Proletariat Workers Fight Military In Paris: Macron Will Fall On Sword Soon

French worker revolt rocks Paris.

French Revolution courtesy of Russia TV news.  The truck drivers, taxi drivers, all sorts are violently protesting Macron’s huge ‘global warming’ tax.  They are now fighting at the Arc de Triumph in the center of Paris.  This is an open, real revolt.  This is not students buggering about, these are working men who are against the wall.  They face poverty and bankruptcy if this global warming tax is imposed on them.  This is a fight to the death!


Here is a screenshot via Russian news, the battle has reached the Arc de Triomphe and the government shoots tear gas at the workers who are strong, very male and very, very angry.  I know from experience that when too much tear gas is used and the government has been tear gassing workers now for nearly a month, you get used to it!


I used to say, ‘Thanks for clearing my nostrils!’ to the police back in the 1960’s.  Here is a creative barricade about five blocks from the Arc:


It is now raining.  Note the ‘global warming’ here: cold and wet.  Right now, more and more tear gas is hitting the men, they are waving French revolutionary flags from the Napoleonic era.  HAHAHA.  I notice the illegal aliens are making themselves scarce.


Rain wrecks tear gas.  The wind is blowing very hard suddenly as the storm intensifies.  I see in one side street, lots of big rigs parked to block traffic.  The big difference between student revolts and worker revolts is obvious: workers are hardened by a hard life, they also enjoy ‘manly’ sports and for fun, will get drunk, go to a game and pick a fight in that order.

Paris is now burning.

A car is on fire.

There is now loud singing in the distance as the workers revive their actions as the storm passes.  The police resume using water tankers to hit the workers with water streams and thus, push them back from the Arc.

Workers are throwing the gas canisters back onto the military.  The military with shields seem quite reluctant to move in, swinging.  They know that if this revolt succeeds, they are cooked.  So they want to be as little violent as possible.

Sputnik News updates:

Macron and his goons are pretending this is something that will go away if only force is used.  People cease fighting in the streets and end up fighting all over the place, all the time.  The people being affected by this fuel tax are many and very pissed off.


All this brutality is in the name of ‘saving the planet from warm weather’ which is insanity especially since the need to keep loyalty means following taxes on energy.




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35 responses to “Proletariat Workers Fight Military In Paris: Macron Will Fall On Sword Soon

  1. Moe

    Yellow vests protest in Brussels:

    One can only hope these outbursts are intractable.

  2. The police pushed the protestors away from the Arc de Triumphe an hour ago and now it is night and the yellow vests took over the Arc again! They are not retreating. Explosions everywhere now.

    The Bilderberg gang is still trying to put le Pen in the pen. These riots are also on her behalf. Like Tommy Robinson, the elites hate her supporters.

  4. Looks like the workers won the fight. Tonight, they celebrated at the Arc de Triumph, sent up balloons with lights and sang songs, milled around, no cops to be seen. Earlier in the day, the troops pushed the protestors out of the square. The protestors seem to be in a good mood. I suspect Macron is in very bad political trouble now.

    Le Pen is facing prison time over ridiculous charges and that will trigger more chaos. We shall see how the Bilderberg gang deals with losing their top guy in France, Macron.

  5. A sudden change: the military is attacking again, explosions are now happening, people are running, lots of blue lights (authorities) flashing. Looks like Macron gave orders to shut down the occupation of the square. Looks more and more like Tiananmen Square now in the darkness.

    More fires! Heavy shooting of tear gas.

  6. Authorities are commanding men to shoot into the crowd, many explosions now. Thicker tear gas while the men at the Arc throw back the tear gas. It is now a full blown riot caused by the authorities.

  7. BIG EXPLOSIONS. Breaking glass in the dark. The crowd is yelling. Some are singing the Marseilles. Some of the police are moving backwards instead of forwards. More explosions. This is turning into a full battle now. Just fifteen minutes ago, women were celebrating with the men, they have moved away now with the men confronting Macron’s storm troopers.

  8. Fire hydrant is broken. Lots of fires, lots of tear gas. The troops are retreating now. More big explosions. Remember the movie, ‘Is Paris Burning’ where Hitler demanded Paris be destroyed?

    Well, Macron is playing ‘Is Paris Burning?’ and unlike the Nazi general who disobeyed Hitler, Macron is insuring Paris is burned.

  9. This is a turning point in Europe: the latest big ‘global warming tax’ is just like the tea tax for us in the colonies: grounds for revolt. The idiots pushing this business should take note now. When push comes to shove in a world obviously cooling down rapidly, the energy tax and the elimination of energy for heating is going to cause many heads of many Bilderberg gangsters to roll.

    History is repeating itself: when the climate cools, you get revolts due to crop failures and the sheer horror of cold weather.

  10. The yellow vest demonstrators are RETAKING the Arc d Triomphe. They are flooding into the square now, enraging the authorities. The mood is no longer festive but very angry.

  11. Massive police presence is now confronting angry Parisian workers right next to the Arc d’ Triomphe. The sound system has someone telling the workers to go or else.

    This need to attack workers needed to run the economy will backfire, big time. And this is what ‘global warming’ lunacy is leading to: revolutions and wars.

  12. Arrests are being made, people being put in vans, more loud explosions. This is warfare. In EU news, people are betting on when Macron steps down now.

  13. Aurelius

    A commenter over at the Daily Stormer had this to say:

    “…Taxing fuel is economic suicide, since you need it to transport goods, it raises prices on everything, from bread to clothes, unlike taxing say, cigarettes, porn and casinos.

    It is symbolic. Our leaders killing our quality of life, in order to equalize us with the 3rd world with the”Global Warming” hoax as a pretext.”

  14. Yes, they are now taxing energy claiming we are roasting to death…in cold winter. I have half a foot of snow on the ground here now, snow that has been here for the last two weeks which is incredibly cold and rare situation. Siberia is way below zero right now which is colder than during the Ice Ages!

  15. The police let traffic back in and think it is under control but yellow vest protestors are returning in big numbers…AGAIN! They stopped the traffic, the cops are again, shooting tear gas!

  16. Moe

    Note that the police are not aligning themselves with the proletariat, nor are the military. And they typically do not in any country or or any political system under these circumstances.

    Kind of shoots down the perspective of ‘cooperative’ law enforcement. Let me remind readers of my perspective on police: their primary function is to support the status quo, enforcing law to benefit of the citizenry is the last thing on their list.

    Jeu de Paume gallery is now on fire as the military shoots high energy junk at demonstrators.

  18. The workers will be blamed for this fire which makes no sense.

  19. Jim R

    They’ll say “We had to destroy the museum in order to save it” — remember Vietnam?

    In order for a revolution to succeed, the police must side with the revolutionaries. As long as the police continue to defend the old order, it will remain in power .

  20. AT

    Why wouldn’t they mob private planes, clogging streets and mobbing with their own cars, or flash mobbing protests outside of important people’s houses?

    That most of these “color revolutions” and modern protest movements seem to follow very old, formulaic methodologies suggests to me that they are synthetic. Back before the information age, back before the oil age of industrialization, folks had to go out into the center of town to protest in front of government buildings. There were no other possibilities. Nowadays, it’s a neat little formula that stays in its box and plays its part on the stage. In the modern age I would expect a true grass roots protest movement, an organic one, to bootstrap both the information age and the age of technology:

    For example, to contrast the disparity between the global warming tax and the carbon footprint between the rich and the poor, I would expect to see many yellow jackets at the airport trashing private planes. I would also expect to see many yellow jackets protesting in their cars too. Cars take up space. Cars are mobile and protesters can literally roll their protest while blocking roads themselves. France is a developed country; everyone has a car? I would also expect to see many yellow jackets organizing “flash mobs” outside the homes of lobbyists, officials, and other decisionmakers and influencers. France is a developed country; everyone has a phone with an internet connection to look up addresses and share them with everyone else?

  21. AT


    “In order for a revolution to succeed, the police must side with the revolutionaries.”

    That is looking more and more true. However, you do have to add in any differing military sentiments.

    It is worth noting that the French Revolution was started, fought and won by neighborhood militias. Those militias were originally formed by communities to police their neighborhoods when law and order troops were moved to crowd duty by the Crown during the extended protests.

  22. Melponeme_k

    They are using high energy weapons?

    That nails it, now we know those weapons are only meant for citizens. Never have they been used on Illegal Aliens.

    Yes, this protest could be controlled.

    Apparently none of them are going after these illegal aliens turning their city into a squatting camp.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve always seen that when people finally explode in rage they attack EVERYTHING that annoys them.

  23. timothy carroll

    First, thanks to Elaine for a blow-by-blow description of today’s events. Superb coverage and analysis, as usual.

    @#24, Yes, Mel. It’s terrifying to think how insanely cruel the human animal can be when he feels cornered and attacked. No doubt how our species has evolved.

  24. Jim R

    I didn’t say it can’t happen. It just hasn’t happened yet.

    These demonstrations/riots can turn on a dime, as Chris Hedges noted back during the OWS demonstrations. One day the police are out with truncheons swinging, and the next, they are arresting the elites in their offices. All it takes is a few bounced paychecks. . .

  25. AT


    Agreed. What I’m saying is that’s not the only way it can happen. But those who have spent a whole lot of effort keeping their hand on the pulse of police wish it were.

  26. Zeke

    RT (before it was taken off the air in this area) showed video of the NYPD white shirts (supervisors) going berserk wading into the throng of OWS protestors viciously waiving their truncheons hitting people’s heads while the NYPD blue shirts (unionized rank and file) stood back, not attacking.

  27. Ziff

    I’m surprised there are still French people in Paris I hope the paintings are ok

  28. Ken

    Ziff @ 29,

    It’s interesting that you focus on the paintings. This is an aspect of Sharia law and Islam that almost no one talks about. Mere humans are not supposed to make representations of the human form or image, since this is reserved for God (Allah). That is the reason that Buddhist statutes get blown up in Afghanistan, and decorations in mosques are merely elaborate geometric patterns.

    Once France succumbs to Islam, all of the museums will have to be purged of any images of people. Out with the Mona Lisa, no more Rembrandts, all of the statutes of saints in the churches will have to go, etc. It will be a complete and total loss of French culture. Not just changed religious ritual.

    And of course, the French will not be allowed to keep their dogs. No one talks about this either. Mohammad hated dogs, and said that no one owning a dog would ever see heaven. The French love their dogs, but they will have to go.

  29. Moe

    @ 31 Ken

    It will be the French people (or possibly just their culture) that have to go, whether by indoctrination, assimilation or elimination.

  30. Europe is slowly erupting into chaos. The EU is dying. I have pointed this out for quite a while now. The rifts and tears are ever more obvious.

    What event caused the final collapse? We never know but we can guess. It will probably be in Germany, as per usual. The German industrial complex is where the real action will be at. And Russia is watching this element very, very, VERY closely.

  31. Ziff

    Ken , yes the the destruction of the Louvre will be the big triumph of postmodern neomarxism. Maybe they can be moved ,but people are toostupid

  32. This happened around 360-450 AD. A lot of the loot at the museums of Europe came to be there due to the destruction back then.

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