Skull & Bones Black Magic President Bush Goes To Hades To Chat With Geronimo

Pedophile Death Skull And Bones Geronimo Cult Magic And Clintons | Culture of Life News

That old grave robber, Bush Sr., is now in the grave himself.  He was greeted last night at the Gates of Death by the Watchers who introduced him to someone my family knew way back in Arizona 140 years ago: Geronimo.  Geronimo’s skull has been used for black magic rituals by the Skull and Bones gang at Yale University.  My own ancestor, Henry Steele, was one of the founding members of that gang and taught them the black magic rituals.

Secret burial due to Bush wanting bin Laden’s skull.

More news about bin Laden:  it turns out that he was shot with one bullet to the head (execution style).  This is all rather odd since he evidently was killed in his bedroom.  The video of the room has been released but it is very confused.  No body, of course.  The problems accumulating around this business is ridiculous.  The US team that entered the building didn’t film what happened which is bizarre, too.  Videos of actions isn’t all that hard to do.  My personal opinion as of right now is, the reason bin Laden had to be buried in secret is due to his head being cut off and his skull going to Bush Jr as a Skull and Bones trophy!  Bush even boasted in public that he wanted bin Laden’s skull.


The Truth about our Real Rulers is sickening:

FEMA test is magic number day!

There are several important magic number days that come along.  Some are important to some people and other days are important to other parties.  In the case of all the days connected to the Apocalypse, they are few in number but numbingly used over and over again, over the course of a thousand plus years.  Coming this 11/9/11 will be a the first national attack test to see if we are ready for WWIII.  This doesn’t surprise me.  The date for this national test was chosen quite deliberately, it is NOT accidental at all.


It is a ‘widdershins’ number day vis a vis 9/11/1.  Here are some horrifying facts about this particular magic day:  November 9 -November 9 is the 313th day of the year which makes it a super-magic number day, indeed.   Worse, September 11 is the opposite: there are 111 days forward in the year on that day.  Whereas, the 313 days are how many days are past in the year.  The Egyptian Copts use September 11 for their first day of the year, it is the ‘New Year’s Day’ for them.


From the comments about the 11/9…9/11 magic number business:


So, by birth, I was directly connected to both Geronimo and the Skull and Bones.  I worked with the Apaches several years ago to try to force the Bush clan and the Skull and Bones to return Geronimo’s skull.


The Udall family who sent members to Congress over the decades and who my family has known since the Civil War, tried to help the Apaches get Geronimo’s skull back.  The Bush clan sent a child’s skull which was also used for black magic.


This freaked us all out, the Apaches had to have ceremonies to fix this touching of the child’s skull and I joined in this ceremony which happened during a thunderstorm here.  This whole ugly business gives me great disturbance and annoyance.


The Apaches voted to not pursue the matter of Geronimo’s skull after the ceremonies, they basically believe that once Bush Sr. died, he would get to meet Geronimo in person at the Gates of Death.  The Apaches feel that this is Geronimo’s business and he has his own methods of dealing with Bush Sr.


The Skull and Bones continues their dark magic ceremonies each April 15th.  We pay taxes on that day due 100% to the Skull and Bones who rigged this up way back roughly 100 years ago.  They found this business of taxing us on their black magic high power day to be immensely funny.


We will see all sorts of ‘nice talk’ about this horrible man who deliberately toyed with black magic to gain personal power.  No one will mention this facet of Bush Sr.’s secret life.  But it is no secret to me!


And since I have passed through the Gates of Death more than once in my life, I am very familiar with the process of how the Watchers operate and they were itching to get to work on Bush Sr.  To some small degree, I feel sorry for him, eternity is terrible.


On the other hand, he didn’t feel even slightly sorry about all the horrible things he did.  So to literal hell with him.


Culture of Life News Geronimo’s Skull Stories:

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Secret Burial Due To Bush Wanting Bin Laden’s Skull

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Trump Triumphs, Skull & Bones Numbskulls Go Nuts, Must Call On Geronimo’s Skull April 15th

ABC News: Skull & Bones Ritual Caught on Tape! – YouTube which is all about worshipping the Devil That Is Death   Trump forces Rubio OUT: The Donald wins THREE primaries, crushing Marco in his home state of Florida with 45% … Continue reading

Last but not least: Bin Laden also sues Magic Number Days for his attacks:


It isn’t the anniversary of events bin Laden is looking for, it is harmonic magic number situations. I bet he has it all plotted out on a graph, it is quite simple. When one is calling a demon or jinn, careful spells must be attended to and of course, demons love mathematics since this is the Ultimate Force in Nature: everything is ruled by numbers in the end. Even if there is nothing, there is pure math. It exists even when nothing exists, it predates creation.


Bush Sr. is also with bin Laden at the Gates of Death.  Fun times!




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41 responses to “Skull & Bones Black Magic President Bush Goes To Hades To Chat With Geronimo

  1. Moe

    Excerpt: “To some small degree, I feel sorry for him, eternity is terrible.”

    Indeed, it would be. I cannot claim as you do experience with ‘The Gates Of Death’ or the ‘Watchers’ but eternal punishment is beyond the pale. I ain’t buying it.

  2. Eternity is a funny thing: it is endless and it also is instantaneous as a lightning strike. This paradox was impressed on me when I was a small child, was hit by lightning while lying in a Victorian metal bed with metal springs and it was a very strange feeling, all things were ‘widdershins’ in the Darkness and I was very confused.

    Up was down, in was out, bright was dark, etc. A very confusing place but again: time stood still and time moved at the speed of light.

  3. From comments at Breitbart:

    Patton was Right • 3 minutes ago
    A guy died and went to Hell…

    One of Satan’s henchmen took him on a tour through the Chambers of Hell. Inside one chamber was a velvet bed, and on the bed, a beautiful scantily-clad blond was snuggling next to old man Bush.

    The guy asked, “Why is old man Bush being treated so well? Everyone hated him!”

    At that, the henchman knocked the guy head over heels, shouting, “HOW DARE YOU QUESTION THAT WOMAN’S PUNISHMENT!!”

  4. Melponeme_k

    Geronimo agreed to be used by these people. Bush Sr. will not bear the fault for that, how can he?

    Maybe he will pay for war crimes. But again. These people are ALWAYS telling us what they are doing in books, films, news etc. The fact that we don’t investigate or even make a move to further understand what they are doing, gives him an out.

    If the stories that he was a pedophile were true, then I can see him paying for that. IF the stories are true. I’ve read commentary that states that most use Magic and Satanism for purposes of intimidation all to keep control of rubber money wealth. They don’t care what we think as long as we fear them.

    Otherwise, he was an honest rogue and he can’t be faulted.

    This is the bare bones, horrible truth. Facing it is the requirement to be an adult in the Universe.

    It’s interesting that you accept Skull and Bones but shy away from a cult of Jewish apostates that are helping them. Where do you think these people learned their slander Gematria?

    It is stated by many Jewish people, that only they can work Gematria because it must be in Hebrew. From what I understand Hebrew is basically made up of vowels. This is what leads to the many variations in word formation and meaning. To the religious, it is believed that finding another word/meaning is inspired by God. This is why the Torah is called a LIVING book. The apostates still technically consider themselves Jewish, this is why they believe they can work Gematria.

    Once bible Hebrew is translated into another language it is fossilized and is probably not even the best translation. If the interpretation is continually changing in its original language due to greater spiritual understanding, then translations are useless.

    In regards to Gematria, rigging it with translations from other languages into Hebrew is cheating. And it may no longer work in the near future.

  5. No, Geronimo didn’t ‘agree’ but after being bothered endlessly by the Bush/Cheney criminals, he has enough power to be allowed to punish them.

  6. Melponeme_k

    Why would a disembodied Geronimo care what little ants on earth asked of him? Why would he even care what happened to a small thing like a country?

    If we are all pieces of God, then there is nothing we can be forced to do or be bothered to do. We all have enough power to say yes or say no.

    In fact trading in power and influence from the beyond would be playing a demon’s game. A real Demon is already damned so they don’t care about fault. They only care about pulling people down into their own misery.

    So either this being calling itself Geronimo is not him at all OR if it truly is, he is already damned.

  7. lou

    It is all too much for me. Masons, Magicians, Skulls, Numerology. and ‘fool the public,’

  8. Lisa

    The earthquake yesterday must have been hell welcoming its newest resident.

  9. Ziff

    whatever, dust is not much of a thing to embody anything

  10. Geronimo doesn’t care about ‘little ants’ he does care about people using him to do black magic so they can rule the earth. It is his ‘ju-ju’ at work here.

  11. Jim R

    I would much prefer to see these criminals in the dock for their crimes. Dying of old age is such a cop-out. What they did should be on display for all the public to know, and not just for a few ‘truth seekers’.

  12. AT

    When the last one involved finally dies, can Trump release the files on the Kennedy assassination?

    According to Trump, that would still leave at least Ted Cruz’s dad.

  13. Zeke

    I wish more of our fellow citizens were aware of this.
    I used to think Skull & Bones and the Bilderbergers and Bohemian Grove, etc. we’re in the laughable category of Big Foot or Alien abduction or unicorns, etc. I guess that’s what ‘they’ want us to think.
    A friend of mine is a Yale graduate and he told me – no, there is an actual mausoleum type building known to be the Bonesmen meeting place. He’d seen it and passed by it on campus daily.
    And the general sense among Elis – ‘Yale has been around before the country – and it will be around after the country is gone’ – i.e., Yale is above the law and more important than the country.

  14. Zeke

    There are images (I can’t get a ‘copy and paste’ but anyone can find them) of George H. W. Bush standing next to a grandfather clock with hands on midnight or high noon? He is next to a S&B member hovering over a human skull (Geronimo’s?).
    [in the pre-Internet era, I guess they were not concerned with images being released ‘into the wild’]. Much tighter control now.
    Hardly a kinder, gentler thousand points of light image message.
    Rather, the Skull & Bones “memento mori” motif has a history of mayhem. Used by seafaring pirates on their ‘Jolly Roger’ flags and by Waffen SS Deaths Head (Toten Kamph) division.
    Seems like a sick fetishising of a ‘trophy kill’. Not worthy of our ruling elites.

  15. Zeke

    Correction: should have been “Totenkopf” not as written. Sorry.

  16. Petruchio

    Maybe some of you missed this news item, so let me share it. Although newly arrived to his Place for Eternity, George H.W. Bush sent this news item from Hell: “READ MY LIPS;:It sure is HOT down here!.” Bush must have used some sort of Satanic Ritual to send his message from Hell. Enjoy your stay, Mr. Bush.

  17. People think I am crazy when I talk about how the elites use black magic. I grew up inside that strange realm! It is also connected to being hit by lightning bolts…which has happened to me repeatedly.

  18. lou

    18–there are plenty of narrow minded and ignorant people. ignore them.

    George Bush Sr announced a “New World Order” on 9/11/91 – ten years to the day before the Twin Towers were taken down.

  19. shawntoh

    GB, Sr. “…is a old CIA ‘spook’ …”, as a room-mate once pointed out to me long ago in the late 20th Century.

    What’s interesting to me is that he may have had Sen. Paul Wellstone of MN knocked off assassination-style for offending him when Sen. Wellstone confronted him boldly as a brand new Senator.

    I recall when GB, Sr. was surprised by newly elected Sen. Wellstone at a reception for newly elected members of Congress–

    Senator Wellstone chucked the protocol, and spoke out, openly, urging the president to focus on issues related education and warning him against invading Iraq. What was the famous response by GB, Sr.?

    “Who is this chickens***?”

    Bush, Sr. is alleged to have uttered to one of his aides.

    After that, I lovingly referred to Sen. Wellstone, since I personally met him twice and found him to be a caring and kind human being, as…

    My Senator Chickens***!

    When he died unexpectedly in a plane crash– I was devastated completely.

    So I’m sure that somewhere, “Senator Chickens***” is probably remarking to the now “burning in H-E-Double-Toothpicks…” GB, Sr., that–

    “…. Hey, Sir, I admonished you! Now the chickens*** has come home to roost– in more ways than one…!”

    Ah ha, ha, ha! Sorry, I can’t help it as–

    What strange part of the universe we live in– it just doesn’t get stranger than this, perhaps, and, as always, I thank-you, Elaine, for giving us your amazing insights, once again, as our loving and caring tour guide for this weird planet we currently reside on–

    Whoa, and it isn’t even the unabridged tacky, glittery, X-mas set just yet with Elvis gruesomely singing those Satan-damned songs over the stores loudspeakers all over this land– well, NOT just yet– your mileage may vary, but you wait, it’ll be here soon enough and if it has for you, dear reader, well…

    My condolences–

    Thanks for reading this, everyone and–


    For further research and your reading pleasure, please checkout the following…

  20. lou

    was Paul W murdered?

  21. Jim R

    Yes, obviously.

  22. Jim R

    Caitlin Johnstone has written the best obit I have seen for him –

    If You Murdered A Bunch Of People, Mass Murder Is Your Single Defining Legacy

    If a man kills a lot of people, then his legacy is that of a mass murderer. There is nothing else anyone could possibly accomplish in their lifetime which could eclipse the significance of the act of violently ripping the life out of thousands of human bodies. I don’t care if you started a charity, if you gave a graduation speech, or if you loved your wife very much. If you committed war crimes, knowingly targeted civilian shelters, and deliberately targeted a nation’s civilian infrastructure to gain a strategic advantage after the conclusion of a war based on lies, then you are a mass murderer who may have also done some other far less significant things during the rest of your time on this planet. That is who you are.

  23. AND…if you do black magic to gain temporal power, you pay for this dearly in the Afterlife.

    Having passed through the Gates of Death more than once, I greatly appreciate the powers of the Darkness.

  24. Moe

    @ 24, Bush the mass murderer…

    Here’s a disgusting whitewash of Bush from AP, who forgot to mention this cretin’s manifold crimes against humanity…

  25. Petruchio

    Yes, George H.W. Bush was a Mass Murderer, but I think that’s the wrong term to use to describe him. I would use the term War Criminal. Bush started wars, killing millions of people. He bombed water purification plants. Hospitals. All under the guise of bringing Freedom and Democracy. Imho, somebody who kills 100 people is a Mass Murderer. Calling someone who kills Millions of people is ALOT more than a Mass Murderer. George H.W. Bush, as hard to believe as it might sound, was much worse than just a Mass Murderer.

  26. Most rulers go to hell.

  27. lou

    In 1968 George Bush graduated from Yale and Skull and Bones,
    in 1968 construction of the twin towers began,
    in 1968 911 became US’s emergency number.

    Guess what happened ((33)) years later.. ???

  28. AT

    Bin Laden was buried at sea not because Bush cut off his head and stole his skull, but because the operators who killed him got carried away and desecrated the body; they took turns dumping magazines and at least one canoed his forehead. Hard to blame them given their job and how much Bin laden was exclusively demonized for both 911 and somehow Iraq and everything else? Not sure why you hang onto the Geronimo skull parallel? I guess there’s a possibility the shattered skull was stolen too? Maybe you know more?

    Evil for Bush Sr. started in Dallas in 1963.

  29. Simple: the Skull and Bones was founded by MY FAMILY. Inside knowledge at work here! Also, I have back door information via these subterranean systems.

    The Skull and Bones badly wanted that skull. Even if a bullet was shot at it, they wanted it badly! You think the soldiers went out of control? They would have been punished.

    Nope. THAT story you cite is the FAKE STORY used to explain why there was no corpse. They couldn’t have the corpse show up minus the head!

  30. More logic here: why on earth would the soldiers who were very, very elite troops highly trained and capable, suddenly ‘lose control’ and destroy the corpse which they were under strict orders to bring back? Eh?

    The trials of these troops would have been immense news, no? So far, not a peep from them, either. Nor the commanding officers in charge of the raid: how many were punished?

    None! Did the media go after the story? Nope. Why isn’t this entire matter being discussed at all? HAHAHA. Why are leftists silent about all this, too?

    Note the Darkness here. Why was Operation Paperclip which my own father was the top member, kept secret for 70 plus years? It was top, top, top secret! I penetrated these secrets to the point of even interviewing the Nazis whos survived in 1968, in person, in German!

    But no media would carry the true story of the end of WWII in the rocket caves outside of Jena, Germany. The Soviets knew all the details of that battle over the rocket caves and THEY kept it secret, too, to hide the fact that their rocket program, like ours, we run basically by Nazis from that Cave of Death.

  31. AT

    You are wrong there was discussion about it within the special operations community at the time. Not just with Osama, but with the dubious practice of canoeing the foreheads of the dead terrorist/insurgents in general.

    Let me just tell you that sometimes in the heat of battle, this stuff happens. We have no idea if there was any reprimand. Most likely no formal charges were brought.

  32. AT

    Of course, like I said, maybe someone in the woodwork stole the skull afterwards but before the burial. I wouldn’t put it past the parasites.

  33. AT

    As for everyone being silent about it, they all support the troops, left and right, and rightly so because they are basically the same party and they sent them there.

    You know much about the darkness of mind control, but very little of the darkness of war. Since time immemorial, men who were victorious in battle have had the immense urge to gather round and stare at the dead, the men who were trying to kill them, to stare at death, and sometimes, to share in the kill.

  34. EXCEPT these were ELITE troops, not guys stuck on the lines, secondly, they would NOT have been allowed to exist after doing this stupid thing…if they went nuts, they would have been punished.

    I know a great deal about how this all works, my father testified at the Nüremberg trials about the Nazi war crimes which he was witness to, not hearsay.

    My father in law was at the battle of Okinawa and Iwo Jima and even in these frightful battles, soldiers didn’t commit this sort of crime and defacing corpses is a crime even during wars. Ask the Nüremberg Nazis and the Japanese war leaders about this sort of thing.

  35. AT

    In Okinawa everyone had their fill, they walked across it, and saw it running out of caves on fire.

    It’s one of those things you don’t really know unless you were there, and by the time the “hot wash” is over, the narrative is something a little different. And then, by the time the letters to bereaved parents are written, and all the awards are written, it’s changed a bit more.

    I can tell you from personal experience this type of stuff (funeral games and issues with “death checks”) has gone on inside and outside the special operations community in the military in the time period leading up to “Operation Geronimo”. Many old veterans that form social networks in support of their old units feel as you do. I agree with you too; it shouldn’t happen. In my experience, sometimes someone is relieved, like the army colonel who froze insurgent corpses into blocks of ice and dumped them off in the center of town just few days too late for them to get buried in time to go to heaven. Find me your trials and stories about that? Lol. Sometimes there is just a stern talking to from an officer outside the chain, like a “death check” eyeball-thump that turns from a finger into a head stomp, and then another, until the head gets pumpkin smashed. And, that was spec ops.

    Your overall refrain that these were elite troops who couldn’t have done it is part of the myopic problem. It matters not how good or how well trained or how elite they were. What matters is whether they had good leadership. I can tell you that in the special forces community, the best troops are often better than most of the officer corps, and so a prima Donna effect sets in, making leadership even more challenging in that field, not less. What’s worse, the op was run from the White House with no one in charge. Take a look at the archive photo and scan that room. Lol. Of course it was going to be a clusterf**k.

    It does seem unnerving and distinctly in politically correct that out first black president let this be “Operation Geronimo”. I gotta give you that. And, like I said who knows maybe the frat brothers did snatch the skull after all. So they can play their pretend game pantomiming victorious soldiers staring at death.

  36. One problem here: there was HUGE pressure to SHOW THE CORPSE. And nothing was shown because the President, son of the President who stole Geronimo’s skull, didn’t want to talk about bin Laden’s head vanishing, too.

  37. Jim R

    They also didn’t want to talk about how bin Laden died of kidney failure in December 2001, and whatever they were shooting at in Pakistan, it wasn’t him.

  38. lou

    Invasion of the body snatchers.

  39. AT

    Obama was the President, not Bush, and not a member of the skull snatching fraternity. Although, given the name Operation Geronimo, someone in the woodwork undoubtedly was. . .

    That would be really funny if it wasn’t even Bin Laden.

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