Macron Doubles Down On Workers: They Will Be Punished For Protesting Global Warming Taxes

Trump to Hold Off on Tariff Hikes Against China, Negotiations Continue

Another great diplomatic victory for Trump!  The previous six Presidents starting with Reagan’s treason with Japan for which he was paid $2 million 1986 dollars which would be around $4 million today, opened the floodgates to bribery of Congress and Presidents!  Our trade deficit shot to the moon thanks to all these treasonous Presidents.  Now, Trump with a pen in hand, sets things on the right track even as industrial giants backstab him by still trying to import cheaper goods from cheaper labor.


Congratulations, President Trump!  Well played and this, in the teeth of howling rage from the GOP and DNC internationalists who are, in many cases, Bilderberg co-conspirators.  Now on to a failing President whose country is on the verge of a classic worker’s revolution: France.

As the climate continues to get colder and colder, more leaders are getting cold feet, too.  About time!  It is going to be stunningly obvious soon that CO2 does not control ‘global warming’, the sun does this and the sun has this habit of ‘going cold’ for extended periods called ‘Ice Ages’ for good reasons.


‘I will never accept violence,’ Macron says after Paris protests – Breitbart except he IS, himself, the ‘violence’.


Buenos Aires (AFP) – French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday denounced protesters against him as chaos-seekers, as the growing demonstrations first triggered by planned fuel price hikes turned violent.  “I will never accept violence,” Macron told a news conference at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires amid the massive “yellow vest” demonstrations.


Macron has tried to focus in Buenos Aires on global affairs, seeking to lead like-minded countries in taking action on challenges such as climate change in the face of resistance from US President Donald Trump.


“Those guilty of this violence don’t want change, they don’t want improvements, they want chaos. They betray the causes that they pretend to serve and which they manipulate,” Macron said.  “They will be identified and brought to justice for their actions,” he said.


The only shooting I saw and I watched the entire demonstration all day long as a side window on my computer, was the State Police shooting stuff directly at demonstrators.  When the Yellow Jacket protestors gathered very peacefully at the Arc de Triomphe, they set off glowing balloons and sang patriotic songs and waved French flags.


Suddenly, an army of violent troops stormed in and a riot ensued.  The protestors were attacked while being very peaceful.  The end was extremely violent.  This was a classic police riot, I have seen more than one, first hand, myself.


Well, this little Bilderberg dwarf and his elderly hausfrau will end up fleeing France eventually.  He isn’t just disliked now, he is hated by many workers and unlike the prissy bourgeoisie, workers fight like fiends when angry.  And they don’t surrender all that easily, either.


Macron thinks that the courts that will try him in the future will be run by the Bilderberg gang.  HAHAHA.  There is reason to believe, this is a false hope.

Trudeau refuses to pick up his signed trade agreement.  He had to behave badly at the signing ceremony.  Note his smug expression as he does this Bilderberg insult to Trump.  Trump will take his revenge for this.  Canada’s people are entering into a very serious deep freeze cycle now.  The global warming scam will collapse and Trudeau will freeze, too.


Germany has decided to decline going to war with Russia over Ukraine.

HAHAHA…I am assuming that some Germans have figured out what happens next!

Merkel is mad at Trump which makes many Germans laugh since she is increasingly unpopular and is wrecking her own party whereas Trump is building the GOP from the ground up.  Meanwhile, Putin is laughing at everyone as the Bilderberg gang twists Trump’s arm to prevent him from doing basic diplomacy with Putin.


This is hilarious because these clowns hate and fear Trump much more than Putin who is doing an end run around them on the world stage!


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16 responses to “Macron Doubles Down On Workers: They Will Be Punished For Protesting Global Warming Taxes

  1. Moe

    A couple of snippets:

    – Emmanual ‘Moron’, two-faced bastard. What a hypocrite.

    – “Beta-male Trudeau”: Ha, ha, ha! Another moron. Too bad Trump isn’t still performing his WWE stunts, he’d crush that smug dilettante. I detest Trudeau because he is a complete fraud, possessing nothing more than pretty-boy appeal for ingenuous females and credulous millennials, combined with name recognition. His father was a closet communist-cum-socialist that was equally despicable but at least intelligent. Apparently, the apple falls close to the tree, excepting the intelligence aspect. Canadians should be utterly embarrassed to have elected such a clown.

    I note that the Bilderberger (as Elaine so labels them) national leaders are being exposed as weak and inimical to their country’s interests and cultures: May of UK, Merkel of Germany, indeed, leaders of most western developed nations. Strong leaders (and I include Trump in this category in spite of his obvious weaknesses) are demonstrating their superiority: Putin of course, Orban of Hungary, Kurz of Austria, etc.

  2. The Chinese and Japanese aren’t doing this stupid stuff, either.

  3. Saint Mike

    Every day for years the Muslims burn cars all over France but because this is the white guys they call out the army.

    The police used to be peace-officer servants, now they are more like the tax-collecting red coats who take insurance reports.

    Remember over 60% of the 1 Billion African natives want to emigrate to Europe or the United States. White genocide is real.

  4. Moe

    From John Ward, ‘The Slog’

    Excerpt: Kate Hoey stated with clinical accuracy in 2016 that the fight for Brexit was “a battle between the People and the Establishment”. The Gilets Jaunes (Yellow vests) represent exactly the same trend towards what Brussels snearingly calls ‘populism’, and thinking critics call Citizen Democracy: right across Europe and the US, those subjected to disguised dictatorship are demanding the return of their civil right to say No. Here in France, a survey by the polling agency Elabe found that almost three-quarters of French voters approved of the protests, and that more than half of those who voted for Mr Macron support them. The scales, it seems, are falling from the eyes. And for the unelected everywhere, the signs are disturbing: the Gilet movement has spread to Italy and – would you believe? – Belgium.”

  5. Kenogami

    Not all yellow vests are yellow vests. What about the most violent?

  6. A number of non-yellow vest people showed up and were violent.

  7. Moe

    Best Zero Hedge comment on the French and Yellow Vests:

    “The stupid fu*ks want socialism and low prices. Ain’t happening.”

  8. Moe

    Breitbart On Macron: Delingpole: President Macron Is Heading for His Green Waterloo

  9. Moe

    From Babylon Bee 🙂

    French President Emmanuel Macron criticized the protesters for not using carbon-neutral rioting methods.

  10. OC

    Chinese leadership doing a “Pump & Trump” :

    Ain’t over till it’s over.

  11. Macron just surrendered. Sent out his deputy to explain that the global warming tax will be delayed by six months while the ‘system’ debates this issue. HAHAHA.

    They hope to sneak it back in during the summer, praying that summer will be warm and not Little Ice Age cold.

  12. lou

    11–whats your opinion? this China-USA link.

  13. AT

    The purpose and the proof of tariffs is when jobs come back home.

    Anything less just alters consumption patterns,

    Given that we still have jobs leaving, the tariffs are really just about consumption.

  14. Stopping the bleeding is difficult. Especially since the DNC/Congress/mainstream media wants the US looted and workers poor.

  15. AT

    #1) Importing stuff with printed fiat is a way to have your cake and eat it too, because the inflation you create gets correspondingly exported first, before it eventually washes back ashore. So, there’s the flip side to the purpose behind the looting.

    #2) The nature, quality and amount of consumer items is constantly moderated to account for both supply and preference. Take fur coats for example; if they were still as popular as they once were 100 years ago, at today’s number of people and furbearers, they would be selling for millions of dollars apiece. Once that happens, add on a premium for conspicuous consumption.
    Keeping those balances from going out of whack is of primary importance to those who want to keep the oil age economy rolling for the maximum amount of time as we pass peak oil. With decreasing supply, preference and demand for consumables is being managed through all manner of artifices: “trade war” tariffs, “carbon taxes” on oil, “war” and displacement in conflict areas, national “bankruptcies”, flimsier cars, thinner toilet paper, cheaper plastic toys,, etc. Any product with supply chain issues for a given price point is being marginalized for quality or demand.

    History will not be kind to those maintaining an economic system that uses up the worlds most valuable non-renewable resource at the fastest possible rate, while hiding shortages and holding prices low to keep the pedal to the metal. Personally, I’d rather just go back to the 50s and have less stuff with higher quality. The fraud in place keeps making all the stuff junkier over time.

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