The Empires Strike Back: Bilderberg Gang In Open Warfare With Citizens In EU and USA

Trump strikes back, he was abused by mainstream media which openly and obviously lied from top to bottom about how CNN’s reporter assaulted the young lady who tried to get him to give her the mike.  The mainstream media claimed nothing happened and a judge forced Trump to take back in this very rude man and let him annoy everyone with impunity.  So the rules have been changed and this pisses off the pissed off media even more.  I will also discuss other news stories peddled by these liars, they now openly lie or hide the news nonstop now, it is unbearable to watch but I force myself to watch them.


All this lying has a very bad ending.  Our elites think that destroying US jobs, bringing in armies of legal and illegal aliens to keep down wages, the luring of populations into Europe and North America by offering them welfare money if they vote for the Bilderberg gang’s operatives is a huge problem for citizens who work and pay taxes.  Wages are low due to constant infusion of outside labor.

This lady who won an election due to the displacement of citizens and replacement with Muslims that Obama brought into the country, lied about everything during the election.   Now, she laughs as she reveals who she really is!  Is anyone really surprised by this?  Not I.


Jewish activists who are liberals in California and New York created this problem.  They all thought they are very clever especially that ridiculous man in my own state of NY, Chuck Schumer.  He is very intelligent and quite evil.  He thinks he can control the millions of aliens he is bringing into the US.  More about that later here.

ANTIFA is a DNC front operation used to terrorize citizens and prevent them from holding rallies.  Trump supporters in DNC-run states were assaulted by illegal aliens and college students, all waving foreign flags or revolutionary flags, and virtually none were arrested even when physically hitting people and destroying property.


These people howl about racism and are extremely racist, themselves.  Black radicals inside the DNC are openly racist, too and nothing happens because it is OK to be criminal or racist or ignore borders if you are a ‘minority’ here but a majority elsewhere on the planet earth.  Below is a story out of Crazy California of illegal aliens complaining about working while there are fires elsewhere:

Strawberries ripen quickly and they can’t just sit there for two or three weeks.  Some crops like wheat, there is a wide range of time to harvest but fruits are not like that at all.  Timing is everything.  This story is from the Washington Post which is run by a West Coast billionaire whose stock is dropping after Trump was defeated in the midterm election.  Way to go, dude.  He loves cheap foreign labor and nothing is cheaper than illegal aliens.  This is why none of our very rich citizens want to stop this flood of illegal aliens.


They benefit from it!  A judge out west demanded Trump not protect OUR borders.  The New York Times is whining about Trump being angry at the crazy West Coast Appeals Courts.  They are actively working nonstop to flood the US with more illegal aliens, deliberately.  This is their armed troops for destroying the US married middle class voters who tend to vote Republican.  Here is the Washington Post front page story:

Here is the same story from the Gateway Pundit:

Note how the WP won’t mention the little detail that this liberal judge who believes in no borders is from England which is being overrun the same way.


The New York Times is spitting mad that Trump wants to stop this flood of cheap labor/storm troopers for the DNC.  Mostly Jews work and own stock in the NY Times and Israel has the biggest, best armed walls in the world to keep out non-Jews.  The NY Times never, ever mentions this.  Then there are stories like this one that won’t appear in the WP or NYT:

This is typical.  They come here illegally and even when legalized, they continue a life of crime.  How obvious this is!

And the same courts that want many illegal aliens also wants barbaric practices, too.  Both the Jewish and Muslim religions believe in various forms of mutilating sexual organs for religious reasons.  The Muslim surgery is to make women desire sex less due to it being an unhappy experience they must endure, not enjoy.


Left wing feminists support this!


The Jews are insane.  Period. They think they can exploit the labor of millions and millions of Catholics and Muslims here in the US.  So they import millions of people who fundamentally hate Jews with a passion.  I am baffled about this, does the Jewish community have any idea where this will end?  It is obvious to me.   Back to the West Coast Washington Post:

I love how the Jewish media giants are howling about how much they care about a friend of bin Laden being killed by the Saudis.  Now we must boycott Saudi Arabia?  Hello!  That is going to end badly for us.  Putin is going to die laughing for this forces Europe to rely even more on the possibility of importing Russian energy.


Turkey and Russia are buddies now.  Note how NATO is now disintegrating so badly, Macron of French fame, is talking about an EU Army that would fight who?  Oh, the citizens of European countries who are now in open revolt against the EU!  This army won’t be fighting the millions of illegal Muslim aliens who were allowed to invade and who are mostly unable to work at all and are a problem for everyone else in Europe.


At least Hispanic people have some work ethic!  Muslims want slaves.  One of the very last states to outlaw slavery was Saudi Arabia.  The very last state to do this was Muslim, too, in 1980.  During all this time, we had many Presidents who talked about human rights and how we have to wipe out slavery and it ran on and on and on with not a peep from anyone at the very top of the power structures.


Britain is who forced the Saudis to stop slavery.  It still exists there but is very hidden, they lure in workers, take away their papers and then don’t let them leave.  This is slavery and continues with not a word from our own rulers.

Naturally, the Washington Post that was silent for years and years and even as stories came out of Saudi Arabia when Obama was President, nothing was done.  I was at first rather puzzled about the row about Khashoggi.  He was a relative of bin Laden who attacked us in the past!  What is going on  here?


Well, Trump was merely doing what all our leaders have done for a century: covered the Saudi royals no matter what they do!  Duh!  But now we are supposed to be freaking out over all this.  The Saudi Royals are like the Mafia.  I interacted with actual Saudi royals in the past, my parents were invited by the King to go there during the Ford administration in the 1970’s.


They had a spat with the Saudi King when virtue police ran over and killed a Dutch woman my mom knew.  This made zero news in the US even though there was a diplomatic fracas after my mother openly protested this.  This is the sort of hidden news that is 90% of what really goes on in the world.  We get to see only a very narrow part of it.


Meanwhile, the Big Shots in the Bilderberg gang are steadily destroying the internet.  And…Tommy Robinson is going to have a march on Parliament over the issue of alien rape gangs and the Brexit betrayal in England.  The Bilderberg gang is immensely furious with pesky British citizens voting against global rule of Britain.  This is ridiculous and at the same time, I am in awe of so many people willing to confront the Bilderberg gang openly in one of their key control cities, the international banking haven in London.  Wow.  Tommy Robinson is one brave man.



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24 responses to “The Empires Strike Back: Bilderberg Gang In Open Warfare With Citizens In EU and USA

  1. Aurelius

    Hello! I’ve just woke up from a coma that I was in since 1988 and found this article published on “the Web.” Can someone explain to me why a person named IIhan Omar is in my country and in Congress?

  2. timothy carroll

    So they import millions of people who fundamentally hate Jews with a passion. I am baffled about this, does the Jewish community have any idea where this will end?

    One can only hope. 🙂

  3. lou

    2–Jews do some stupid things. Their hatred for Christians must be greater than their desire for safety. Or they dont realize how self defeating that they are. Any other ideas on this?

  4. Saint Mike

    But we have nice fresh tasty Romaine lettuce.

    When you import illegal streetshitters , you get shit. Shithole America.

  5. timothy carroll


    They’re not stupid, they’re cunning. Their belief in their own genetic superiority is vastly greater than their ability to understand that the Muslim warriors they are importing will in turn bite the hand that is feeding them. Yes, they hate you THAT much. Fear plays into it too. They know and understand how pissed off Christian cultures became when their evil plans were exposed in the past, most recently Nazi Germany. So paranoia eats away at them day and night,

    FACT: The vast majority of slave holders in the U.S. were ………JEWS. Self same group spread the lie that it was white, Christians who were the sole perpetrators of slavery. They continually sh*t all over Christian society after being welcomed in, and actively plot for white, Christian extermination. They then use blacks as tools to destroy white Christians and undermine our culture and values by promoting sexual degeneracy.

    There is a small, subset of Jews who are not actively seeking to destroy whites, and yet I cannot abide them either. They sit by idly as the majority of Jews (Barbara Lerner, et al) make clear their plans to overrun all white countries into a mixed race, mestizo people who will accept their laws without question. Standing by when you see evil being committed makes you morally culpable the same as if you were doing it yourself. It’s the “I was only following orders.” meme you saw when the Nuremberg trials were going on.

    So yeah, they might destroy me and my culture, but at least I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they’re going down with me as well.

  6. Jeffrey Wolenski

    It was a brilliant idea having the court direct the president to make official rules of conduct at press briefings. Had he done this himself the liberal press would have howled in anger. I believe that was Trump’s goal all along.

  7. Petruchio

    “Putin is going to die laughing for this forces Europe to rely even more on the possibility of importing Russian energy.” I checked out a video of Putin meeting VP Pence and that walrus looking warmonger, Bolton. The point of the video was how sternly Pence ‘stared down’ Putin and Oh My! wasn’t that impressive? What I got out of the video was seeing Putin grinning at Pence and Bolton the whole time. I’m sure Putin was thinking to himself “So these are the two warmongering idiots from the USA.” Even IF you are a warmongering Neo-Con you should have been embarrassed by this phony display of Macho by Pence, more befitting a High School freshman than a VP of the US.

  8. Petruchio

    @#5 Timothy: Check out Jewish history. They have been run out of over 100 countries because of their troublemaking. They NEVER learn!!!!

  9. tio

    From what I’ve read, what I’ve come to understand is this, that there should be a mix wherein no one racial group is ever or will ever be a majority, with all the requisite inevitabilities. Divide et impera .. innit?

  10. AT

    Importing cheap labor enriches the colluding classes. The added feature of hatred helps the leaders of one tribe in particular bring back its diaspora.

  11. Aurelius

    Oy vey! We are reaching levels of goyim-knowing that would have seemed impossible 18 months ago,

    Problem is, no one knows what to do about our ‘chosen’ problem.

    Alexandra Ocasio Cortez may be the Dark Horse in all of this.

    I mean that in the kindest way possible. She’s a young, dynamic, female Latinix, a Communist from a wealthy family. She may turn out to be the anti-semite we need, but don’t deserve.

    @#5 Timothy: Would like a citation on “vast majority of slave holders in the U.S.”. Of course they held slaves but I have understood that there were not that many jews living here at that time to constitute the ‘vast majority.’

  12. timothy carroll

    @#11 Before the Atlantic went full court cray cray, here’s one:

  13. Christian W

    You rant about ‘Jews’ but read Trump’s Nov. 20 speech linked here. It reads basically as a copy paste of the Dubya Bush White House speeches. It may as well have been written by Netanyahu.

    Lie after lie. Distortion after distortion. This mindset is amoral, vapid, superficial, dishonest, venal, murderous.

    Yet, this speech is honest. This is the reality of Trump’s MAGA/MIGA. Let the blood flow as long as the money flows into US corporate coffers, Israel’s goals are advanced, and Trump looks like a winner in his own eyes.

    Why does the Zionist Corporate Media love bashing Trump again? On midterms election night Trump spent the evening at the White House with Sheldon Adelson and his wife and other (((billionaires))).

  14. lou

    13–because he is not pro Israel enough? His war policies are similar to Bush-Obamas.

  15. lou

    8–Pet, when I read that ‘run outta 120 countries’ does that mean ALL Jews in that country? I have read this claim many times but never does it list if its all Jews….
    When the FED was created in 1913 the rabbis had a celebration. USURY is a Jewish invention.
    Jews have been kicked out of their host countries 359 times in 2000 years for child ritual murder and rape of non jew children.

    In “The Secret Terrorists” they elucidate how the Jesuit order (CIA of the Vatican) has been behind many critical events in history—such as the Titanic. The captain of the ship was a Jesuit???


    Jews have been ejected from their host countries 131 times (that have been recorded).

  16. Aurelius

    @#12 Timothy
    Thanks. As I thought, it was on a *per capita* basis that possibly more jews owned slaves. There weren’t enough of them here @ that time to be more numerous than white slave owners, but it wouldn’t surprise me if per-capita they owned more.

    I have also heard that *freed blacks* were, again per capita, more likely to be slave owners than whites @ about that time. Don’t know if true or not.

    Yeah, Atlantic used to be a lot better back in the 90s, before the poz took over….

    @#6 Jeffrey
    Interesting if true, that Trump was playing 4d chess there. I love these little victories, but he is not delivering any major wins or fulfilling campaign promises. Time is not on our side, and since the election he’s looking like he’s not either…

  17. Antisemitism is terrible and destructive as is racism and sexism and the key here is EVERYONE is doing this! All the time now!

    Women are openly attacking men and making life worse for men, for example, while screaming they are being abused and discriminated against.

    Society is in danger of collapse due to these battles to see who is the victim! Being a victim is a power position these days.

    Jewish people claim to hate racism but a country run entirely by Jews is also one of the most racist countries on earth!

    These contradictions bother me because the end result is tremendous chaos and destruction which is why I am a real liberal, not a fake liberal. This is why I warn liberals to not play the ‘victim’ game especially when they are bullides.

  18. lou

    Antisemitism is a ‘fake word’ [whats a semite? not a jew] that jews use as a weapon, eh Petruchio?

  19. Petruchio

    Correctamundo, Lou…..

  20. timothy carroll

    I don’t consider myself to be an anti- semite. Semite = someone who spok and Arabic language. I have friends and former neighbors who were Arab and Lebanese. Lovely people. Now Jews on the other hand…………………………………

  21. Moe

    If you aren’t an anti-jew now, you might be after this article.

    Excerpt: That’s why she (Roche) was so enthusiastic about opening Britain’s borders to the Third World. Like Aaronovitch and Lévy, she feels more “comfortable” in an atomized society because she doesn’t stand out as a Jew and doesn’t fear more of the irrational and inexplicable anti-Semitism that has periodically swept Western Europe. It’s irrational and inexplicable to Jews, that is, because they can’t admit that gentiles might have legitimate grounds for objecting to Jewish behaviour.

  22. lou

    21–Thanks. Who are you, Petruchio?

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