More Ballots Than Voters In California! Apple CEO Loves Censorship!

Precinct in California won by Republicans, had a recount and the DNC candidate won after 120% more people voted than there were registered voters!  The DNC run states and cities have been able to rig elections so they can maintain power.  They do this by allowing noncitizens and criminals to vote, for example and even do the old art of ballot box stuffing.  Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger is at a Global Warming conference overseas and tells us to not live like him in huge mansions with a zillion vehicles.  Also, Jews, again, refuse to look into their own racist mirror so Apple CEO who is a Jew, praises censoring anyone who is ‘Nazi’ or ‘barely conservative’ because…ethnic/religious cleansing is evil except in Israel.


Breaking news!  Macron surrenders! Government stops global warming fuel taxes for six months.


The French government will suspend the fuel tax rise for six months to calm down the Yellow Vest protests, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said in a televised speech on Tuesday. He stressed that no tax should endanger public unity and “the violence must stop.”


“This anger, you’d have to be deaf or blind not to see it or hear it,” Philippe said in an address. “The French who have donned yellow vests want taxes to drop, and work to pay. That’s also what we want,” the Prime Minister maintained.


The fuel taxes will not rise until they are debated by all stakeholders and the French people. He also promised to increase the minimum wage by 3 percent next year and direct the government to focus on improving living standards.


I got this news from Russia, not US news sources.  Typical!  This is a six month delay, Macron hopes to reinstate it next summer, hoping that the summer will be warm enough to get away with this ‘proles tax’.  Back to the regular story about vote rigging in California:


Young Kim was ahead by 8,000 votes on election night and even attended freshman orientation in Washington DC only to lose to her Democrat opponent weeks later.


The new voting system in California is so bad that Democrat TJ Cox, who was down by 6.4% on election night in California’s 21st district ended up defeating GOP incumbent David Valadao three weeks later.


Precinct 38083 in Orange County, California had a 120% turnout – 465 registered voters and 561 ballots cast in this precinct. (screenshot below)


The voter fraud is far beyond this, in all DNC run cities, they let anyone vote and don’t do due diligence in screening people who are voting.  Eventually, these cities become DNC-only zones and two things happen: the economy crashes and illegal aliens pour in, like in Detroit which is 100% DNC run and is a 100% urban disaster.


I pushed many years ago, after living in vote-cheating NYC and doing the dangerous job of poll watching there…and getting key politicians put in prison…our voting systems are deliberately rigged to make them less and less functional and legal over the years.


Cheating on voting is so much easier than running for office!  Once a city or state is taken over by the DNC, they degrade voting systems as much as possible.  The Supreme Court thinks this is OK.  So far.

Apple CEO thinks it is OK for fake liberals who are Bilderberg conspirators to censor everyone they dislike.  Censorship online is now raging along.  Google tweeks searches to hide anyone on their ‘do not allow anyone to find this site.’  They even had to change their silly motto from ‘Do no evil’ to ‘We are your Real Rulers’.


Apple was always liberal but living in California, a one party state where the liberals lie, cheat and steal, is causing them to imagine the entire US is California.  They think they can merrily roll along, abusing our civil rights, and no one can stop them.  They very much intend to stop anyone disputing their bizarre systems which clearly show how to destroy civilization.


I once lived in NYC, one of the rudest and dirtiest cities in the US which has lots of competition from other rude, dirty DNC cities.  Once I cleaned up my neighborhood, everyone wanted to live there.  But not do the daily battles to live there. The new mayor was one of my neighbors and he is working day and night to make the city dirty and crime ridden once again.


ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt praised Apple’s deplatforming of Alex Jones and Infowars while linking “immigration” with “hate.” He said, “[Tim Cook] has also shown leadership in tackling consequential issues that are core to ADL’s global mission in fighting anti-Semitism and hate in all its forms. On issues like immigration, LGBTQ rights, to online hate, and civil rights. … Apple was the first company to remove Alex Jones’s hateful anti-government conspiratorial rants from their platform, and other tech companies, as we know, followed their lead.” He described Cook as “nothing short of courageous” in his advocacy for online censorship.


The ADL describes itself as “the world’s leading anti-hate organization” with a “timeless mission is to protect the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment for all.”


The ADL is a hate organization.  They protect Jews and try to destroy everyone else.  They back ethnic and religious cleansing.  They are very evil.  Israel, run by Jews from Europe and North America, has Nazi citizenship laws…you have to prove you are an ‘echt Juden’ in order to be a ‘citizen’.


The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) 5763 is an Israeli law first passed on 31 July 2003 and most recently extended in June 2016.[1] The law makes inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza Strip ineligible for the automatic granting of Israeli citizenship and residency permits that are usually available through marriage to an Israeli citizen (i.e. family reunification).


The law was challenged again in 2007. A number of human rights organisations and public figures petitioned the Supreme Court arguing that the law violates the right to family life and the right to equality of Palestinian citizens of Israel. In 2012, the Court issued its decision rejecting the petitions and confirming the constitutionality of the law.[6][7] The majority of the Court ruled that there was no violation of the right to family life or the right to equality. They further stated that to the extent that these rights are violated, the violation is considered proportionate and therefore justified according to section 8 of Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom. The majority justices explained that the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are considered to be “enemy nationals”. This, for the majority, was considered a relevant distinction that justifies the law.


Critics argue that the law is discriminatory because it disproportionately affects Israeli Arabs, since Israeli Arabs are far more likely to have spouses from the West Bank and Gaza Strip than other Israeli citizens.[9] Such critics have included the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which unanimously approved a resolution stating that the Israeli law violated an international human rights treaty against racism;[10] and Amnesty International, which has argued that “[i]n its current form the law is discriminatory and violates fundamental principles of equality, human dignity, personal freedom and privacy, enshrined in the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, as well as the right of children to live with both parents, and other fundamental rights enshrined in international human rights treaties to which Israel is a party and which it is obliged to uphold.”[11] When the law was renewed in June 2008, the publisher of the Israeli daily Ha’aretz argued that its existence makes Israel into an apartheid state.[1]


In January 2012, Arab Knesset member Jamal Zahalka expressed concern that the law would lead to large-scale emigration of Arab Israelis from Israel into Palestinian Authority areas, and claimed that Israel was taking advantage of the Supreme Court’s decision to bring about an exodus of Arabs from Israel.[12]


Now on to the global warming lunatics.  The Bilderberg gang plans to turn us all into poor peasants while they live like kings and queens.  They lecture the world daily on how evil we are to live comfortably while they live like kings and queens with all the toys and goodies and the carbon footprint of the Bilderberg gang is bigger than the entire planet’s population when it comes to using energy.


Arnold wishes to travel back in time and terminate fossil fuels!


“If we would’ve never started in that direction and used other technology, we’d be much better off,” the actor and former California governor said Monday at the start of a U.N. climate conference in Poland.


“The biggest evil is fossil fuels: it’s coal, it’s gasoline, it’s the natural gas,” he told conference delegates.


Schwarzenegger also insisted that the United States was “still in” an international accord to curb global warming despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to walk away from the agreement.


The above video shows his real feelings about fossil fuels: he gets to be a fossil fuel hog while we are supposed to live miserable, short, cold lives.  What a schmuck.  Meanwhile, fellow Bilderberg conspirator, Macron of France, is facing annihilation as enraged citizens threaten to march on Bastille after police burned elderly lady to death by shooting a gas canister into her home, setting it on fire.


Christophe Chalençon, a spokesperson for the “yellow vest” movement, has called for the government to resign and be replaced with “a true commander, like Gen de Villiers.”

Gen Pierre de Villiers is a former leader of the French armed forces who quit after budget cut disagreements.

According to the Anadolu Agency, “demonstrators, who generally live in rural areas due to the rents in the city center, have demanded from President Emmanuel Macron a reduction in fuel taxes and to make economic arrangements that will ease their lives.”


This revolt is important for all of us: the elites plan to crush us and reproduce the worst of the dying Roman Empire’s days from 250-450 AD.  They hope to live on huge estates as it cools down and we all get to live like peasants while foreign people violently invade.


Just in from Russian news:

If this spreads, Macron will have to flee France.


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25 responses to “More Ballots Than Voters In California! Apple CEO Loves Censorship!

  1. Moe

    Macron backing down will show that large-scale demonstrations and resistance in general can be effective. The French might even recall that long-term change only occurs after the guillotine is incorporated. (One must be careful what one wishes for: history shows that most revolts/revolutions are overtaken by other members of the elite).

  2. Aurelius

    “Officers making an unexpected conciliatory gesture….”

    A planned, tactical move. I’m guessing it’s clear to most people here that these people (“elite”, whatever) do not compromise and will never give up their plans, which have been well-covered here. They either must be crushed, or they will crush everything good and natural in their path…

    It is not clear to me why the Republicans/Trump are not, apparently, fighting the obvious election fraud from last month….Certainly not giving their base much of a reason to bother voting in 2020..

  3. Moe

    From The Spectator:

    “It’s because this revolt is as much against their political orthodoxies as it is against Macron’s out-of-touch and monarchical style. Most strikingly this is a people’s rebellion against the onerous consequences of climate-change policy, against the politics of environmentalism and its tendency to punish the little people for daring to live relatively modern, fossil-fuelled lives. This is new. This is unprecedented. We are witnessing perhaps the first mass uprising against eco-elitism and we should welcome it with open arms to the broader populist revolt that has been sweeping Europe for a few years now.”

  4. tio

    Jupiter sneers, suspends sentence for six months. Will ‘les déplorables’ give up? Probably.

  5. Zeke

    A fuel tax is a regressive tax. The poor spend a much higher portion of their income or reserves on fuel than do the rich.
    Also, the fuel tax reverberates throughout the economy, fanning out and increasing other goods (and their transport )and services also disproportionately consumed by people of limited means. It’s the case against consumption taxes in general. It’s a tax on the poor.

  6. Petruchio

    If you go to YouTube you can watch Macron getting hit in the head with an egg!

  7. Kenogami

    A short while ago, Macron gave a big tax cut to the ultra-rich; but then, there was now this new big hole in the state budget. So he increased taxes on the poor and the middle class. That is one of the reason for the fury of the gilets jaunes.

  8. vengeur

    Schwarzenegger was the man who FELL IN LOVE with the obscenely GAS GUZZELING HUMMER . LOL . What hypocritical f*&ks these Hollywood globalists are.

  9. AT

    These color revolutions are synthetic, which makes it hard to tell if they succeed or not, unless you know the true intent of their handlers and organizers.

  10. Aurelius


    I’m curious; you say the color revolutions are “synthetic,” meaning I presume that they are organized by people who don’t reveal their true motives, which is to enact the wishes of powerful people in the shadows for purposes that actually go *against* the people who are demonstrating.

    Is that an accurate summary of your meaning?

    Second, do you believe it’s possible in the current era for any large-scale street-level movement to be non-synthetic? If it *is* possible, how would we recognize such a movement?

    Sincere questions.

  11. lou

    anti Semitic–a term for anything bagels dont like, as in those who oppose their wealth and power grabs,

    NEW YORK (JTA) — Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated the company’s commitment to fighting hate and used a Hebrew phrase to do so.

    Cook invoked a phrase from Leviticus 19:16 in its original language on Monday at the Anti-Defamation League’s Never Is Now summit on anti-Semitism and hate.

  12. Petruchio

    @#7 kenogami: Macron is using a well worn playbook. Reagan did it. Thatcher did it. The Political Wh#re Class in D.C. STILL does it. It’s called “wealth transfer”. LOOTING is another name for it.

  13. AT


    Yes the color revolutions are mostly synthetic, organized by infiltrating intelligence agencies and NGOs. Look it up.

    I would expect a truly organic, large-scale, peaceful street-movement to do things in a less conventional and more decentralized manner, and to do at least some things that intelligence agencies would not likely countenance for fear of losing control. In short, more use of cars and phones.

    I would expect to see organizers and participants swapping smartphones randomly to defeat tracking. I would expect to see flash-mobs using social-media and smartphones to organize simultaneous protests at the homes of decisionmakers and influencers. I would expect to see large scale mobile street protests using massed automobiles, shifting to different locations simultaneously. Stuff like that likely would overwhelm traditional efforts at crowd control, short of a complete series of roadblocks, city shutdowns, and curfews. On the other hand, stuff like that would be a surveillance and command and control nightmare for the patron intelligence agency or NGO, so it’s generally not part of the “synthetic” game plan.

  14. Aurelius

    Thanks. I know that at least some of the so-called ‘color revolutions’ were synthetic, like Yugoslavia and Ukraine, for example. In those we can see the purpose, even at the time. But you seem to be lumping France 2018 with those, and that’s what I was curious about. What would be the purpose in this case?

    Your list of tactics seems reasonable; if the French were doing such things, like swapping cell phones, would you necessarily know about it? Would you trust major media to report on that? Or what if such tactics are being used but are overshadowed by the large-scale street mobs?

    Plus I’ve read how vehicles are being used to block traffic — sometimes by burning them….

    You may be right, but it seems early to conclude that it’s ‘synthetic’ — I personally don’t have enough info, b/c I have only been following it lightly.

    Is there anything that you could learn about, as the days go on, that would change your mind?

  15. AT


    I suppose the term “synthetic” also refers to the “canned” methodologies as well. Given the carbon tax issue for everyman’s cars in “France 2018”, I would have thought they’d have mobbed the super wealthy private-jets at the airport, for starters.

    There are a few outlier datapoints that do indicate infiltration. I saw a photo of a fit looking male protestor wearing a yellow vest and mask to conceal his identity. He was taunting the authorities by pulling up his sweatshirt to reveal a giant Union Jack. But you’re right; evidence is limited.

    In the sense that there is widespread French popularity, the movement itself is less “synthetic” than say Ukraine, Libya, or Syria. I would add that the goals in those places were clearly different, and led to violence.

    The most odious part of these “syntheric” movements is that oftentimes they are not popular enough to garner the necessary widespread support without the use of some pretty heinous core proxy groups. In Ukraine they used real Nazis, not just neo-Nazis, but guys whose families fought for the Germans and against the Soviets in WWII. Obama and Hillary fought Kaddafi’s pan-African revivalism by using their version of a genocidal-KKK who killed every dark skinned person during the war and have now started slave markets. And of course we found ourselves bizarrely supporting Al-Qaeda in a Syrian civil war.

  16. Jim R

    Yeah, @AT, these things are planned, sometimes months in advance. Sometimes for years.

    And this one looks suspiciously like such a “revolution”. We don’t know at this point whether the purpose was to oust Macron, or simply to cause chaos in France.

    There’s a handbook for planning these things, the See Eye Aye has gotten it down to a science now. They exploit some religious, cultural, ethnic, or economic fault line in an otherwise functional society, infiltrating political groups and sometimes conducting a few assassinations of opposition figures (but usually not, not at first). By the time they hit the streets, they have chosen a ‘color’ and figured out how many provocateurs they must employ to keep the crowd stoked.

    And you are correct, it doesn’t make sense, they are not attacking the people most responsible for their grief. It doesn’t need to make sense, it’s just a matter of rousing a mob and inciting a riot. If it doesn’t work at this stage, the riot is over and everyone goes home including the provocateurs. If it works and its intention is “regime change”, they will eventually take over political offices and install their own stooges.

  17. AT


    Yeah. Figures.

    But, rather than an antagonist empire “regime changing” France, seems to me it might be nationalist western Intel agencies attempting to inoculate the world against a globalist carbon tax regimen.

  18. Pete

    Globalist Banksters

    Haavara Agreement

  19. Aurelius

    Of course. The NatSocs wanted to divest of their Jewish problem and sought to do it at first in a relatively humane way with “good optics,” as we might say today. No one who reads Mein Kampf, especially when you correlate it with other anti-Semitic content of the times (and throughout time), like Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent, could think that he had any cozy feeling about the Jews or wanted anything but to rid his nation of them.

  20. I do hope people here actually read what I write.

    The rise and fall of civilizations has a lot to do with CLIMATE: warm cycles sees the rise of empires and people living richer lives and cold cycles see social collapse and death of millions in plagues and famine.

    The elites want a death cycle now and are pissed off that we want to evade this by using fuel to keep warm instead of getting very cold. Note that humans evolved very rapidly during each Ice Age cycle.

    Evolution is a code word for ‘survivors’.

  21. lou

    21–certainly not for Haiti. Deforested and over populated.

  22. Which is why we need birth controls. The far right doesn’t want this at all which is pretty stupid of them.

  23. Jim R

    Evolution is a code word for ‘survivors’.

    That’s what all these diversity weenies just cannot grasp. All that ‘diversity’ is followed by a selection process in which the tiny minority who have the whatever-it-is needed to survive, make it. Which ironically makes the population more uniform: the survivors all have that trait. All the others, not so much . .

  24. lou

    23– Haiti gets food aid, instead of sterilization clinics.

    1 in 3? Haitians are already in USA.

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