Washington Post Attacks First Lady’s Cranberry Xmas Tree Decorations

The evil witches at the Washington Post hurl abuse at Melania Trump for her Xmas decorations at the White House: 

the Bilderberg gang is going nuts, constantly attacking Trump and anyone else who supports patriotism.  The attacks on the First Lady is unprecedented.  It is deranged, vile and utterly shameless including death threats against her young son and wishes some gang would rape her.  These clowns have no shame and many are ‘entertainers’ who load each other with praise and awards as they attack Trump and his family and most US citizens which is why the entertainment business is dying.


The Washington Post, after whining about Melania’s Xmas trees, attacks all men who voted for Trump, claiming they are ‘insecure in their manhood’!  This article shows how poorly our universities operate now that all the ‘liberal arts’ parts are run nearly 100% by radical leftists who hate America.


This ‘study’ isn’t a real ‘study’, it is poorly designed.  The lazy ‘professors’ (sic) simply correlated the number of Trump voters with online searches for various ‘male products’ that help sex activity.


This is a classic example of comparing nuts to eggs.  Many men in the areas that supposedly have more ‘sex item’ searches are also the ‘black belt’ and the ‘Hispanic belt’.  Macho Hispanic males and black footloose males are in these regions in huge numbers.


Assuming the people doing the online searches are all white male Republican voters is…totally assumed with zero correlation.  This is, in other words, an open attack on citizens by spoiled brats working at universities to destroy white males.


Research shows that many men feel pressure to look and behave in stereotypically masculine ways — or risk losing their status as “real men.” Masculine expectations are socialized from early childhood and can motivate men to embrace traditional male behaviors while avoiding even the hint of femininity. This unforgiving standard of maleness makes some men worry that they’re falling short. These men are said to experience “fragile masculinity.”


I would love to watch these fake professors who the Washington Post clowns love so much, telling this to a room full of Hispanic males who are heterosexuals.


It would be incredibly funny if these professors with this fake study also were ‘gender-changed’ people or even more amusing, female professors who hate men.  I would require that the Hispanic men not carry arms, they can just use their bare hands.


The political process provides a way that fragile men can reaffirm their masculinity. By supporting tough politicians and policies, men can reassure others (and themselves) of their own manliness. For example, sociologist Robb Willer has shown that men whose sense of masculinity was threatened increased their support for aggressive foreign policy.


HAHAHA.  So, the Israeli men are all weenies because…they want to fight for Israel?  Were the Nazi or Japanese soldiers really weaklings because they fought WWII ferociously and to the death?


Was my recently deceased father-in-law who survived both the battle of Iwo Jima AND Okinawa as a medic, was he doing this while being a coward?  Hello!  I want to meet these ‘scientists’ and teach them all about what strength and fighting really means and I am giving them an advantage since I am now 68 years old and can’t fight like I was able to, many years ago when I was the Housewife from Hell in New York City.

One reader of this insane screed summed it up: ‘Thank you WaPo, another reason to not like Trump supporters… like I just didn’t have enough reasons before.’


That is, this confirms the bias and lunacy of liberals.  The Washington Post used to allow others to post comments at their site but all of us have been deleted and banned so it is nonstop liberals-only and is very boring and stupid to read.


The NYT simply doesn’t allow comments at all except rarely and these are heavily censored, too.


All information and entertainment systems are now collapsing due to being run by ‘liberals’ who hate most citizens and want us all dead and gone.  Comics, movies, TV shows, sports, schools, online systems like Google and Twitter and Facebook, anything run by liberals has now doubled down on attacks on at least 50% of the citizens.


This is causing many systems to run in the red!  I find this very, very funny.  I watch it unfold with fascination as they freak out whenever anyone produces anything that appeals to everyone, this causes major hysteria in the gang (aka: the Bilderberg gang!) who owns and runs all these ‘entertainment and political’ systems.

Zack is a young man who was in the military in Afghanistan and other hot spots who came home to the US and is now trying to get started making comics.  He was successful in creating his own comics and had a deal with an independent publisher when a Marvel comics hot shot went personally to the comic book stores and ordered them to not sell Zack’s books.


Then he harassed the publisher to not publish.  This crossed a line and Zack is now suing Waid whose lawyer is Zaid, I kid you not.  Waid responded to this by egging on all his associates to attack Zack so they then all went on Twitter to egg on their followers to ATTACK Zack LITERALLY so they all tried to get him banned from You Tube by falsely reporting him, etc.


He fought back and is now suing everyone involved.  You Tube, after hearing from the lawyers, didn’t ban him lest they also be sued for a million dollars.


Doing simple business now is nearly impossible, the SJW gang is out in force to try to fire, ban, torment or imprison anyone who challenges their world views or political goals.


‘They are losing their minds, cyber stalking anyone they can find,’ says  Zack.  They called his girlfriend at work and tried to get her fired!  Luckily, her boss understood what was really going on and didn’t fire her.


They went after Zack’s mother and father, his ex-wife and even their children!  This orchestrated harassment is now part of the growing lawsuit and since Waid went all over the internet, egging on people so they would attack Zack, I hope he ends up in prison.


‘Science thrives on the free exchange of ideas’…says Zack.  Bravo!  Yes.  And our ‘schools’ are infested with a huge army of people who hate any exchange of any ideas at all.  They punish students who dispute their dogmas.


The proof of any idea now is how quickly one can shut up any opposing ideas, mainly via using force.

This attack on men for being ‘masculine’ continues.  The Daily Wire carried the ‘study of techno-masculinity’ story.  All the male computer game players are furious.


The Daily Wire writes that the professors claim that ‘fathers are mostly to blame for this…draw to technology…by taking them to see their jobs…and allows him to play simple computer games.’


‘Sometimes the MOTHERS are responsible!’  That must be me, I got my kids involved with computers.  I bought them the machines and games.


‘Johnson argues in his paper that technomasculinity harms women,’ reads the article.  Already, SJWs are aiming at wrecking gaming systems that men enjoy.


So everything will be SJW, all systems be toxic.  On top of trying to clip male balls, these same monsters are desperately trying to change women into men.  So slender, feeble, smaller women in media systems always beats up hunky, huge, taller males especially if the males are white men.


This lunacy is now universal in all entertainment systems.  I find this very repulsive and stupid.  This is now open warfare.  They won’t stop until they clip all men so they can’t be males anymore.

This news story is infuriating.  Columbia University has exactly zero Nazis.  It is mostly Jewish/Asian students.  The black students are brought in as pets so they won’t look utterly racist there.


The chances that there is some Nazis in Manhattan able to penetrate into the offices of Jewish professors is insanity.  So far, this last decade, nearly all Nazi and KKK graffiti is done by the ‘victims’.


Note how the ‘Nazi’ was very careful to not spray paint the pictures and other items in this hallway!  HAHAHA.  How considerate!


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16 responses to “Washington Post Attacks First Lady’s Cranberry Xmas Tree Decorations

  1. Melponeme_k

    That attack on Melania’s holiday decorations is ridiculous. They compared them to set items from the Babadook film. Which I find interesting. Because the film was an allegory on depression and child neglect. The color palette in the film was aggressively filled with greys, blues and blacks. No red. Nothing even remotely bright in the film. So how they compared Holly Berry trees to a film filled with dark neutrals is just silly. The writer either never saw the film or thought the film was so unpopular (not made by Hollywood) that no one else saw it (Note: the film was very popular because it was not Hollywood made.)

    The Sabbatean Frankists never tire of pulling out the Holocaust tragedy to MK Ultra the public. They love doing it.

    And most of the top Nazis were descended from prominent Jewish families. All involved in things that Sabbatean Frankists hold dear, mainly destroying society.

    Hitler’s heritage. He was relative to the British peerage by marriage and most likely spent time in the UK (the lost years) studying art while staying with relatives in Liverpool. Maybe this is why Tavistock hid the town under Beatles mania. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


    The man was an actor from a prominent family acting up a storm with extremely deadly consequences. I doubt he wrote Mein Kampf. I doubt he created his own speeches. He was just a spoiled little rich boy doing what he was told like little Bush.

    And you know, I doubt the art work that they claim was his is actually his work.

  2. I speak as someone who knew real Nazis in Germany: you are wrong about nearly all this business. The Nazis were the military/INDUSTRIAL complex operation that was crushed after WWI due to the reparations money causing inflation and then a global depression.

    The Jews didn’t create this, HISTORY created this. The Nazis picked on the Jews because they had money to loot. Looting people is nothing new. People running dictatorships do this all the time, with or without any Jews nearby.

  3. Melponeme_k

    Elaine, I’m going by information from the Jewish people themselves. The REAL Jewish people not the Sabbateans.


    The Nazis attacking the Jewish population was enabled via influence through a cult that was using them for their own ends. This cult states they will bring about the messianic age by bringing hell on earth.


    They are set upon destroying the non-Sabbatean Jews because the Rabbis exocommunicated their leader and stated he was not the Messiah.

    This is the glue. This is the religion of the elites. They masquerade as good Jewish people and then work to destroy them and all other society. They are the ones inviting in millions of military age Muslim males into Europe and the US. It is their religion.

    As far as Miles Mathis’s research, he is just finding these links through mainstream genealogy sites themselves. Remember the cultists believe they have to tell the truth in some way even if it is as hidden as possible. At the least they can say we were all told. They just never planned for people to actually go looking and pulling out the evidence from the obfuscation.

  4. One of my 19th century German ancestors ended up in America due to marrying a Jewish lady. Beginning in the 19th century, the Jewish daughters of industrialists and bankers married into German families. The British top elites did NOT do this like in Germany and in the US, this began in northern cities where many Germans moved to 150 years ago and this was true in my own family.

    The Nazi mess was due to Jewish INTEGRATION in Germany that was much more advanced than say, Britain or France. And it was doubly tragic because of the need to scapegoat someone for the WWI defeat.

  5. Melponeme_k

    Most of the elites from all first world countries are Crypto-SABBATEAN! They are cultists by the mere evidence of their coats of arms. By the evidence that they spray occult symbols all over our media. However I surmise their real symbols are very much hidden. The all seeing eye and the gang hand symbols are just jokes. What isn’t a joke is the fact that many cities are built on plans that turn certain sites into temples.

    Where everyone goes wrong is calling them Cryto-Jewish. Which they are not. Sabbatai was excommunicated and eventually “converted” to ISLAM! Some have connected him and/or his teachings to Wahhabism and the Saudi royalty.

    You seem to think I’m saying Jewish people were responsible for the Holocaust. I did not write that at all. I’m writing that HERETICS who were once Jewish are responsible for allowing the Holocaust to happen due to their insane religious beliefs. And their sect survives to this day. Many of them PRETEND to be non-Talmud Jewish.

    And these people are not only looking to destroy real Jewish people but ALL of society. All religion. Everything. New World order – Transhumanism – Everything bad is good Luciferianism so it can force the hand of God to come to earth. That is their belief as far as I’ve read about it.

  6. Petruchio

    Speaking of Christmas decorations, I wonder if there will be a Christmas celebration at The White House, OR will they put up a huge Menorah on the White House lawn and pretend there is no such thing as Christmas.

  7. Petruchio

    RE: the Jewish Prof who got swastikas painted on his walls. I suspect the good Professor likely painted those swastikas himself. It’s been known to happen. A Synagogue gets vandalized, it gets all sorts of publicity. Then, it is discovered that a JEWSIH person did the vandalizing! BTW: good job Professor!! Red is a good color choice to spray swastikas on your white walls. Seriously. I would bet you that the Prof or a friend of his did the deed on the Prof’s walls.

  8. those swastikas will end up being done by a jew,black,or muslim,almost always fake hate crimes.

  9. Aurelius

    It’s a meme: “Hey Rabbi, whatcha doin?”

  10. First ladies should pretty much be off limits.

    But, first ladies should know (and they probably do) that the symbols they put out there mean more than pretty much most other ladies.

    Those things go hand-n-hand.

    Ladybird – now that is a fine women. Ha, ha….

  11. Ladybird really was a fine and strong and dedicated women. I’m not so sure about Melanie, but it doesn’t matter. She is the First Lady and she is off limits unless she brings it on herself which I really don’t think she is. Simple.

    Aren’t there more important things to consider?

  12. AT

    So if Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congrees about something that is covered by attorney client privilege? Might that explain the use of “individual-1” in the plea?

    But if it is covered by attorney client privilege and not technically within the “crime fraud exception”, well then, it couldn’t be used against Trump, could it?

    Could it be more nothing-burger from Mueller the 911 FBI director coverup man? More window dressing for a fake investigation that’s been going 18 months longer than any competent prosecutor should take? And, he still hasn’t subpoenaed Trump’s personal banking records?

    More WWF bread and circus. Are you not entertained?

  13. The elites are too stupid to figure out that if Trump goes down, THEY are NEXT. I marvel about this. It is due to being unable to understand history which is crystal clear about ‘what goes around/comes around’ or ‘basic karma’.

  14. AT

    Yes, I neglected to point out the flip side to the Mexican standoff: the possibility that Trump could strike successfully first. So, there it is. Two cowards with guns to each other’s heads.

    Anyone else want to help out here?

  15. The media and the Bilderberg gang have to go on with this silly business because they must, they are rapidly losing power due to people being extremely angry with Bilderberg policies. Governments are rapidly falling to people who hate liberals.

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