Tommy Robinson Helps Family Being Terrorized By Muslims In England

Support the Bailey Family here: A video of a young man knocking down and pouring water on a Muslim kid in school went viral online and the family of the English young man have had to flee their home due to Muslims threatening to kill them and…the mainstream media eggs this all on.  It turns out, the Muslim boy is a young thug who beats up girls and smaller boys and was knocked down in retaliation.


After an altercation at school which occurred over 6 weeks ago and ended in a detention, the mainstream media took it upon themselves to run a hit campaign of stories against Bailey (a child) without even being remotely interested in the facts or what occurred prior to the edited 5-second video clip.


This happens every week in the USA, too. Globally, too. Clipping videos so as to blame white kids with various sins is quite common. It has severe downsides: usually, the people who are a target of this fake news are persecuted viciously.


As a direct result the Mainstream media, celebrities and pretty much the entire establishment turned on this poor family with gangs of men attacking his home and hundreds of threats of rape and murder to not just Bailey but his mother and his two mixed race 11-year-old sisters.


Mom is a single mother who slept with third world men.


Subsequently, Bailey’s family have been forced to flee their home with only the clothes on their back. They have since been living in fear for their own safety.


I am not condoning what he did, when I first watched the clip It did not look nice. It is through the sort of altercation that happens across schools every day and there are far worse things than a bottle of water being poured on someone’s head at school. The detention after school was a suitable punishment.


This isn’t just plain ‘virtue signalling’ it is ‘race war/religious war’. Namely, touching any Muslim child leads to vicious retaliation and this is allowed by the government, just like any event happening to anyone who is black can be used as an excuse to loot and burn entire cities.


The orchestrated campaign run by a lawyer who released the video and prepared statement and go fund me page 6 weeks after the event combined with a media frenzy describing a child pouring a bottle of water on another child as ‘Waterboarding’ a refugee is outrageous journalism and has actually put this entire family’s life in danger.


This was a cynical move by a lawyer to get money for his clients from the public. That it terrified the family who were made a target for mass abuse didn’t matter.


A number of people have asked to support baileys family and go fund me have closed down any attempted to raise funds. If you would like to support Bailey’s family and help them rebuild a new life after actually being made refugees in their own country, then you can do so here.


Go Fund Me is run by liberals who hate white people especially poor white people. They hate anyone who isn’t on their long, ever-changing ‘victims’ list.


More riots in France, this time, high school students across France march in the streets, causing more chaos.


The arrest of Chinese operatives is causing a diplomatic crisis.  No surprise right now, Trump is pressuring China very, very hard now.
Merkel chooses another female to run Germany further into the ditch:   

It also, of course, provides Dr Merkel with a useful shield against a political coup — by laying out the path to succession on her own terms years in advance, she spikes the guns of any would-be challengers from the right of the party, who have grown increasingly frustrated at her losing ground to the populist-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.


Dr Merkel is also looking to a potentially lucrative future. Harvard announced Friday that the German Chancellor would speak at the University’s spring graduation ceremony in 2019 with The Hill reporting the comments of Harvard President Larry who said: “Over her four terms as Germany’s chancellor, her leadership has done much to shape the course not only of her nation, but also of Europe and the larger world.”


So, she is coming here to tell us how to destroy the USA.  Great.  She certainly ‘shaped Europe’ by enabling a massive, dangerous invasion of hostile populations seeking to destroy everything German.  Great.  She wants this here, too. She will get along great with this female:

Voters want this, it appears.  Why not self-destruct?  Plenty of empires have done this in the past.


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4 responses to “Tommy Robinson Helps Family Being Terrorized By Muslims In England

  1. Zeke

    “Love your neighbor; yet don’t pull down your hedge.”
    Benjamin Franklin’s ‘Poor Richard’s Almanack.’ Seventeen hundreds.

    “Good fences make good neighbors.” Robert Frost. 1914.

  2. lou

    I wonder if Elaine will write about Morocco, I found these comments,


    I saw a photo of her beheaded head lying next to her body. It was so horrific and disturbing that i immediated closed the tab, those peopls are sick and evil, and I have a genuine hate for them.

    Scandinavian governments have been pushing dangerous lies down the rest of the world’s throat about how wonderfully “peaceful” Islam is and how anyone who says different are “fascists.” Gobble up the lie and get ready to die!

    steve smith
    the Danish and Norwegian intelligence services are working diligently to remove all traces of what actually happened that are posted online and that is exactly why this stuff will continue to happen. Just like the American couple that was killed while bike riding through Tajikstan. I realize ‘bad’ stuff happens everywhere in the world, but deliberately omitting facts of crimes so as to not upset or offend people is just despicable.

    WHAT really tickled the muzzies was, after raping the two scandanavian girls, was the way one of them called out for her mother when her head was being sawed off just before she died. what, didn’t hear anything about it on cnn? they fell about the place with laughter, then kicked the severed heads around like a soccer ball, before spitting on them! it was so good in fact they used the girls own cellphone to send video of the momentous event back to sweden! yes why not? show the swedes what tolerance and multiculturalism is all about. i understand the whole event has been played down by the swedish press and government, and what i just wrote here is a crime in sweden punishable by 4 years in prison.

  3. Moe

    @2 Lou

    It’s (mistakenly) called ‘The War Of Civilizations’, or more accurately, the war of quasi-civilization (the West) vs. the war of no-civilization, radical Islam.

    The West has its own sickness that must be addressed, moral decay, consumerism, secularism, socialism and the Muslim world has its own, intolerance, intransigence, cruelty, inhumanity.

    East and West both suffer from over-weening pride and insufferable, self-declared preeminence. Pride indeed “cometh before the fall.”

  4. Welcome to the Roman Empire’s death.

    BTW, my own charming ancestors did this sort of ‘fun’ stuff, being Vikings.

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