Big Tech & China: Super State Spy Systems or HISSSS Intend To Rule Us All



Paul Joseph Watson gives a very analysis of how we are all now living in 1984 via computer total surveillance: China this month unveils ‘total surveillance’ which is being supported by and organized by…Silicon Valley tech liberals!  These fake liberals are actually totalitarians.  Note how they are now heavily censoring anyone who isn’t a fake liberal these days.  Kicking political people who are conservative off of all online platforms and thus, reducing their ability to communicate with other citizens is happening with the blessing of the ‘liberal’ politicians in North America and Europe, for example.


Trump rails against this but can’t stop this from happening.  The fake liberals have convinced enough people who want various goodies from the government to vote for totalitarianism.  The promise…which won’t be kept…is that these totalitarian powers will be used against everyone else to force them to be super nice to Muslim radicals, towards various sexual situations including raping children, to illegal aliens and of course, inner city ‘minorities’ who are the majority in former manufacturing hubs.


These are all people that I know from first hand experience, will be crushed by totalitarians once they get total power.  Right now, these people can be cynically used to push around ‘normal people’ and keep them scared and silent and fearful of stepping on a million landmine issues by making, say, a joke or wearing a costume on Halloween or at a party.


Meanwhile, to scare everyone totally, we have the Real Rulers demanding open borders until these cruel, anti-social systems are set up so no one can protest anything, anywhere at any time.  Already, Big Tech is marketing devices that are really SPY DEVICES much more devious than anything imagined in the book, ‘1984’.

In this case, people freely talk in ‘private’ while these computers listen in and report to headquarters anything ‘interesting’.  These computers also let their Real Owners, the tech corporations, to know what people buy, what they are interested in, etc.  It is horrible.


Now on to the other nasty business of our Real Rulers: assisting illegal aliens invading democracies that don’t vote correctly for the Super State Spy Systems:


Illegal aliens violently riot on border with California, try to invade our country:  The Gateway Pundit online is now in the crosshairs of the SSSS (or ‘Hissss’) HAHAHA.  Yessss, Precioussss, Hissss!  Well, that pesky online news service is really irritating our Real Rulers: below is a quartet of Gateway Pundit articles that illustrate the battles between citizens and our lovely elites who hate us.

Workers protest against Sharia Laws and bad economic choices of the Mullahs in Iran, are even more violent and vocal than French workers: yes, political change is in the air in Iran.  Trump has unsettled the Iranian Mullahs and this enrages our rulers who need to have us all fear and bow down to Islam.  This alliance with radical Islamists is old stuff, look at how cool and collected Bush Jr and Cheney were on 9/11 when they learned NY City was being attacked.


French workers riot as per usual but stupidly didn’t vote for Le Pen: the comments to this video are quite revealing and it shows that citizens in Europe are aware that they now are living under Sharia laws not Christian legal systems.

 luc 50701 day ago

Today, in france, we have been inform be independent journalist that a pakistani migrant (who have french paper … wonder how he get them since he don’t talk a word of french) who rape a 15 years old girl and try to rape another one was set free be our “justice”, the defense of his advocate (who was a woman be the way) was, he doesn’t have the cultural code to understand the consentment (hope I translate it properly) . The president of the court (the judge) say that the decision of the court is not a questioning of the honesty of the accuser (who try to commit suicide after that be the way), but they have judged that the accused wasn’t conscious of committing a sexual rapport (translation : a rape) . I think our justice forgot the basic principle of “nobody should not know the law” .


alpw123415 hours ago

similar story here in another european country. A young girl was raped in my neighbouring town by 4 “asylum seekers”. They were cleared by the court. They said the girl consented to having sex with 4 foreigners in a park in the middle of the day. She had a bruise in her face and scratches on her body. Also she never had sex before. The lawyer of the 4 muslim “refugees” was a female. As a consequence the victim has to privately pay for her therapy.


Break any laws or customs or just look funny at people in Muslim dictatorships and even if it is a country that is our ‘allies’ they will severely punish foreigners as nasty as North Korea did this in the past.  Not a peep from liberal politicians when this happens.


Hyden suffered a stroke last week and of course, had to do the usual ‘smash Trump’ silliness:


Gen. Michael Hayden: That thematic, echoing the Russians, gets picked up by the alt-right media right here in the United States. Alex Jones, Infowars, Gateway Pundit, the alt-right takes it pretty racial pretty fast. That’s the demographic of the NFL. My Steelers played in Chicago, remember the scene, Alejandro, Villanueva, left tackle, Iconic picture, hand over heart, while the rest of the team stood in the runway… And the alt-right took that ran with it because of the coach, Mike Tomlin, African-American, and spiraled this down even further.


So, the boycott of NFL games which is destroying the NFL now, most stadiums are now nearly empty, this is ‘racism’?  According to liberals, any time conservatives boycott comics or football or shoe companies, etc. this is ‘racism’ and not a reaction to nasty stuff being done by very racist ‘minorities’ including religious/sexual/female attacks on ‘straight white males’ which is what all our universities and schools and government agencies are now doing, nonstop.


This will blow up badly on them all.  The Chinese hate the blacks with a passion, the blacks hate everyone and views everyone as ‘fair game’ to be looted or killed, the Hispanics hate the English language and don’t want to integrate this way, everyone hates liberal females who run around shrieking like banshees over sex stuff…especially the Hispanic and black males hate this.


What a coalition to support Deep State Spying by the SSSS snakes.


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26 responses to “Big Tech & China: Super State Spy Systems or HISSSS Intend To Rule Us All

  1. Saint Mike

    Free speech is racist.

  2. Ziff

    on the other hand , these issues while real are internet driven i find most people have no idea

  3. Melponeme_k

    Absolutely NO ONE CAN BE SURPRISED about China’s social credit system nor its eventual or attempted implementation here. NO ONE. Like I always state, they ALWAYS TELL US WHAT THEY ARE PLANNING! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS!

    About 5 to 10 years ago, all the pundits on TED were talking about game-ifying society and using credit points awarded for good behavior that can buy you groceries, luxury items and travel tickets.

    So you didn’t catch these talks a few years ago? Poor you. But you were told.

    The trick now is to fight it in any way possible. Unfortunately the young have been so brainwashed and year by year there are more of them then Boomers and Gen Xers. They may choose all of this because they love Pokemon Go.

  4. AT

    I think it’s a bit more nuanced than simply saying China is going over to Orwell.

    On one hand, they have a lot of ethical and competent folks running lots of big government stuff in some ways better than in the West, high speed trains, etc. On he other hand, they are still developing, and in many ways still measure their success by comparing themselves to and emulating the West.

    When they look at the average Citizen in their population, their planners see less ethical behavior than in the West. Perhaps due to many social, historical, cultural and economic factors. This new social report card is their quick fix for what they perceive is a comparatively larger number of cheaters in their society compared to the West.

  5. tio

    Yes AT! However, imagine a country with a massively disproportionate and well funded naughty spook network which has zero oversight (even less than Langley); that has 20% of the worlds surveillance cameras and less than 1% of its population, that routinely records each and every vote of the population without exception. Want to take a stab at guessing the shithole I’m referring to?

    Anyhoo it’s not like Goolag are working with the Chinese on their Great Firewall or anything.

  6. lou

    TED Talks, I will pass on most of them.

  7. Melponeme_k


    I pass most of them up too. But that is where they are telling us their plans.

  8. AT


    Although I’ve never counted either, unless I misunderstand you, I think you meant to write China has 22% of world population, not 1%, which would coincide roughly with its number of cameras?

    As we enter into an inevitable age of accountability across the entire 1st and 2nd world, for better or worse, we need to be discussing how that accountability can be applied equally to the entire social power structure, including the top, not simply delayed at the bottom because of abuses from the top.

  9. tio

    AT Thank you for playing! A swing and a miss, it’s not China. And no, what I wrote is entirely factually accurate wrt Big Bro. OK .. more clues. All property is owned by the state including the population who can only ‘own’ that which is not registered with the state. And the whole nation, lock stock and barrel, is owned by one demented harridan who can unilaterally declare war without consultation. A nation wholly reliant on food banks whose police force are now only concerned with thought crime. C’mon have another go.

    Accountability, really? It’s a post truth world me old fruit,

  10. AT


    Lions led by donkeys.

  11. AT


    The danger of the Brits is their diplomacy, with a tendency to let others spill their blood first and foremost. And, it what you are getting at is that the the Chinese want a “special relationship” with England, the Chinese would do well to study how the British got America to fight two world wars on its behalf, and also tricked the Soviets into breaking Molotov Ribbentrop Treaty and tricked the Germans into attacking the Soviets too late in the Spring to actually win, leaving the Soviets with all the heavy lifting.

    I suppose your absence of truth holds while this fiat-debt and pre-peak-oil unsustainability culminates. Afterwards, it’s back to old-world rules again. (Notice the Europeans want their colonial military capability back now.) lol.

    As for accountability, the record of today’s digital age would have made Robespierre giddy.

    I stand by the need to use technology to make all levels of society accountable.

  12. tio

    Sorry Moe, nice try. AT, a couple of things 1) Bingo; 2) It’s “Soys lead by Snakes” nowadays (I made that up); 3) I agree, a lot of what you say is true. However, as Elaine says those (in power) that would most benefit from a long hard look in the mirror see nothing.

    Anyway I know everyone loves the Brits, hey if it weren’t for us you’d most likely have been a French colony, Gadzooks! You’d have months of paid leave, a single payer health system, a total disrespect for govt, a more laid back attitude to pretty much everything, a world class cuisine, less obesity and hotter women. THE HORROR, THE HORROR. 😀

    I once read something along the lines that we weren’t challenging computers so much as they were challenging us to come up with more ideas to better use them (that could be a crock, just sayin’). Anyhoo, I think what you’re suggesting is very achievable, and that’s the single most important reason it will never happen.

  13. Moe

    @ 13 Tio

    Great Britain

  14. tio

    Yup Moe, that’s the place.

  15. Moe

    @15 Tio

    Almost guessed it on the comment “demented harridan”.

    My paternal grandparents were Anglophiles, had a large, framed print of Queen Victoria prominently displayed on the dining room wall. I never shared their affinity and poked fun at ‘British Imperialism’, to their chagrin.

    I was in England twice on stopover return trip to South Africa. Never bothered to step outside Heathrow; like who gives a sh*t about ‘just another failed state’ (which in fairness could be applied to about any Western country these days).

  16. tio

    Moe, I have heard (and don’t quote me on this) that you can live your entire life here without meeting a Royal or a Warmongering Oligarch. But one thing I can say with certainty is that Heathrow is not a representative cultural experience of the UK (more akin to one of Dante’s seven levels of hell imho).

  17. Moe

    @17 Tio

    LOL, “…you can live your entire life here without meeting a Royal or a Warmongering Oligarch”. And that would be a good thing…

    I recall visiting Vancouver Island, Canada some decades ago and noted some unease. I finally figured it out: I was feeling claustrophobic! Small (relatively) island 12,400 sq. mi., isolated from mainland.

    GB might be better at 81,000 sq. mi. Still geographically isolated.

    Met lots of Limeys in my days. Years ago if your boss they were invariably pr*cks (a lot like German bosses I’ve had 🙂 ). Though in recompense one of the nicest persons I’ve ever known was my eldest aunt, who hailed from South Battersea, London.

  18. tio

    Moe, I get the claustrophobic thing, weirdly it happens to me when I travel more than a few miles inland from the sea, go figure. And yes, spot on, there is no faster way to turn an ordinary Brit into an arsehole than a promotion, there is something horribly flawed in the national psyche in this regard (no comment on the Germans *ahem*).

    The real Minority Report:
    “The technology will monitor individuals by looking for small twitches that might mean they are about to do something illegal.”

    And the highest rated comment?

    Davidg1109: And the police still won’t turn up.

    No comment.

  19. AT


    “I know everyone loves the Brits”

    That’s part of the diplomacy I was talking about. . . to be wary of.

    I imagine it’s more true here in America. Sort of bizarre to me that after two wars of independence and a burned capital, our formerly egalitarian, anti-nobility, mayflower-descended ruling-class pulls in wave after wave of non-Anglo cheap labor, Africans, Chinese, Italians, Irish, Mexicans, etc., to make the rich here richer, and suddenly low and behold they decide to go Anglophile because they no longer feel they identify with the people in the country they made. And they chuck democracy out the window with a two-party charade and a media lock-up, because they don’t trust these citizens (who they made) with enough honesty or information to make informed votes.

    But who doesn’t like the Brits? Russia and Putin don’t. And, the Brits know it. Hence the Anglophile Russia-phobia, I suppose.

  20. Dennis Roe

    I’m Irish. Fuck the Brits.

  21. tio

    Dennis, I have an Irish grandfather, it appears he took your advice.

    In my defence (God help me), the DailyMail for some inexplicable reason permits comments. If you wanted to see and or understand the growing, yawning chasm between the ruled and the rulers look no further, especially with the current suit of insane narratives, particularly Russia.

  22. The Daily Mail still censors comments about the Royal Goofball Family! HAHAHA.

    My family executed one of these guys! That’s why I was born here and not in Northern England.

    The Russians are patrolling their own borders and interests. And the Bilderberg gang is all up in arms while at the same time, the same Bilderberg gang is demanding we let in millions of invading foreigners who are coming here to leech off of us while at the same time, the gang is also shutting GM plants here so they can import Chinese cars to the US.

  23. shawntoh


    Relax killer, you’re gonna be all right– I seen a lot of people and, uh, I know… [trails off with a Peter Boyle inflection and reflection–Ha!]


    Here’s something I found about “Social Credit” and I note–

    “….Traditional ballot box democracy is incompatible with Social Credit, which assumes the right of individuals to choose freely one choice at a time, and to contract out of unsatisfactory associations….”


    “Opposing the formation of Social Credit parties, C.H. Douglas believed a group of elected amateurs should NEVER direct a group of competent experts in technical matters….”

    Please refer to the following source–

    So censor that like my other post, I dare ya! Elaine….! Elaine?


  24. shawntoh

    RE: “Islam” and forced conversion to that religion.

    Folks, just a suggestion here…

    Concerning the topic of “Islam” with any attempt of “conversion” from one religion (or non-religion) to Islam by having anyone and everyone, overtly or covertly forced to be converted into a so-called “Muslim”– then I would advise that we should always quote this part of the Holy Qu’ran…

    “….There is no compulsion in religion….”

    Holy Qu’ran, Sura 2:256

    ‘Nuff said.


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