During Bitter Cold Early Winter, Global Warmists Double Down On Fake Science

The above news story is an editorial at the NY Times about how we are all going to roast to death…written by a fake religion professor in Arizona.  The left is doubling down on global warming while still calling this fantasy weather stuff ‘climate change.’  It is changing…it is getting colder in key areas that are all where Ice Ages start.  Alaska was never ever covered by solid ice whereas nearly all of Canada was, repeatedly.


The Bilderberg gang news media and politicians continue to scream about ‘global warming’, despite increasing cold and ice, that we are going to roast to death unless we tax oil and other energy systems.


The goal is to freeze us all to death, instead.  Mother Nature is helping the elites in this program to kill the poor.


“All told, the report says, climate change could slash up to a tenth of gross domestic product by 2100, more than double the losses of the Great Recession a decade ago,” The New York Times reported of the NCA.


Vote in the DNC and you automatically get a big drop in GDP as we see with this recent election.


However, that figure is based on a study funded by groups founded by two major Democratic donors and environmental activists — former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer.


That study only found substantial damage to the U.S. economy under an extreme global warming scenario of 15 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100 — twice the United Nations’ worst-case scenario called RCP8.5.


“Even Trump is occasionally right,” tweeted environmental economist Richard Tol in response to Trump’s remarks.


Back to the top link today, the New York Times editorial page features an Arizona Hispanic immigrant from south of the border whining about how hot it is in Phoenix:


N. Ángel Pinillos is a professor of philosophy in the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Arizona State University.


Yes, this is a ‘religious studies’ person and the Pope these days has yet again, yesterday, announced that we are all roasting to death except if one is living in the half of the planet that isn’t warm at all, in that case, the Pope wants us to freeze to death quicker.


According to NASA, at least 97 percent of actively publishing climate scientists think that “climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely caused by human activities.”


This stupid statement clearly shows that this religious teacher has virtually no background in climate debates.  That 97% storyline has been debunked repeatedly for the last five years yet the global warmists continue to spout it as ‘truth’.


Today, experts no longer say ‘extremely likely caused’ even if they still believe the planet is warming.


Americans overwhelmingly agree that the federal government needs to take significant action. In a recent poll conducted by Stanford University, ABC News and Resources for the Future, 61 percent of those surveyed said that the federal government should take a great deal or a lot of action to curb global warming. And an additional 19 percent believe that the government should take moderate action.


These polls mean nothing.  So, did 60+ voters vote for Hillary and her global warming?  Outside of the warmer big cities run by the DNC, people living in the countryside outside of urban warm centers, voted GOP and if you poll them, outside of the southwest corner of the nation, they all say there is little to no global warming.


This is because there has been the opposite of global warming in much of the planet and people living in the countryside see this first.


This is obviously a rigged poll. Or rather, it didn’t poll citizens who vote. If this were so ‘overwhelming’ why did Trump win the election? If most people in warm California think we are roasting to death, this is still a rigged poll that concentrated on the big cities where real climate doesn’t happen.


These are called ‘urban warm zones’ for a reason: even in winter, it is warmer in cities today compared to 100 years ago and thus, all climate data from cities reflects this fact, not ‘global warming’.


As a philosopher, I have nothing to add to the scientific evidence of global warming, but I can tell you how it’s possible to get ourselves to sincerely doubt things, despite abundant evidence to the contrary. I also have suggestions about how to fix this.


The ‘abundant evidence’ that we are roasting to death is pretty invisible where I live.  It has been getting steadily colder over the last several years and blizzards are more and more common.


Philosophers have been studying skeptical pressure intensely for the past 50 years. Although there is no consensus about how it arises, a promising idea defended by the philosopher David Lewis is that skeptical pressure cases often involve focusing on the possibility of error. Once we start worrying and ruminating about this possibility, no matter how far-fetched, something in our brains causes us to doubt. The philosopher Jennifer Nagel aptly calls this type of effect “epistemic anxiety.”


This describes ‘global warming’ fanatics to a T.  No matter how cold it is, it can be snowing repeatedly in the Sahara Desert, they won’t admit it is getting colder.


To prove us all wrong, they cook the books to make it look as if it is getting warmer via ‘cooling down the past’ in their graphs hoping no one will notice this deception.


Lying about statistics can only go so far.  Most people voting for leftists these days are seeking social welfare money, not punitive climate rules.  As the poor in Europe are discovering, voting for this means the winners in the elections turn on them and cut off their heating during winter!


A cruel punishment indeed.


The standard response by climate skeptics is a lot like our reaction to skeptical pressure cases. Climate skeptics understand that 97 percent of scientists disagree with them, but they focus on the very tiny fraction of holdouts. As in the lottery case, this focus might be enough to sustain their skepticism. We have seen this pattern before. Anti-vaccine proponents, for example, aware that medical professionals disagree with their position, focus on any bit of fringe research that might say otherwise.


Putting all people who debate ‘science’ in the same boat is fraud.  The leftists who want to freeze the poor to death play this mind game thinking we won’t figure this out.  It is very hard to ignore super cold weather!


Nature has the whip hand in all this.  Telling people to ignore the fact they are freezing to death isn’t going to work very long.    Here are today’s weather predictions by the gang running the global warming scam:

The London Daily Mail publishes today’s scare story that we will all roast to death and proof is, no snow in northern Europe while everything dies of SUPER COLD weather!



‘Frost drought’ occurs when the insulating layer of snow which usually protects plants from the harsh Arctic winter is melted, typically by unusually high winter temperatures.


Excuse me, but this isn’t happening due to warm winter temperatures, it is colder but drier and this is classic for Ice Age conditions.  The amount of moisture in the air isn’t dependent upon being very warm, it is a sign of very cold weather.


This is also why the nastiest blizzards happen in late fall or early spring, not January.


If plants remain exposed to cold, windy conditions for long enough, they continually lose water and are unable to replace it from the frozen soil.  Eventually, they succumb to drought.


Exactly, this is a cold drought, not a warm drought.  Warm droughts happen in summer in Arizona.  Cold droughts happen in winter in Ice Age areas.


The second effect is ‘extreme winter warming’ – a sudden burst of high temperatures during winter which melts the snow and tricks evergreen plants into preparing for spring by shedding their cold tolerance.


HAHAHA.  They can’t get the propaganda straight!  I thought that this elusive ‘warming’ means no snow to melt!!!


When the warm period is over, the return of cold temperatures usually kills the plant.


This entire story is a list of scientific lies.  Why didn’t all the Arctic plants die during the recent warm cycle that has now pretty much ended?  Hello!  This is pure insanity.  But it works for the elites right now.  France, for example, the elites decided to launch global warming taxes to stop people from burning fossil fuels there.  Here are the results:

So, already the riots are spreading across dying Europe.  Good.  Time is running out for the people there who are expected to pay for their own destruction.


A comment from What’s Up With That? talks about how insane this regime cooked up by the Bilderberg gang is, how suicidal for the citizens in North America and Europe:


While Trump may be a little linguistically challenged at times, he is right. Under the Paris Climate Accord, the East is being allowed to hugely increase its coaI fired plants, while the West is being forced to close its down. So they get cheap energy, and we pay for it.


Even first-world Japan is opening 30 new coal plants (see article just below this one). So Australia is going Green, at a huge cost to its economy and people, while exporting more and more coal to China and Japan. Does the Australian government think that coal suddenly goes Green, as soon as it leaves Australia?


In the UK, all our coal plants must close by 2023, under EU rules. And yet last winter we were dependent on coal, which was producing 11 gw for three months (chugging away at 110% nominal capacity, giving 20 of total electrical demand). Solar was doing nothing, and wind was at 25% capacity, due to anticyclonic weather patterns and too much ice on the blades. Had we not had these coal plants, the UK would have had rolling power cuts for three months.


Has anyone in the UK government woken up to this situation? Are they doing anything about it? I note the Fiddlers Ferry coal plant was due to close this year, but has been extended until 2019. But that is not a solution, because absolutely NO maintenance is being done on that plant. UK coal plants cannot stagger on, year by year, with no investment.


We appear to be led by donkeys once more. And while Trump is derided as a donkey by the Hollywood and media luvvvies, he is the only politician with any common sense – able to swim against the tide of consensus, and shrug of the constant carping.



England has to wake up and riot.  Or they can die at home of extreme cold, I would hope they have enough sense to assail the government properly!  But then look at how Europeans greeted invaders for several years!


Now they regret all this.  Freezing to death will be a lot quicker.  Fixing the energy problems will take a very long time.


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20 responses to “During Bitter Cold Early Winter, Global Warmists Double Down On Fake Science

  1. KHS71

    All I need to know is that the study was funded by Michael Bloomberg and San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer. Tells me it is nothing but a fake report. Both are heavily invested in “green” solutions. Nothing but money to them. They could care less about the average person.

  2. Moe

    On related news, French rioters protest Carbon Tax.

    “…protests are being held country-wide over a proposed increase in France’s “fuel tax” designed to curb fuel usage and cut down on carbon emissions to prevent “climate change.”


  3. lou

    KH- More bagel propaganda, from Michael Bloomberg and billionaire Tom Steyer.–2 nasty Jews who want you dead.

  4. lou

    I am on You tube a lot.
    I get ads from Steyer, begging me to help impeach Trump.

  5. Ziff

    Here is some of the science of being evil delusional bastards


  6. KHS71

    Impeach Trump. Nothing but a political dog and pony show. Impeach him all you want. The Senate will never take up the trial. Steyer wants Trump out only because he is a massive crony for the Rats. He gets a lot of goodies from the global warming, global climate change, terrestrial climate disruption scam, call it what you want. He’s in for the money only. He doesn’t give a damn past that. Screw the everyday person. It’s all about him and his power and money. As I say, another “green” solution. Trump has derailed his agenda for now. They are trying to harm him now so he can not get re-elected. Remember Billy Bob. He was impeached. Still re-elected.

  7. Aurelius

    On Thanksgiving I went to a party hosted by family friends; we’ve known them over 10 years. I was talking with the host about “climate change” and a few other topics. This is a guy of very high intelligence and very successful in his career. We disagreed about everything regarding ‘climate change’ — oceans rising? polar bears in trouble? climate getting warmer? scientific consensus? et cetera — and it was disheartening for me to realize we were operating from two entirely different sets of information. I called global warming a “religion” and he wasn’t bothered by that or any of my other remarks — he remained cheerful and absolutely convinced of his ‘facts.’…In retrospect, I’m glad we didn’t get around to discussing immigration, i.e., invasion.

    November has been a steady diet of black pills…..

  8. AT

    Intelligent people are some of the most susceptible to propaganda, perhaps because success in our educational system often depends on quickly accepting and mastering many areas of knowledge, at face value, in order to advance to the next subject matter, and then, ultimately, stand on the shoulders of those who came before to advance the field. I would say that much as we try to teach critical thinking, it only truly comes into play academically at that last step.

    At any rate, anyone who is more concerned with whether the earth is gaining or losing a few degrees, regardless of the cause, than, say, curing cancer or reducing highway deaths, not to mention all the other leading causes of death. . . isn’t really thinking straight.

  9. OC

    Not all climate scientists are in the global cooling camp – check Dr Piers Corbyn on twitter: https://twitter.com/Piers_Corbyn

    He’s been trying to warn the world of this scam for a very long time since it started.

    Bad news is that the Mini Ice age is supposed to start around 2020 or 2021 and last for 40 – 50yrs if it is a mini ice age. If not, 200 – 400 years.

    The Good news is that probably Elaine and I would not be around to come out of the mini ice age.

  10. OC

    BTW those of you who are in UK, Russia, Canada and Northern USA better get ready for the cold for a very long time. I suggest that one should check out the cheapest option to keep warm. Electricity is going to be very unreliable as it seems Solar winds, emp bursts are very common during ice age. Countries with electric cables exposed i.e. strung out on poles are very likely to get electrical overloads.

    Note that wood burning supplies would not be adequate for 40 years…better think of alternatives fast.

  11. Aurelius

    @#8 AT

    My friend doesn’t really seem concerned about global warming — and IMO there are very few hard-core believers who actually care; the rest are like the Christians who only go to church on Easter and Christmas and maybe throw a few shekels at the church at the end of the year.

    “Climate change” is just a political position to take. An implicitly anti-white position, I might add — like most of the other political ideology for the masses. Bad weather, like everything else, is whitey’s fault.

    @#11 OC

    Yup. Wind blowing cold and hard right now. It’s not even December yet…..

  12. Another six inches of snow here on my mountain. This is amazingly unusual. Even during the cold 1970’s we didn’t get this cold!

  13. Moe

    Armstrong: Global Cooling Is Real

    Excerpt: “Then there was the fam(ous) Cold Friday of 1810. People actually died in their homes as the temperature suddenly plummeted more than 60 degrees in less than a day.”

    Recall the discovery of Woolly Mammoths found frozen with food in their mouths. Who’s to say temperatures couldn’t drop 100 degrees in a day? (Gives me the shivers just thinking about it 🙂 )


  14. lou

    I lived in NYC thru the 1970s. I dont recall it being sooo cold. The 1960s, yes. The 1960s had lots of snow on NYC.

  15. Tom W Harris

    Y’all still cray cray. Sad!

  16. Lou, I lived in NYC in the 1970’s and was POOR for a while which meant NO HEAT. Back then, the price of fuel shot up and rents didn’t so landlords didn’t heat their buildings.

    I also removed snow for money working with this young guy and we made oodles of money shoveling endless snow. I remember every snow storm vividly. You, obviously, didn’t do much heavy lifting back then or today.

  17. Moe

    Moar Armstrong:

    “Climate Change has existed throughout the history of our planet. When a Wool;y Rino was discovered frozen in Siberia intact back in 1774, that is the event that shook the scientific community. I have called this the Clash between Catastrophe and Uniformity…”


  18. Yup, the Ice Age didn’t even ‘exist’ until the early 19th century! Then, it was believed to be only once, now, we know it happens like clockwork. That is scary news the global warmists avoid like the plague.

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