Trump Wins Secret Deal With Mexican President Who Then Denies This Leading To Crisis

These are tweets by our President about negotiations for a secure border thanks to personal diplomacy by Trump and his administration.  For the last 30 years, any President could have done the same but did not.  Instead, after Reagan legalized illegal aliens, after they all promised to secure the borders, they didn’t bother doing this and when Trump started doing this as promised, Congress and mainstream media and giant corporations exploiting foreign cheap labor all rose up to defy him and fight him tooth and nail.


Thanks to Congress wanting open borders, Trump uses diplomacy to force Mexico into protecting our borders from invaders who enter Mexico illegally.


The Washington Post, which broke the news about the agreement Saturday afternoon (the news came as a complete surprise to many, as the Trump Administration and representatives of incoming Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador successfully negotiated it in secret), said that the new plan – tentatively titled “Remain in Mexico” – will end the practice of “catch and release”: When asylum applicants are released into the US to await their hearings before an asylum judge.


Under the new rules, after being screened at a US port of entry, asylum seekers would wait until their scheduled court appearance  before an immigration judge. On the day of their hearing, they would be escorted to a US courthouse by US officers – but if their asylum isn’t granted they would be released into Mexico to await a final decision or, if their application is denied, they would be deported by the US back to their country of origin.


The deal was finalized with the help of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, which earned her a rare morsel of praise from her boss, who has reportedly been trying to fire her due to her perceived weakness on immigration.


I have personal experience with being deported!  I was a teenager in Europe running around in 1968, the year of student revolts there, causing student revolts and was finally arrested in Nüremberg giving a very insane speech about East Germany.  Countries have the right to do this.


The refusal to protect our borders has always irritated me for it was 100% fake.  Yes, this could have been done eons ago but all our Presidents after Reagan openly lied to voters, promising to fix the borders and then refusing to lift a finger to actually do this.


It was a conspiracy of the Bilderberg gang: import cheap labor, destroy unions, dilute voter powers via cheating by allowing illegal aliens to vote, encourage Spanish speakers to never learn English so they would remain minority voters who are outside the main power structure which speaks only English, etc.


Mexico changes its mind:


The latest developments came as the situation at the border continued to worsen and many were trying to cross the border by any means necessary.  This included a young migrant mother who was injured after trying to climb a part of the border fence with her two small children on Friday.


Border Patrol agent Tekae Michael says the 26-year-old Guatemalan woman fell near the San Ysidro Port of Entry Friday night and landed on pieces of rebar that pierced one side of her body. Paramedics took her to a hospital for treatment.


On Thursday, Tijauana’s Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum declared an international humanitarian crisis over the arrival of more than 5,000 mostly Central American migrants traveling in a caravan.  Gastelum asked international organizations like the United Nations to help the city deal with the influx of migrants, amid a lagging response from the Mexican federal government.


He accused the Mexican Government of neglecting its responsibilities to deal with migrant and immigration issues.


This is exactly like the European invasion: mass numbers were unleashed deliberately by southern countries so they could pass across Europe to various destinations that were nearly uniformly countries that had modern welfare systems.


All of these systems inside Europe are collapsing now.  Here is some very hidden news which Russia has and which some of Europe has (the London Daily Mail, for example, has zero news about all this): Huge mass demonstrations in France as workers protest fuel rises, dropping incomes.


As the government of French President Emanuel Macron moved to ban protests against its fuel tax increase, strikes and demonstrations in support of the protest movement spread across France yesterday.


At present, the Facebook pages associated with the fuel tax protests, referring to themselves as “yellow vests,” have defied the government order and are maintaining calls for protests at Place de la Concorde. Tens of thousands of people are expected to take part at the capital from cities and towns across the country for the second successive Saturday. There are growing rumors that railway workers will allow demonstrators to travel by train to the capital for free. They will be met by thousands of riot officers and police dispatched by the government of President Emmanuel Macron.


A right wing lady ran against Macron and the mainstream media attacked her relentlessly and Macron was held up as a great person, a good choice, and there was, like in the last US election, a lot of voter fraud.  So Le Pen gets to stand aside and cheer on these riots and demonstrations while Macron’s popularity is dropping like a rock.


There were plenty of worker riots in France for the last decade such as this one in 2016:

The workers didn’t vote heavily enough for Le Pen because they thought they would get a better deal with Macron.  This is very similar to black voters voting for the DNC endlessly and faithfully as their own society disintegrated to the point of social collapse.


Recent freezes this last two years has devastated French crops in Southern France.  This, too, leads to chaos and to the government there failing.  The deepening of the Little Ice Age at the end of the 18th century led to the fall of the French royals and the revolution there.


Now on to silly news from the London Daily Mail:

How very clever of this young and silly child.  She comes from a climate that is equatorial.  She doesn’t get the fun of Ice Age conditions in India.  At no point in time, has India have Ice Age conditions except in the Himalayan regions which still are ice covered year round even during ‘global warming’ epochs.


This record cold in North America and Siberia is epic and was horrible to experience.  It went below zero yesterday on my mountain which is insanely cold for this time of year.  During this last five years we have seen repeated snow storms in the Sahara Desert, for example.  None of this indicated the planet is warming up, it is the opposite.  Since record cold is happening over and over again and is increasingly happening, since we are now seeing warm cycles vanishing, the propaganda about us roasting to death rises in hysteria.


Astha Sarmah from the city of Jorhat in the state of Assam responded throwing so much shade at the US Commander in Chief, that her tweet was liked almost 15,000 times and retweeted more than 3,000 times. Experts also weighed in, with one climate scientist calling the president ‘a dangerous clown’ for his remarks.


NASA has helped break the interplay between these concepts down on an even more basic level.  ‘In most places, weather can change from minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and season-to-season. Climate, however, is the average of weather over time and space,’ the website for the federal agency reads.


‘An easy way to remember the difference is that climate is what you expect, like a very hot summer, and weather is what you get, like a hot day with pop-up thunderstorms.’


NASA has been dumbed down by SJW type hiring.  How stupid this is!  You cannot get repeated, common record cold events over and over again without noting that it is happening and it is now ‘climate’ due to repeatedly happening.


The need to keep the global warming scam running in the teeth of people dying of the cold will be a huge challenge in the future.  Here is their own insane cartoon telling us how to recognize global warming:

Well, my heating degree days is through the roof now and was growing bigger and bigger for a number of years now!  My cooling days has collapsed to under 30 this year.  Snow in August, September and October is growing rapidly.


The heat waves are mainly confined to a narrow sliver on the West Coast while wild fires there happen due to cold climate droughts, not hot climate droughts.  Yes, California can be dry due to cold climate conditions elsewhere!


I remember the past.  When I moved to NYC during the previous very cold cycle, it was bitter cold almost all winter long.  It was terrible.  Well, the cold this time around is much worse than back then!  If this continues, I am very scared of what this means.


And all the aliens who poured into NY state during the Clinton/Bush Jr./Obama years thinking that warm cycle was normal are in for a very nasty time of it, too.  Using warm/drought conditions in deserts to determine our climate conditions while ignoring the Hudson Bay/Siberian ice sheets is insanity.  Think this is a silly story?  Well, look at this front page of the evil NY Times clown car show:

Yes, everyone should commit economic suicide!  That will fix the planet.  They are pushing this with insane energy it is scary to see people this disconnected from reality.  Last week’s snow in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and part of Louisiana is a sign of global cooling, not warming.

Last week, the cold surge was the eastern half of the continent.  This week, it is the western half again.  Even california is cooling down now.  Only Florida remains ‘warm’.  The average high and lows for Albany, NY for November is 48F and 32 F.  The recent coldwave was 36F below the normal lows.


The highs were also 30F degrees below normal and this, on a sunny day.  Even in January, the los average 15F above zero!  This level of insanely cold weather is a warning sign, not a sign that we will all roast to death.  From last winter which was insanely cold in regions once glaciated heavily each Ice Age:

Russia today is experiencing extreme winter cold and it is still very much fall right now:


Oymyakon, Russia — already considered the world’s coldest permanently inhabited town — sank to a mind-numbing 88 degrees below zero on Tuesday.  That’s even colder than the average temperature on Mars, which is 80 below zero, according to


The northern half of the globe is seeing very cold conditions over significant landscape, it isn’t ‘local’ when it spans more than one continent and is thousands and thousands of square miles in size.


And here is a scary picture from space: Hudson Bay is freezing up faster than the Eastern Arctic!  I keep saying, all Ice Ages begin in Hudson Bay!


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18 responses to “Trump Wins Secret Deal With Mexican President Who Then Denies This Leading To Crisis

  1. Hell Soonish

    Elaine didn’t you say secret negotiations hidden from public scrutiny are pure evil? Not so with Trump?

    Trump has broken so many promises to so many nations that it will be public sport for everyone to promise Trump something then say go F yourself a few seconds later.

    No one trust him or the USA anymore. The world treats him like a clown show now.

  2. Petruchio

    “The refusal to protect our borders has always irritated me for it was 100% fake. Yes, this could have been done eons ago but all our Presidents after Reagan openly lied to voters, promising to fix the borders and then refusing to lift a finger to actually do this.” Yes, that lying fraudster Ronald Reagan. “It’s Morning in America!” “The Bright, shining light on the Hill”. Reagan granted Amnesty to 3 million illegals. Reagan constantly claimed “Government is the problem,” but he raised taxes 11 times including THE biggest tax increase in history. Thank you Elaine, for NOT posting a picture of that sleazy, corrupt Reagan. (Ronnie Reagan also lied about Iran Contra, a CLEARLY impeachable offense, but nothing happened. The point is that both Parties are in on this illegal alien invasion. At least the Democrats are honest enough to come right out and say it. The Republicans mouth all this phony Populist rhetoric about “protecting our Borders.’, or “Protecting American jobs.”. And then, after the Elections the GOP goes right back to being the Corporate owned entities they are and always have been. The Public needs to wake up.

  3. Buffalo_Ken

    Is this place still fringe?

  4. Buffalo_Ken

    This is a fabricated “crisis” if there ever was one.

  5. Buffalo_Ken

    And just to be clear, by “fabricated” I mean meaningless. Pointless. A waste of time.

    Time is the only effing thing we all really have together, and my advice to you is to care your time with love.

    If you don’t, then I think, my ideas are better than yours.

  6. Zeke

    My rule:
    Whenever something is kept hidden from us, whether it be JFK assassination files or FRB machinations or Hillary’s talks to the Banksters or Trump’s taxes ->
    Presume the worst case scenario = that is the truth. The burden of persuasion then shifts to those seeking to hide whatever.
    B/c : there is a reason they are trying to hide whatever – and it’s not b/c the public would react favourably.

  7. There is no burden of persuasion. You are either persuasive or you are not. So, I’m not going to pre-judge.

    But I will kill if I have to. Fact of life.

  8. So will Elaine. I’ve seen it figuratively many times and I can’t deny i is exhilarating. And, I’m not into threats, but sometimes they are necessary.

    I’m happy to kill if I need to. It’s all about survival – ain’t it?

  9. So, I listened to the racist and I listened to those who were so worried about what might happen. I listened and I tried to learn.

    Death is part of it all… must know? So, all our ancestors probably had to kill. Point is, who knows who is coming our way. You think they know how to kill better than you? I’m sure they do. Simple.

  10. Hey for the sake of old times….click on a link why don’t you?

    Here. I’ll make it easy.

    It’s about art, numbers, shapes, small things, and other stuff.

  11. timothy carroll

    monopolizing blog comment boards is never cool….mmmkay, BK?

  12. Buffalo_Ken

    I was just talking quick. Monopolization is more than that.

  13. AT

    Throw enough money around and even scientists and federal agencies will tell you what you want to hear. Make it grant-money or congressional-funding-increases and the idiots will conclude they are the ones gaming you!

    Reminds me of the “war on terror” when police-agencies and the DoD got fat from “fooling” Congress by labeling whatever they secretly wanted “anti-terrorist (fill in the blank)” and then adding a couple sniper-rifles or bomb-sniffing-gizmos while jacking up their headcount and list of big ticket toys. Lol; They thought they were the ones conning Congress rather than the other way round.

    I get why the NOAA is getting in on the “global warming” gravy train, but NASA has true “chutzpah.”

  14. AT

    Seriously, can we just throw another $200 billion at NASA so they don’t have to stoop to this charlatan’s charade? There’s a lot of good science and exploration they could do with the money. No one will notice in the huge pile of $50 trillion national bankruptcy anyhow. And, the kids will have something to dream about.

  15. shawntoh


    I’m sorry to say this– we need a new 21st century version of Judgement @ Nürnberg– a complete remake!

    We need to get this out ASAP instead of the usual– and I realize it better not be fake so I’d ask you to please direct it. The cast? The usual suspects, I would admit.

    Like the lady you mentioned in the Neo-Madame Mao drag now showing her vision of “nothing is true and everything is permitted” policy as a politician. Anyway, here’s the old trailer for starters–

    Could we use this as inspiration?

    My gallow humor is out of control and I need and intervention, thanks in advance for reading this, please…

  16. Well, today I just decided to call all this stuff ‘SSSS’: Super State Spy Systems or ‘HISSSS’.

  17. shawntoh

    Okay, Elaine, that sounds good to me.

    What type of script do you want, my director for your film/video? Let’s get the title going first, please…

    Hmmmm, how about the “working title” “THE HISSSS of DOOMSDAY COMETH”?

    Now, I assume we want this as a spy adventure thriller with special effects explosions and car chases, as usual with these types of movies! Still…

    We need a good story, with excellent plot and new and upcoming actors to keep it fresh, and real, and still keep within budget limits some how.

    So it will probably be a b-grade film but with class like old school Roger Corman– or a Film Noire treatment like Edgar Ulmer in the movie, Detour.

    Just a thought and suggest here on the protagonist …

    The main fictional character we MUST base on YOU, and I insist that you (or your protégée since you are busy with this blog and other duties) direct it according to YOUR standards of artistic cinematic taste.

    Perhaps another new and MORE exciting “female James Bond” for the main character for the 21st Century?

    Now, Elaine, you must have FULL artistic control here– so it MUST be an independent film. Hollywood– and even Bollywood, probably, is NO good to help us most likely I would fear. Anyway…

    Let’s set a target for the independent film circuit– and looks to be a lot more than I thought–about at least THIRTY venues! Please see here…


  18. Rob

    Washington Post probably thought they were virtue signaling printing this article.

    “An isolated tribe killed a missionary — and gave an anti-immigration politician an idea”

    “I for one will not be condemning the Sentinelese as racist for keeping their borders closed, nor will I condemn them for their lack of diversity,” Hanson said, after introducing a motion of support for the tribe’s “zero-gross immigration policy. ”

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