Winter Storm Diego Will Slam Into LA, Entire South Half USA

A major WINTER storm is going to slam into California and then roar across entire South, lots of rain, wind and snow, hurricane-type conditions.  I am issuing this warning (not that any global warmists can figure out what is happening!) to help people prepare for dangerous weather that isn’t ‘global warming’.  Of course, this will be blamed on global warming but I remember the cold 1960-1980 weather cycle and see all the signs that we are now well into exactly this same weather for the next 30 years or so.  California, which complained about not enough rain and too hot will get their wishes granted, as per usual with such things.  And they will curse and blame us humans for causing this normal weather for California.


Winter Storm Diego will spread a widespread mess of snow, sleet and freezing rain from the southern Plains to the Ozarks and the Southeast late this week into early next week.


Diego was named Wednesday evening with the expectation that its long swath of wintry precipitation will meet both the a real and population thresholds used to trigger naming.


In other words, it will kill people.


From Friday into early next week, Diego will unleash its heaviest amounts of snow and ice as it moves farther eastward while interacting with cold air supplied by high pressure to its north. The snow and ice will cause significant travel disruptions from parts of the southern Plains into the Southeast. Ice accumulations in some areas may be heavy enough for tree damage and power outages as well.


Remember all the hurricanes that slammed into North and South Carolinas?  Well, they will bear the brunt of this storm, too.  Two feet of snow on the border of Tennessee and the Carolinas!  Unlike where I live in Berlin, New York where half the population has snow plows and other snow-related equipment, there is precious little of this in the southern half of the nation.

IF we are, as I expect, going into a 30 year cold cycle, people in the ‘warm south’ should brace themselves for classic Little Ice Age conditions.  Flooding will torment all the people parked on our borders, hoping to illegally invade.  Cold, wet stuff, what they don’t ever get where they came from.


Across the planet, all the southern population moving north to get welfare will be discouraged by this cold cycle.  And paying for all this will decline due to cities run by liberals going bankrupt due to all the welfare cases.  It will be painful all around but this is how Nature works: red in tooth and claw.


What marvels me is, how all our rulers and the media and the entire left went nuts when we had warm weather, great crop yields, warm winters and happy days.  They wanted to find some way to cool down the planet and even this very week, openly talked about polluting the stratosphere with agents designed to reflect sunlight back so we can have another very real Ice Age!


I hope this scheme dies.  Otherwise, we will all die.  More ‘fun stuff’ courtesy of the Bilderberg gang.






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4 responses to “Winter Storm Diego Will Slam Into LA, Entire South Half USA

  1. KHS71

    Kansas City recorded their coldest November on record. Still nasty cold in December. I have noticed lately that they are moving away from climate change and using the term “extreme weather” now to describe any unusual weather events.

  2. Jim R

    Here’s a little cartoon by an artist friend — you’ll have to fix the html, because I didn’t want it to attract the attention of the wordpress censor-bots. It is just slightly un-PC.

    https colon-slash-slash

    (I think that will work)

  3. AT

    Given the choice between weather worship and sun worship, I choose the latter.

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