Viva La Revolution: Yellow Vest Protests Hammer France, Marcon Attacks Le Citizens!

The EU is now collapsing as citizens rise up in every country to fight the global warmists, the Bilderberg gang’s plans to divide and rule, the loss of citizen sovereignty under Bilderberg rule!  Meanwhile, in the US, the Bilderberg gang now has set into motion yet another attempt at impeaching a President based on…SEX JUNK!!!  WTH?  Have they learned nothing from the Clinton impeachment fiasco?  As Rome burns, our Real Rulers are worried about sex junk!  The contrast between Russian Real News and fake New York Times Bilderberg news is day and night.  We are now officially in ‘revolutionary times’ and it isn’t because of leftists, it is the rising right.

We Are Change is now in Paris to cover the revolution there.  This is not a ‘we are going to roast to death’ revolution, this is a real one.  People are facing bankruptcy, loss of jobs and life with no warm heat due to the fake global warming scam.  Note how cold it is in Paris today!  I have said many times, it becomes impossible to yell about ‘climate change’ and demand people freeze to death when people are freezing cold and everyone knows that the global warmists are still pushing their scam via lying about science.


Russian news media is doing a heroic job of covering the real news.  The gigantic gap between reality and fake news run by our Real Rulers is now very obvious.


The stupid, dirty trick garbage about Trump paying off prostitutes so they won’t yap to the Bilderberg media about sex is NOT GROUNDS FOR IMPEACHMENT.  Far from it.  Impeachment is for political crimes like say, treason.  This is very stupid.  Already, Trump supporters are very riled up about the elites constantly attacking Trump and then leaving the borders wide open to invaders while Congress refuses to fund protections for citizens.


Now we are supposed to be all upset about PRE-ELECTION sex?  This, from the DNC which supported Bill Clinton having sex with workers in the Oval Office?  This is insanity.  But the Bilderberg gang thinks they can use this ‘he had sex with sex workers before the election’ ruse will work and give them more power to flood the US with illegal aliens and to crush the workers via rising interest rates and then blame Trump, not themselves, for this.  Fox News makes fun of these new sex charges that are utterly silly:

The Bilderberg gang keeps forgetting that the investigation was all about Russia and Putin, not fun sex with prostitutes.  Talk about el stupido!  This is childish politics, grasping at straws.  And the sex fiend gang of liberals screaming about normal sex is amazing to watch since they, themselves, want to legalize all sex including prostitution.


The widening revolt in France should scare the Bilderberg gang.  Macron is a key member of this criminal organization.  Merkel is also going down in flames and I remember the revolts of 1968: within six months of it starting in France, it came to Germany.  I was very much involved in all of this, too, it is why I was deported from Germany, after all.

And this very same week, the West Coast courts refuse to allow the President to protect us from foreign invaders.  I see a violent end to all this.  This invasion of illegals which the Bilderberg gang cynically use to lower wages of workers and to turn cities into welfare traps that vote for the DNC for more welfare handouts is causing civilization to collapse.  This is how Rome fell nearly 2,000 years ago.


Meanwhile, as Paris burns, the US is going insane: teacher fired for not referring a girl, who decided one day, she is now a boy, as ‘he’.


 “As detailed during the course of the public hearing, Mr. Vlaming was recommended for termination due to his insubordination and repeated refusal to comply with directives made to him by multiple WPPS administrators,” West Point schools Superintendent Laura Abel said in a statement obtained by the outlet.


The entire administration worked hard and forcing this teacher, who had this student when it was a ‘girl’ and who was used to calling it ‘she’, was punished for this inability to change gender references when away from the student.  Evidently, he could play along with this girl who suddenly decided she was a ‘boy’ and only said ‘she’ when talking to fellow teachers.


The situation reportedly came about after the 9th-grade student transitioned from a girl to a boy, following which the school was notified.


Every day now, missives will flood into schools about sex change decisions.  The DNC wants to take down Trump based on him doing sex stuff which everyone does, now they want to take down teachers and other people for not playing DNC sex change games.  Changing one’s sex should be a serious business with legal ramifications.


My own daughter who had the operations, did everything legally and carefully.  She is an adult, she has counseling, she paid for operations to be done, she legally changed her name in court.  Young children in the care of parents who decide day to day, what sex they are is insanity.  They cannot do this.  No one is stopping this girl from wearing ‘male clothing’…girls who are not pretending to be men do this all the time!


It is the game of forcing people to use pronouns that is the issue.  Punishing people for not using pronouns which change from day to day on whim is insane and stupid.


 “That discrimination then leads to creating a hostile learning environment. And the student had expressed that. The parent had expressed that,” Abel told the Times-Dispatch. “They felt disrespected.”


Wow…bow to the Real Bosses: DNC parents who play sex games with other people’s lives.  This man’s teaching career is being destroyed by these people.


As a result, officials suggested that the teacher be terminated because his actions were not in accordance with the school system’s nondiscrimination and harassment guidelines, the outlet said.  Shawn Voyles, Vlaming’s legal representation, told the Times-Dispatch that although the recently-updated guidelines safeguarded gender identity, they did not include specifications on pronoun usage.


The teacher is suing.  I hope he wins.  The insane left wants to scare us into submission by making conversations impossible due to fears of being punished for not using the correct sex pronouns at any given time.  I see the obvious here: total revolt against this lunacy.  Do it to the working class and you will get what France is getting: open revolt.


Vlaming told the outlet that the situation wasn’t about “tolerance,” but rather “coercion.” He also said that he attempted to find a suitable outcome on “mutual tolerance,” but he was turned down.  Vlaming is not being accused of intentionally referring to the student as a female while he was around, the outlet noted. However, he did reportedly use female associations when talking to other people.


These insane rules will make communication nearly impossible.  And this is the intention.  If the far left can spook people badly this way, they will do more of this for they want people to be isolated, fearful and under the thumb of lunatics who hate society and hate reality.


Liberals trained at SJW universities have taken over the entire school systems of the US and this is now showing itself in various destructive ways.  This insanity will have a bad ending because we have a flood of people into the country who hate this sort of thing: Hispanics and Muslims!  Duh.  How stupid of the liberals.  Digging their own graves, aren’t we?


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12 responses to “Viva La Revolution: Yellow Vest Protests Hammer France, Marcon Attacks Le Citizens!

  1. AT

    Mueller is a sham, kayfabe, WWF, bread and circus clown. He’s there to protect Trump, . . . until he isn’t. No competent prosecutor would spend this long on an investigation without actually looking at Trump’s bank records. Trump isn’t even technically under investigation, I would guess. What better way to protect someone with Trump’s actual baggage than to assign a fake witch-hunt prosecutor, the FBI director coverup man for 911 no less.

    It is unclear whether a President, as chief law enforcement officer, can obstruct himself. It is also unclear if a sitting president can be charged with a crime prior to an impeachment and trial in the Senate. As far as impeachment goes, Congress can impeach him over a ham sandwich and call it a “high crime or misdemeanor.” The constitution is pretty vague. Right now, the Senate is mostly GOP. So a “conviction” there would seem unlikely, but the show would go on in grand style!

    All Trump needs to worry about is if the two party charade turns on him en masse, which seems unlikely because, despite the talk, he isn’t actually doing much against their policies.

  2. He is NOT a Bilderberg gangster! We are so used to being ruled by them, we can’t tell why these gangsters hate Trump. HE ISN’T ONE OF THEM.

  3. Ken

    The media’s constant attacks on Trump are setting the narrative for all of the debate. Even on this blog. All arguments are on the terms that the media sets. No one steps back to look at the big picture.

    1. The media hopes to drive Trump from office the same way they did Nixon – through proving a “cover up.” But even if they are right, and Trump paid “hush money” to the two women, the situations are completely different. Nixon was attempting to “cover up” a criminal action, and so the cover up was also a criminal action.

    Trump was not engaged in a criminal action. He engaged in adult, consensual sex with women who were not his subordinates. (It is a truism of life that rich, famous men get more sex than the rest of us guys). The attempts by the two women to extort money from him afterwards is nothing less than blackmail. Trump is the victim, not the criminal. Any cover up, if it exists, is merely the victim seeking to avoid the same embarrassment for which he was being blackmailed in the first place. This is not a crime.

    The criminals are the two women. They should be doing hard time. And the lawyers helping them to commit these crimes should be disbarred. Instead, they are all celebrities.

    2. The Democrats and their media allies make no secret of the fact that the sole purpose of trying to find some past misdeeds by Trump, or claim that his temperament and policies make him unfit for office under the 25th Amendment, is to drive him from office. They proudly claim that they are seeking to overturn the results of a democratic election.

    Let’s call this what it is: they are trying to stage a coup d’état in the US. Ordinarily, this would be treason. A capital offense. No one notices this. Instead, the media treats this effort as patriotism. We have become a banana republic.

  4. Of course. Note how I constantly point out that Clinton was at work while fishing for sex with young employees, for example.

  5. Ziff

    too many bananas

  6. AT

    Yeah he isn’t a Bilderberg gangster, so what?

  7. Petruchio

    I don’t think either Clinton is a real Bilderberger. Both Clintons are totally owned by the Bilderbergers though.

  8. Yes, they are slaves and associates with the Super Rich/foreign power Bilderberger gangsters.

  9. Jim R

    The “so what”, @AT, is that this is the only chance, in the last four or five decades, to wrest control of the country away from the BB Gang. If Trump is ousted, it will be another several decades.

    Trump campaigned on “Make America Great Again”, while Hillary just told us how much she was itching to start WWIII. I don’t much care for Trump’s personality or management style either, but I am supremely happy to have had another two years of not having WWIII.

  10. Christian W

    We are now officially in ‘revolutionary times’ and it isn’t because of leftists, it is the rising right.

    It’s not the ‘right’. People in France are way further to the left than American politics can comprehend. Sanders is far right in European terms, but in the US he is a ‘socialist’.

    The truth is it was the American ‘right’ that started this mess with Reagan.

    People are rising up against 40 years of Reaganomics – voodoo economics – Neoliberalism. In the 80s Reagan and the GOP started the push for privatization including deregulating media ownership – as a result of that today we have the Corporate MSM run by six mega corporations. In the 90s Clinton deregulated Wall Street, the FED printed a lot of money and US corporations went on a global buying spree combined with off shoring and asset stripping of the target industries bought in Europe, as well as in the US of course – today we have Globalism rooted in the FED money printing Wall Street Casino USD reserve currency machine.

    All of this of course spilled over into Europe, there has not been a true social democratic government in Europe since the 1990s when Europe capitulated before Free Market Capitalism and privatization of profit. With the collapse of the Soviet Union all resistance to Neoliberalism collapsed. The murder of Olof Palme also played it’s part as politicians realized they were next if they stood up to the CIA.

  11. Christian W

    This is a good summary in good English by a French protestor to what is happening and the background

  12. Robert Peeling

    Well spoken, Christian. Agree on all counts.

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