Stocks Fall As Bilderberg Gang Misreports Trump/China Trade Negotiations

The mainstream press has been anxiously trying to torpedo Trump’s hard negotiations with the proto-communist Chinese.  They finally have decided to play along with Trump but hope to replace him with a DNC proto-communist in two more years so they can continue to run disastrous trade surpluses with the US public.  Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve which is totally run by the Bilderberg gang, has been trying to kill the economy because it is ‘growing too fast’ and reassert the Bush/Obama/Clinton systems with low interest rates/low wages.


Just before this news about the successful Trump trade deals with China, the stock market crashed due to panic selling based on FAKE NEWS.  The destruction caused by fake news is significant and the Real Rulers don’t care, they clean up afterwards unless it all backfires when workers rise up in rage.  This is a favorite toy of the Fed: to suddenly raise rates whenever they want to make a President unpopular.


Dow Falls 799 on Doubts About China Trade Deal, Fears of Slowing U.S. Growth – TheStreet

Apple fell right after the President of that stupid California company told consumers that they are killing the planet and making it hotter and hotter (it is 14 F right now on my mountain) and we will all roast to death some day in the dim future if we don’t stop consuming products and using things that make it ‘hotter’.


Apple Inc. (AAPL) slumped 4.4% following a report that the tech giant was considering tactics such as promotional discounts and trade-ins to boost iPhone sales over the key holiday shopping period.


Yes, a great message to hand out to consumers right before Xmas: stop buying junk!  You are killing us!  So…consumers stop?  HAHAHA.


Toll Brothers Inc. ( TOL) , the luxury homebuilder, said fiscal fourth-quarter profit jumped 62% as revenue rose 21% to $2.46 billion and homebuilding deliveries gained 12% to 2,710.
Net income was $311 million, or $2.08 a share, up from $191.9 million, or $1.17 a share, a year earlier. The stock was up 0.8% after issuing an uncertain outlook.


This bit of news shows clearly that the panic is due to rising interest rates since before the Fed announced this move, Toll Brothers was roaring along just fine.


Cannabis company Cronos Group Inc. (CRON) jumped 6% after it confirmed it has received takeover interest from cigarette-maker Altria Group Inc. (MO) .


So, pot business is booming, too.  The US does have problems…nearly all of these are in DNC-run cities.  The bosses who run these places are determined to continue what works for them: driving out white males as much as humanly possible and replacing them with foreigners who hate the US and who want to reproduce what they are fleeing from countries which they run.


Trump says he will ‘probably’ have a deal to announce with China in 90 days  | Daily Mail Online

According to the Bilderberg gang, Trump telling the Chinese he will continue to fight their market invasion of the US is causing a stock crash.  HAHAHA.  Sacrificing our entire society to be dominated and controlled and exploited by a foreign nuclear armed major country is treason as well as insane.  But the gang is treasonous as well as insane.

France is on the verge of a full scale revolt now:

Macron surrenders! Government stops fighting workers!  The workers have announced that a six month moratorium on global warming taxes is not good enough.  They intend to stop this, now and it is in the nick of time.  The planet is cooling as sunspot activity fades.


The French government will suspend the fuel tax rise for six months to calm down the Yellow Vest protests, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said in a televised speech on Tuesday. He stressed that no tax should endanger public unity and “the violence must stop.”


“This anger, you’d have to be deaf or blind not to see it or hear it,” Philippe said in an address. “The French who have donned yellow vests want taxes to drop, and work to pay. That’s also what we want,” the Prime Minister maintained.


The fuel taxes will not rise until they are debated by all stakeholders and the French people. He also promised to increase the minimum wage by 3 percent next year and direct the government to focus on improving living standards.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, the invasion continues:

Illegal aliens continue to storm the fences mostly near El Paso, Texas.  This is an alien invasion which is cheered on by the DNC traitors.  Southern Arizona schools, where I grew up, is now 50% Hispanic.  These are nearly all immigrants, not like the original Hispanics of my youth.  My old high school is now 65% Hispanic and is in the bottom 50% of US schools whereas when I went there, it was near the top.


Film Institute Bans Movie Villains With Disfigured Faces: the SJW assault on everything continues.  All people have to do is not go to these movies.  Censoring them, on the other hand, is the wrong way to do this.  Making movies about disabled people that are nice is easy to do and Hollywood doesn’t do it because they want to make movies where disabled people are shown as being scary.


The British Film Institute (BFI) will no longer provide funding for movies featuring villainous characters with disfigured or scarred faces in a move to “remove the stigma around disfigurement.”


BFI’s deputy CEO, Ben Roberts, announced the decision as part of a new “diversity commitment,” through which the organization aims to allocate 7 percent of funding to filmmakers with disabilities, according to the Telegraph.


London is now considered the “acid attack capital of the world” after a six-fold increase of the barbaric practice since 2012, and over 2,000 such attacks in the last three years alone.


The acid attacks are 100% Muslim recent immigrants and their children indulging in this.  It is easy to see why: they want women veiled.  Duh.  The news from England won’t say this, of course.  The other coincidence is, this sudden rise in acid attacks happen to coincide with the election of a Muslim mayor who hates British people and is very obnoxious about Muslim crimes, that is, he doesn’t give a hoot.



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6 responses to “Stocks Fall As Bilderberg Gang Misreports Trump/China Trade Negotiations

  1. Melponeme_k

    It’s all about control and harvesting our energy.

    Money is pointless. It isn’t about the money. It IS about our struggles and emotional turmoil. That is what gives money its sweet savor to the elites. That is what gives it value.

    Of course, they could create a fair and balanced monetary system based on respect, fairness and law. But that wouldn’t prop up their little egos and prove to them they are special blood (they aren’t, they are the same as the rest of us).

    But the caveat is, like drugs, people become more and more immune to trauma. So they have to continually think up NEW traumas in which to squeeze value out of us. Energy taxation is the latest.

    One day they are going to run out of traumas. What will they do then?

  2. AT

    Yeah, no. At least not initially, they will go right back to pure colonialism with a veneer distraction of a good-cop, bad-cop, WWIII parade-of-horribles. It will devolve from there.

  3. shawntoh


    Looks like he’s at it again. Love him or hate him, Trump seems to be the deal-maker and I respect he’s attempting to get the better deal and the best deal he can for our country with China and I hope he does better than his predecessors!

    “Trump Hails ‘Big Progress’ Towards China Trade Deal”

  4. Of course, China has to give way to him! Stop trade: China collapses, not us.

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