transgender, hence they aren’t cast in anything important.

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