Global Warming: Zero Fahrenheit Cold Upstate New York Thanksgiving Day!

Liberals hate reality.  They get an idee fixe they keep it going for half a century.  Examples are abundant.  Today, we are in the middle of yet another pre-Thanksgiving snow storm and in the next three days, we will have super record breaking cold of zero F here on my little mountain.  All of the Eastern half of the continent which is many thousands of miles in size, will be seeing record cold.  Naturally,

The British paper, the Daily Mail, has a top news story of greatest interest to US citizens: we are going to see record cold and this is a very deadly cold, this is the sort of cold that kills people quickly.  One would expect that New York citizens reading the very odious and criminal newspaper, the New York Times, would expect a front page story even a tiny one about this looming catastrophe.  Here is a screenshot of today’s front page:

Nothing.  Just the usual race baiting as the NYT whines about actual vote counting and slyly pretending this is racist because of course, cheating in vote counting is how elites stay in power and their servants, the black and Hispanic communities, get goodies if they vote DNC even if this means high crime rates, terrible schools and the collapse of marriages.


Not a peep about this terrifically terrible cold surge coming out of the Hudson Bay, ground zero for all Ice Ages.  People will die because of this cold wave.  One would imagine, the news creeps on the left would mention this.  They will not.  They want us to freeze to death.


It is no secret that the core people in the global warming scam all hate humans and wish we would have a major die-off.  The silly geese think they won’t die, of course, just the rest of us annoying people.  Here is today’s news story from England via Russia which I find funny since Russia has no illusions that they are going to be tropical in ten years:

These poor kiddies who grew up during the recent short warm cycle have no idea what awaits them this year.  Note how everyone is dressed for a chilly day and these poor saps are protesting warm days.  They want it to be colder.  Well, their wish has been granted: even London will be freezing cold in the next several days!


The London Daily Mail which cheerfully carries all the fake news they can, they even believe the Royal Family cares about global warming!  Like all super rich people who are terrified about a planet being slightly warmer than the Little Ice Age, they really want to teach those pesky peasants a lesson in life: you all get to die so the planet will be much colder!  Bon appetit.


Today’s top story is this lunacy:

The fake scientists who happily live in Hawaii which sees very little aside from the shoreline growing in Ice Ages, they are worried we will have a climate in the northern continents that will be as warm as Hawaii!  Oh no!  Got to freeze everyone else!


I am enraged that these silly scientists are lollygagging about Hawaii, lying about the cooling planet, screeching about global warming.  I want to bring them all here and have them live in a tent while shovelling my driveway all winter, by hand.  They can then lecture me about global warming while doing this.


And…the BBC is warning Brits, unlike the NY Times which is refusing to warn anyone, that super cold is descending from Russia and Greenland.

And just the other day, here is the BBC telling the poor saps living in Britain and about to be frozen like hamburger meat:

HAHAHA….the rich clowns living in palaces and moving all over the planet in yachts, private jets, massive cars, etc. etc. are going to tax the poor saps who want red meat…so we will freeze even more than already!!!


This is homicidal brutality.  They just want an excuse to tax the lower classes, they aren’t taxing stuff they love like escargot snails, so they can have more money to do as they please like putting lower class people into prison for taking photos or talking about Muslim rape gangs (Tommy Robinson’s reason for prison abuse by the authorities).


The French Revolution and frankly, the American Revolution, happened at the same time during the same super cold Little Ice Age years when the Potomac River froze so George Washington could sneak around the behind of the British troops.  In Paris, food riots led to the collapse of society and mass murder of rich people who had power.


There will be uprisings in Europe and North America due to global cooling.  The rage we don’t see yet is due to people moving mainly to warmer climate places like California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, etc.  They can fool themselves for a while but I remember Arizona and California during the last cold cycle: it snowed, more than once!


It was bitter cold at night in Tucson which is right next to Mexico!  I bought old fur coats from Value Village to turn into blankets so I wouldn’t freeze at night.  Then I moved to total hell: New York which was extremely cold back then.  I saw people die in the streets due to the extreme cold.  It was frightful.  And the NY Times doesn’t give a hoot about all this.




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4 responses to “Global Warming: Zero Fahrenheit Cold Upstate New York Thanksgiving Day!

  1. Saint Mike

    The thing I like best about Global Warming is all this freezing weather, isn’t science grand.

    I think I prefer the old style real science based on facts instead of this new science based on PC correctness and outright fraud.

    These “new” SJW scientists and politicians make used car salesmen look like a bunch of pikers.

  2. lou

    Elaines former hero,

    Former President Obama took more veiled shots at his predecessor Monday night, suggesting that the reason the U.S. is not taking more direct action against climate change is because of “hate, anger, racism — mommy issues.”

    Obama appeared at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, where author Dave Eggers interviewed him about ways to mobilize Americans toward creating social change.

    When the topic of global warming came up, Obama’s criticism was particularly pointed.

    “The reason we don’t” invest in climate change policies, Obama said, “is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism — mommy issues.”

    The comments drew laughter from the audience. [idiots]

  3. Jim R

    “an idee fixe …”

    You spoke French! I love it when you speak French! Mmmmwah!

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